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Ovid s Metamorphoses

Author : Elaine Fantham
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Oxford Approaches to Classical Literature (Series Editors: Kathleen Coleman and Richard Rutherford) introduces individual works of Greek and Latin literature to readers who are approaching them for the first time. Each volume sets the work in its literary and historical context, and aims to offer a balanced and engaging assessment of its content, artistry, and purpose. A brief survey of the influence of the work upon subsequent generations is included to demonstrate its enduring relevance and power. All quotations from the original are translated into English. Ovid's Metamorphoses have been seen as both the culmination of and a revolution in the classical epic tradition, transferring narrative interest from war to love and fantasy. This introduction considers how Ovid found and shaped his narrative from the creation of the world to his own sophisticated times, illustrating the cruelty of jealous gods, the pathos of human love, and the imaginative fantasy of flight, monsters, magic, and illusion. Elaine Fantham introduces the reader not only to this marvelous and complex narrative poem, but to the Greek and Roman traditions behind Ovid's tales of transformation and a selection of the images and texts that it inspired.

Ovid s Metamorphoses

Author : Publius Ovidius Naso
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Simile and Identity in Ovid s Metamorphoses

Author : Marie Louise von Glinski
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The first monograph on Ovid's epic simile, offering fresh perspectives on central episodes of this important work.

The World of Ovid s Metamorphoses

Author : Joseph B. Solodow
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Synthesizing a wealth of detailed observations, Joseph Solodow studies the structure of Ovid's poem Metamorphoses, the role of the narrator, Ovid's treatment of myth, and the relationship between Ovid's and Virgil's presentations of Aeneas. He argues that for Ovid metamorphosis is an act of clarification, a form of artistic creation, and that the metamorphosed creatures in his poem are comparable to works of art. These figures ultimately aid us in perceiving and understanding the world.

Producing Ovid s Metamorphoses in the Early Modern Low Countries

Author : John Tholen
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This book offers an analysis of paratextual infrastructures in editions of Ovid’s Metamorphoses and shows how paratexts functioned as important instruments for publishers and commentators to influence readers of this ancient text.

Book XIII of Ovid s Metamorphoses

Author : Luis Rivero García
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The text of Ovid's Metamorphoses is not as indisputably established as one might think. Many passages are still obscure or plainly corrupt. 550 manuscripts, 500 editions and reprints, as well as countless critical notes and works must be taken into account when trying to establish the most reliable text for new generations of readers. This volume provides a detailed line-by-line analysis of Book XIII and offers thereby an indispensable starting point for a new critical edition not only of this but also of other parts of the poem.

Metamorphoses of the City

Author : Pierre Manent
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Metamorphoses of the City is a sweeping interpretation of Europe's ambition to generate ever better forms of collective self-government, from ancient city-states and empires to a universal church and the nation-state. But the nation-state is nearing the end of its line, Pierre Manent says, and what will supplant it remains to be seen.

Ovid s Metamorphoses and the Traditions of Augustan Poetry

Author : Peter E. Knox
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Having established his reputation as an elegist, Ovid turned to the composition of hexameter narrative. Although the Metamorphoses has often been treated as an appendix to the history of Augustan poetry, the principal lines of stylistic and thematic development continue in Ovid's work. Drawing upon the structure and content of Vergil's Sixth Eclogue, the Metamorphoses is an intricate and allusive poem that combines elements from the entire range of Roman verse composed in the Alexandrian manner. Professor Knox focuses in particular upon the contributions of elegy and epyllion, examining the manner in which Ovid exploits the diction of these genres in order to distinguish his poem from traditional epic verse. The study concludes with an investigation of the aetiological stories of the final book and the sustained evocation of Callimachus' Aetia at its close.

On the Origin and Metamorphoses of Insects

Author : Sir John Lubbock
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Metamorphoses of the Absolute

Author : Otto Neumaier
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This collection of essays is devoted to the diversity of the conceptual and terminological definitions of the notion of the “absolute”. Absolute comprises both the concepts of the Western world related to God and the verbal constructions flowing from these ideas in the spheres of law, philosophy, linguistics, politics, medicine, literature, and arts. Over time, absolute and its neologisms have undergone various modifications, assuming the associated characteristics of syntactic ambiguity and inflation. Absolute can imply an increase in the degree of a quality attached to some object or phenomenon and can be used as either an adverbial modifier or a proper noun. In its appearances as a procedural term, absolute mostly conveys a negative connotation when evaluating some action. The question posed in this book is not what absolute is, but what possibilities exist with regard to perceiving and conceptualizing it in human terms, both historically and in the present.