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Mesopotamian Planetary Astronomy astrology

Author : David Brown
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Pliny wrote of Babylon that "here the creator of the science of astronomy was". Excavations have shown this statement to be true. This book argues that the earliest attempts at the accurate prediction of celestial phenomena are indeed to be found in clay tablets dating to the 8th and 7th centuries BC from both Babylon and from Nineveh. The author carefully situates this astronomy within its cultural context, treating all available material from the relevant period, and also analysing the earlier astrological material and the later well-known ephemerides and related texts. A wholly new approach to cuneiform astral concerns emerges - one in which both celestial divination and the later astronomy are shown to be embedded in a prevailing philosophy dealing with the ideal nature of the early universe, and in which the dynamics of the celestial divination industry that surrounded the last Assyrian monarchs account for no less than the first recorded "scientific revolution". This work closely adheres to the original textual sources, and argues for the evolution on the basis of the needs of the ancient scholars and the internal logic of the divinatory and predictive systems employed. To this end, it offers, for the first time, a Mesopotamian contribution to the philosophy, and not only the history, of science.

Astrology in Ancient Mesopotamia

Author : Michael Baigent
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A detailed study of the earliest forms of astrology in Mesopotamia and their far-reaching hermetic influences from the Renaissance to the present day • Reveals the roots of modern astrology in the Babylonian science of omens, which was concerned not with individuals but with the state and king • Explores Mesopotamian mythology as it relates to the planets and to astrology • Traces the hermetic transmission of this knowledge over the centuries from Mesopotamia to Egypt to Renaissance Italy Among the many significant discoveries excavated from Assyrian king Ashurbanipal’s royal library in Nineveh were tablets documenting the development of Mesopotamian astrology, now recognized as the earliest astrological science. Drawing upon translations of the Nineveh library tablets as well as many other ancient sources, Michael Baigent reveals the roots of modern astrology in the Babylonian science of omens. He explains how astrology in the Babylonian and Assyrian empires was concerned not with individuals but with the king and the state. He shows that by the first dynasty of Babylon, around 1900 to 1600 BC, astrology had become a systematic discipline, the preserve of highly trained specialists intent upon interpreting omens from the movements of planets and stars. He explores Mesopotamian mythology as it relates to the planets and to astrology as well as to Mesopotamian religion, magic, and politics--for the mythology of Babylon and Assyria served the state and thus changed as the state changed. He shows how this ancient form of astrology uniquely represents both Sun and Moon as masculine entities and Saturn (Ninurta) as the principle of order imposed on chaos. He examines the connections between ancient astrology and the symbolism of Western religions, such as how the “Greek” or “Templar” cross may symbolize the Babylonian god Nabu, now known as Mercury. Tracing the hermetic transmission of this knowledge over the centuries from Mesopotamia to Egypt to Florence, Baigent reveals how the religious and magical aspects of early Babylonian cosmological speculation played a significant role in the Renaissance, influencing prominent figures such as Cosimo de Medici, Marsilio Ficino, and Botticelli.

Mesopotamian Astrology

Author : Ulla Susanne Koch
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This book is intended to serve as a general introduction to Mesopotamian astrology, both its outward phenomena and its inner structure.

Zodiac Calendars in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Their Reception

Author : Helen R. Jacobus
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Helen R Jacobus demonstrates mathematically that the Aramaic calendar texts from Qumran were designed to show the position of the sun and moon in the zodiac for each day of the month forever.

Das geistige Erfassen der Welt im Alten Orient

Author : Joost Hazenbos
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Der 150. Geburtstag von Friedrich Delitzsch, der 1874 in Leipzig die deutsche Assyriologie (Altorientalistik) begrundete, und weitere Leipziger altorientalistische Jubilaen werden zum Anlass genommen, unter dem Thema "Das geistige Erfassen der Welt im Alten Orient" die Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft des Faches zu diskutieren. 16 Nachfahren der hochgeruhmten "Leipziger Schule" werfen einen kritischen Blick auf die Anfange ihres Faches in Leipzig, auf Fragestellungen und Methoden, auf die Konzentration auf Sprachen und ihre Bausteine, auf Heinrich Zimmerns Zugang zur Erschliessung "der" babylonischen Religion und auf Benno Landsbergers Konzept der "EigenbegriffIichkeit der babylonischen Welt". Exemplarisch wird mit konkreten Untersuchungen zu Sprache, Religion, Gesellschaft und Politik, Recht und Wirtschaft und antiker Mathematik ins 21. Jahrhundert geschaut und das Selbstverstandnis des Faches reflektiert.

Mesopotamian Astrology

Author : Swapan Kumar Adhikari
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Before Nature

Author : Francesca Rochberg
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In the modern West, we take for granted that what we call the “natural world” confronts us all and always has—but Before Nature explores that almost unimaginable time when there was no such conception of “nature”—no word, reference, or sense for it. Before the concept of nature formed over the long history of European philosophy and science, our ancestors in ancient Assyria and Babylonia developed an inquiry into the world in a way that is kindred to our modern science. With Before Nature, Francesca Rochberg explores that Assyro-Babylonian knowledge tradition and shows how it relates to the entire history of science. From a modern, Western perspective, a world not conceived somehow within the framework of physical nature is difficult—if not impossible—to imagine. Yet, as Rochberg lays out, ancient investigations of regularity and irregularity, norms and anomalies clearly established an axis of knowledge between the knower and an intelligible, ordered world. Rochberg is the first scholar to make a case for how exactly we can understand cuneiform knowledge, observation, prediction, and explanation in relation to science—without recourse to later ideas of nature. Systematically examining the whole of Mesopotamian science with a distinctive historical and methodological approach, Before Nature will open up surprising new pathways for studying the history of science.

The History of Mathematical Tables

Author : Martin Campbell-Kelly
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This book contains a series of articles summarizing the technical, institutional and intellectual history of mathematical tables from earliest times until the late 20th century when the electronic spreadsheet changed the way information is processed.

Propheten in Mari Assyrien und Israel

Author : Matthias Köckert
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English summary: These essays interpret Old Testament prophetic writings and their social criticism in the cultural context of ancient near Eastern prophecy. German description: Die radikale Gesellschaftskritik der alttestamentlichen Propheten in Israel und Juda wird haufig in scharfem Gegensatz zu prophetischen Texten auaerhalb der Bibel gesetzt, besonders zu den herrschaftskonformen Aussagen aus Mari und Assur. Die Beitrager dieses Bandes stellen diese Alternative in Frage: Martti Nissinen, Eva Cancik-Kirschbaum, Reinhard G. Kratz, Jorg Jeremias, Herbert B. Huffmon und Elisabeth Pongratz-Leisten.

Ancient Near Eastern Thought and the Old Testament

Author : John H. Walton
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Leading evangelical scholar John Walton surveys the cultural context of the ancient Near East, bringing insight to the interpretation of specific Old Testament passages. This new edition of a top-selling textbook has been thoroughly updated and revised throughout to reflect the refined thinking of a mature scholar. It includes over 30 illustrations. Students and pastors who want to deepen their understanding of the Old Testament will find this a helpful and instructive study.

Dead Sea Scrolls Revise and Repeat

Author : Carmen Palmer
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A reexamination of the people and movements associated with Qumran, their outlook on the world, and what bound them together Dead Sea Scrolls, Revise and Repeat examines the identity of the Qumran movement by reassessing former conclusions and bringing new methodologies to the study of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The collection as a whole addresses questions of identity as they relate to law, language, and literary formation; considerations of time and space; and demarcations of the body. The thirteen essays in this volume reassess the categorization of rule texts, the reuse of scripture, the significance of angelic fellowship, the varieties of calendrical use, and celibacy within the Qumran movement. Contributors consider identity in the Dead Sea Scrolls from new interdisciplinary perspectives, including spatial theory, legal theory, historical linguistics, ethnicity theory, cognitive literary theory, monster theory, and masculinity theory. Features Essays that draw on new theoretical frameworks and recent advances in Qumran studies A tribute to the late Peter Flint, whose scholarship helped to shape Qumran studies

The Heavenly Writing

Author : Francesca Rochberg
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In antiquity, the expertise of the Babylonians in matters of the heavens was legendary and the roots of both western astronomy and astrology are traceable in cuneiform tablets going back to the second and first millennia BC. The Heavenly Writing, first publsiehd in 2004, discusses the place of Babylonian celestial divination, horoscopy, and astronomy in Mesopotamian intellectual culture. Focusing chiefly on celestial divination and horoscopes, it traces the emergence of personal astrology from the tradition of celestial divination and the use of astronomical methods in horoscopes. It further takes up the historiographical and philosophical issue of the nature of these Mesopotamian 'celestial sciences' by examining elements traditionally of concern to the philosophy of science, without sacrificing the ancient methods, goals, and interests to a modern image of science. This book will be of particular interest to those concerned with the early history of science.

Literature as Politics Politics as Literature

Author : David S. Vanderhooft
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This volume, in celebration of Peter Machinist, Hancock Professor of Hebrew and Other Oriental Languages at Harvard University, includes twenty-eight illuminating essays on ancient Near Eastern history and literature, which focus especially on the intersection of these fields. Contributors include one of Machinist’s teachers, several of his students, and numerous colleagues and friends. These essays probe topics for which Machinist’s work has often set new standards. And in the spirit of the honoree and his interests, these comparative studies encompass Babel, Bibel, and more. In them, Assyriologists contend with biblical cruxes and biblicists engage Assyriological research, while classicists and Hittitologists participate with considerations of their respective disciplines within a broad cross-cultural context. The volume is a must for anyone committed to the ongoing comparative study of the ancient Near East, and within that framework, the historical study of the Hebrew Bible.

Zeit und Ewigkeit als Raum g ttlichen Handelns

Author : Reinhard Gregor Kratz
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The volume contains the papers from an international symposium held in 2007 by the Gottingen Graduate School on Images of Gods Images of God World Views: Polytheism and Monotheism in the Antique World. Working from the topic of Time and Eternity as Places of Divine Action, the contributors examine differing conceptions of time and eternity in a cultural region with intensive exchange. The papers deal with the Ancient Orient (Egypt, Mesopotamia, Iran), ancient philosophy (Aristotle, Plato, Stoa) and the three world religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam. "

The Babylonian World

Author : Gwendolyn Leick
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The Babylonian World presents an extensive, up-to-date and lavishly illustrated history of the ancient state Babylonia and its 'holy city', Babylon. Historicized by the New Testament as a centre of decadence and corruption, Babylon and its surrounding region was in fact a rich and complex civilization, responsible for the invention of the dictionary and laying the foundations of modern science. This book explores all key aspects of the development of this ancient culture, including the ecology of the region and its famously productive agriculture, its political and economic standing, its religious practices, and the achievements of its intelligentsia. Comprehensive and accessible, this book will be an indispensable resource for anyone studying the period.

Astrology and Cosmology in the World s Religions

Author : Nicholas Campion
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Presents overviews of the astrologies of the world's religions, discussing how various cultures have used celestial observations and beliefs about the heavens to engage with the divine and understand their lives on Earth.

Head of All Years

Author : Jonathan Ben-Dov
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Covering a wide array of sources from ancient Mesopotamia to the Dead Sea Scrolls, the present volume offers an innovative perspective on Jewish apocalyptic time-reckoning during the Second Temple period, based on a unique calendar year of 364 days.

Tracking the Master Scribe

Author : Sara J. Milstein
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When we encounter a text, whether ancient or modern, we typically start at the beginning and work our way toward the end. In Tracking the Master Scribe, Sara J. Milstein demonstrates that for biblical and Mesopotamian literature, this habit can yield misleading results.In the ancient Near East, "master scribes" - those who had the authority to produce and revise literature - regularly modified their texts in the course of transmission. One of the most effective techniques for change was to add something to the front - what Milstein calls "revision throughintroduction." This method allowed scribes to preserve their received material while simultaneously recasting it. As a result, numerous biblical and Mesopotamian texts manifest multiple and even competing viewpoints. Due to the primary position of these additions, such reworked texts are often readsolely through the lens of their final contributions. This is true not only for biblical and cuneiform texts in their final forms, but also for Mesopotamian texts that are known from multiple versions: first impressions carry weight.Rather than "nail down every piece of the puzzle," Tracking the Master Scribe demonstrates what is to be gained when engaging questions of textual transmission with attention to how scribes actually worked. Working from the two earliest corpora that allow us to track large-scale change, the bookprovides broad overviews of evidence available for revision through introduction, as well as a set of detailed case studies that offer fresh insight into well-known biblical and Mesopotamian literary texts. The result is the first comprehensive and comparative profile of this key scribal method: onethat was not only ubiquitous in the ancient Near East but also epitomizes the attitudes of the master scribes toward the literature that they produced.

Humanity the World and God

Author : Willem B. Drees
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The Light of Discovery

Author : John D. Wineland
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'The Light of Discovery' is a Festschrift honoring Dr. Edwin Yamauchi and it focuses on the Mediterranean world. The collection is ambitious in terms of time (from ancient Egypt to Late Antiquity) and wide-ranging in topic (from astrology and Gnosticism to the Van Kampen Collection of manuscripts in Orlando).