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The Art of Ballets Russes

Author : Exhibition Design, Dance and Music of the Ballets Russes 1909 - 1929 (1997 - 1998, Hartford, Conn. u.a.)
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Præsentation af en række balletter illustreret med fotografier og tegninger af kostumer og kulisser, ordnet alfabetisk efter designeren

Re Imagining North Korea in International Politics

Author : Shine Choi
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The global consensus in academic, specialist and public realms is that North Korea is a problem: its nuclear ambitions pose a threat to international security, its levels of poverty indicate a humanitarian crisis and its political repression signals a failed state. This book examines the cultural dimensions of the international problem of North Korea through contemporary South Korean and Western popular imagination’s engagement with North Korea. Building on works by feminist-postcolonial thinkers, in particular Trinh Minh-ha, Rey Chow and Gayatri Spivak, it examines novels, films, photography and memoirs for how they engage with issues of security, human rights, humanitarianism and political agency from an intercultural perspective. By doing so the author challenges the key assumptions that underpin the prevailing realist and liberal approaches to North Korea. This research attends not only to alternative framings, narratives and images of North Korea but also to alternative modes of knowing, loving and responding and will be of interest to students of critical international relations, Korean studies, cultural studies and Asian studies.

The Destiny of Miro

Author : Julie Rae Rickard
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"The Destiny of Miro" is the story of one man's spiritual search. It begins when Miro's father, answering what he feels is a request from God, kills his family. Only eight-year-old Miro escapes. As the man dies, he curses his boy, shouting, "you cannot escape your destiny!" Miro turns and runs from his father but is forever haunted by this tragic phrase. Aided by a mysterious "white lady" and an animal guide, Miro's thirty year journey to find his true destiny takes him on a cross country tour of medieval England. Along the way he learns to love all God's creatures; develops his own psychic powers; finds and loses his soul mate; and finally learns only he is responsible for his happiness. "The Destiny of Miro" was selected as Second Runner-Up for a 2001 Visionary Award from the Coalition of Visionary Retailers.

Joan Mir

Author : Janis Mink
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Encyclopedia of Contemporary Spanish Culture

Author : Professor Eamonn Rodgers
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Some 750 alphabetically-arranged entries provide insights into recent cultural and political developments within Spain, including the cultures of Catalonia, Galicia and the Basque country. Coverage spans from the end of the Civil War in 1939 to the present day, with emphasis on the changes following the demise of the Franco dictatorship in 1975. Entries range from shorter, factual articles to longer overview essays offering in-depth treatment of major issues. Culture is defined in its broadest sense. Entries include: *Antonio Gaudí * science * Antonio Banderas * golf * dance * education * politics * racism * urbanization This Encyclopedia is essential reading for anyone interested in Spanish culture. It provides essential cultural context for students of Spanish, European History, Comparative European Studies and Cultural Studies.

Barcelona and Modernity

Author : William H. Robinson
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Catalogus van een tentoonstelling van werk van Catalaanse kunstenaars.


Author : Roland Penrose
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Among the great 20th-century masters, the surrealist painter Joan Miró stands out for the atmosphere of wit and spontaneity that pervades his work. Mirós art went through many phases, and its major features his signs and symbols, his series of anguished peintures sauvages in the 1930s, his lyrical, poetic gouaches, his monumental sculptures and ceramics, his unprecedented use of poetic titles, and his attachment to nature and to the night are discussed here by Roland Penrose, a friend of the artist for almost five decades. A brief epilogue by Eduardo de Benito, London correspondent of the Spanish art periodical Lápiz, illustrates the developments of Mirós last years. This new revised edition, now illustrated in colour throughout, includes a foreword by Antony Penrose, outlining the relationship between his father and the artist, as well as updates to the Bibliography.

Companion to Spanish Surrealism

Author : Robert Havard
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A comprehensive introduction to Surrealism in Spain, with focus on poetry, art, drama and film.

The Touch of Dreams Joan Mir Ceramics and Bronzes 1949 1980

Author : Joan Miró
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Fear of Dreaming

Author : Ashwin Sunder
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Meet Casimir "Miro" Silva. A seventeen year old orphan, Miro spends his days training as a mixed martial artist, and his nights dreaming of becoming a world champion. Pushing himself to the limits while scraping by on a meager income, his life is consumed by his obsession. Now, months away from the biggest fight of his career, he now must face the single toughest opponent anyone has ever met inside a cage - one who has turned his dreams to recurring nightmares. Set in the year 2045, the tale is a blunt portrayal of a dystopian future where drug-addled brains must cope with increasingly muddles realities. In this world, the question isn't whether one's dreams are worth dreaming. The question is, how does one cope when one’s dreams become nightly terrors?