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John Wesley Practical Divinity and the Defence of Literature

Author : Emma Salgård Cunha
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John Wesley (1703–1791), leader of British Methodism, was one of the most prolific literary figures of the eighteenth century, responsible for creating and disseminating a massive corpus of religious literature and for instigating a sophisticated programme of reading, writing and publishing within his Methodist Societies. John Wesley, Practical Divinity and the Defence of Literature takes the influential genre of practical divinity as a framework for understanding Wesley’s role as an author, editor and critic of popular religious writing. It asks why he advocated the literary arts as a valid aspect of his evangelical theology, and how his Christian poetics impacted upon the religious experience of his followers.

Outlines of Wesleyan Bibliography

Author : George Osborn
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Contribution of Methodism to Atlantic Canada

Author : Charles H.H. Scobie
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Contents: "John Wesley and the Origins of Methodism" by Owen Chadwick; "Methodist Origins in Atlantic Canada" by John Webster Grant; "Laurence Coughlan and the Origins of Methodism in Newfoundland" by Hans Rollmann; "Henry Alline, William Black, and Nova Scotia's First Great Awakening" by George Rawlyk; "`Give All You Can': Methodists and Charitable Causes in Nineteenth Century Nova Scotia" by Allen B. Robertson; "Methodism and the Problem of Methodist Identity in Nineteenth-Century New Brunswick" by T.W. Acheson; "Prince Edward Island Methodist Prelude to Church Union, 1925" by James D. Cameron; "Methodism and Education in the Atlantic Provinces, 1800-1874" by Goldwin French; "The Golden Age of the Church College: Mount Allison's Encounter with `Modern Thought,' 1850-1890" by Michael Gauvreau; "Methodism and Methodist Poets in the Early Literature of Maritime Canada" by Thomas B. Vincent; "`In the Garden of Christ': Methodist Literary Women in Nineteenth-Century Maritime Canada" by Gwendolyn Davies; "Methodism and E.J. Pratt: A Study of the Methodist Background of a Canadian Poet and Its Influence on His Life and Work" by David G. Pitt; "The Singer's Response to the World: Charles Wesley's Hymns of Invitation" by James Dale; "Methodist Hymn Tunes in Atlantic Canada" by Fred K. Graham.

Lake Methodism

Author : Jasper Albert Cragwall
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Lake Methodism: Polite Literature and Popular Religion in England, 1780-1830, reveals the traffic between Romanticism's rhetorics of privilege and the most socially toxic religious forms of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The “Lake Poets,” of whom William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge are the most famous, are often seen as crafters of a poetics of spontaneous inspiration, transcendent imagination, and visionary prophecy, couched within lexicons of experimental simplicity and lyrical concision. But, as Jasper Cragwall argues, such postures and principles were in fact received as the vulgarities of popular Methodism, an insurgent religious movement whose autobiographies, songs, and sermons reached sales figures of which the Lakers could only dream.With these religious histories, Lake Methodism unsettles canonical Romanticism, reading, for example, the grand declaration opening Wordsworth's spiritual autobiography—“to the open fields I told a prophecy”—not as poetic self-sanctification, but as a means of embarrassing Methodism, responsible for the suppression of The Prelude for half a century. The book measures this fearful symmetry between Romantic and religious enthusiasms in figures iconic and unfamiliar: John Wesley, Robert Southey, Wordsworth, Coleridge, as well as the eponymous scientist of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, and even Joanna Southcott, an illiterate servant turned latter-day Virgin Mary, who, at the age of sixty-five, mistook a fatal dropsy for the Second Coming of Christ (and so captivated a nation).

The Ashgate Research Companion to World Methodism

Author : Dr Peter Forsaith
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As a religious and social phenomenon, Methodism engages with a number of disciplines including history, sociology, gender studies and theology. This Companion brings together a team of respected international scholars writing on key themes in World Methodism to produce an authoritative and state-of-the-art review of current scholarship, mapping the territory for future research, and is an invaluable resource for scholars worldwide.

Methodism and Literature

Author : Francis A. Archibald
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The Cambridge Companion to American Methodism

Author : Jason E. Vickers
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A comprehensive introduction to various forms of American Methodism, exploring the beliefs and practices around which the lives of these churches have revolved.

Imagining Methodism in Eighteenth Century Britain

Author : Misty G. Anderson
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In the eighteenth century, British Methodism was an object of both derision and desire. Many popular eighteenth-century works ridiculed Methodists, yet often the very same plays, novels, and prints that cast Methodists as primitive, irrational, or deluded also betrayed a thinly cloaked fascination with the experiences of divine presence attributed to the new evangelical movement. Misty G. Anderson argues that writers, actors, and artists used Methodism as a concept to interrogate the boundaries of the self and the fluid relationships between religion and literature, between reason and enthusiasm, and between theater and belief. Imagining Methodism situates works by Henry Fielding, John Cleland, Samuel Foote, William Hogarth, Horace Walpole, Tobias Smollett, and others alongside the contributions of John Wesley, Charles Wesley, and George Whitefield in order to understand how Methodism's brand of "experimental religion" was both born of the modern world and perceived as a threat to it. Anderson's analysis of reactions to Methodism exposes a complicated interlocking picture of the religious and the secular, terms less transparent than they seem in current critical usage. Her argument is not about the lives of eighteenth-century Methodists; rather, it is about Methodism as it was imagined in the work of eighteenth-century British writers and artists, where it served as a sign of sexual, cognitive, and social danger. By situating satiric images of Methodists in their popular contexts, she recaptures a vigorous cultural debate over the domains of religion and literature in the modern British imagination. Rich in cultural and literary analysis, Anderson's argument will be of interest to students and scholars of the eighteenth century, religious studies, theater, and the history of gender.

T T Clark Companion to Methodism

Author : Charles Yrigoyen Jr
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This is an invaluable handbook on Methodism containing an introduction, dictionary of key terms, and concentrates on key themes, methodology and research problems for those interested in studying the origins and development of the history and theology of world Methodism. The literature describing the history and development of Methodism has been growing as scholars and general readers have become aware of its importance as a world church with approximately 40 million members in 300 Methodist denominations in 140 nations. The tercentenary celebrations of the births of its founders, John and Charles Wesley, in 2003 and 2007 provided an additional focus on the evolution of the movement which became a church.

The Lord s Dominion

Author : Neil Semple
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The Lord's Dominion describes the development of mainstream Canadian Methodism, from its earliest days to its incorporation into the United Church of Canada in 1925. Neil Semple looks at the ways in which the church evolved to take its part in the crusade to Christianize the world and meet the complex needs of Canadian Protestants, especially in the face of the challenges of the twentieth century.


Author : H. B. Workman
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This 1912 text contains a historical account of the development of Methodism and John Wesley's role in this process.

Charles Wesley

Author : Kenneth G. C. Newport
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For the first time in history, this timely landmark volume brings together contributions from the leading scholars working on the life and work of Charles Wesley. Published in time for the 2007 tercentenary of Charles Wesley's birth, this volume celebrates the continuing importance of Charles Wesley as one of the major figures of 18th century Christian history, one of the most prominent hymn writers of the English speaking world and one of the founders of the worldwide Methodist movement. The contributors include: Jeremy Gregory, Geoffrey Wainwright, Henry Rack, Paul Chilcote, Anna Lawrence and Susan White.

Textual Warfare and the Making of Methodism

Author : Brett C. McInelly
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Textual Warfare and the Making of Methodism argues that the eighteenth-century Methodist revival participated in and was produced by a rich textual culture that includes both pro- and anti-Methodist texts; and that Methodism be understood and approached as a rhetorical problem-as a point of contestation and debate resolved through discourse. Methodist belief and practice attracted its share of negative press, and Methodists eagerly (and publically) responded to their critics; and the controversy generated by the revival ensured that Methodism would be conditioned by textual and rhetorical processes, whether in published polemic and apologia, or in private diaries and letters as Methodists navigated the complexities of their spiritual lives and anti-Methodist efforts to undermine their faith. While it may seem obvious to conclude that a controversial movement would be shaped by controversy, Textual Warfare examines the specific ways Methodist belief, practice, and self-understanding were filtered through the anti-Methodist critique; the particular historic and cultural conditions that informed this process; and the overwhelming extent to which Methodism in the eighteenth century was mediated by texts and rhetorical exchange. The proliferation of print media and the relative freedom of the press in the eighteenth century; the extent to which society generally and Methodism specifically promoted literacy; and a cultural sensibility predisposed to open debate on matters of public interest, ensured the development of a public sphere in which individuals came together to deliberate, in conversation and in print, on a range of issues relevant to the larger community. It was within this sphere that Methodist religiosity, including the intensely private nature of spiritual conversion, became matters of civic concern on an unprecedented scale and that Methodism ultimately took its form.

American Methodism

Author : Moses Lewis Scudder
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Cyclopaedia of Biblical Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature

Author : John McClintock
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History of Wesleyan Methodism

Author : George Smith
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The New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature Volume 2 1660 1800

Author : George Watson
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More than fifty specialists have contributed to this new edition of volume 2 of The Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature. The design of the original work has established itself so firmly as a workable solution to the immense problems of analysis, articulation and coordination that it has been retained in all its essentials for the new edition. The task of the new contributors has been to revise and integrate the lists of 1940 and 1957, to add materials of the following decade, to correct and refine the bibliographical details already available, and to re-shape the whole according to a new series of conventions devised to give greater clarity and consistency to the entries.

Pulp Methodism

Author : Alan M. Kent
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Wesley and Methodist Studies

Author : Geordan Hammond
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"Wesley and Methodist Studies " ("WMS") publishes peer-reviewed essays that examine the life and work of John and Charles Wesley, their contemporaries (proponents or opponents) in the eighteenth-century Evangelical Revival, their historical and theological antecedents, their successors in the Wesleyan tradition, and studies of the Wesleyan and Evangelical traditions today. Its primary historical scope is the eighteenth century to the present; however, "WMS" will publish essays that explore the historical and theological antecedents of the Wesleys (including work on Samuel and Susanna Wesley), Methodism, and the Evangelical Revival. "WMS" has a dual and broad focus on both history and theology. Its aim is to present significant scholarly contributions that shed light on historical and theological understandings of Methodism broadly conceived. Essays within the thematic scope of "WMS" from the disciplinary perspectives of literature, philosophy, education and cognate disciplines are welcome. "WMS" is a collaborative project of the Manchester Wesley Research Centre and The Oxford Centre for Methodism and Church History, Oxford Brookes University.

Pastor and People

Author : James Henry Potts
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