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Microstrip Filters for RF Microwave Applications

Author : Jia-Shen G. Hong
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Advanced, specialized coverage of microstrip filter design Microstrip Filters for RF/Microwave Applicationsis the only professional reference focusing solely on microstripfilters. It offers a unique and comprehensive treatment of filtersbased on the microstrip structure and includes full designmethodologies that are also applicable to waveguide and othertransmission line filters. The authors include coverage of new configurations with advancedfiltering characteristics, new design techniques, and methods forfilter miniaturization. The book utilizes numerous design examplesto illustrate and emphasize computer analysis and synthesis whilealso discussing the applications of commercially availablesoftware. Other highlights include: Lowpass and bandpass filters Highpass and bandstop filters Full-wave electromagnetic simulation Advanced materials and technologies Coupled resonator circuits Computer-aided design for low-cost/high-volume production Compact filters and filter miniaturization Microstrip Filters for RF/Microwave Applicationsis not only a valuable design resource for practitioners, but alsoa handy reference for students and researchers in microwaveengineering.

Microwave Applications

Author : Horst Groll
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In opto-electronics and microwave technology, new research results are translated into technological developments and applications at a breathtaking pace. This congress and trade fair, held bienniallys since 1973, covers a broad spectrum of latest advances in laser technology, opto-electronics, and for the first time, microwave technology. The fundamental physical principles are explained in basic-level seminars, panel lectures provide an overview of major spezialized fields, and the latest results are described in individual lectures. This volume deals with the 12 papers presented at the Microwave Congress.

RF and Microwave Applications and Systems

Author : Mike Golio
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This volume, RF and Microwave Applications and Systems, includes a wide range of articles that discuss RF and microwave systems used for communication and radar and heating applications. Commercial, avionics, medical, and military applications are addressed. An overview of commercial communications systems is provided. Past, current, and emerging cellular systems, navigation systems, and satellite-based systems are discussed. Specific voice and data commercial systems are investigated more thoroughly in individual chapters that follow. Detailed discussions of military electronics, avionics, and radar (both military and automotive) are provided in separate chapters. A chapter focusing on FR/microwave energy used for therapeutic medicine is also provided. Systems considerations including thermal, mechanical, reliability, power management, and safety are discussed in separate chapters. Engineering processes are also explored in articles about corporate initiatives, cost modeling, and design reviews. The book closes with a discussion of the underlying physics of electromagnetic propagation and interference. In addition to new chapters on WiMAX and broadband cable, nearly every existing chapter features extensive updates and several were completely rewritten to reflect the massive changes areas such as radio navigation and electronic warfare.

Microstrip Filters for RF Microwave Applications

Author : Jia-Sheng Hong
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The first edition of “Microstrip Filters for RF/Microwave Applications” was published in 2001. Over the years the book has been well received and is used extensively in both academia and industry by microwave researchers and engineers. From its inception as a manuscript the book is almost 8 years old. While the fundamentals of filter circuits have not changed, further innovations in filter realizations and other applications have occurred with changes in the technology and use of new fabrication processes, such as the recent advances in RF MEMS and ferroelectric films for tunable filters; the use of liquid crystal polymer (LCP) substrates for multilayer circuits, as well as the new filters for dual-band, multi-band and ultra wideband (UWB) applications. Although the microstrip filter remains as the main transmission line medium for these new developments, there has been a new trend of using combined planar transmission line structures such as co-planar waveguide (CPW) and slotted ground structures for novel physical implementations beyond the single layer in order to achieve filter miniaturization and better performance. Also, over the years, practitioners have suggested topics that should be added for completeness, or deleted in some cases, as they were not very useful in practice. In view of the above, the authors are proposing a revised version of the “Microstrip Filters for RF/Microwave Applications” text and a slightly changed book title of “Planar Filters for RF/Microwave Applications” to reflect the aforementioned trends in the revised book.

Linear Ferrite Devices for Microwave Applications

Author : Wilhelm H. Von Aulock
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RF Microwave Engineering and Applications in Energy Systems

Author : Abdullah Eroglu
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RF/MICROWAVE ENGINEERING AND APPLICATIONS IN ENERGY SYSTEMS An essential text with a unique focus on RF and microwave engineering theory and its applications In RF/Microwave Engineering and Applications in Energy Systems, accomplished researcher Abdullah Eroglu delivers a detailed treatment of key theoretical aspects of radio-frequency and microwave engineering concepts along with parallel presentations of their practical applications. The text includes coverage of recent advances in the subject, including energy harvesting methods, RFID antenna designs, HVAC system controls, and smart grids. The distinguished author provides step-by-step solutions to common engineering problems by way of numerous examples and offers end-of-chapter problems and solutions on each topic. These practical applications of theoretical subjects aid the reader with retention and recall and demonstrate a solid connection between theory and practice. The author also applies common simulation tools in several chapters, illustrating the use and implementation of time domain circuit simulators in conjunction with electromagnetic simulators, as well as Matlab for design, simulation, and implementation at the component and system levels. Readers will also benefit from: A thorough introduction to the foundations of electromagnetics, including line, surface, and volume integrals, vector operation and theorems, and Maxwell’s equations Comprehensive explorations of passive and active components in RF and microwave engineering, including resistors, capacitors, inductors, and semiconductor materials and active devices Practical discussions of transmission lines, including transmission line analysis, Smith charts, microstrip lines, and striplines In-depth examinations of network parameters, including impedance parameters, ABCD parameters, h-Hybrid parameters, and network connections Perfect for senior-level undergraduates and graduate students studying RF or Microwave engineering, RF/Microwave Engineering and Applications in Energy Systems is also an indispensable resource for professionals whose work touches on radio-frequency and microwave technologies.

Applications of Superconductivity

Author : H. Weinstock
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The volume presents in-depth scientific coverage of a vast number of superconductor-based applications. Some of these applications are quite mature, e.g. LTS magnets for MRI, while many others are at various stages of maturity. The first three chapters are devoted to understanding of the principles, fabrication and uses of SQUID magnetometers and gradiometers. The next three cover broader aspects of superconducting electronics - digital LTS circuits and passive component applications using HTS materials. The following four chapters go into magnetic applications. Chapter 11 deals with the fabrication of HTS tapes of BSCCO material. Chapter 12 addresses the use of HTS materials in magnetic bearings in low-loss flywheels. Finally, cryogenic systems are dealt with in Chapter 13 and Chapter 14 shows how to design cryogenic measuring systems and how to take valid measurements.

Applications of Microwaves in Daily Life Earth Atmosphere and Space

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This book covers various aspects of microwaves in our daily lives, earth, atmosphere and space. Radars emitting microwaves were widely used since World War II to detect enemy ships or aircrafts but the advent of satellite era has demonstrated their wider applications. The most popular usage of microwaves has been in the microwave ovens, mobile phones and industry. This book covers use of GPS systems in cars and other means of transport, by means of navigation systems for land, air and sea and electronic warfare to target enemy positions precisely. Some aspects of diagnosis and treatment of certain illness have been brought out in addition to applications in weather forecasting, tracking of cyclones through satellites and evacuation of people from the cyclone affected regions due to strong winds, storm surges and floods. This book also describes early warning systems for earthquakes and tsunami besides, volcanoes, landslides and glaciers. Microwave application in space research has been made for communication between earth and space ships with a view to know more about planets, moons and other celestial objects. Detection of microwaves in the background of the sky has supported Big Bang theory for the creation of universe. Microwaves are however, sometimes hazardous and need mitigation as described in the book. It has been written in simple language so that it can be easily understood by general public. While applying laws of physics, wave propagation or other subjects like earthquakes, volcanoes or weather due weightage has been given to the NCERT text books on Science and related subjects.

Handbook of Microwave Technology for Food Application

Author : Ashim K. Datta
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"Integrates principles of electromagnetics, dielectrics, heat and moisture transfer, packaging, solid mechanics, fluid flow, food chemistry, and microbiology to provide a comprehensive overview of microwave processing in a single accessible source."

EPA 600 9

Author :
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