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Memories of God and Creation

Author : Shakuntala Modi
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Is it possible to remember how the universe was created, where humans came from, and what we planned to do with our lives? Yes, says board-certified psychiatrist Shakuntala Modi, M.D. For more than a decade Dr. Modi has used clinical hypnosis to help patients deiscover the sources of their physical and mental health problems, not only in their pasts, but even in their past lives. Now she targets the cosmos. According to Dr. Modi, everyone carries memories of God and creation in their subconscious. This book presents information from many of her hypnotized patients, presenting evidence that we all carry the secrets of the universe within us. The astonishing revelations in this book include real patient descriptions of:What it's like to be one with GodWhy there are individual soulsWhere evil came fromHow angels were createdHow dying feelsHow easy it is to return to Heaven after death Prepare to have your world view completely altered by the information in Memories of God and Creation.

Memories of God

Author : Roberta C. Bondi
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Reminiscent of the writings of Augustine, Teresa, and Thomas Merton, this volume is a book of honest pain and honest joy in the presence of God.

Prayers for Healing and Protection

Author : M. D. Shakuntala Modi
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Dr. Modi, a board certified psychiatrist, has used hypnotherapy in her practice for 35 years. Under hypnosis, many of her patients regressed to a past life or recalled having human, demon or alien spirits within them, or having soul fragmentation and soul loss as the source of their mental, emotional and physical symptoms. By resolving these issues, patients often feel relief from their symptoms, sometimes in just one or two sessions. The wisdom she has derived from these experiences is the subject of Prayers for Healing and Protection. This fascinating book is full of hope, energy and life. People will be drawn to it and want to share it with others. The descriptions are incredible and very easy to visualize, especially the descriptions of the Light and how it connects and illuminates everything. Prayers for Healing and Protection is a very powerful and healing book.

Revived memories of a pastor s parting counsels sermons

Author : Thomas Valpy French (bp. of Lahore.)
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Foundation Fall and Flood

Author : Glenn R. Morton
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Memories of Merton

Author : John Bruce Norton
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Forgotten Memories

Author : K S Gentleman
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This is a poetry book. This is about the memories, the ups and downs of life.

Memories of Kaos

Author : Bradford D. Acton
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God is a traitor. Rumors concerning the creation of something called 'Man' riddle through the angelic legions. In "The Memories of Kaos," Bradford D. Acton pens the thoughts of one of those angels who pray to a silent God while rebellious murmurs stem from the leadership of Heaven's High Prince, Lucifer. Ancient questions involving the nature of the angelic Fall present themselves through the mind of that angel, Kaos. "Memories of Kaos" is a first hand account of the grief, hopelessness, and sacrifice comprising the destruction of original paradise. Is there any hope against the Legions of Satan the Accuser? Will God truly replace the Hosts with a second Creation? What convinces Lucifer an omnipotent Deity is susceptible to His own creation? The answers to these questions find their answers from the memories of one who was there, from the "Memories of Kaos." About the Author Bradford Acton is becoming well-known for his ability to craft fantastic epics dealing specifically with humanity's own struggle with faith and religion. He also writes poetry and is currently working towards obtaining a doctorate in philosophical theology. He currently lives with his wife, Emily, in Auburn, AL. Christian Fiction-Action Angels

Memories of Gospel Triumphs Among the Jews During the Victorian Era

Author : John Dunlop
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Sisters of Dust Sisters of Spirit

Author : Karen Baker-Fletcher
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Karen Baker-Fletcher cultivates the earthy potential of black womanism. In her rich prose and poetry, she combines reflection on her own journey with a keen awareness of environmental racism and a constructive religious vision. She seeks to recover and renew the strong historic tie of black and native peoples to the land, often broken by migration and urbanization. And she deftly tills the biblical and literary metaphors of dust and spirit to address the embodiment of God, Spirit, Christ, creation, and humans, seeding a powerful justice-oriented spirituality of creation. Its earnest, reflective character makes this small volume ideal for individual, adult-study, or classroom use - by all who wish to grow closer to the earth and to God.

Donald M Leod s Gloomy Memories in the Highlands of Scotland Versus Mrs Harriet Beecher Stowe s Sunny Memories in England a Foreign Land

Author : Donald McLeod (of Sutherlandshire.)
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Sunny Memories of Foreign Lands

Author : Harriet Beecher Stowe
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Not long after the publication of Uncle Tom's Cabin, Harriet Beecher Stowe traveled to Europe. On her return, she produced this book, in two volumes, €of her letters and journals during the trip. It was used widely as a guidebook by Americans traveling overseas.€This is volume two.

Thanksgiving memories of the day helps to the habit

Author : William ADAMS (D.D., of New York.)
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Church Dogmatics The doctrine of creation 4 pts

Author : Karl Barth
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Prayer and Remembrance

Author : Roger A. Swenson
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A unique book about prayer as an active, purposeful openness to God through the medium of memory. The author's poignant remembrances are drawn from both the secular and the sacred, set in churches, movie houses and front proches. They'll stir a wide spectrum of readers to reflection and prayer as he celebrates the past in order to enhance the present and define the future.

An Amazing Human Journey

Author : Shakuntala Modi, M.D.
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When did the first humans begin to inhabit the Earth? How did they get here? Why and for what purpose were they put here? How did they evolve from the first humans who looked like a Botticelli painting, to “ape-like” humans, to modern day humans? You will also read about Lamuria and Atlantis ,and without spirituality how Atlanteans destroyed themselves and their continent. Dr. Modi explains all this and more in her remarkable work about the astounding past and future of mankind. In doing this, she describes how spirituality is the key to successfully fulfilling mankind’s desire to become one with God. According to Dr. Modi, human beings have the unique potential to create a heaven-like society on Earth by spreading the spirituality on Earth that will eventually spread to neighboring planets, galaxies, and the entire universe through the continued development and enhancement of spirituality. From what was, to what is, could well include a future with the entire universe “going home to God.” The book takes you on what can only be described as An Amazing Human Journey.

Mysteries and Memories

Author : Doris Trinidad
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Memories A Collection of Poems about Life

Author :
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Biblical Creationism

Author : Henry Morris
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Examines the doctrine of creation throughout the Bible, not only in Genesis but other books such as Colossians and Ezra.

The Healing Memories

Author : Daniel I. Denga
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