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Modern Cross Stitch

Author : Hannah Sturrock
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Pick up a needle and thread and be inspired by these delightful, contemporary cross stitch designs that will give delight as gifts or to show off in your home. Cross-stitch is a traditional craft that allows beginners and experts alike to enjoy the experience of creating something, whether it's for themselves or a gift for a loved one. As you stitch, you gradually see something pretty come to life and, once it's finished, you can think, "I made that." Hannah Sturrock loves to stitch and wants to help you to love it, too. Here she shares over 30 beautiful patterns with you. Discover five chapters of fabulous ideas: For a Beautiful Baby; For Big Kids; For a Special Occasion; For a Nature Lover; and For the Home. Make an adorable peeping ted pillow for young ones, or a comic-book style cross-stitched cell phone case. Add an extra handmade touch to presents with stitched gift tags, and create a Christmas toy sack that will be treasured throughout the years. Bring the beauty of nature into the home with the flower burlap tote and the stunning floral finch pillow. You can even take cross-stitch to a new level, decorating walls with washi tape birds and stitching velvet ribbon onto woven chair seats. Make use of other innovative materials, too, including soluble canvas--which allows you to cross-stitch on any fabric--and glow in the dark embroidery floss. Hannah's designs are a little bit different from what is available elsewhere. She uses simple outlines with striking patterns and clean, fresh colors, and takes inspiration from new interior fashions, vintage textiles, nature, toys, and more, always striving to be contemporary and stylish.

Big Stitch Cross Stitch

Author : Jacqui Pearce
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Love cross stitch but lacking in patience? Or are you a beginner who would like fast and fabulous designs to stitch? Do you have a larger-than-life love of colorful, hip stitching? Then this is the book for you. Featuring modern twists on traditional themes, you'll find fabulous designs that can be completed in a blink using tapestry yarn and large count canvas. There's favorites like cushions and pictures, as well as stylish Christmas designs and covetable gifts. Jacqui Pearce has created a stunning collection of 30 quick-to-complete designs that vary from large projects for the home to little gifts.

Improper Cross Stitch

Author : Haley Pierson-Cox
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A fun, witty, nerdy, and irreverent craft book for the modern cross-stitcher. Sometimes it's good to be a little...improper. Profane, funny, and smart, Haley Pierson-Cox's IMPROPER CROSS-STITCH invites the modern crafter to bring personality and humor to their cross stitch projects. From a fully designed "Damn it feels good to be a crafter" to the beautiful Art Deco inspired "fuck," Haley's patterns are fresh, lively and just what the crafter ordered. In this book, she'll introduce readers to the joys of stitching the naughty, the profane, the irreverent, and the just plain awesome. First, she starts with a basic lesson in cross-stitch technique, no previous experience required. Then, once readers know your way around an embroidery hoop and a skein of floss, the books moves on to the designs—35 in total, ranging from hip, to nerdy, to ironically domestic—where Haley encourages crafters to embrace their inner snark with gleeful abandon. Her easy to follow instructions and colorful designs can make a cross stitcher out of anyone. In all her years of crafting, Haley's learned many things, but this simple fact remains one of the most important: There is absolutely nothing in this world quite so satisfying as enshrining something deeply inappropriate within the delicate stitches of a cross-stitch sampler. It's truly one of life's great delights!

Modern Folk Art Cross Stitch

Author : C&T Publishing
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From Immediate Media's best-selling Cross Stitch magazines The World of Cross Stitching comes a broad collection of modern folk art cross stitch designs. Cross-stitch flowers, animals, nature, and so much more with helpful guides to each project. Designs range from beginner-friendly to more advanced, and with 50+ designs there is plenty to practice and experiment with. Customize your colors or match the ones given, each project includes color numbers from DMC, Anchor, and Madeira. Sit back and enjoy the process of hand stitching cute and clever designs from some of the most popular cross-stitch designers! - Stitch a fabulous collection of modern folk art cross stitch designs from makers across the world - Includes a beginners guide to the basic stitches, the stitch chart, and supplies lists - Each design has a skill level suggestion and an estimated time of completion

Modern Motifs and Borders in Cross Stitch

Author : Maria Diaz
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Diaz presents a library of bright and cheery cross stitch designs. The patterns are simple, quick to stitch, and easy to use in multiple ways. Some are based on ancient decorations, others on folk art motifs, and others are modern variations. Combine your favorites and create your own project!

Modern Assisi Cross Stitch

Author : Dorothy Morris
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A step-by-step guide to Assisi cross stitch. Includes a brief history of the stitch, an explanation of techniques and materials, detailed graphs for creating 50 new designs, instructions for a range of projects, a list of suppliers and an index.

Modern Charted Embroidery Patterns

Author : Susan Johnson
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This book includes antique charted patterns for 84 borders, 43 motifs, 14 complete alphabets, 9 sets of numbers and 6 overall repeating patterns.It's hard to believe these timeless charts are over 100 years old. They represent a moment in time when tastes began to shift from elaborate, richly-colored Victorian styles to a simpler look. The Art Deco covers of these diminutive booklets- in this instance, 2-3/4" by 4-1/2"- scarcely hint at the contents inside. The patterns in this book are part of a series published by H. K. Berlin SW in Germany between 1890-1920.Designs charted on graph paper are a universal language which can be translated into needlepoint, counted cross stitch and beadwork, with each square on the pattern representing a single stitch.

Amazing Pavlin

Author : Inna Zimovec
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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What about new colorful cross stitch patterns? Use them to create stunning decorations for your home or nice gift for your friend.There are general instructions and symbol keys for all designs, so even those new to cross stitch will be able to accomplish all of the projects, as well as notes on fabric preparation and washing instructions. Get craftsy, show your love!

Modern Needlepoint

Author : Jayne Schofield
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Each of these twenty beautiful needlepoint designs from Jayne Schofield is accompanied by a full-color chart, key and general instructions. These fun, quirky designs in bright, contemporary colors are all small, measuring on average approximately 10 x 12.5cm (4 x 5in), though the designs come in a variety of formats and include tall, narrow designs as well as squares. All the designs are worked on 10-hole canvas and there is a broad range of subjects to choose from, including a country cottage, flowers, hearts, a festive reindeer, a hen, owl and some sheep, to name a few. So, whatever the occasion, there is bound to be a design that suits it perfectly. There are general instructions and a simple stitch diagram at the beginning of the book, so even those new to needlepoint will be able to accomplish all of the projects. At the start of the book there is a double-page spread of basic techniques. Jayne uses Anchor threads and provides the code numbers for the colors used; however, any suitable thread such as DMC or Madeira could be used.

Cross Stitch Graph Paper

Author : Modern Louisa Notebooks
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Format : PDF, ePub
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This stylish notebook will be a wonderful companion to your craft. Filled with graph paper for your sketches, designs, patterns, color charts, and notes and generously sized at 8.5 x 11" with 150 pages, this notebook provides ample space to express your creativity. Plus, with its beautifully design durable matte softcover, this lovely notebook is a thoughtful gift idea for modern makers and crafters who cross-stitch.

Cross Stitch for the Soul

Author : Emma Congdon
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Format : PDF, Docs
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A collection of beautifully designed motivational quotes in cross stitch that will raise the spirits, both during the making and beyond. Designed by Emma Congdon, aka Stitchrovia, whose modern styling appeals to crafters of all ages and abilities, these inspiring quotes will provide comfort, motivation and a positive spin on life.

Whimsical Cross Stitch

Author : Cari Buziak
File Size : 44.92 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A Book of the Month Club's Crafter's Choice! Cross-stitch is a traditional hobby — but your designs don't have to be! These more than 130 patterns reflect a modern sensibility, with motifs ranging from trendy to vintage to kitschy, so there's something here for everyone. All are designed to fit into a 6-inch or smaller embroidery hoop, making them quick projects that can be finished in an evening or weekend. If you're feeling ambitious, the small designs can be assembled to form a larger piece. Patterns are organized according to theme: animals; designs, including flowers and snowflakes; home and hearth, consisting of more than 40 patterns that range from a patchwork heart and an antique sewing machine to teapots, a watering can, and variations on "home sweet home"; nature; and charming patterns for special occasions. A brief introductory section offers advice on getting started, tools and supplies, and stitching. "A treat! Cross-stitchers will love this book." — Christian Fiction and More

Cross Stitch The Golden Girls

Author : Haley Pierson-Cox
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Cross Stitch The Golden Girls includes 12 hilarious patterns featuring imagery and quotes from the four leading ladies, plus everything needed to make two projects. The book offers step-by-step instructions, with full-color photographs of the finished projects. Over 30 years since its premier, The Golden Girls is more popular than ever. It's time to celebrate these four fabulous friends—and cross stitch is the perfect way to do it! Decorate your home with framed finished pieces or use the patterns to personalize household items like tea towels, pillowcases, and aprons. This fabulous kit includes a bamboo embroidery hoop, embroidery needle, 6 skeins of embroidery floss, 2 pieces of cross stitch fabric, and the following patterns: Rose, Dorothy, Blanche, and Sophia with "Thank You for Being a Friend" "Shady Pines, Ma!" with trees Sophia portrait with "Picture It…Sicily!" Blanche portrait, a lipstick, and hearts with "Flirting is Part of My Heritage" Rose and bananas with "The Older You Get, the Better You Get. Unless You're a Banana." Hearts, palm trees, and flamingos with "East Dirt and Die, Trash." Dorothy on the phone with "No! No, I Will Not Have a Nice Day." Rose and Sophia with "Have I Given You Any Indication at All That I Care?" "As They Say in St. Olaf…" Shoes, lipsticks, and mirror with "My beauty has always been a curse." "Dorothy & Rose & Blanche & Sophia" The Girls with "Everything I Know I Learned from Rose, Blanche, Dorothy & Sophia"

Quick To Stitch Cross Stitch Keepsakes

Author : Helen Phillips
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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With Quick-to-Stitch Cross Stitch Keepsakes, readers will be able to create one-of-a-kind gifts and keepsakes that commemorate all of the most important occasions in life. Seven themed chapters feature 100 perfect present ideas and 20 miniature sampler designs that are quick to stitch but yet make a big impact. The author offers over 1,000 universal motifs that can be mixed and matched into unique designs and the addition of decorative alphabets can be used to further personalize projects.

Emerging from the Mist

Author : Quentin Mackie
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Our understanding of the precontact nature of the Northwest Coast has changed dramatically over the last twenty years. This book brings together the most recent research on the culture history and archaeology of a region of longstanding anthropological importance, whose complex societies represent the most prominent examples of hunters and gatherers. Combining archaeology, ethnohistory, and ethnography, this collection investigates several aspects of this cultural complexity, carrying on the intellectual traditions of Donald H. Mitchell and Wayne Suttles.

Love Kills Slowly Cross Stitch

Author : Ed Hardy Licensing
File Size : 21.99 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This ain't your grandmother's cross-stitch. Ed Hardy's Love Kills Slowly Cross-Stitch is a counted cross-stitch book for a new generation of crafters. From pierced hearts to images of skulls and crossbones, Hardy's colorful, tattoo-inspired designs are perfect for stitchers looking for something bold and graphic. Each pattern comes complete with a full-color illustration of the original art, an illustration of the final product, and a full-color pattern and key. A how-to section teaches the basics of counted cross-stitch.

Cross Stitch Samplers and Cards

Author : Helen Philipps
File Size : 81.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Helen Philipps brings her own pretty yet thoroughly modern style to an exciting new collection of samplers and cards to mark all occasions.All cross stitchers love to stitch for others and create designs that commemorate and affirm life's special moments--a birth, a wedding, a new home, an anniversary or other special days. This collection of bright, decorative samplers and cards contains something for everyone, including:* 16 samplers and over 40 greeting card designs* Bright, modern original designs for cross stitchers of all abilities* Step-by-step advice and full color charts, making it ideal for beginners or more experienced stitchersFrom the bright new home sampler with flowers and nesting birds, or an Advent calendar filled with the promise of Christmas, to the colorful samplers that simply celebrate a friendship, each project is accompanied by a detailed full color chart and step-by-step instructions for mounting or framing. Additional alphabets are provided to personalize any of the designs.

The Starry Night Cross Stitch Pattern Vincent Van Gogh

Author : Serenity Stitchworks
File Size : 27.1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Starry Night Cross Stitch Pattern Details Design Size: 360w x 294h stitches Types of Stitches: Full stitches only, no half or quarter stitches, no backstitching Level of Difficulty: Advanced Sewn Design Size: 14 count: 25.71 x 21.00 inches - 653mm x 533mm 18 count: 20.00 x 16.33 inches - 508mm x 415mm 20 count: 18.00 x 14.70 inches - 457mm x 373mm 22 count: 16.36 x 13.36 inches - 416mm x 339mm Fabric size necessary for design: Add six inches to both length and width (3" on each side) Number of floss colors in the design: 75 (DMC cotton floss) No blended colors. Advanced cross stitch instructions and a floss amount conversion chart are included in the pattern. This fine-art cross stitch design, The Starry Night, was developed from a painting done in 1889 by Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh, one of the world's greatest artists. The Starry Night is one of the most well-known images in our modern culture and is one of the most sought after prints today. It's an amazing painting of a night sky filled with swirling clouds, a bright crescent moon and stars ablaze with luminescence. There is a small town below the rolling hills, and you can feel the peacefulness that flows from the structures. The tall steeple of the church reigns largely over the smaller buildings. This beautiful painting resides at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Stitching your masterpiece has never been more enjoyable than with Serenity Stitchworks! Whether you're passionate about a particular artist, fascinated by a movement or looking to add some more personality to your home, we're guaranteed to have the perfect cross-stitch pattern chart for you. We have hundreds of cross-stitch designs ranging from fine art, vintage, home décor and so much more. Visit us at to see all we have available. Serenity Stitchworks is a dedicated mother/daughter team with plenty of experience when it comes to needlework and the creation of art. For this reason, you can always count on us to be of assistance when it comes to purchasing these cross-stitch patterns online. We've made it our goal to provide you with beautiful and original counted-cross-stitch designs not found in other portfolios. Every design has been developed just for you! Become a member of the Serenity Stitchworks Community and receive tips, tricks, fun facts and free cross stitch patterns. Go to and sign up today.

Celtic Art in Cross Stitch

Author : Barbara Hammet
File Size : 58.31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Drawing on inspiration from the surviving examples of the art of ancient Celtic kingdoms, Barbara Hammet has produced a series of stunning cross stitch re-workings of the classical Celtic swirling shapes and sinuous forms that are at once both modern and timeless. Celtic Art in Cross Stitch: * Combines scholarly research with real design flair * Contains colorful and diverse designs based on the art of ancient Celtic kingdoms * Presents projects including a table linen, cushions, and a firescreen * Offers easy-to-follow color charts and symbols for each design The collection is widely diverse, ranging from a desk set worked in striking black and terracotta to an eye-catching pair of peacocks that would enliven any plain wall. What's more, there are patterns to suit every level of skill, while the motif library will provide plenty of inspiration for further projects.

Cross Stitch Alphabet and Numbers

Author : Felicity Hall
File Size : 66.30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Stitch personalised gifts for friends and family with this contemporary collection of over 100 letter and number charts designed by Felicity Hall. The charts work for both cross stitch and needlepoint and can be made with embroidery thread or yarn for very different results.