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Striving with Grace

Author : Aaron J. Kleist
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The question of whether or not our decisions and efforts make a difference in an uncertain and uncontrollable world had enormous significance for writers in Anglo-Saxon England. Striving with Grace looks at seven authors who wrote either in Latin or Old English, and the ways in which they sought to resolve this fundamental question. For Anglo-Saxon England, as for so much of the medieval West, the problem of individual will was complicated by a widespread theistic tradition that influenced writers, thinkers, and their hypotheses. Aaron J Kleist examines the many factors that produced strikingly different, though often complementary, explanations of free will in early England. Having first established the perspectives of Augustine, he considers two Church Fathers who rivalled Augustine's impact on early England, Gregory the Great and the Venerable Bede, and reconstructs their influence on later English writers. He goes on to examine Alfred the Great's Old English Boethius and Lantfred of Winchester's Carmen de libero arbitrio, and the debt that both texts owe to Boethius' classic De consolatione Philosophiae. Finally, Kleist discusses Wulfstan the Homilist and Ælfric of Eynsham, two seminal writers of late Anglo-Saxon England. Striving with Grace shows that all of these authors, despite striking differences in their sources and logic, underscore humanity's need for grace even as they labour to affirm the legitimacy of human effort.

The Mutable Glass

Author : Herbert Grabes
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A comprehensive survey of mirror-imagery in English literature from the thirteenth to the end of the seventeenth century.

The Concept of Woman

Author : Prudence Allen
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This pioneering study by Sister Prudence Allen traces the concept of woman in relation to man in more than seventy philosophers from ancient and medieval traditions. The fruit of ten years' work, this study uncovers four general categories of questions asked by philosophers for two thousand years. These are the categories of opposites, of generation, of wisdom, and of virtue. Sister Prudence Allen traces several recurring strands of sexual and gender identity within this period. Ultimately, she shows the paradoxical influence of Aristotle on the question of woman and on a philosophical understanding of sexual coomplemenarity. Supplemented throughout with helpful charts, diagrams, and illustrations, this volume will be an important resource for scholars and students in the fields of women's studies, philosophy, history, theology, literary studies, and political science.

St Paul s Ephesus

Author : Jerome Murphy-O'Connor
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In this new volume, renowned scholar Jerome Murphy-O'Connor does for Ephesus what he did for Corinth in his award-winning St. Paul's Corinth. He combs the works of twenty-six ancient authors for information about ancient Ephesus, from its beginnings to the end of the biblical era. Readers can now picture for themselves this second of the two major centers of Paul's missionary work, with its houses, shops, and monuments, and above al the world-renowned temple of Artemis. After presenting the textual and archaeological evidence, Murphy-O'Connor leads the reader on a walk through St. Paul's Ephesus and describes the history of Paul's years in the city. Although Ephesus has been a ruin for many hundreds of years, readers of this book will find themselves transported back to the days of its flourishing.

John Lydus and the Roman Past

Author : Michael Maas
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John Lydus and the Roman Past offers a new interpretation of the emergence of Byzantine society as viewed through the eyes of John Lydus, a sixth-century scholar and civil servant. Maas show that control of classical inheritance was politically contested in the reign of Justinian. He demonstrates how the past could be used to convey legitimacy and social definition at a time of profound change.

The Catholic Church on Marital Intercourse

Author : Robert Obach
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The Catholic Church on Marital Intercourse traces the development of the Church's theology of marital sexuality from New Testament times to the present day. The early ecclesial leaders promoted a theology of sexuality based on Stoicism's biological perception that sexual activity was solely for the purpose of reproduction. Only in the early twentieth century did a few theologians begin to move beyond discussing 'the purposes of marital intercourse' to discussing the meaning that the marital act might have for the spouses themselves. With the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), a new and positive view of marital sexuality emerged recognizing the Pauline view that the couple's marital acts express their love for each other along the lines of Christ's love for his church (Ephesians 5). In sum, The Catholic Church on Marital Intercourse treats the way in which the Catholic Church has moved away from an attitude of conditional acceptance of marital intercourse on the basis of its utility to recognition that the dynamics of sexual union are both good and holy, not only because that is the way children are conceived, but also because the marital act enhances the love of husband and wife for each other.


Author : Emma J. Edelstein
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Legendary ancient Greek physician and healer god Asclepius was considered the foremost antagonist of Christ. Providing an overview of all facets of the Asclepius phenomenon, this work, first published in two volumes in 1945, comprises a unique collection of the literary references and inscriptions in ancient texts to Asclepius, his life, his deeds, cult, temples--with extended analysis thereof.

The Rise Of The Greeks

Author : Michael Grant
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A fascinating and detailed guide to ancient Greece. Michael Grant looks at the policies and government of the hundreds of independent city-states and at the everyday life of the citizens. With fluency and scholarships he shows how the brilliance of the Ancient Greeks' civilization was by no means limited to the Golden Age of its classical fifth century, but its early period was remarkable too. For 500 years the Greek city-states achieved a civilisation which has been an inspiration and an ideal ever since.

The Gospel Freedom and the Sacraments

Author : Barry Charles Newman
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To be baptized, particularly as an adult, indicating a radical change from the self-directed life to the life to be lived under the lordship of Jesus Christ, must be one of the most dramatic experiences available to us. To take part in the Lord's Supper--remembering his death for us--must be one of the most moving services in which we could ever participate. But are these ceremonies obligatory for the believer? Did Jesus explicitly or implicitly make them mandatory? Does it not seem somewhat strange that the gospel, by which we are freed from the Law of Moses, demands that we abide by two new ceremonial laws? However greatly they differed from one another, did the reformers go far enough in examining the Scriptures to see what they did indeed say about such ceremonies? Have we written back into our understanding of Scripture that so much underlies our present beliefs and practices? Does an examination of what the early fathers thought help or hinder us in our search for the truth?

The Daimon in Hellenistic Astrology

Author : Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum
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In her wide-ranging study The Daimon in Hellenistic Astrology, Dorian Greenbaum explores the daimon and astrology’s connections to fate, mythology, philosophy; Greek, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Gnostic and Mithraic religion; the doctrine of lots and allotment; concepts of fortune, love and necessity.