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Minimalist Mobile Robotics

Author : Jonathan H. Connell
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Rather than using traditional artificial intelligence techniques, which are ineffective when applied to the complexities of real-world robot navigaiton, Connell describes a methodology of reconstructing intelligent robots with distributed, multiagent control systems. After presenting this methodology, hte author describes a complex, robust, and successful application-a mobile robot "can collection machine" which operates in an unmodified offifce environment occupied by moving people.

Strategies for Collective Minimalist Mobile Robots

Author : Chris Melhuish
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Many might think that the robot industry is not ready yet to build an abstract painter with a political theory. Perhaps Melhuish (engineering, U. of the West of England) agrees, because what he talks about instead is the idea of getting a whole lot of dumb robots to work together to accomplish something smart. The inspiration for the approach are social insects, which are limited individually yet can as a group achieve remarkable feats. He presents minimalist strategies for controlling and coordinating such a system in the domains of moving through the environment, creating work gangs of a desired size, and acting on the environment. Distributed in the US by ASME. c. Book News Inc.

Autonome Mobile Systeme 1994

Author : Paul Levi
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The Map Building and Exploration Strategies of a Simple Sonar Equipped Mobile Robot

Author : D. C. Lee
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First book to describe a way of determining the best method to use to enable a robot to navigate.

Mobile Robots

Author : Joseph L. Jones
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Revised and updated, the second edition includes several new chapters with projects and applications. The authors keep pace with the ever-growing and rapidly expanding field of robotics. The new edition reflects technological developments and includes programs and activities for robot enthusiasts. Using photographs, illustrations, and informative t

Ambient Intelligence for Scientific Discovery

Author : Yang Cai
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Many difficult scientific discovery tasks can only be solved in interactive ways, by combining intelligent computing techniques with intuitive and adaptive user interfaces. It is inevitable to use human intelligence in scientific discovery systems: human eyes can capture complex patterns and relationships, along with detecting the exceptional cases in a data set; the human brain can easily manipulate perceptions to make decisions. Ambient intelligence is about this kind of ubiquitous and autonomous human interaction with information. Scientific discovery is a process of creative perception and communication, dealing with questions like: how do we significantly reduce information while maintaining meaning, or how do we extract patterns from massive data and growing data resources. Originating from the SIGCHI Workshop on Ambient Intelligence for Scientific Discovery, this state-of-the-art survey is organized in three parts: new paradigms in scientific discovery, ambient cognition, and ambient intelligence systems. Many chapters share common features such as interaction, vision, language, and biomedicine.

Intelligent Systems

Author : Cornelius T. Leondes
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Intelligent systems, or artificial intelligence technologies, are playing an increasing role in areas ranging from medicine to the major manufacturing industries to financial markets. The consequences of flawed artificial intelligence systems are equally wide ranging and can be seen, for example, in the programmed trading-driven stock market crash of October 19, 1987. Intelligent Systems: Technology and Applications, Six Volume Set connects theory with proven practical applications to provide broad, multidisciplinary coverage in a single resource. In these volumes, international experts present case-study examples of successful practical techniques and solutions for diverse applications ranging from robotic systems to speech and signal processing, database management, and manufacturing.

Field and Service Robotics

Author : Alexander Zelinsky
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Joe Engelberger, the pioneer of the robotics industry, wrote in his 1989 book Robotics in Service that the inspiration to write his book came as a reaction to an industry-sponsored forecast study of robot applications, which predicted that in 1995 applications of robotics outside factories - the traditional domain of industrial robots - would amount to less than 1% of total sales. Engelberger believed that this forecast was very wrong, and instead predicted that the non-industrial class of robot applications would become the largest class. Engelbergers prediction has yet to come to pass. However, he did correctly foresee the growth in non-traditional applications of robots. Robots are now beginning to march from the factories and into field and service applications. This book presents a selection of papers from the first major international conference dedicated to field and service applications of robotics. This selection includes papers from the leading research laboratories in the world together with papers from companies that are building and selling new and innovative robotic technology. It describes interesting aspects of robots in the field ranging from mining, agriculture, construction, cargo handling, subsea operations, removal of landmines, to terrestrial exploration. It also covers a diverse range of service applications, such as cleaning, propagating plants and aiding the elderly and handicapped, and gives considerable attention to the technology required to realise robust, reliable and safe robots.

Swarm Robotics

Author : Erol Sahin
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Swarm robotics can be defined as the study of how a swarm of relatively simple physically embodied agents can be constructed to collectively accomplish tasks that are beyond the capabilities of a single one. Unlike other studies on multi-robot systems, swarm robotics emphasizes self-organization and emergence, while keeping in mind the issues of scalability and robustness. These emphases promote the use of relatively simple robots, equipped with localized sensing ability, scalable communication mechanisms, and the exploration of decentralized control strategies. This state-of-the-art survey is the first book devoted to swarm robotics. It is based on the First International Workshop on Swarm Robotics held in Santa Monica, CA, USA in July 2004 as part of SAB 2004

Mobile Robots

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