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Calendar of the State Papers relating to Ireland of the Reigns of Henry VIII Edward VI Mary and Elizabeth 1509 1573

Author : Anonymous
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Reprint of the original, first published in 1860.


Author : Cheryl E. Klein
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A self-described crybaby who sees the end of the world lurking around every corner, Cheryl E. Klein has relied on planning and hard work to reach her goals and avoid catastrophe. But when she and her partner find their plans for a baby dashed over and over—first by infertility, then miscarriage, and finally a breast cancer diagnosis—Klein’s carefully structured life, marriage, and belief system begin to crumble. Adding a detour through the fickle world of open adoption seems like the last thing she should do; yet where she lacks control, she finds adventure. Empathetic, candid, and often humorous, Crybaby is the story of what happens when a failed perfectionist and successful hypochondriac is forced to make room in her life for grief and joy, fear and hope, all at the same time.

Calendar of State Papers

Author : Mary Anne Everett Green
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Reprint of the original, first published in 1866.

Saki Collected Works

Author : Saki
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This unique collection of the complete works by one of the great satirists and renowned author Saki or H. H. Munro, includes:_x000D_ Novels:_x000D_ The Unbearable Bassington_x000D_ When William Came_x000D_ Short Stories:_x000D_ Reginald_x000D_ Reginald on Christmas Presents_x000D_ Reginald on the Academy_x000D_ Reginald at the Theatre_x000D_ Reginald's Peace Poem_x000D_ Reginald's Choir Treat_x000D_ Reginald on Worries_x000D_ Reginald on House-Parties_x000D_ Reginald at the Carlton_x000D_ Reginald on Besetting Sins_x000D_ Reginald's Drama_x000D_ Reginald on Tariffs_x000D_ Reginald's Christmas Revel_x000D_ Reginald's Rubaiyat_x000D_ The Innocence of Reginald_x000D_ Reginald in Russia_x000D_ The Reticence of Lady Anne_x000D_ The Lost Sanjak_x000D_ The Sex that Doesn't Shop_x000D_ The Blood-Feud of Toad-Water_x000D_ A Young-Turkish Catastrophe_x000D_ Judkin of the Parcels_x000D_ Gabriel-Ernest_x000D_ The Saint and the Goblin_x000D_ The Soul of Laploshka_x000D_ The Bag_x000D_ The Strategist_x000D_ Cross Currents_x000D_ The Baker's Dozen_x000D_ The Mouse_x000D_ The Chronicles of Clovis_x000D_ Esmé_x000D_ The Match-Maker_x000D_ Tobermory_x000D_ Mrs. Packletide's Tiger_x000D_ The Stampeding of Lady Bastable_x000D_ The Background_x000D_ Hermann the Irascible_x000D_ The Unrest-Cure_x000D_ The Jesting of Arlington Stringham_x000D_ Sredni Vashtar_x000D_ Adrian_x000D_ The Chaplet_x000D_ The Quest_x000D_ Wratislav_x000D_ The Easter Egg_x000D_ Filboid Studge, the Story of a Mouse that Helped_x000D_ The Music on the Hill_x000D_ The Story of St. Vespaluus_x000D_ The Way to the Dairy_x000D_ The Peace Offering_x000D_ The Peace of Mowsle Barton_x000D_ The Talking-Out of Tarrington_x000D_ The Hounds of Fate_x000D_ The Recessional_x000D_ A Matter of Sentiment_x000D_ The Secret Sin of Septimus Brope_x000D_ "Ministers of Grace"_x000D_ The Remoulding of Groby Lington_x000D_ Beasts and Super-Beasts_x000D_ The Toys of Peace and Other Papers_x000D_ The Square Egg_x000D_ Birds on the Western Front_x000D_ The Gala Programme_x000D_ The Infernal Parliament_x000D_ The Achievement of the Cat_x000D_ The Old Town of Pskoff_x000D_ Clovis on the Alleged Romance of Business_x000D_ The Comments of Moung Ka_x000D_ Dogged_x000D_ The East Wing_x000D_ The Almanac_x000D_ The Pond_x000D_ A Housing Problem_x000D_ The Holy War_x000D_ A Shot in the Dark_x000D_ A Sacrifice to Necessity_x000D_ Plays:_x000D_ The Death-Trap_x000D_ Karl-Ludwig's Window_x000D_ Other Works:_x000D_ The Westminster Alice_x000D_ The Rise of the Russian Empire

Reginald s Christmas Revel

Author : Saki
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Little Clothbound Classics: irresistible, mini editions of short stories, novellas and essays from the world's greatest writers, designed by the award-winning Coralie Bickford-Smith. With his signature flair and razor-sharp wit, Saki is an undisputed master of the short story. His tales are by turns hilarious, festive, supernatural and macabre, but all offer fabulous, bite-sized satires of a decadent upper-class Edwardian world. 'Saki, like a chivalrous highwayman, only robs the rich: behind all these stories is an exacting sense of justice . . . they dazzle and delight' Graham Greene

History of White Wave Inc 1977 2022 America s Most Creative and Successful Soyfoods Maker Boulder Colorado

Author : William Shurtleff; Akiko Aoyagi
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The world's most comprehensive, well documented, and well illustrated book on this subject. With extensive subject and geographic index. 84 photographs and illustrations - mostly color. Free of charge in digital PDF format.

The Aliens Among Us

Author : Victoria Harrod
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Montigan, the small but beautiful Martian country, now faces an existential threat. With a population devastated by years of war, they face annexation by their political enemies. Granted a one year reprieve by the Supreme Martian Court, Montiganians must prove they can rebuild their population to minimum legal levels, or their charter will be given to the very countries whose greed-driven wars brought them to this point. The first Montigan mission to Earth brought back human blood for DNA splicing into the Martian gene pool. The early trials failed to yield promised results, but their later advanced gene experiments had a surprising outcome: male human babies. Now, grown and trained as Martian agents, four of these humans, Steve Hamlet, Tom Steinway, Andrew Holloway, and David Conway, are Montigan's greatest hope to thwart its enemies. Their mission is to invade the Earth and bring back human female blood, so human babies' creation might continue on Mars. Handpicked for their unwavering allegiance to Montigan and their fluency in Earth languages, their loyalty will be tested as they carry out their own personal mission: Finding Earthmates and locating their bloodline to solve the mystery of their existence.

Spin the Bottle

Author : Monica McInerney
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Lainey Byrne is a woman in control, juggling a hectic job, her boyfriend Adam and a family with more than its fair share of dramas. Things go into a spin when she is wrenched from her life in Melbourne to run a B&B in Ireland for a year. Bed-and-breakfast quickly tumbles into bed-and-bedlam, especially when a reunion with childhood friend Rohan Hartigan sparks an unexpected romantic dilemma. Meanwhile, back in Australia, her father's taken to his bed, her mother's up the walls, her three brothers are running amok – and as for Adam . . . It's going to take more than a game of spin the bottle to sort this one out! A warm and funny story about love, letting go, friendship and families.

Other Waters

Author : Mike Yurk
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The places we fish and people we are with takes us on new adventures in Mike Yurk’s latest book, Other Waters. Follow Mike as he takes you from Costa Rico to catch marlin, to Mexico for sailfish and big bass to Canada’s Northwest Territories fishing for giant lake trout. In between are other waters; streams, rivers, ponds and lakes both big and small forming memorable fishing with unforgettable companions. There are two trout streams in northern Wisconsin from Mike’s youth to years later two other steams in North Carolina’s Appalachian Mountains. Rivers such as Wisconsin’s Wolf and Fox Rivers fishing in his early years with his father and grandfather brings us to the Mississippi River today fishing with buddies near his home in northwestern Wisconsin. Another river in Missouri takes us on legendary float fishing one of Ozarks premier waters. Go trout fishing in a military training area in Germany where the weather is always challenging. Two small ponds in Alabama as well as a large impoundment lake teaches Mike about bass fishing. Join Mike during the winter when he fishes through the ice on several Wisconsin lakes. Another Wisconsin lake never disappoints with both muskies and bass. There are other waters close to his home, fishing for smallmouth bass in Lake Superior, walleyes in northern Minnesota and largemouth bass and panfish at a lake known simply as Lake X to protect its identity. Exploring other waters bring both successes and disappointments along with new sights and sounds. As important as the waters Mike fishes are those who join him on these travels and ventures along with the people he meets while fishing other waters. Other Waters is book of people and places and adventures and fishing, making a lifetime of memories.

One Flew over the Cuckoo s Nest

Author : Кен Кизи
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Эта книга – одно из самых известных произведений знаменитого американского писателя ХХ века К. Кизи. Неадаптированный текст романа снабжен комментариями, заданиями на понимание и словарем.Книга предлагается в качестве учебного пособия для чтения и перевода в вузах и на курсах иностранных языков, а также для самостоятельного чтения.