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Circles and Squares

Author : Caroline Maclean
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'Bloomsbury's dead. Long live Hampstead' Daily Telegraph 'Riveting ... [The book] fizzes with the creative energy of the times – Maclean is the perfect biographer' Financial Times 'From Bauhaus to bohemian love ... the intricate lives and art of interwar modernists are captured in this hugely enjoyable and well-plotted book' Guardian A spellbinding portrait of the Hampstead Modernists, threading together the lives, loves, rivalries and ambitions of a group of artists at the heart of an international avant-garde. Hampstead in the 1930s. In this peaceful, verdant London suburb, Barbara Hepworth and Ben Nicholson have embarked on a love affair – a passion that will launch an era-defining art movement. In her chronicle of the exhilarating rise and fall of British Modernism, Caroline Maclean captures the dazzling circle drawn into Hepworth and Nicholson's wake: among them Henry Moore, Paul Nash, Herbert Read, and famed émigrés Walter Gropius, founder of the Bauhaus, and Piet Mondrian, blown in on the winds of change sweeping across Europe. Living and working within a few streets of their Parkhill Road studios, the artists form Unit One, a cornerstone of the Modernist movement which would bring them international renown. Drawing on previously unpublished archive material, Caroline Maclean's electrifying Circles and Squares brings the work, loves and rivalries of the Hampstead Modernists to life as never before, capturing a brief moment in time when a new way of living seemed possible. United in their belief in art's power to change the world, her cast of trailblazers radiate hope and ambition during one of the darkest chapters of the twentieth century. '[The book evokes] a sense of an era in which it was bliss to be alive, and in love, and bursting with creativity and the possibilities of making life and art in new ways' Literary Review 'Caroline Maclean explores this forgotten interlude as if travelling, supping tea, from door to door ... [An] impeccably researched social history' The i paper

Piet Mondrian 1872 1944

Author : Susanne Deicher
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This volume presents Dutch painter Piet Mondrian (1872-1944). His earliest landscapes are rendered in an Impressionistic style but, possess the marked vertical and horizontal tendencies that foreshadow his mature paintings. Mondrian's work began to show the influences of Cubism, and in 1912, the artist moved to Paris where he continued to refine his style, continually exploring increasingly sophisticated compositions. In his paintings, Mondrian strove to achieve a universal form of expression by reducing form and color to their simplest components. The artist termed his work "Neo-Plasticism". Mondrian's most well-known works consisted of white ground, upon which was painted a grid of vertical and horizontal black lines and the three primary colors.

Mondrian s Philosophy of Visual Rhythm

Author : Eiichi Tosaki
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This volume investigates the meaning of visual rhythm through Piet Mondrian’s unique approach to understanding rhythm in the compositional structure of painting, drawing reference from philosophy, aesthetics, and Zen culture. Its innovation lies in its reappraisal of a forgotten definition of rhythm as ‘stasis’ or ‘composition’ which can be traced back to ancient Greek thought. This conception of rhythm, the book argues, can be demonstrated in terms of pictorial strategy, through analysis of East Asian painting and calligraphy with which Greek thought on rhythm has identifiable commonalities. The book demonstrates how these ideas about rhythm draw together various threads of intellectual development in the visual arts that cross disparate aesthetic cultural practices. As an icon of early 20th Century Modernism, Mondrian’s neoplasticism is a serious painterly and philosophical achievement. In his painting, Mondrian was deeply influenced by Theosophy, which took its influence from Eastern aesthetics; particularly East Asian and Indian thought. However, Mondrian’s approach to visual rhythm was so idiosyncratic that his contribution to studies of visual rhythm is often under-recognized. This volume shows that a close inspection of Mondrian’s own writing, thinking and painting has much to tell scholars about how to understand a long forgotten aspect of visual rhythm. Rodin’s famous criticism of photography (“athlete-in-motion is forever frozen”) can be applied to Muybridge’s zoopraxiscope, the Futurists’ rendition of stroboscopic images, and Duchamp’s “Nude Descending a Staircase.” Through a comparative study between Mondrian’s painting and these seminal works, this volume initiates a new convention for the cognition of the surface of painting as visual rhythm. “Mondrian’s simultaneous emphasis on the static and the rhythmic is hardly fodder for a publicist. Eiichi Tosaki has taken on the challenge of elucidating Mondrian’s theories of rhythm, and particularly his conception of “static” rhythm. The result is a tour de force that will forever alter the reader’s encounter with the works of Mondrian.” Prof. Kathleen Higgins

The Studio

Author : Yuri Schwebler
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Mondrian and the Neo plasticist Utopia

Author : Serge Fauchereau
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Working Space

Author : Frank Stella
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A prominent abstract painter, through the use of illustrations, draws a parallel between the sixteenth-century crisis in figurative painting and the current pivotal status of abstract art

Studio and Cube

Author : Brian O'Doherty
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A Buell Center/Forum Project Publication

Mondrian De Stijl and Their Impact

Author : Marlborough-Gerson Gallery, New York
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Mondrian de Stijl and Their Impact

Author : Marlborough-Gerson Gallery
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Art in Science

Author : Polyxeni Potter
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Since 1995, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published Emerging Infectious Diseases, a public health journal that endeavors to improve scientific understanding of disease emergence, prevention, and elimination. Widely known for its leading research in infectious disease, EID is also recognized for its unique aesthetic, which brings together visual art from across periods and, through prose, makes it relatable to the journal's science-minded readership. In Art in Science: Selections from Emerging Infectious Diseases, the journal's highly popular fine-art covers are contextualized with essays that address how the featured art relates to science, and to us all. Through the combined covers and essays, the journal's contents -- topics such as infections, contagions, disease emergence, antimicrobial resistance -- find larger context amid topics such as poverty and war, the hazards of global travel, natural disasters, and human-animal interactions. This collection of 92 excerpts and covers from Emerging Infectious Diseases will be of interest to readers of the journal or to anyone who wishes to reach across the aisle between art and science.

Space and the Architect

Author : Herman Hertzberger
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The work of Herman Hertzberger is the subject of wide international esteem. 1991 first saw publication of Hertzberger's Lessons for Students in Architecture, an elaborated version of lectures he had given since 1973 at Delft University of Technology.This very successful book has gone through many reprints and has also been published in Japanese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Taiwanese, Dutch, Greek, Polish, Iranian, Korean and Chinese. Space and the Architect is the second book written by Hertzberger.It charts the backgrounds to his work of recent years and the ideas informing it, drawing on a wide spectrum of subjects and designs by artists, precursors, past masters and colleagues, though with his own work persistently present as a reference. Space is its principal theme, physical space but also the mental or intellectual regions the architect calls upon during the process of designing.


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Piet Mondrian

Author : Piet Mondrian
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Arts Magazine

Author :
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Exiles and Emigres

Author : Stephanie Barron
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Commemorates the exhibition

Mondrian and De Stijl

Author : Serge Lemoine
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Briefly looks at the career of the Dutch painter, discusses the De Stijl movement, and assesses its influence on art, architecture, and design

Gabo on Gabo

Author : Naum Gabo
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"This is the first publication of the collected writings of Naum Gabo. It includes 48 essays, articles, catalogue introductions and interviews, some of which have never been published, or are published here in English for the first time. ..."--Publisher description.

Mondrian in New York

Author : Piet Mondrian
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Music and Modern Art

Author : James Leggio
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Music and Modern Art adopts an interdisciplinary approach to the relationship between these two fields of creative endeavor.

Studio International

Author :
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