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Mystical Journey A Handbook for Modern Mystics

Author : Peter Mulraney
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Modern tools for modern mystics. Modern mystics don’t get to hide away in monasteries and ashrams or a cave in the mountains like the holy men and women of the past. In these secular times, modern mystics are ordinary people called to the mystical journey in the everyday world. Perhaps you’ve heard the call to the mystical journey but you’re not quite sure what to do next. Maybe you’re wondering what this mystical journey stuff is all about. You’re in the right place. In this handbook for modern mystics by Peter Mulraney, author of My Life is My Responsibility, you’ll find a clear description of the mystical journey, inspiring insights, and a helpful set of tools for navigating your way. This is a handbook for those ready to start the mystical journey - and for those who have set out on their own.

Eleven Modern Mystics and the Secrets of a Happy Holy Life

Author : Victor M. Parachin
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God Is My Adventure A Book on Modern Mystics Masters and Teachers

Author : Rom Landau
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Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. Pomona Press are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

Survival Manual for the Modern Mystic

Author : Linda Silk
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This metaphysical survival guide is a self-help manual that encourages body, mind, and spirit to leap joyfully into the Golden Age of Enlightenment. Survival Manual for the Modern Mystic answers dozens of questions challenging today’s thinkers about the predictions of the Mayan Calendar—which is understood to “end” on December 21, 2012. • What’s next? • Will there be survivors? • How can you prepare and care for loved ones and yourself during the birthing of the New Age? • Are all humans going to be at risk at the end of civilization as we know it? • How can you be of service to humanity during the transition from the Kali Yuga Age into the Golden Age of Enlightenment? Survival Manual for the Modern Mystic teaches essential metaphysical survival tools for the twenty-first century. Author Linda Silk shares her own experiences and offers practical and spiritual information, as well as reliable approaches, to help you become a successful participant in the new Golden Age. With each chapter, measure your personal growth of body, mind, and spirit. Implement specific survival tools—and find yourself not merely surviving, but instead vibrating with the realization of how loving and powerful you are as a Modern Mystic. Learn how to become the New World and Golden Age change that you have been waiting for. Now more than ever, the Modern Mystic’s duty is to: think sustainably, act locally, support globally, and respond universally.

A Manual for the Modern Mystic

Author : Rio Olesky
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A professional astrologer, the author presents Paramahansa Yogananda's ideas and teachings about life and what really matters.

The Way of the Modern Mystic

Author : Denise VanVliet
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May we begin to disrobe the idea that we are separate, let go of beliefs that no longer serve us, and let go of any of the labels that we use to limit ourselves. Open the heart through the senses, and feel the awe for the great mystery—that which cannot be named. A mystic is someone who took the path to become awakened, and has seen and felt the truth. A mystic will point in the direction so that others can see. “The Way of the Modern Mystic may change your perceptions of mystics, and/or of yourself, and thereby change your reality.” - Rev. Dr. Jeff Bentley

The Modern Mystic

Author :
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The Christian mystics were seekers of God's wisdom and presence. They sought out, as described by the Celtic Christian tradition, those places "worn thin"; where earth and heaven lose their distinctions. They serve as guides to those "thin" places for the modern day spiritual seeker. The goal of this book is not to update the tradition, but to locate the ancient wisdom and spiritual insights in a modern context. In this book, the two thousand year long tradition of spiritual seekers, the Christian mystics, will be explored for the purposes of mining their insights and wisdom for today's seeker. Their wisdom has been passed to us through what is called the Contemplative or Mystical path. It is a tapestry threaded with ecstatic visions of divine love, personal revelation and a deep sense of God's direct presence. This book will introduce you to the history, major themes, characters and practices of the Christian mystics. The mystics will serve as your spiritual guides to the love of God. The purpose of this book is not to update the ancient Contemplative wisdom and practices of the Christian mystics. Instead, the intent is to understand their wisdom in the hope of articulating it in such a way that spiritual seekers from a modern context can understand and apply what is gained for the benefit of their spiritual life.

God s Dog Memories Confessions Dreams Revelations of a Modern Mystic

Author : William Schindler
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This is the extraordinary true tale of a middle-class, gay American's path to encounters with the Great Mystery that is God/dess/Self. The way to the Great Unknown was intricately intertwined with his humanity with all its foibles, and with human relationships. Therefore this story has to include those relationships, revealing ultimately how a one's personal identity and relationships become vehicles for enlightenment. This inspiring account of struggle, travel to exotic lands, suffering, and transcendence holds out hope for anyone who has ever felt outcaste, broken, or unworthy, demonstrating for our modern times that enlightenment lies within reach of us all.

Women Mystics Confront the Modern World

Author : Marie-Florine Bruneau
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Situates the female mystical tradition within the context of the epistemological shift which occurred at the dawn of the modern world.

Modern Mystics

Author : Sir Francis Edward Younghusband
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