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Memoirs from a Daughter of Crackheads

Author : Keisha Khanyahl
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The book is a memoir about my childhood

Memoirs of a Bootlegger S Daughter

Author : Renee' Carter Tench
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For author Renee Carter Tench, April 17, 2008, was the first day of the rest of her life. It was the day she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Tench spent more and more time reflecting on her past experiences and examining her life. In Memoirs of a Bootleggers Daughter, she tries to understand the reason and purpose behind all of the chaos in growing up the child of alcoholic parents. The lone survivor of the Carter family who lived at the end of the dirt road in Hickory, North Carolina, Tench shares the stories of her tumultuous childhood. She tells how, by the grace of God and taking advantage of the opportunities He provided, she broke the cycle of alcoholism in her family, a cycle that began even before her grandfather and father became bootleggers. She often felt looked down on because of the spectacle she and her family often made. Memoirs of a Bootleggers Daughter narrates how Tench started out at the end of one dirt road and ended up at the end of another and the wild journey in between, a journey she would be happy to take again.

Memoirs of a Crackhead

Author : Rich D. Fraser
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Rabbit A Memoir

Author : Patricia Williams
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That’s how things go in the ‘hood: It’s a never ending cycle of trouble, and once it grabs you, it won’t let go. Patricia started life on the lowest rung of society: poor, black, and female. With an alcoholic for a mother and four siblings, she was raised on a steady diet of welfare, food stamps and cigarette smoke. By the age of 15 she had two children, and by the age of 16 she was dealing drugs to support her young family. Growing up in a family that had been stuck in the ghetto for generations, it seemed impossible Patricia would ever escape. But when she was shot be a rival drug dealer in front her own children, Patricia made the life-changing decision to turn it all around. With a combination of grit, stubbornness, anger and love – and the kindness of others – she fought to break the cycle of poverty for the next generation. Now a stand-up comedian performing as Ms. Pat, she lives the maxim that the best healing comes through humour.

Memoirs of a Hoodstar

Author : D. Durand Hall
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In 2008, the United States Supreme Court ruled Californias prison system as unconstitutionally cruel and overcrowded. The decision mandated the downsizing of a prison system that had risen to become the largest in America. How did California become the king of imprisonment, and what prompted the mass incarceration of a generation of minority males? Memoirs of a Hoodstar is a real look at one mans life as he goes from a serious hustler to prison inmate. Jamal ends up behind bars after living a life of crime, and although he deserves some punishment, he soon begins to realize the huge number of African American males behind bars is more than punishment: its a political game and hes just one of the pawns paying a priceless price. Greedy men like Big Al make loads of dough on the California penal system, and nobodys stopping them. Jamal hopes that the madness will stop, but who will stand up for prison inmates? D.Durand Hall provides the uncut truth behind the barbaric imprisonment of Californias notorious department of Corrections but also reveals how ex-cons can turn their lives around.

Memoirs of a Crackhead

Author : Rich Fraser
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Crack. The most terrifying word during the 80s besides Hammer pants. It destroyed families, friends, marriages, churches, pimps, prostitutes, Mayors and Senators and the life of one inner city kid from a middle-class family, Russell Tolson, Jr. In this unflinching memoir, Russell takes us where no one has ever dared to go before - inside the mind of a crackhead. With vivid, first-hand accounts of his sordid adventures in 'Crack-ington DC' during the 80s and 90s, the peak of the crack epidemic, Russell recounts how the powerful little white rocks almost sent him to the grave. His stories are so poignant, funny, ridiculous and downright entertaining, they'll make you shake your head and... wanna smoke some crack. BUT DON'T SMOKE CRACK! Just read this book instead and you will be catapulted into the dark, steamy, seductive, sell-a-door-knob-for-a-hit world that Russell and his wife, Kathy, found themselves trapped in. They reveal their week-long binge sessions, near-death experiences, shocking 'come to Jesus' moments, and how God healed and delivered them in an instant. Now a church minister, Russell's prison-to-the-pulpit story proves not even crack is too powerful for God. "You can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens you."

Memoirs of a Bitch Bent on Revenge

Author : Kathy Y. Ferguson
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Memoirs of a Bitch Bent on Revenge By: Kathy Y. Ferguson Kathy and Mike both have successful jobs, a large beautiful family, and live in an affluent part of Arlington, Virginia. Because of their jobs, they hardly ever have time to see or spend time with each other. They decided after 18 years of being together that they should start having date day and date night again. Kathy and Mike spent the whole day making love, talking, eating, and enjoying the view of the beach from their condo patio. That night, Kathy and Mike went to the place where they first met. It was an amazing night. Mike wined, dined, and took Kathy to the movies. After the movie, Kathy and Mike walked along Pennsylvania Avenue, talking, kissing, and smelling the delicious exotic international food when a man came out of the shadows. Kathy though he was just a homeless man looking for a handout, but what he did next changed Kathy’s life from a woman of privilege to a bitch bent on revenge. This book is riveting. It is absolutely raw. It is a thriller that is graphically visual and intense. Reading this book is like looking into the mind of pure revenge.


Author : Ted Johnson
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Defense Attorney Ted Johnson takes us on a graphic journey behind the scenes of some of the toughest cases, trials and characters you could imagine

Memoirs of a Hardcore Entrepreneur

Author : Danko Resiliente
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Betrayal, rape, murder, and lack of opportunity can easily fester into a grudge. This is what happens when you convert the grudge into energy, the energy into numbers, and the numbers into power. MEMOIRS OF A HARDCORE ENTREPRENEUR is a two-volume non-fiction business inspiration book set that shares my vindictive approach to turning my life's adversities into success and volume two finishes with specific instructions for starting and maintaining a successful business.

Memoirs of a Highland Park Player

Author : Ronnie Rivers
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Born as Ronnie Eugene Rivers on March 15, 1957, third son of six siblings that include two older brothers and three younger sisters. I was raised by my mother, Thelma Rivers, and my grandmother Nettie Harris. I graduated from Highland Park High School where I excelled at football, basketball, baseball, track, and swimming. I won the all-city diving championship in my senior year 1975. I attended Highland Park Community College where I majored in business and I minored in dance. I also took over my dance instructor’s class when she left. I became a teacher as well as a student at the college. I then attended the Detroit Business Institute, and I also graduated from Austin’s Modeling School and Agency. I became a professional model and modeling instructor and started my own modeling troupe. I started teaching modern dance and aerobics and became a personal trainer and masseuse. I became a proud father of three beautiful children to whom I devoted my life for their happiness and security.

A Journey to Self Love Memoirs of a Butterfly

Author : Armetria M. Charles
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"A Journey to Self Love" is a memoir to a path from self-hatred to a path of self love. Readers will experience with Armetria a journey through their hardships that they don't have to be endowed with guilt and shame or burdened by their past experiences but utilize these experiences as stepping stones to a path towards a life of love and affirmation. By showing the readers how she picked up the pieces in her own life, Armetria shares how to use the broken pieces to create a beautiful masterpiece.

Memoirs in Gogyohka

Author : Cat Ellington
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Hot on the heels of More Imaginative Than Ordinary Speech: The Poetry of Cat Ellington comes a riveting and remarkably uplifting compilation of free verse that was erected to witness the uncommon life of its distinctive authorship in the captivating art of Gogyohka poetry. Introducing Memoirs in Gogyohka, an alluring, albeit double-edged, biographical account inspired by the diaries of Cat Ellington. Highlighting a selected assemblage of Ellington’s random diary entries from the 1980s to the present, Memoirs in Gogyohka provides the reader with a first-hand look into the journals of one of the most compelling women in the arts as it strolls through the courtyards of her many life experiences, including interracial dating, family turmoil, inner-city living, Black-on-Black crime, eroticism, lesbianism, anti-feminism, and much more. Flanked by Cat Ellington’s Prologues and Epilogues, the works of Gogyohka featured on these elegantly decorated pages include “The Ol’ Double Standard,” “He Called Me ‘Baby Golden’,” “A Cut Through Bone and Marrow,” “The Revelers,” “How to Love a White Man,” “Right Back Atcha,” “The Iceman,” “She Flew In On Her Broom,” “The Bitch Called Karma,” “Amazon Women on the Earth,” “Snake Eyes,” “Lying and Denying,” “Single Black Female,” "Serenaded by Kenny G," and many, many more. Hardly a depiction for the faint-hearted, Memoirs in Gogyohka packs a one-two punch of emotions as it proudly carries the history of its author on the broad shoulders of intrigue, amusement, insight, and admiration, while daring to prove the blessedness of her distinction where the written word is to be regarded. Poetry by Cat Ellington. Unconventional beauty.

Another Bullshit Night in Suck City A Memoir

Author : Nick Flynn
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"A stunningly beautiful new memoir . . . a near-perfect work of literature." —Stephen Elliot, San Francisco Chronicle Nick Flynn met his father when he was working as a caseworker in a homeless shelter in Boston. As a teenager he'd received letters from this stranger father, a self-proclaimed poet and con man doing time in federal prison for bank robbery. Another Bullshit Night in Suck City tells the story of the trajectory that led Nick and his father onto the streets, into that shelter, and finally to each other.

Memoirs of a Sumo Geisha

Author : Ralph Griffith
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n this latest in the Too-Sweet Series, Too-Sweet after fleeing Belfast in Northern Ireland, along with Oki Daddy and Sista Idi DaDa Amin head to Yokohama-Tokyo aboard the Yakuza fishing trawler. When they get there, Too-Sweet decides with Hiro Yamanguchi the Yakuza Oyabun, to open a nightclub featuring Sumo matches with Sista Idi dressed as a four hundred pound black Geisha with a platinum blonde Geisha wig.. The club becomes the hottest thing going and even Too-Sweet gets into the Geisha swing of things.. Both Too-Sweet and Sista Idi DaDa wear custom made kimonos, and matching platinum blonde Geisha wigs. If you have followed this series from the beginning, you know how crazy a Too-Sweet Saga will be. It's a real hoot and a cult classic.

Memoirs of a Hi Tech Hustler

Author : Gregory D Evans
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What does AT&T, MCI, Sprint, PageNet, MobileCom, GTE, Celluar One, Skytel, Mototola, Compaq, and Dell Computers have in common? They were all victims of America's largest Hi-Tech criminal organization that call themselves Hi-Tech Hustlers. This organization that is responsible for over $500 million dollars in theft, corporate losses and damages in the 12 year span. It was not until one of the founders of the organization, Gregory Evans was caught and indicted by the U.S. Attorney's Office for hacking and defrauding AT&T, MCI, Sprint and many others for more than $24 million in a 6 month Hi-Tech crime spree. While behind bars, Gregory Evans had written some personal memoirs about his Hi-Tech organizations and the Hi-Tech capers that cost companies and consumers millions of dollars. This book has words misspelled and bad grammar because it was originally typed on a jailhouse type writer, and later typed word for word for the entire world to read. This exciting book reads like a blockbuster movie, even though names, dates and places have been changed to protect the guilty you will find yourself mesmerized, dazzled and entertained.

Memoirs of a Nobody

Author : A.C. Taylor
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“Did you think since we have company that, that gives you the right to defy me, get loud, and talk back!” With a swift effortless stroke of his right hand he slapped Kymela down. Kymela looked up to his friend who was standing next to him in the kitchen for help, but he turned around and headed back to the living room. Kymela’s eyes quickly surveilled the room for a weapon. There wasn’t anything close enough for her to grab. At that moment she knew it was on. Kymela began to cry while mumbling. “I’m sorry, I’m so-so sorry.” Although she knew in her mind it was too late Ramon was mad. He grabbed Kymela off the kitchen floor by her hair. As soon as she was on her feet, he slapped her down again. He began kicking her all over as if she was some common street thug that had broken into his house and wanted to teach him a man to man lesson.”

The Game Memoirs of sexual abuse and repercussions

Author : Eric Caceres
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Author : Michael Sims
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The Complete Works Novels Short Stories Poems Plays Memoirs Travel Sketches Letters and Essays Illustrated Edition

Author : Robert Louis Stevenson
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Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894) was a Scottish novelist, poet, essayist, and travel writer. His most famous works are Treasure Island, Kidnapped, and Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. A literary celebrity during his lifetime, Stevenson now ranks among the 26 most translated authors in the world.

Live Through This

Author : Debra Gwartney
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An “achingly beautiful” memoir about a mother’s mission to rescue her two teenage daughters from the streets and bring them back home (Kirkus Reviews, starred review). After a miserably failed marriage, Debra Gwartney moves with her four young daughters to Eugene, Oregon, for a new job and what she hopes will be a new life for herself and her family. But the two oldest, fourteen-year-old Amanda and thirteen-year-old Stephanie, blame their mother for what happened, and one day the two run off together—to the streets of their own city, then San Francisco, then nowhere to be found. The harrowing subculture of the American runaway, with its random violence, its dangerous street drugs, and its patchwork of hidden shelters, is captured with brilliant intensity in Live Through This as this panicked mother sets out to find her girls—examining her own mistakes and hoping against hope to bring them home and become a family again, united by forgiveness and love. “For all the raw power of this true story and the fearless honesty of the voice telling it, what sticks out for me is the literary craft that shapes every sentence. Debra Gwartney has seen clear to the bottom of her experience, purged it of self-righteousness, and emerged with a stunningly humane and humbled awareness of life’s troubles” —Phillip Lopate