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Middle School

Author : Haley Moss
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The transition to middle school for students with autism spectrum disorders can be a veritable minefield of hidden curriculum rules and social misunderstanding. Here, the author shares what worked and what didn't work for her to help others avoid some of the pitfalls of fitting in and doing well academically.

A Freshman Survival Guide for College Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Author : Haley Moss
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How do you know which college is right for you? What happens if you don't get on with your roommate? And what on earth is the Greek system all about? As a university student with High-Functioning Autism, Haley Moss offers essential tips and advice in this insider's guide to surviving the Freshman year of college. Chatty, honest and full of really useful information, Haley's first-hand account of the college experience covers everything students with Autism Spectrum Disorders need to know. She talks through getting ready for college, dorm life and living away from parents, what to expect from classes, professors and exams, and how to cope in new social situations and make friends. This book is a must-read for all students on the autism spectrum who are about to begin their first year of college, parents and teachers who are helping them prepare, and college faculty and staff.

Visual Support for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Author : Vera Bernard-Opitz
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Combining their years of experience working with individuals on the autism spectrum, both here and around the world, authors Vera Bernard-Opitz and Anne Häußler bring teachers and other professionals practical ideas and teaching methods for offering visual supports to students with autism spectrum disorders and other visual learners. With hundreds of colorful illustrations and step-by-step directions, this book lays the foundation for how to structure teaching environments, as well as offers countless examples of activities for students, ranging from basic skills, to reading and math, to social behavior.

Practical Solutions for Stabilizing Students with Classic Autism to be Ready to Learn

Author : Judy Endow
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This title recognizes the importance of offering stabilization strategies that afford students a better regulated body, often enabling students with classic autism to increase their time in school, most of them working up to full-day participation.

Independence Social and Study Strategies for Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Author : Amy Rutherford
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The BASICS College Curriculum presents a hands-on approach to learning essential life and study skills for college students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This book focuses on the transition to college, developing key academic skills, navigating campus social life, and living away from home for the first time. Ideal as a textbook for ASD college programs and suitable for students to use for self-study, it teaches independence skills, self-advocacy, organization, stress management, and social skills. Each chapter has a lesson-based progressive structure, providing valuable information and advice for the student, useful diagrams, practical exercises and workbook components that can be filled in at home or in class. Self-assessment tools ensure the skills from each chapter can be reviewed and adjusted as necessary.

Navigating a New School

Author : Terry Teague Meyer
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The first day of school in a new middle school can be overwhelming and bewildering—the maze of hallways, the hundreds of identical lockers, the locker combinations and sticky locks, the far-flung classrooms, the many teachers, the lunchroom full of unfamiliar faces. Anxiety over the strangeness and newness of all this can be running high, and making the transition from scared new student to supremely confident and self-assured middle schooler can take some time. This book helps reduce the stress, while easing and shortening the difficult transition. Full of extremely useful tips regarding orientation, locker organization, time management, choosing a lunch table, and adapting to new situations like increased homework, changing for gym in the locker rooms, and getting from class-to-class between periods, this book will turn even the most trepidatious new student into a seasoned middle school pro in no time.

Views from the Spectrum

Author : Ron Sandison
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A remarkable inside look at the intersection of faith and autism for parents longing to connect their children with God's love Raising a child with autism is both a challenge and an adventure--and sometimes parents need to know there can also be wonderful potential for blessings. Views from the Spectrum shares the inspiring stories of twenty amazing young adults with autism and how each of their family's unwavering support and faith in God led them to accomplish what was thought impossible. As a thriving adult with autism himself, Ron Sandison is determined to educate the world on the gifts and talents autism can cultivate--even when they differ from our expectations of typical success. While it is primarily a much-needed how-to guide for parents of children with special needs, this book is also a stunning view into the world of autism. Readers will witness the courage of Tyler Gianchetta, who rescued his mother from a burning vehicle. They'll marvel at the artistic talent of nonverbal poet and artist Kimberly Dixon, admire the determination of Armani Williams, competing as a NASCAR driver, and find encouragement in the many other stories within these pages. In addition to these experiences, Sandison has also interviewed top experts in the autism field and shares their insights here. Sandison weaves narrative with Scripture, sharing his own journey with autism throughout the book. Full of anecdotes, scientific research, parenting tips, prayers, devotions, and more, Views from the Spectrum is a celebration of autism, faith, and the possibilities at their intersection.

Sincerely Your Autistic Child

Author : Autistic Women and Nonbinary Network
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A diverse collection of autistic voices that highlights how parents can avoid common mistakes and misconceptions, and make their child feel truly accepted, valued, and celebrated for who they are. Most resources available for parents come from psychologists, educators, and doctors, offering parents a narrow and technical approach to autism. Sincerely, Your Autistic Child represents an authentic resource for parents written by autistic people themselves. From childhood and education to culture, gender identity, and sexuality, this anthology tackles the everyday joys and challenges of growing up while honestly addressing the emotional needs, sensitivity, and vibrancy of autistic kids, youth, and young adults. Contributors reflect on what they have learned while growing up on the autism spectrum and how parents can avoid common mistakes and overcome challenges while raising their child. Part memoir, part guide, and part love letter, Sincerely, Your Autistic Child is an indispensable collection that invites parents and allies into the unique and often unheard experiences of autistic children and teens.

Your First Source for Practical Solutions for ASD

Author :
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Big Picture Thinking

Author : Aileen Zeitz Collucci
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A series of lessons and information for teaching students to analyze social situations, break them down into their component parts and then adding everything together again to create a whole-- the big picture.