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Methods Of Teaching Science

Author : K.Jaya Sree
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The method of teaching each subject play a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency of their practitioners. Identifying the very importance of the methods of teaching and the quality of books, a series of books on the methods of teaching different subjects have been developed by experienced teacher educators for the benefit of teachers in making in teacher education institutions. Contents: Teacher s Role, Teaching Techniques, Methods of Vogue, Approaches in Vogue, Aims and Objectives of Teaching, Advancement of Science in India, Behaviour and Objectives, Educational Technology, Audio-visual Aids in Use, Experiments in Innovation, Programmes for Enrichment, Instruction in a Programmed Manner, Individual Level Instructions, Planning the Lessons, Curriculum (India), Curriculum (World), Textbook and Material Projects, Social Service.

Methods of Teaching English

Author : M.E.S. Elizabeth
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Contents: Teaching Principles, Problems and Issues, Teaching in Effect, Various Methods, A Significant Approach, Approach Based on Structure, Evaluation: Meaning and Definition, Teaching of Grammar, Teaching of Composition, Teaching of Poetry, Teaching of Prose, Teaching of Spellings, Teaching of Punctuation, Reading as an Art, Writing as an Art, Teaching in Practice, Theory of Meaning, Planned Lessons.

Methods Of Teaching Geography

Author : S. A. S. Basha
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Contents: Introduction, Fundamental Issues, Aims and Objectives, Significant Features, Teaching Methods, More Methods, Teacher s Role, Teaching Aids, Levels of Teaching, The Curriculum, Lesson Plan, Examinations System, Textbooks, Relationship with other Subjects.

Methods of Teaching Civics

Author : J. Prasanth K.
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Contents: Introduction, Relationship with other Disciplines, Basic Issues, Aims and Objectives, Principles of Teaching, Methods of Teaching, Techniques of Teaching, Approaches in Teaching, Values in Teaching, Audio-Visual Aids in Vogue, Centres of Learning, Assessment Process, The Textbooks, The Curriculum, Lesson Planning, Teacher s Role.

General Methods of Teaching

Author : Arthur Gordon Melvin
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Methods Of Teaching Chemistry

Author : K.S. Kumar
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Contents: Introduction, Scope and Influence, Past Experience, Objectives and Aims, Teaching under Scheme, Methods of Teaching, Role of Teacher, Measurement and Evolution, Curriculum Development, Broadbased Curriculum, Enrichment of Controls, Planning the Lesson, Teaching Devices, Audio-Visual Aids, Role of Laboratory, A Rich Laboratory, New Trends, Place among other Discipline.

Methods Of Teaching Home Science

Author : P.R. Seshaiah
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Contents: Introduction, Principles of Teaching, Methods of Teaching-1, Methods of Teaching-2, Teaching Devices, Teacher s Responsibility, Importance of the Subject, Sphere of the Subject, Objectives and Motives, Administrative Measures, Significance of Laboratory, Significance of Library, Managing Time, Curriculum Development, Prescribed Books, Lesson Planning, Examination System, School Records, Conclusion.

Educational Technology and Methods of Teaching in Physical Education

Author : Dr. Mandeep Singh Nathial
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Educational technology in teaching and learning is an important and challenging aspect in education. The developments in technology have made major impact on the education system across the globe. It has helped in broadening our vision towards new methods in education. Technology for improving and facilitating learning process is everywhere and helps in increasing the performance within the educating system. Implementation of technology in education system has started taking place in every classroom and has become an integral part of the system. Thus, technologies act as leaning and teaching tool for teachers and students. Teaching physical education can be challenging for many reason, from lack of equipment to keeping student engaged. To meet these challenges, physical education teaching are turning to technology to create more dynamic classes that work for student with wide range of fitness levels and monitoring. The book is based on the revised syllabus B.P.Ed and is written to familiarise the latest methods of educational technology among teachers and students. The main purpose of the book is to provide relevant information and knowledge to students. It will help them understand the concept of educational technology in physical education. The language of the book is very simple and easy to understand.

Scientific Methods Of Teaching History

Author : Dr. Savita Manchekar
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Methods Of Teaching Social Studies

Author : B.V. Kumari
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Contents: Teaching of the Subject, Concept and Scope, The Socialisation, Part of National Curriculum, Aims and Objectives, Significance of the Motives, Teaching Methods, Project Methods, Problem Method, Role of Technology, Micro-teaching, Learning by Programme, Teaching Aids, Significance of Dalton Plan, Curriculum, Course Selection, Textbooks and Material, The Examination, Lesson Planning, Art of Questioning, Dealing with Topics.

What Teachers Need to Know about Teaching Methods

Author : Peter S. Westwood
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Explains the different theories of teaching and learning, together with their underlying principles and methods. It defines the role of a teacher in the learning process and looks at the latest research on what contributes to effective practice.

The Lecture Method of Instruction

Author : Martin M. Broadwell
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The Method of Teaching and Studying the Belles Lettres

Author : Charles Rollin
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Modern Methods of Teaching Social Studies

Author : Tara Chand Sharma
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Methods of Teaching Government

Author : A. E. C. Ogunna
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Modern Methods of Teaching Biology

Author : D D Agarwal
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Methods And Techniques Of Teaching

Author : S. K. Kochhar
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Modern Methods of Teaching Political Science

Author : Prem Lata Sharma
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Methods Of Teaching Exceptional Children

Author : J.Madhu Bala
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Teacher education is quantitatively marching ahead towards quality education. The central and state governments through the NCTE and the Directorates of School/Higher Education are rendering their legitimate service in improving the quality of teacher education by formulating and implementing various academic policies and educational programmes. Along with these policies and programmes, the teacher educators and the prospective teachers teaching and studying in teacher education institutions need good curriculum and quality books. Contents: Introduction, Basic Issues, Fundamental Elements, The Disadvantaged, Mentally Disabled Children, Socially Backward Children, Slow Learning, Specific Provisions, New Experiments, Integrated Streams, Training the Teachers, Talented Children, Research Work, Assessment of Research, Official Policies, Programme of Action, Young Criminals, Conclusion.

Christian Education Teaching Methods from Modern to Postmodern

Author : Carlos C. Roberts
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This book provides pastors, professional teachers, students of religious education or Christian education, theological students and Sunday school teachers with methods of teaching the faith today and opportunities to reflect critically on the methods and approaches they use in the classroom in the changed cultural context of our postmodern world. The book is the result of years of practical experience in the field of Christian education as a Director of Religious Education and head of a team involved in providing religious education training and producing teaching materials and textbooks for Sunday school and professional teachers of Christian education. This book proposes the Herald model of church and model of Christian education as a very helpful model for postmodern culture.