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Civil Calendar and Lunar Calendar in Ancient Egypt

Author : Leo Depuydt
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This investigation is concerned with ancient Egyptian calendars. Its specific focus is one of the oldest problems of the study of these calendars: the so-called problem of the month names. This work's main purpose is to suggest an explanation for the Brugsch phenomenon. The Brugsch phenomenon is one of the two main aspects of the problem of the month names. The other is the Gardiner phenomenon. No new theory is presented for the Gardiner phenomenon. As a problem, the Brugsch phenomenon is slightly older than the Gardiner Phenomenon. It has occupied center stage in the study of ancient Egyptian calendars since the early days of this endeavor. In 1870, Heinrich Brugsch, the great pioneer in this subject, wrote about the phenomenon, "Here we encounter all at once the most curious contradiction." Just recently, Rolf Krauss has described the contradiction as still "unsolved". The Brugsch phenomenon concerns the indisputable fact that the last or twelfth month of the Egyptian civil year can be named as if it were the first. Two month names are involved. The first is wp rnpt. Its meaning "opener of the year," refers to a beginning. The second month name is mswt r' "birth of Re" in hieroglyphic Egyptian, Mesore in Aramaic, Greek and Coptic. Both can otherwise also refer to New Year's Day, the quintessential calendrical beginning.

Chronological Systems of Byzantine Egypt Second Edition

Author : Roger Shaler Bagnall
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Egypt is the richest source of primary documents for the society of late antiquity. Its thousands of papyri provide insight into everyday life and topics ignored by ancient authors. This handbook is an indispensable tool in navigating these documents.

Moon Egypt

Author : Sarah Smierciak
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From the breathtaking traces of the ancient world to the colorful corals of the Red Sea, experience a land of treasures with Moon Egypt. Inside you'll find: Strategic, flexible itineraries including a two-week Best of Egypt The top historic sights: Wander in the shadows of kings at Luxor's Karnak Temple and stroll the Avenue of Sphinxes. Marvel at the magnificent temple of Queen Hatshepsut, travel back in time at the Grand Egyptian Museum, or wind your way through colorful backstreet markets in search of the perfect handmade souvenir Outdoor adventures: Summit historic Mt. Sinai at dawn or spend an evening horseback riding near the Great Pyramid of Giza. Escape the chaos of Cairo on a felucca boat cruise or bike through the City of the Dead. Kayak the Nile and camp under the stars in the White Desert The best local flavors: Feast on traditional Egyptian street food, dig into fresh seafood in Alexandria, and indulge your sweet tooth with a plate of kunafa or basbousa Firsthand insight from Cairo resident and American expat Sarah Smierciak on how to experience the real Egypt and avoid crowds Full-color, vibrant photos throughout Detailed maps and useful tips for navigating public transportation and taxis Focused coverage of Cairo and Giza, the Northern and Southern Nile Valleys (including Luxor and Nubia), Alexandria, the Suez Canal, the Red Sea Coast, South Sinai, and the Western Desert Thorough background information on the landscape, wildlife, history, government, culture, and local customs Handy tools including an Egyptian Arabic phrasebook and tips for travelers who are LGBTQ+, disabled, women traveling solo, as well as families with children With Moon's practical advice and insider tips, you can experience the best of Egypt. Exploring nearby? Try Moon Israel & the West Bank. Want to see more of Northern Africa? Check out Moon Morocco.

Following the Sun A Practical Guide to Egyptian Religion Revised Edition

Author : Sharon LaBorde
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A newly revised and expanded edition of the popular original, "Following the Sun" contains everything you need to get started in your own Egyptian Pagan or Kemetic practice. It includes major topics such as explanations of Egyptian history versus conspiracy theories, understanding the concept of "ma'at" and Egyptian ethics, how to build your own altar or shrine, crafting your own ritual garb and oils, and rituals and prayers for a variety of purposes. Now with expanded sections on ancient Nubia's relation to ancient Egypt, ancient polytheism and the Exodus story, and complete rituals for a Tameran Wheel of the Year. With a down-to-earth, easy to read format, this book is a must for anyone seeking to explore Egyptian Paganism.

The Private Feast Lists of Ancient Egypt

Author : Anthony John Spalinger
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This volume covers the numerous small lists of feasts that occur mainly on stelae and in tombs. A chronological study is presented wherein the major phases of Pharaonic Egypt (Old Kingdom to the Ptolemaic Period) are covered. Questions of dating these inscriptions as well as reasons concerning alterations in the lists form a major part of the discussion. In particular, differences in arrangement of these private celebrations both within a specific time period as well as between eras provide causes for the alterations of religious patterns of a non-royal sort. Calendrical ideas are likewise surveyed although for the most part the aim of this study remains focused upon the religious events themselves.Material of an ancillary nature (including some data from royal inscriptions) will be found only when they provide light upon the private religious practices.

The Neverending Hunt

Author : Paul Herman
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Prepared by renowned Howard scholar Paul Herman with the assistance of Glenn Lord, this is the first new bibliography of Robert E. Howard since 1976. This massive volume contains more than twice as much information as the preceding biblio, The Last Celt. Robert E. Howard is considered the Godfather of Sword and Sorcery, and the creator of the international icon, Conan the Cimmerian, yet wrote successfully in numerous genres. The Neverending Hunt lists every story, poem, letter and publication in which a Howard work has appeared. It's more than you might think . . .

Biblical Hermeneutics First Edition

Author : Milton Spenser Terry
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Old and New Astronomy

Author : Richard Anthony Proctor
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The Persian Moonshee

Author : Francis Gladwin
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Observing the Moon

Author : Gerald North
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Written by an experienced and well-known lunar observer, this is a hands-on primer for the aspiring observer of the Moon. Whether you are a novice or are already experienced in practical astronomy, you will find plenty in this book to help you raise your game to the next level and beyond. In this thoroughly updated second edition, the author provides extensive practical advice and sophisticated background knowledge of the Moon and of lunar observation. It incorporates the latest developments in lunar imaging techniques, including digital photography, CCD imaging and webcam observing, and essential advice on collimating all common types of telescope. Learn what scientists have discovered about our Moon, and what mysteries remain still to be solved. Find out how you can take part in the efforts to solve these mysteries, as well as enjoying the Moon's spectacular magnificence for yourself!