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Mexico s Criminal Insurgency

Author : John P. Sullivan
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In sum, this anthology represents some of the best and brightest scholars of today who are writing on the evolving security environment in Mexico and the implications this may hold for the United States. They have greatly enhanced our understanding of crime wars and criminal insurgencies-21st century war and conflict waged by non-state entities- and the impact this new form of warfare is having on states. For this, we embrace them and have established the new SWJ El Centro forum to further promote their professionalism and scholarship. Dave Dilegge SWJ Editor-in-Chief

El Narco

Author : Ioan Grillo
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‘War’ is no exaggeration in discussing the bloodshed that has terrorized Mexico in the past decades. As rival cartels battle for control of a billion-dollar drug trade, the body count - 23,000 dead in five years - and sheer horror beggar the imagination of journalistic witnesses. Cartel gunmen have attacked schools and rehabilitation centers, and murdered the entire families of those who defy them. Reformers and law enforcement officials have been gunned down within hours of taking office. Headless corpses are dumped on streets to intimidate rivals, and severed heads are rolled onto dancefloors as messages to would-be opponents. And the war is creeping northward, towards the United States. El Narco is the story of the ultraviolent criminal organizations that have turned huge areas of Mexico into a combat zone. It is a piercing portrait of a drug trade that turns ordinary men into mass murderers, as well as a diagnosis of what drives the cartels and what gives them such power. Veteran Mexico correspondent Ioan Grillo traces the gangs from their origins as smugglers to their present status as criminal empires. The narco cartels are a threat to the Mexican government - and their violence has now reached as far as North Carolina. El Narco is required reading for anyone concerned about one of the most important news stories of the decade.

Criminal Insurgencies in Mexico and the Americas

Author : Robert Bunker J
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In recent years, the south-western border of the United States has come under increasing pressure from the activities of Mexican narco-insurgents. These insurgents have developed rapidly from beginnings as nebulous gangs into networked cartels that have exposed the porosity of the border. These cartels declare no allegiance to any nation and are engaging in asymmetrical warfare against sovereign states throughout Mexico and in Central America. Within such states, de facto political control is shifting to the cartels in the ‘areas of impunity’ that have emerged. This book addresses these concerns and focuses on the criminal insurgencies being waged by the gangs and cartels. It is divided into sections on theory, Mexico, and the Americas and contains a number of introductory essays pertaining to this premier security threat to the United States and her allies in the region. Topics covered include criminal and spiritual insurgency, cartel weapons, corruption, feral cities, Los Zetas, politicized gangs, and threat analysis in Central America. This book will be a valuable resource to scholars in the fields of regional security, criminal justice and American Studies. It will be of great benefit to military and civil policymakers and practitioners in the areas of law enforcement and counternarcotics. This book was published as a special issue of Small Wars and Insurgencies.

Criminal Insurgents in Mexico and Latin America

Author : Robert Bunker & John Sullivan, Editors
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The 4th Small Wars Journal—El Centro anthology comes at a pivotal time, roughly a third of the way through the term, for the Enrique Peña Nieto administration in Mexico. The mass kidnapping and execution of 43 rural student teachers in Iguala, Guerrero in late September 2014 has only served to further highlight the corruptive effects of organized crime on the public institutions in that country. In addition, many other states in Latin America are now suffering at the hands of criminal insurgents who are threatening their citizens and challenging their sovereign rights. Dave Dilegge, SWJ Editor-in-Chief


Author : John W. Sherman
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"This book provides a concise, accessible introduction to the broad sweep of Mexican history, from pre-contact civilizations to the present. Focusing on political and economic processes, John Sherman provides a clear narrative, enhanced with a rich array of images."--

Mexico s Narco insurgency and U S Counterdrug Policy

Author : Hal Brands
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On June 30, 2008, President George W. Bush signed into law the Merida Initiative, a 3-year, $1.4 billion counterdrug assistance program for Mexico and Central America. The Merida Initiative is representative of the supply-side approach to the narcotics trade that has long characterized U.S. drug control policy. Unfortunately, this approach to the drug trade is unlikely to achieve the desired results in Mexico. For the Merida Initiative to be fully successful, the United States must therefore forge a more holistic, better-integrated approach to the drug trade. Implementing such a strategy will not be easy, but it will be central to improving U.S. counternarcotics policy and ensuring that the Merida Initiative is more than a mere palliative for the problems associated with the Mexican drug trade.

Deported to Death

Author : Jeremy Slack
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What happens to migrants after they are deported from the United States and dropped off at the Mexican border, often hundreds if not thousands of miles from their hometowns? In this eye-opening work, Jeremy Slack foregrounds the voices and experiences of Mexican deportees, who frequently become targets of extreme forms of violence, including migrant massacres, upon their return to Mexico. Navigating the complex world of the border, Slack investigates how the high-profile drug war has led to more than two hundred thousand deaths in Mexico, and how many deportees, stranded and vulnerable in unfamiliar cities, have become fodder for drug cartel struggles. Like no other book before it, Deported to Death reshapes debates on the long-term impact of border enforcement and illustrates the complex decisions migrants must make about whether to attempt the return to an often dangerous life in Mexico or face increasingly harsh punishment in the United States.

Mexico s Other Insurgents

Author : Graham Hall Turbiville
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Mexico s narco refugees

Author : Paul Rexton Kan
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Since 2006, when Mexican president Felipe Calderon declared war on the drug cartels, there has been a rise in the number of Mexican nationals seeking political asylum in the United States to escape the ongoing drug cartel violence in their home country. Political asylum cases in general are claimed by those who are targeted for their political beliefs or ethnicity in countries that are repressive or are failing. Mexico is neither. Nonetheless, if the health of the Mexican state declines because criminal violence continues, increases, or spreads, U.S. communities will feel an even greater burden on their systems of public safety and public health from "narco-refugees." Given the ever increasing cruelty of the cartels, the question is whether and how the U.S. Government should begin to prepare for what could be a new wave of migrants coming from Mexico. Allowing Mexicans to claim asylum could potentially open a flood gate of migrants to the United States during a time when there is a very contentious national debate over U.S. immigration laws pertaining to illegal immigrants. On the other hand, to deny the claims of asylum seekers and return them to Mexico where they might very well be killed, strikes at the heart of American values of justice and humanitarianism. This monograph focuses on the asylum claims of Mexicans who unwillingly leave Mexico rather than those who willingly enter the United States legally or illegally. To navigate in this complexity will require greater understanding and vigilance at all levels of the U.S. Government.

Dealing with Political Ferment in Latin America

Author : Hal Brands
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"[The author] argues that references to a uniform 'left turn' in the region are misleading, and that Latin America is actually witnessing a dynamic competition between two very different forms of governance. Represented by leaders like Hugo Chávez, Evo Morales, and others, radical populism emphasizes the politics of grievance and a penchant for extreme solutions. Moderate, centrist governance can be found in countries like Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and Uruguay. It stresses diplomatic pragmatism, the protection of democratic practices, and the need to blend macroeconomic responsibility with a social conscience. To the extent that the United States can strengthen the centrists while limiting the damage caused by radical populism, the author argues it can promote integral growth, democratic stability, and effective security cooperation in Latin America. A clear understanding of the trends discussed is essential to devising appropriate U.S. policies toward that region."--P. iii.

Insurgency Terrorism and Crime

Author : Max G. Manwaring
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"In this book, national security expert Max G. Manwaring examines the ascendance of nonstate actors in a geopolitical world. He shows how such actors have emerged parallel to the state-centric international system and have proliferated in nations undergoing crisis or collapse. Manwaring invites policy makers to look past familiar insurgencies such as those in Vietnam and Iraq and consider global security problems from multiple perspectives. He concludes that the use of calculated political and psychological power may be the most effective response in many situations." "Insurgency, Terrorism, and Crime translates the cogent lessons of recent events into workable strategies for tomorrow's leaders. Provocatively concluding that a proper combination of coordinated political, psychological, and military responses can defeat a new generation of enemies, this book is required reading for students of national security policy and foreign-policy analysis."--BOOK JACKET.

The Riches of Mexico and Its Institutions

Author : Adolfo Duclós Salinas
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The Pursuit of International Criminal Justice

Author : M. Cherif Bassiouni
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This publication contains a survey of world conflicts that occurred between 1945 and 2008, the level of victimization they produced, and the subsequent post-conflict justice (PCJ) mechanisms which were applied. It shows the scope of the problem faced by international criminal justice (ICJ), and how the International Criminal Court (ICC) needs to shape its mission and approach to address ICJ needs and expectations. ICJ is no longer the utopian topic of only 40 years ago. After World War II, the Nuremberg and Tokyo trials were aimed at major offenders in leadership positions. Their prosecution and punishment, it was assumed, would have far reaching, deterring, and educational effects. Since 1948, however, some 310 conflicts have taken place resulting in an estimated 92 to 101 million people killed. In addition, an inestimable number of persons have been injured or have suffered psychological and material harm. Yet, for the most, perpetrators have benefited with impunity and escaped accountability. How can contemporary ICJ address such a volume of core international crimes which have generated so much victimization and material harm? Are the post-World War II assumptions still valid? Can national justice systems assume the primary task of prosecutions? What will the mission of the ICC become, and how will it acquit itself of it? These are issues which are identified within the International Guidelines on Post-Conflict Justice prepared during this project (herein referred to as the Chicago Principles). They are a set of comprehensive guidelines for how governments, international institutions, and others should respond to serious violations of human rights, as well as to promote peace and reconciliation in the aftermath of conflict. They are also an indispensable strategy within which the ICC can best function. Can it then be assumed that the ICC is likely to achieve its mission in the years to come? This two volume set - which contains the proceedings of five regional conferences in Asia, Africa, the Arab World, Europe, and Central and South America, as well as a number of thematic studies dealing with post-conflict justice - should be most instructive to the ICC. These studies also assess various PCJ experiences as a means of determining the most appropriate policy responses in the context of a comprehensive strategy. M. Cherif Bassiouni, in April 2012, received the Wolfgang Friedmann Memorial Award which is given by the Columbia Journal of Transnational Law to a distinguished scholar or practitioner who has made outstanding contributions to the field of international law.

True Stories of Crime in Modern Mexico

Author : Robert Buffington
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This edited volume focuses on Mexico's social and cultural history through the lens of celebrated cases of social deviance from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Transnational Crime and Public Security

Author : John Bailey
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Issues of public security - crime, violence, corruption, and defective law enforcement - all play important roles in the Mexico-U.S. bilateral relationship. The contributors to this volume shed new light on the determinants of transnational crime and its consequences for domestic politics in Mexico as well as for U.S.-Mexico relations.

Narcos Over the Border

Author : Robert J Bunker
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The book takes a hard hitting look at the drug wars taking place in Mexico between competing gangs, cartels, and mercenary factions; their insurgency against the Mexican state; the narco-violence and terrorism that is increasingly coming over the border into the United States, and its interrelationship with domestic prison and street gangs. Analysis and response strategies are provided by leading writers on 3GEN gang theory, counterterrorism, transnational organized crime, and homeland security. Narcos Over the Border is divided into three sections: narco-opposing force (NARCO OPFOR) organization and technology use; patterns of violence and corruption and the illicit economy; and United States response strategies. The work also includes short introductory essays, a strategic threat overview, an afterword and selected references. Specific topics covered include: advanced weaponry, internet use, kidnappings and assassinations, torture, beheadings, and occultism, cartel and gang evolutionary patterns, drug trafficking, street taxation, corruption, and border firefights. This book was published as a special issue of Small Wars and Insurgencies.

Insurgent Mexico

Author : John Reed
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Encyclopedia of World Crime S Z Supplements

Author : Jay Robert Nash
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Mexico the New Year s Rebellion

Author :
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International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice

Author :
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