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Models of Intraurban Residential Relocation

Author : F.W. Porrell
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Most of the research incorporated in this monograph was initially undertaken as part of the author's Ph.D. dissertation submitted to the School of Urban and Public Affairs, Carnegie-Mellon University. The research was funded through a Doctoral Dissertation Grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The dissertation was a winning entry in the 1979-80 Ph.D. Disser tation Competition of the North American Regional Science Association, funded through a grant from the Economic Development Agency of the U.S. Depart ment of Commerce. Revisions and extensions of the initial research were con ducted at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I would like to thank in particular Chang-I Hua for his guidance and direc tion in reviewing this research. In addition, I would like to acknowledge the useful comments provided by Robert Avery, Shelby Stewman, Tong Hun Lee, Swarnjit Arora, and Charles Manski regarding the substance and econometric approaches used in the research. Stephen Gale is acknowledged for his help in providing the data used in this study from a National Science Foundation Grant (SOC #76-12358).

Investigating Quality of Urban Life

Author : Robert W. Marans
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The study of quality of urban life involves both an objective approach to analysis using spatially aggregated secondary data and a subjective approach using unit record survey data whereby people provide subjective evaluations of QOL domains. This book provides a comprehensive overview of theoretical perspectives on QOUL and methodological approaches to research design to investigate QOUL and measure QOL dimensions. It incorporates empirical investigations into QOUL in a range of cities across the world.

Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics

Author : P. Nijkamp
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This second volume of the Handbook presents professional surveys of all the important topics in urban economics. The first section contains 6 surveys on locational analysis, the second, 5 surveys of specific urban markets, and the third part presents 5 surveys of government policy issues. The book brings together exhaustive research by distinguished scholars from many countries. It is the only complete survey volume of urban economics and should serve as a reference volume to scholars and graduate students for many years. For more information on the Handbooks in Economics series, please see our home page on

Choice and Allocation Models for the Housing Market

Author : J. Rouwendal
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It is generally agreed that food, clothing and shelter are the three basic material needs of all people. A simple test for the successfulness of any economic system may therefore be the extent to which it succeeds in providing the population with these commodities. One would conjecture that in the countries that are generally considered as highly developed there would be no problems at all with their availability. And although this conjecture is to a large extent, confirmed by the evidence, it is nevertheless surprising that in western economies with the high per capita incomes housing is still an important object for public concern. Food and clothing are abundantly available in these countries, but the provision of housing is often an object of serious policy concern. To mention one striking example : in the Netherlands there still exist official figures that mention housing shortages of ten thousends of dwellings. This state of affairs is not mentioned here to motivate an exaggerated view on housing problems in Western countries. The situation in the Netherlands and comparable countries is indeed much better than that in underdeveloped countries and a comparison with developing countries would presumably show figures which are comparable to those for food or clothing. The point I want to make is that even in highly developed market economies where the availability of food and clothing is quite satisfactory, the availability of dwellings often is not.

Homeowners and Neighborhood Reinvestment

Author : George C. Galster
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This book investigates the efforts of homeowners to maintain and improve their dwellings. Their behavior, it has found, depends on economic variables as well as the sociological structure of their neighborhoods. Residential satisfaction, expectations of the neighborhood, and mobility plans were taken into account. Multivariate statistical analyses of models were conducted using household data from Minneapolis and Wooster, Ohio. Three important findings emerged. First, homeowners' sense of solidarity with their neighbors is as significant in determining their efforts at home upkeep as are their income or age. Second, the optimism of homeowners toward increases in property values results in behavior opposite to that produced by optimism about neighborhood quality of life. This implies that different kinds of predictable gaming behavior occur among homeowners, depending on the neighborhoods in which they live. Third, both short-term and extremely long-term plans to move prove damaging to home upkeep. The results of this study form the basis for a better understanding of such residential phenomena as class succession, racial transition, and gentrification. Galster's findings will also be valuable for analyzing policies that attempt to encourage neighborhood reinvestment.

Households and Housing

Author : Frans Dieleman
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Residential relocation is the household decision that generates housing consumption changes. It is not merely a decision about changing locations; it is also a decision about tenure—about whether to own or to rent. Research into housing markets has been largely focused on the process of changing from renting to owning, as most countries in the Western world have moved from predominantly rental societies to societies of homeowners. Households and Housing is designed to demonstrate the interconnections between the housing stock and households. The focus is on understanding the demand for housing and the way in which the demand is fulfilled as households select housing. This book is concerned with both the decision to move one's residence and the resulting type of housing choice. The housing supply—the stock of dwellings—is the context within which households make choices and acquire housing. The authors use the concepts of life course, housing career, and housing hierarchy to trace the movement of households through the housing market. They paint a comprehensive picture of housing consumption by age, income, and tenure choice, illustrated with nearly 150 figures and tables. US housing market data are contrasted with data from the Netherlands to document the differential effects of government intervention. This is the most up-to-date analysis available on the dynamics of housing choices and housing markets.

Spatial Behavior

Author : Reginald G. Golledge
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How do human beings negotiate the spaces in which they live, work, and play? How are firms and institutions, and their spatial behaviors, being affected by processes of economic and societal change? What decisions do they make about their natural and built environment, and how are these decisions acted out? Updating and expanding concepts of decision making and choice behavior on different geographic scales, this major revision of the authors' acclaimed Analytical Behavioral Geography presents theoretical foundations, extensive case studies, and empirical evidence of human behavior in a comprehensive range of physical, social, and economic settings. Generously illustrated with maps, diagrams, and tables, the volume also covers issues of gender, discusses traditionally excluded groups such as the physically and mentally challenged, and addresses the pressing needs of our growing elderly population.

Compendium of Research Reports

Author : United States. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Office of Policy Development and Research
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Compendium of Research Contracts and Reports

Author : United States. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development. Office of Policy Development and Research
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Modelling Housing Market Search

Author : William A. V. Clark
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Originally published in 1982, this book contains research in the area of econometric modelling in the housing market, including that which has extended to the use of search models. The subjects covered include the importance of racial differences, spatial aspects of residential search and information provision and its effect on the behaviour of the buyers. The combination of careful analytic modelling, empirical testing and speculative discussions of the role of agents in the search process provides an innovative and imaginative approach to the interesting problems of understanding the individual behaviour in complex contexts such as the urban housing market.