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Mexico and the United States

Author : Lee Stacy
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Modern Architecture in Mexico City

Author : Kathryn E. O'Rourke
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Mexico City became one of the centers of architectural modernism in the Americas in the first half of the twentieth century. Invigorated by insights drawn from the first published histories of Mexican colonial architecture, which suggested that Mexico possessed a distinctive architecture and culture, beginning in the 1920s a new generation of architects created profoundly visual modern buildings intended to convey Mexico’s unique cultural character. By midcentury these architects and their students had rewritten the country’s architectural history and transformed the capital into a metropolis where new buildings that evoked pre-conquest, colonial, and International Style architecture coexisted. Through an exploration of schools, a university campus, a government ministry, a workers’ park, and houses for Diego Rivera and Luis Barragán, Kathryn O’Rourke offers a new interpretation of modern architecture in the Mexican capital, showing close links between design, evolving understandings of national architectural history, folk art, and social reform. This book demonstrates why creating a distinctively Mexican architecture captivated architects whose work was formally dissimilar, and how that concern became central to the profession.

The New Architecture of Mexico

Author : John V. Mutlow
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This book explores the modern architecture the modern architecture of Mexico, with an emphasis from the early 1980s to the present day. It is particularly appropriate now, given a renewed interest in the recent modern architecture of Mexico, and as the w

Modernity and the Architecture of Mexico

Author : Edward R. Burian
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Since the mid 1970s, there has been an extraordinary renewal of interest in early modern architecture, both as a way of gaining insight into contemporary architectural culture and as a reaction to neoconservative postmodernism. This book undertakes a critical reappraisal of the notion of modernity in Mexican architecture and its influence on a generation of Mexican architects whose works spanned the 1920s through the 1960s. Nine essays by noted architects and architectural historians cover a range of topics from broad-based critical commentaries to discussions of individual architects and buildings. Among the latter are the architects Enrique del Moral, Juan O'Gorman, Carlos Obregón Santacilia, Juan Segura, Mario Pani, and the campus and stadium of the Ciudad Universitaria in Mexico City. Relatively little has been published in English regarding this era in Mexican architecture. Thus, Modernity and the Architecture of Mexico will play a groundbreaking role in making the underlying assumptions, ideological and political constructs, and specific architect's agendas known to a wide audience in the humanities. Likewise, it should inspire greater appreciation for this undervalued body of works as an important contribution to the modern movement.

Concise Encyclopedia of Mexico

Author : Michael S. Werner
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Annotation Concise Encyclopedia of Mexicoincludes approximately 250 articles on the people and topics most relevant to students seeking information about Mexico. Although theConciseversion is a unique single-volume source of information on the entire sweep of Mexican history-pre-colonial, colonial, and moderns-it will emphasize events that affecting Mexico today, event students most need to understand.

24 Mexican Architects for the 21st Century

Author : Guillermo Pérez M.
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Features 24 of the most important Mexican architects working today.

Contemporary Mexican Design and Architecture

Author : Khristaan Villela
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Representative homes built by 12 architects working in Mexico are profiled with text and numerous color photographs. Modernism as well as the natural and human environment of Mexico influences all the architects profiled. Categorized under the headings colorists, personal visions, and functionalists, the profilees include Jorge Robles, Agustin, Hernandez, Abraham Zambludovksy. Isaac Broid, Carlos Santos Maldonado, and J.B. Johnson. Also included is an introductory chapter that discusses the history of Mexican design from the Aztecs to the Modernists. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Mexican Architecture and Pedro Ramirez Vazquez

Author : Lamia Doumato
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Earth Architecture

Author : Ronald Rael
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Provides a history of building with earth in the modern era, focusing on projects constructed in the last few decades that use rammed earth, mud brick, compressed earth, cob, and several other techniques made more relevant than ever by ecological and economic imperatives. Features over 40 projects.

Architecture and Identity

Author : Peter Herrle
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This book brings together complex fields of knowledge and globally splintered discourses on a subject that is experienced not only by scholars, but in the everyday lives of people around the world. There is a common complaint about the loss of identity which, to a substantial degree, is being associated with the built environment in cities and specifically with their architecture. "Architecture and Identity" takes a global, multidisciplinary look on how identities in contemporary architecture are constructed. The general hypothesis underlying this book is that in a globalized world identity in architecture cannot be easily derived from distinct indigenous patterns. The book presents forty contributions from various disciplines aiming to destroy the myth of an inheritable or otherwise prefabricated identity. Some authors dismantle constructs of identity that have long been considered as "solid" and unbreakable while others meticulously unravel the "construction" process of identities in

Mexican Architecture of the Sixteenth Century

Author : George Kubler
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Style in Mexican Architecture

Author : Richard Aldrich (Ph. D.)
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Religious architecture and it's details in Mexico.

Mexican Architecture of the Vice regal Period

Author : Walter Harrington Kilham
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Contemporary Mexican Architecture

Author : Sandy Baum
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Mexico's contemporary architecture was inspired by the vision of Luis Barragán, one of Mexico's most influential 20th century architects. This unique book showcases the original work of 26 contemporary Mexican architects, with a wide variety of impressive architectural designs. Containing over 360 full colour photographs and architectural plans, it takes readers into a world of creativity and beauty, a world whose roots go back centuries. These same architects succeed in creating their own version of modernism, imbuing it with the warmth and vibrancy of their native Mexico, featuring clean lines and raw colour combinations. Yet their work is infused with a modern ingenuity all their own. Each architect's work is featured in a dedicated chapter showing one of their recent projects. Today's Mexican architects, both young and old, bring a new level of creativity to Mexico's architectural tradition.

The Taylorized Beauty of the Mechanical

Author : Mauro F. Guillén
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The dream of scientific management was a rationalized machine world where life would approach the perfection of an assembly line. But since its early twentieth-century peak this dream has come to seem a dehumanizing nightmare. Henry Ford's assembly lines turned out a quarter of a million cars in 1914, but all of them were black. Forgotten has been the unparalleled new aesthetic beauty once seen in the ideas of Ford and scientific management pioneer Frederick Winslow Taylor. In The Taylorized Beauty of the Mechanical, Mauro Guillén recovers this history and retells the story of the emergence of modernist architecture as a romance with the ideas of scientific management--one that permanently reshaped the profession of architecture. Modernist architecture's pioneers, Guillén shows, found in scientific management the promise of a new, functional, machine-like--and beautiful--architecture, and the prospect of a new role for the architect as technical professional and social reformer. Taylor and Ford had a signal influence on Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius and on Le Corbusier and his Towards a New Architecture, the most important manifesto of modernist architecture. Architects were so enamored with the ideas of scientific management that they adopted them even when there was no functional advantage to do so. Not a traditional architectural history but rather a sociological study of the profession of architecture during its early modernist period, The Taylorized Beauty of the Mechanical provides a new understanding of the degree to which modernist architecture emerged from a tradition of engineering and industrial management.

Living Architecture Ancient Mexican

Author : Henri Stierlin
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Living Architecture Ancient Mexican

Author :
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Modern Architecture Mexico

Author :
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Spanish Colonial Architecture in the United States

Author : Rexford Newcomb
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Classic study by noted authority traces Spanish architectural influence in Florida, the Gulf Coast, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. 195 photographs and 50 measured drawings.

Space and Place in the Mexican Landscape

Author : Fernando Núñez
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Metaphysical conceptions have always influenced how human societies create the built environment. Mexico—with its rich culture, full of symbol and myth, its beautiful cities, and its evocative ruins—is an excellent place to study the interplay of influences on space and place. In this volume, the authors consider the ideas and views that give the constructed spaces and buildings of Mexico—especially, of Querétaro—their particular ambience. They explore the ways the built world helps people find meaning and establish order for their earthly existence by mirroring their metaphysical assumptions, and they guide readers through time to see how the transformation of worldviews affects the urban evolution of a Mexican city. The authors, then, construct a “metaphysical archeology” of space and place in the built landscape of Mexico. In the process, they identify the intangible, spiritual aspects of this land. Not only scholars of architecture, but also archeologists and anthropologists—particularly those interested in Mexican backgrounds and culture—will appreciate the authors’ approach and conclusions.