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Men s Wear

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Belief in the Past

Author : David S Whitley
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Human actions are often deeply intertwined with religion and can be understood in a strictly religious context. Yet, many volumes and articles pertaining to discussions of religion in the archaeological past have focused primarily on the sociopolitical implications of such remains. The authors in this volume argue that while these interpretations certainly have a meaningful place in understanding the human past, they provide only part of the picture. Because strictly religious contexts have often been ignored, this has resulted in an incomplete assessment of religious behavior in the past. This volume considers exciting new directions for considering an archaeology of religion, offering examples from theory, tangible archaeological remains, and ethnography.

Young Men s Christian Associations International

Author : James M. Clinton
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Curse Motifs in Galatians

Author : Seon Yong Kim
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Paul's complex argumentation for dissuading the Galatians from the demand of circumcision is to be understood in light of ancient (both Jewish and "pagan") rhetorical strategies that were commonly employed in agonistic discourse. Seon Yong Kim shows how Paul inevitably yet ingeniously adopted the curse themes, including a thoroughly negative picture of the Jewish law ("curse of the law") in order to agitate the mind and emotions of the Galatians and thereby dissuade them from the demand of circumcision. Because playing on the audience's fear was considered one of the most powerful tools for persuasion in ancient rhetoric, his contention was tailored and contextualized to become a shot aimed at agitating the pathos of his audience. Harnessing their fear of curses and their (former) religious formalism, Paul's intention was to win the minds of his audience from the grip of his opponents, who enjoyed a far better argumentative position.

Men s Watches

Author : Hervé Borne
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Includes 256 richly illustrated, fact filled pages that include the latest and avant-garde watches of the day.

Motif Index of the Child Corpus

Author : Natascha Würzbach
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Traditional Oral Epic

Author : John Miles Foley
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Until now, the emphasis in studies of oral traditional works has been placed on addressing the correspondences among traditions--shared structures of "formula," "theme," and "story-pattern." Professor Foley argues that to give the vast and complex body of oral "literature" its due, we must first come to terms with the endemic heterogeneity of traditional oral epics, with their individual histories, genres, and documents, as well as both the synchronic and diachronic aspects of their poetics. This book explores the incongruencies among traditions and focuses on the qualities specific to certain oral and oral-derived works.

Fishers of Fish and Fishers of Men

Author : Tyler R. Yoder
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The metaphor is a hallmark of Classical Hebrew poetry. Some metaphors, such as “Yhwh is king” or “Yhwh is warrior,” play a foundational role. The same does not hold for metaphors from the fishing industry. Because they had access to only two major freshwater sources, archaeological research demonstrates that this industry did not play a major socioeconomic role in ancient Israel. Fishing has nevertheless made a substantial contribution to prophetic and wisdom literature. All metaphors manifest reality, but given the physical circumstances of a largely agrarian, nonmarine society, what does the sustained presentation of fishing metaphors in the Hebrew Bible communicate? Examining the use of fishing images in the Hebrew Bible is a formidable task that demands an open mind and a capacity to mine the gamut of contemporaneous evidence. In Fishers of Fish and Fishers of Men, Tyler Yoder presents the first literary study devoted to the fishing images used in the Hebrew Scriptures as well as in the Mesopotamian textual records. This calls for a penetrating look into cultural contact with Israel’s neighbors to the east (Mesopotamia) and southwest (Egypt). Though nearly all fishing metaphors in the Hebrew Bible carry overt royal or divine connotations that mirror uses well-attested in Mesopotamian literature, this comparative analysis remains a largely untapped area of research. In this study of the diverse literary qualities of fishing images, Yoder offers a holistic understanding of how one integral component of ancient Near Eastern society affected the whole, bringing together the assemblage of disparate materials related to this field of study to enable scholars to integrate these data into related research and move the conversation forward.

Primitive Passions

Author : Marianna Torgovnick
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In this provocative and illuminating book, Marianna Torgovnick explores the psychology of our profound attraction to cultures we call "primitive". Whether located in Africa, the South Pacific, or the American Southwest, the primitive has become synonymous in the Western imagination with a range of emotions and experiences thought to be lost in modern life: reverence for the land and for nature; strong communal bonds; sexual plentitude; and, perhaps most intriguing, and ecstatic sense of connection to the universe and the life force. Torgovnick investigates the numerous ways we have turned toward the primitive out of spiritual hunger for such deeply human experiences - a hunger that could once be satisfied within the West's own mystical traditions but that often no longer can be. Brilliantly encompassing religion, art, psychology, literature, and other aspects of our culture, Primitive Passions offers new insight into our ideas of spirituality and gender, and, ultimately, into the hidden but vital parts of ourselves.

The Cult of Saint Thecla

Author : Stephen J. Davis
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Thecla, a disciple of the apostle Paul, became perhaps the most celebrated female saint and 'martyr' among Christians in late antiquity. In the early church, Thecla's example was associated with the piety of women - in particular, with women's ministry and travel. Devotion to Saint Thecla quickly spread throughout the Mediterranean world: her image was painted on walls of tombs, stamped on clay flasks and oil lamps, engraved on bronze crosses and wooden combs, and even woven into textile curtains. Bringing together literary, artistic, and archaeological evidence, often for the first time, Stephen Davis here reconstructs the cult of Saint Thecla in Asia Minor and Egypt - the social practices, institutions, and artefacts that marked the lives of actual devotees. From this evidence the author shows how the cult of this female saint remained closely linked with communities of women as a source of empowerment and a cause of controversy.

The Tattoo History Source Book HC

Author : Steve Gilbert
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Following his "confessions of a tattoo addict," a Toronto medical illustrator and tattoo artist presents 21 eclectic narratives on tattooing in diverse eras and cultures from ancient Polynesia to modern Western punk. The numerous bandw and color depictions of illustrated men and women are fascinating. Annotation copyrighted by Book News Inc., Portland, OR

Older Men s Lives

Author : Edward H. Thompson
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In this multidisciplinary portrait of men and their concerns in later life, the contributors use both a life course and gendered perspective to point out that the image and self-image of men are continually reconstructed throughout the life cycle. Issues examined include: the position of older men in society and the changes wrought in their status and roles over time; men's relationships to spouse, children, grandchildren and friends; and policy implications.

Gay Men s Literature in the Twentieth Century

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Appearance and Identity

Author : L. Negrin
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This book casts a critical look at the dominant position that fashion has come to occupy in contemporary society. It addresses various aspects of fashion in postmodern culture including makeup, cosmetic surgery, tattoos, ornament in dress and the blurring of gender boundaries.

A Dictionary of Music and Musicians A D 1450 1880 by Eminent Writers English and Foreign

Author : George Grove
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Warlords and Holy Men

Author : Alfred P. Smyth
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Basing his work strongly on documentary and archaeological sources, Alfred Smyth covers traditional topics in a thoroughly unconventional manner. Winner of the 1985 Spring Book Award for Literature (Scottish Arts Council)

Circle of Goods

Author : Tressa Berman
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Studies how women in a reservation economy have creatively responded to federal policy.

Mad Men

Author : M. Keith Booker
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From the opening credits that feature a silhouette falling among skyscrapers, Mad Men transcended its role as a series about the Madison Avenue advertising industry to become a modern classic. For seven seasons, Mad Men asked viewers to contemplate the 1960s anew, reassessing the tumultuous era’s stance on women’s rights, race, war, politics, and family relationships that comprise the American Dream. Set in the heart of the twentieth century, the show brought to light how deeply we still are connected to that age. The result is a show that continually asks us to rethink our own families, lives, work, and ethical beliefs as we strive for a better world. In Mad Men: A Cultural History, M. Keith Booker and Bob Batchelor offer an engaging analysis of the series, providing in-depth examinations of its many themes and nostalgic portrayals of the years from Camelot to Vietnam and beyond. Highly regarded cultural scholars and critics, Booker and Batchelor examine the show in its entirety, presenting readers with a deep but accessible exploration of the series, as well as look at its larger meanings and implications. This cultural history perspective reveals Mad Men’s critical importance as a TV series, as well as its role as a tool for helping viewers understand how they are shaped by history and culture. As a showcase in America’s new “golden age of television,” Mad Men reveals the deep hold history and nostalgia have on viewers, particularly when combined with stunning visuals and intricate writing and storylines. With this volume as their guide, readers will enjoy contemplating the show’s place among the most lauded popular culture touchstones of the twenty-first century. As it engages with ideas central to the American experience—from the evolution of gender roles to family dynamics and workplace relationships—Mad Men: A Cultural History brings to life the significance of this profound yet entertaining series.

New Ireland

Author : St. Louis Art Museum
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In the southwest Pacific, at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, the people of New Ireland, an island group located east of New Guinea, created more than 20,000 works of art which they used in traditional context, then exported to the outside world. In their ceaseless quest for artistic expression, the people living on this remote archipelago created strikingly original pieces which are astonishing works of art. In order to gain a greater understanding of the creative processes that occurred more than 120 years ago and resulted in this tremendous outpouring of art objects, the curators and authors traveled to New Ireland to work with local people in their villages. They brought with them photographs of the old art works now in museum collections, and they records aesthetic experience and ritual context as they occur today. Their original research in many of the art-producing regions of New Ireland has resulted in new data that has provided in a much clearer understanding of creativity in Island Melanesia than has previously been achieved. The exhibition and catalogue feature art works from all regions of New Ireland that originated during this period, and explore the sources of this tremendously creative output.

Straight Male Modern

Author : John Brenkman
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Major psychoanalytic thinkers from Freud to Ricoeur to Lacan considered the Oedipus complex the key to explaining the human psyche and human sexuality, even culture itself. But, in fact, they were merely theorizing males. In this title, originally published in 1993, the author reassesses the benchmark concepts of Freudian thought, building on feminist criticisms of psychoanalysis and the new history of sexuality. The psychoanalytic questions become political questions: How do the norms of heterosexuality and masculinity themselves emerge within modern society and culture? How do the institutions of compulsory heterosexuality and modern patriarchy shape identity and desire? What make heterosexuality compulsory in our society? Brenkman argues that the larger social world is part and parcel of the Oedipus complex. He challenges psychoanalysis to reinvent its cultural project, as a therapeutics and an ethics, by recovering the moral-political dimension in its approach to family, sexuality and gender. Straight Male Modern casts a new light on psychoanalysis’s contribution to modern life, revealing the richness of the Freudian tradition’s encounter with modern politics and culture, and the poverty of its response.