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Miss Purity Ring

Author : Kimberly Rager
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The book will strive to be as interactive as possible with questions at the end of each chapter to determine your degree of understanding

The Purity Ring Murders

Author : Jim Toner
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In a quaint island town called Gull''s Rock Harbor, off the coast of Cape Cod, the discovery of a body - thirty-two year old Jack Brennan - threatens to disrupt the natural quietude of the sleepy town. Rookie Detective Tom Chen takes on the seemingly endless effort to solve the mystery behind Brennan''s death. As the story unfolds, we meet Meredith Kingsley, an and utterly lonely and reclusive pianist, who had fallen head over heals for the now dead Jack Brennan and is the prime suspect in his murder. With surprising twists, Ann Burkhardt renders a tale that is both compassionate and haunting at the same time. Gull''s Rock Harbor casts a suspicious glance at romantic love as it portrays the art of deception and the sting of desperate loneliness. Finally, it highlights the importance of staying true to one's own nature, despite the tempation to "risk it all" for the sake of love.

Look Both Ways in the Barrio Blanco

Author : Judith Robbins Rose
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With humor and sensitivity, a debut novelist explores the coming of age of a girl caught between two cultures as she finds the courage to forge a new destiny. “Miss, will you be my Amiga?” Amiga means "friend" in Spanish, but at the youth center, it meant a lady to take you places. I never asked myself if two people as different as Miss and me could ever really be amigas. When Jacinta Juarez is paired with a rich, famous mentor, she is swept away from the diapers and dishes of her own daily life into a world of new experiences. But crossing la linea into Miss’s world is scary. Half of Jacinta aches for the comfort of Mamá and the familiar safety of the barrio, while the other half longs to embrace a future that offers more than cleaning stuff for white people. When her family is torn apart, Jacinta needs to bring the two halves of herself together to win back everything she's lost. Can she channel the power she’s gained from her mentor and the strength she’s inherited from Mamá to save her shattered home life?

Don t Miss the Blessing

Author : Leavell, Jo Ann Paris
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Using their own experiences as ministers' wives, the authors give guidance to others who have this blessing.

Yours to Claim

Author : Cathy Jackson
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Ruthie Eden is in love with the Roselle children. Caring for them has opened her heart to their precocious and endearing love, and that’s the good news. The bad news is she is falling in love with their father, popular YouTuber Maximillian Roselle. She can see a future with him, but how does he feel about her? Maximillian Roselle has too many things on his mind: his wonderful children, his dream career and the beautiful, compassionate and fiercely loving woman he has hired to care for them. It is a recipe for love or disaster. Max has been finding it difficult to maintain his emotional distance as an employer and, truth be told, he doesn't want to. Facing fears of the future and ghosts of their pasts with newfound love and faith, Max and Ruthie embark on a relationship guided by their hearts and God.

Soul Cages

Author : Lynn Kilmore
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New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards, YA Finalist A brutal struggle of wills escalates into a mystical war of souls. Seventeen-year-old Marian Hawthorn knows more about Asperger's than she ever wanted to. But she loves her brother Henry, and wants to keep him safe. However, her parents obsess about finding a cure for him—no matter the cost in money or convictions—and that obsession draws them all under the control of Pastor Andervender and his fringe church in Albuquerque. There she finds an unexpected friend and ally in her struggle to protect her brother: John, the pastor's most beloved son, over whom a dangerous shadow looms that draws ever closer. Keywords: young adult horror, gothic fiction, young adult paranormal

James and The Giant Dilemma

Author : Eve Dangerfield
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“Cannot believe how much story Ms. Dangerfield packed into this novella - there is kinky sex, angst galore and big feelings.” - Katherine, Goodreads review James Hunter is in love with a beautiful, vegan yoga teacher, proving once and for all opposites really do attract. Despite buying a ring months ago, he can't bring himself to pop the question. When it comes to marriage, is it up to Charlotte to take control? “James and Charlie remain as one of my most loved book couples.” - Beanimous, romance blogger James and The Giant Dilemma is the follow-up novella to Degrees of Control, from critically acclaimed author Eve Dangerfield. Read Degrees of Control first to get the most out of this story.

Constitutional Theocracy

Author : Ran Hirschl
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In this ground-breaking book, renowned constitutional scholar Ran Hirschl describes “constitutional theocracy,” a new, hybrid form of government that has emerged from an overlapping of two parallel trends during the 20th century: the rise in political religion on the one hand and the spread of constitutional forms of government to most countries in the world on the other. Hirschl delivers two blockbuster theses: That in most constitutional theocracies, 1) courts are the primary secular agents of government, and 2) the electorate usually has a choice between a secular party that is against redistribution of wealth and a more theological party that supports redistribution. This last thesis, especially, will be news to many of the book’s American readers, who are accustomed to a theological politics stridently opposed to redistribution.

Girls on Fire

Author : Sarah Hentges
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 Under the threat of climate change, corruption, inequality and injustice, Americans may feel they are living in a dystopian novel come to life. Like many American narratives, dystopian stories often focus on males as the agents of social change. With a focus on the intersections of race, gender, class, sexuality and power, the author analyzes the themes, issues and characters in young adult (YA) dystopian fiction featuring female protagonists—the Girls on Fire who inspire progressive transformation for the future.

The Real Purity Code

Author :
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Miss Bridget s Girls

Author : Robin Bond
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Lesbian Femdom. At St Swinthin’s College, Bridget in now in charge. She’s a forceful and inspiring girl who strictly rules her select group of women. All have volunteered to service the sexual needs of wealthy local women who pay a large fee to indulge themselves with Bridget’s pretty and well-trained girls. As the academic year begins, Bridget is busy acquiring new recruits. She specialises in girls willing to engage in BDSM practices, who will submit to corporal punishment, bondage, clamping and other restraints, as well as humiliation and various forms of intercourse. However, Bridget is faced with an additional task. The head of the college, the Dr. Lowman, disapproves of Bridget’s enterprise. At first, Bridget attempts to win him over by providing him with a mistress, a staff member and her personal slave. But when she discovers that Lowman intends to vilely debauch an innocent student, further measures must be taken, and she aims to solve the problem of Dr Lowman once and for all!

Yearbook of Muslims in Europe

Author : Jørgen Schøler Nielsen
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Contents : part one : country reports; part two : analysis; part three : book reviews.

Play It On My Radio

Author : Giselle Renarde
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Join award-winning queer Canadian author Giselle Renarde for a year's worth of music and memories. As we listen to songs from a variety of genres, Giselle shares anecdotes about growing up in the 80s, being a teen of the 90s, and listening to the radio on those long and lonely nights in her first apartment. Accompany Giselle on a musical journey as she revisits the days of her youth through song. From the introduction to Play It On My Radio: My name is Giselle and I'm your new best friend. Well, maybe not "best friend." A best friend usually listens in addition to talking, but that's not me. What I will do is be here every day to share whichever song pops into my head. Why? What's the point? Well, here's the thing: I'm a writer. It's a pretty lonely job. Over the years, I've become increasingly socially isolated and you know what? It sucks. It sucks bad. The truth of the matter is that a lot of us are socially isolated, these days. And not just older people—younger ones, too. There are "friendly visitor" programs for seniors, but those of us under 65 are kind of lost at sea. I speak from experience. If you need a no-pressure visit every day, let me be your friendly visitor. I'll bring a song—whichever song pops into my head, gets stuck in my head, or seems relevant to something that day. As a person with chronic depression, music has helped me more than anything. It's magic, I swear. I hope my little musical visits will give you something to look forward to every day, because they'll certainly do that for me.

Religious Symbols and the Intervention of the Law

Author : Sylvie Bacquet
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In contemporary pluralist states, where faith communities live together, different religious symbols and practices have to coexist. This may lead to conflicts between certain minority practices and the dominant majority, particularly around the manifestation of belief in the public domain which may be seen both by the religious and secular majorities as a threat to their cultural heritage or against the secular values of the host country. The law has to mitigate those tensions in order to protect the public from harm and preserve order but in doing so, it may where necessary have to limit citizens’ ability to freely manifest their religion. It is those limitations that have been disputed in the courts on grounds of freedom of religion and belief. Religious symbols are often at the heart of legal battles, with courts called upon to consider the lawfulness of banning or restricting certain symbols or practices. This book analyses the relationship between the state, individuals and religious symbols, considering the three main forms of religious expression, symbols that believers wear on their body, symbols in the public space such as religious edifices and rituals that believers perform as a manifestation of their faith. The book looks comparatively at legal responses in England, the U.S.A and France comparing different approaches to the issues of symbols in the public sphere and their interaction with the law. The book considers religious manifestation as a social phenomenon taking a multidisciplinary approach to the question mixing elements of the anthropology, history and sociology of religion in order to provide some context and examine how this could help inform the law.

Achieving Competitive Edge

Author : David Bennett
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There is now a widely accepted view among manufacturing and service organisations that 'operations' can provide the means of achieving competitive edge. The OMA-UK Sixth International Conference has taken this view as its theme and focuses in particular on how technology and people can be used to improve manufacturing and service competitiveness. These proceedings have been organised according to the topics addressed within the overall conference theme and generally fall within three broad areas: technology-based topics, human resource-based topics and general topics. The technology-based topics are: Materials Control, Supply Chain Management and Logistics Flexibility in Operations Systems Computer-Aided Management of Operations Design, Process Planning and 'Time to Market' Factors Application of KBS, Expert Systems and Modelling Production Planning and Control The human resource-based topics are: Work Organisation Human Factors Managing the Implementation of Technology Managing the Quality Improvement Process Education Training and Development Employee Participation and Involvement The general topics are: Operations Strategy International Comparisons and Country-based Papers Performance and Productivity Measurement and Improvement A particular feature of all the papers is that they emphasise the application of techniques, technologies and concepts rather than concentrating on specific functional description. The authors are drawn from around 14 countries and represent both the academic and industrial communities. Many are involved in the 'mainstream' of operations management while a number are from other disciplines relevant to the conference theme, such as industrial engineering and organisational behaviour.

Curious Mystery Of Miss Lydia Larkin And The Widow Marvell

Author : Joolz Denby
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With her customary alchemist's skill, Joolz Denby has conjured forth a modern, magical fable, brimming with ribald wit, shimmering prose and characters who cast a mean glamour.

Saved by the Serendipity Circus

Author :
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Going Home

Author : Alissa Karin Shirah
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Eighteen-year-old Cynthia Anderson wants nothing more than to live her dream of becoming a cosmetologist and rid herself of her perfect big sister, Mary, her daddys obvious favorite. Thank goodness for her best friend, Jessica, and her gorgeous crush, Brian Parkerthe only two people distracting her from all her troubles. But as high school graduation finally arrives, Cynthia has no idea that her challenges have just begun. Cynthias workaholic father wants her to follow in his footsteps and become a lawyer. But she wants to own her own salon with Jessica. After she finally summons the courage to stand up to himjust as her mother did before she abandoned the family years earlierCynthia sets out on a rebellious quest of wild abandonment where she transforms into a rule-breaker determined to find freedom from all her worries. But as she travels down a difficult road lined with bad choices and consequences, Cynthia must decide whether to continue down the path of destruction or turn and head for home. In this inspirational young adult novel, a teenager embarks on a journey of self-discovery where she learns about the power of unconditional love and forgiveness.

In Place of Never

Author : Julie Anne Lindsey
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Can the truth set her free?… A part of Mercy died the summer her sister tragically drowned. Now Mercy has a chance to discover if Faith’s death was an accident—or murder. Her first step is to confront the lead suspects: a band of traveling gypsies—the last people who saw her sister alive. But Mercy finds an unexpected ally in Cross, the soulful musician in their ranks. He’s a kindred spirit, someone who sees into her heart for the first time in, well, forever. Yet stirring up the past puts Mercy in danger… Suddenly someone is shadowing Mercy’s every move, making her even more determined to uncover the facts. With Cross by her side, she is ready to face it all, even if that means opening up to him, knowing he may one day leave her. What she discovers is a truth that rocks the foundation of her small river town—and a love worth risking everything for….

The Wedding Ring Or Married and Single A Domestic Tale

Author : afterwards LOWNDES JONES (Hannah Maria)
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