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Modern Basics II

Author : Amy Ellis
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Discover speedy shortcuts and skill-building quilt patterns by Amy Ellis, author of the best-selling Modern Basics. Novice and expert quilters alike will find loads of inspiration in these bright, simple, and fun designs. Select your next quilt from 14 easy projects featuring original quilt-block patterns Get great quick-piecing ideas and expert instructions on foundation piecing Find helpful tips that any quilter--especially newer quilters--can appreciate

Modern Basics

Author : Amy Ellis
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Love the idea of quilting but limited by time and resources? Oh, and the fact that you barely know how to sew? Here's the answer! With bright, modern prints and simple patterns, Amy Ellis eases new quilters into a lifelong creative adventure. Simple instructions guide you at every step, from cutting and piecing to finishing your fabulous first quilt. Choose from 14 striking designs; each is made from just one block Create beautiful blocks that showcase fun, contemporary fabrics Find great tips for squeezing creativity into your busy life

Think Big

Author : Amy Ellis
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Discover 10 original 18" blocks that are easy to make and easy to combine into fabulous projects for home decor. Easy-to-follow charts show the number of blocks to use for projects in five different sizes, from runner to king-size quilt Achieve a cohesive look; each block is shown in two or more coordinating projects, including quilts, pillows, and runners

Understanding the Economic Basics and Modern Capitalism

Author : Dan Blatt
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UNDERSTANDING of the economic successes and failures of the past century and today begins here. Dan Blatt, after almost a half-century of accurate published economic forecasts, examines history's most important economic works. He shows why capitalist market mechanisms successfully raise billions out of poverty and why socialist and other administered alternatives flourish briefly and then collapse. UNDERSTANDING begins with the basic texts: An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, by Adam Smith; The Principles of Political Economy and Taxation, by David Ricardo; Capital (Das Kapital), by Karl Marx; The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, by John Maynard Keynes; Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy by Joseph A. Schumpeter. The analysis is readily comprehensible for college level readers and busy professionals. The style facilitates speed-reading and scanning but with liberal inclusion of quoted material covering the key ideas and most famous passages. Understanding the Economic Basics and Modern Capitalism is your source for rapid familiarity with these basic works and the reasons for the repetitive failure of current economic policies.

Basic Modern Algebra with Applications

Author : Mahima Ranjan Adhikari
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The book is primarily intended as a textbook on modern algebra for undergraduate mathematics students. It is also useful for those who are interested in supplementary reading at a higher level. The text is designed in such a way that it encourages independent thinking and motivates students towards further study. The book covers all major topics in group, ring, vector space and module theory that are usually contained in a standard modern algebra text. In addition, it studies semigroup, group action, Hopf's group, topological groups and Lie groups with their actions, applications of ring theory to algebraic geometry, and defines Zariski topology, as well as applications of module theory to structure theory of rings and homological algebra. Algebraic aspects of classical number theory and algebraic number theory are also discussed with an eye to developing modern cryptography. Topics on applications to algebraic topology, category theory, algebraic geometry, algebraic number theory, cryptography and theoretical computer science interlink the subject with different areas. Each chapter discusses individual topics, starting from the basics, with the help of illustrative examples. This comprehensive text with a broad variety of concepts, applications, examples, exercises and historical notes represents a valuable and unique resource.

Discovering Modern Set Theory

Author : Winfried Just
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This is the second volume of a two-volume graduate text in set theory. The first volume covered the basics of modern set theory and was addressed primarily to beginning graduate students. This second volume is intended as a bridge between introductory set theory courses and advanced monographs that cover selected branches of set theory, such as forcing or large cardinals. The authors give short but rigorous introductions to set-theoretic concepts and techniques such as trees, partition calculus, cardinal invariants of the continuum, Martin's Axiom, closed unbounded and stationary sets, the Diamond Principle ($\diamond$), and the use of elementary submodels. Great care has been taken to motivate the concepts and theorems presented. The book is written as a dialogue with the reader.The presentation is interspersed with numerous exercises. The authors wish to entice readers into active participation in discovering the mathematics presented, making the book particularly suitable for self-study. Each topic is presented rigorously and in considerable detail. Carefully planned exercises lead the reader to active mastery of the techniques presented. Suggestions for further reading are given. Volume II can be read independently of Volume I.

Basic Structures of Modern Algebra

Author : Y. Bahturin
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This book has developed from a series of lectures which were given by the author in mechanics-mathematics department of the Moscow State University. In 1981 the course "Additional chapters in algebra" replaced the course "Gen eral algebra" which was founded by A. G. Kurosh (1908-1971), professor and head of the department of higher algebra for a period of several decades. The material of this course formed the basis of A. G. Kurosh's well-known book "Lectures on general algebra" (Moscow,1962; 2-nd edition: Moscow, Nauka, 1973) and the book "General algebra. Lectures of 1969-1970. " (Moscow, Nauka, 1974). Another book based on the course, "Elements of general al gebra" (M. : Nauka, 1983) was published by L. A. Skorniakov, professor, now deceased, in the same department. It should be noted that A. G. Kurosh was not only the lecturer for the course "General algebra" but he was also the recognized leader of the scientific school of the same name. It is difficult to determine the limits of this school; however, the "Lectures . . . " of 1962 men tioned above contain some material which exceed these limits. Eventually this effect intensified: the lectures of the course were given by many well-known scientists, and some of them see themselves as "general algebraists". Each lecturer brought significant originality not only in presentation of the material but in the substance of the course. Therefore not all material which is now accepted as necessary for algebraic students fits within the scope of general algebra.

Pairing In Fermionic Systems Basic Concepts And Modern Applications

Author : Armen Sedrakian
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Cooper pairing of fermions is a profound phenomenon that has become very important in many different areas of physics in the recent past. This book brings together, for the first time, experts from various fields involving Cooper pairing, at the level of BCS theory and beyond, including the study of novel states of matter such as ultracold atomic gases, nuclear systems at the extreme, and quark matter with application to neutron stars. Cross-disciplinary in nature, the book will be of interest to physicists in many different specialties, including condensed matter, nuclear, high-energy, and astrophysics. The emphasis is on novel issues beyond ordinary BCS theory such as pairing in asymmetric systems, the polarization effect, and higher spin pairing. These topics are rarely treated at the textbook level and all of them are the subjects of intensive ongoing research. The book also considers various new techniques widely used in current research that differ significantly from the conventional condensed matter approaches described in the standard literature.

Modern Basic Mathematics

Author : Hobart Clinton Carter
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More Machiavelli in Brussels

Author : M. P. C. M. van Schendelen
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Countless interest groups representing governments and non-governmental bodies try to lobby the European Union effectively in pursuit of the desired legislation, subsidies and more. Many lobby groups simply do what they see fit. Others manage their affairs in the EU arena more professionally, and it is their home front and their playing field which are the focus of this book. Filled with real cases, examples of good practice, and special issues of EU lobbying, it presents a wealth of information and analysis. Like other political processes, EU lobbying has its limits, acknowledged here, alongside its contribution to democracy, both of which are discussed in this thought-provoking and reflective book.