It's Always about the Food


Author: Monday Morning Cooking Club

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781460754252


Page: 320

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The bestselling, passionate and unstoppable women of the Monday Morning Cooking Club return with their third book of much loved and favourite Jewish diaspora recipes. The Monday Morning Cooking Club started as six food-obssessed and unstoppable Jewish Sydney women who loved food, wanted to raise money for charity and wanted to create a beautiful cookbooks. These books would collect the very best recipes from their community as well as honour and share stories of immigration, survival, joy, family and connection. Two bestselling books later, and now a group of five women, the Monday Morning Cooking Club returns with a stunning third book which is the result of a two year search for recipes from the global Jewish diaspora - those much-loved dishes that have nurtured a community and have been feeding family and friends for years. It's Always About the Food is a delicious and rich, story-filled snapshot of cooking in the global Jewish diaspora, which gathers together the very best cooking and favourite recipes from the global Jewish community, reflecting the Jewish people's love for food and cooking, and the importance of the family table. This book is all about the food, flavours and the most delicious family recipes - not from a restaurant or a test kitchen, but from the heart of the home. Ultimately, in this big, fast world, food is the connective thread that joins us together, and all over the world, the ritual of cooking grounds us, connects and nurtures us.

Monday Morning Cooking Club

The Food, the Stories, the Sisterhood


Author: Merelyn Frank Chalmers,Natanya Eskin,Lauren Fink,Lisa Goldberg,Paula Horwitz,Jacqui Israel

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 9780732297800

Category: Cooking

Page: 271

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A group of Jewish women from Sydney, Australia, come together to form their own cooking club and share their favorite recipes, including bienenstich, kreplach and lockshen, and majadara.

The Feast Goes On


Author: Lisa Goldberg,Merelyn Frank Chalmers,Natanya Eskin,Lauren Fink,Monday Morning Cooking Club,Paula Horwitz,Jacqui Israel

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781460750520

Category: Cookbooks

Page: 304

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'It's always about the food.' A generous, warm-hearted book, THE FEAST GOES ON contains the best-loved and most delicious recipes and stories from the heart and soul of the Jewish community right across Australia. Created by the same six women - the 'sisterhood' of the bestselling MONDAY MORNING COOKING CLUB cookbook - THE FEAST GOES ON speaks of a community drawn together by food, telling intimate and moving stories of sharing and survival, love and hope, friendship and family. From precious family recipes that have been lovingly handed down the generations, right through to new classics that will become instant family favourites, from everyday eating to feasting, comfort food to traditional dishes, this is a cookbook of rich, wonderful ideas and flavours to nurture, nourish and inspire. THE FEAST GOES ON will feed you, body and soul. 'Having this book at home is pure cosy joy' Nigella Lawson 'To see these recipes handed down like this with such spirited generosity, is real food for the soul' Sean Moran 'Collecting and saving family recipes is a vital undertaking, almost (but not quite) as important as eating ... a remarkable excursion into the realm of comfort food. You just want to eat everything' Yotam Ottolenghi

The Food and Drink of Sydney

A History


Author: Heather Hunwick

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1442252049

Category: History

Page: 258

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Sydney, famed for its setting and natural beauty, has fascinated from the day it was conceived as an end-of-the-world repository for British felons, to its current status as one of the world’s most appealing cities. This book recounts, and celebrates, the central role food has played in shaping the city’s development from the time of first human settlement to the sophisticated, open, and cosmopolitan metropolis it is today. The reader will learn of the Sydney region’s unique natural resources and come to appreciate how these shaped food habits through its pre-history and early European settlement; how its subsequent waves of immigrants enriched its food scene; its love-hate relationship with alcohol; its markets, restaurants, and other eateries; and, how Sydneysiders, old and new, eat at home. The story concludes with a fascinating review of the city’s many significant cookbooks and their origins, and some iconic recipes relied upon through what is, for a global city, a remarkably brief history.

My Fat Dad

A Memoir of Food, Love, and Family, with Recipes


Author: Dawn Lerman

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0698142861

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

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From the author of the New York Times Well Blog series, My Fat Dad Every story and every memory from my childhood is attached to food… Dawn Lerman spent her childhood constantly hungry. She craved good food as her father, 450 pounds at his heaviest, pursued endless fad diets, from Atkins to Pritikin to all sorts of freeze-dried, saccharin-laced concoctions, and insisted the family do the same—even though no one else was overweight. Dawn’s mother, on the other hand, could barely be bothered to eat a can of tuna over the sink. She was too busy ferrying her other daughter to acting auditions and scolding Dawn for cleaning the house (“Whom are you trying to impress?”). It was chaotic and lonely, but Dawn had someone she could turn to: her grandmother Beauty. Those days spent with Beauty, learning to cook, breathing in the scents of fresh dill or sharing the comfort of a warm pot of chicken soup, made it all bearable. Even after Dawn’s father took a prestigious ad job in New York City and moved the family away, Beauty would send a card from Chicago every week—with a recipe, a shopping list, and a twenty-dollar bill. She continued to cultivate Dawn’s love of wholesome food, and ultimately taught her how to make her own way in the world—one recipe at a time. In My Fat Dad, Dawn reflects on her colorful family and culinary-centric upbringing, and how food shaped her connection to her family, her Jewish heritage, and herself. Humorous and compassionate, this memoir is an ode to the incomparable satisfaction that comes with feeding the ones you love.

Tablet to Table Vol 1


Author: Shelley Cohney

Publisher: Tercio Publishing

ISBN: 1925033120

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: N.A

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Australian Jewish Cookbooks Jewish cuisine, and in particular Australian Jewish Cookbooks, contextualised within the global Jewish dining diaspora. With a feature article from food enthusiast – and avid Jewish cookbook collector – Shelley Cohney. Includes embedded video 'reinterpretations' of some classic Jewish dishes with kosher caterer David Trakhtman, a spotlight on The Jewish Museum of Australia; the rules of keeping a kosher kitchen; and some handy Yiddish phrases.

Women and Missions


Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Women in missionary work

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Cupcake Club

Peace, Love, and Cupcakes


Author: Sheryl Berk,Carrie Berk

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN: 1402264518

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 208

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Includes recipes and tips to try at home! "Kids and cupcakes are the perfect recipe!"—Sophie and Katerine, stars of TLC's DC Cupcakes Meet Kylie Carson. She's a fourth grader with a big problem. How will she make friends at her new school? Should she tell her classmates she loves monster movies? Forget it. Play the part of a turnip in the school play? Disaster! Then Kylie comes up with a delicious idea: What if she starts a cupcake club? Soon Kylie's club is spinning out tasty treats with the help of her fellow bakers and new friends. But when Meredith tries to sabotage the girls' big cupcake party, will it be the end of the Cupcake Club? Sheryl Berk, New York Times bestselling author of Soul Surfer, and her nine-year-old daughter, Carrie, a cupcake connoisseur who has reviewed confections from the world in her Carrie's Cupcakes Critiques newsletter, have cooked up a delightful new series sure to be a treat.

Short Cuts to Glory

The Easy Beginner's Guide for Australian Cooks


Author: Matt Okine

Publisher: Echo Publishing

ISBN: 9781760405724


Page: N.A

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A diverse and generous group of Australian chefs and cooks share their essential recipes. Created in conjunction with ABC TV, Short Cuts to Glory is the ultimate cookbook for anyone leaving home, becoming independent, or just wanting to impress with minimal kitchen stress. A diverse and generous group of Australian chefs and cooks share their essential recipes, along with step-by-step tips methods and plenty of tips and tricks to help inexperienced home cooks create the best-ever version, plus some variations for good measure. Structured in themed chapters such as The Basics, Last Minute Meals, Date Night and Feed and Army to reflect the TV series, which will be aired over 10 weeks on ABC2, starting in mid-April 2017. Contributors, many with a massive media presence, include: Adriana Zumbo, Miguel Maestre, Colin Fassnidge, Neil Perry, Justine Schofield, Hayden Quinn, Tom Walton, Christine Manfield, Giovanni Pilu, Monday Morning Cooking Club, Jill Dupleix, Martin Boetz, Stefano Manfredi, Mark Best, Brigitte Hafner, Bernard Chu.