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Medievalism and the Academy

Author : Leslie J. Workman
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Medievalism, the "continuing process of creating the middle ages", engenders formal medieval studies from a wide variety of popular interests in the middle ages. This volume accordingly explores the common ground between artistic and popular constructions of the middle ages and the study of the middle ages within the academy. Essays treat the genesis of medieval studies in early modern antiquarianism; the erection of academic medievalism through persistent, indeed perverse, appeals to heroic medieval manliness and attenuated female spirituality; the current jeopardy of the book (a medieval invention) in the face of technological assault; the politics of the nineteenth-century academy (F.W. Furnival and others); the editorial practice of Sidney Lanier; and the cultural canonization of Chaucer. Contributors: DAVID O. MATTHEWS, STEVE ELLIS, ANTONIA WARD, GRAHAM PARRY, MARGARET CLUNIES ROSS, ANNA SMOL, DAVID ALLAN, MATILDE MATEO, MARYA DEVOTO, ULRIKE WIETHAUS, STEPHEN STEELE, JAMES KENNEDY, WILLIAM CALIN, JESSE D. HURLBUT, JOAN GRENIER-WINTHER, WILLIAM PADEN, JESSE D. HURLBUT, JOAN GRENIER-WINTHER, WILLIAM PADEN, JESSE D. HURLBUT, JOAN GRENIER-WINTHER, WILLIAM PADEN, JESSE D. HURLBUT, JOAN GRENIER-WINTHER, WILLIAM PADEN

Medievalism and the Academy II

Author : Leslie J. Workman
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The second part of Medievalism and the Academy identifies the four specific questions that have come to focus recent scholarship in medievalism: What is difference? what is theory? woman? God?

Women Medievalists and the Academy

Author : Jane Chance
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"Pioneering. . . . An important and timely collection that profiles the lives and professional careers of women medievalists in the last centuries."--Maureen Mazzaoui, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Neomedievalism Popular Culture and the Academy

Author : KellyAnn Fitzpatrick
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The medieval in the modern world is here explored in a variety of media, from film and book to gaming.

Early Medieval Art 300 1150

Author : Caecilia Davis-Weyer (red.)
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Originally published by Prentice-Hall, 1971.

Early Medieval

Author : George Henderson
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Medieval Academy Pe America

Author :
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Medieval Families

Author : Carol Neel
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The collection reveals how scholars of the 1970s through the 1990s argued the importance of previously unconsidered questions about the shape of medieval familial experience, and how their mutual information and criticism has refined and added to this investigation in the intervening period.

Appropriating the Middle Ages

Author : Tom Shippey
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Studies in Medievalism is the only journal entirely devoted to modern re-creations of the middle ages: a field of central importance not only to scholarship but to the whole contemporary cultural world.

The Cartulary of Montier en Der 666 1129

Author : Medieval Academy of America
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The monastery of Montier-en-Der, on the border between Champagne and Lorraine, was one of the most important monasteries of the Middle Ages. Its cartulary, put together in the 1120s at the height of the monastery's prestige and wealth, is a crucial source of information for the history of west Francia before the twelfth century and is here published in full for the first time. Constance Brittain Bouchard begins the edition with a concise history of the monastery, codicological information on the cartulary and the other manuscripts that contain copies of charters from Montier-en-Der, and a close discussion of the polytpyque and the forged charters found within the cartulary. The Latin text of each charter is preceded by a summary of its contents, including notes identifying place names and individuals. The edition also includes a chronology for the charters, a bibliography of works on the abbey, and several maps. With information on popes, kings, and counts, on manorial structures and the obligations of peasant tenants, and on monastic reform, the cartulary will be an essential resource for the study of religious history and of the middle ages in France.

Rethinking the New Medievalism

Author : R. Howard Bloch
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In the early 1990s, Stephen Nichols introduced the term "new medievalism" to describe an alternative to the traditional philological approach to the study of the romantic texts in the medieval period. While the old approach focused on formal aspects of language, this new approach was historicist and moved beyond a narrow focus on language to examine the broader social and cultural contexts in which literary works were composed and disseminated. Within the field, this transformation of medieval studies was as important as the genetic revolution to the study of biology and has had an enormous influence on the study of medieval literature. Rethinking the New Medievalism offers both a historical account of the movement and its achievements while indicating—in Nichols’s innovative spirit—still newer directions for medieval studies. The essays deal with questions of authorship, theology, and material philology and are written by members of a wide philological and critical circle that Nichols nourished for forty years. Daniel Heller-Roazen’s essay, for example, demonstrates the conjunction of the old philology and the new. In a close examination of the history of the words used for maritime raiders from Ancient Greece to the present (pirate, plunderer, bandit), Roazen draws a fine line between lawlessness and lawfulness, between judicial action and war, between war and public policy. Other contributors include Jack Abecassis, Marina Brownlee, Jacqueline Cerquiglini-Toulet, Andreas Kablitz, and Ursula Peters.

The Crisis of Church and State 1050 1300

Author : Brian Tierney
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From the Introduction: We need not be surprised, then, that in the Middle Ages also there were rulers who aspired to supreme political and temporal power. The truly exceptional thing is that in medieval times there were always at least two claimants to the role, each commanding a formidable apparatus of government, and that for century after century neither was able to dominate the other completely, so that the duality persisted, was eventually rationalized in works of political theory and ultimately built into the structure of European society. This situation profoundly influenced the development of Western constitutionalism.

The Mediaeval Academy of America publication

Author :
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The Carolingian Empire

Author : Heinrich Fichtenau
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A classic account of Charles the Great and the heyday of Frankish rule in Europe, evaluating the achievements and failures of the empire which has been called 'the first Europe.' Reprinted from the 1968 edition, translation first published in 1957.

Mission to Asia

Author : Christopher Dawson
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Previously published as The Mongol Mission by Sheed and Ward, Ltd., 1980.

The Medieval Book

Author : Barbara A. Shailor
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Originally published by Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, 1988.

Las Mocedades de Rodrigo

Author : Matthew Bailey
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Perhaps the most famous Castilian in history, Rodrigo Diaz - also known as 'the Cid' - lived in the second half of the eleventh century, distinguishing himself during the conquest of the Muslim kingdom of Valencia. The epic poem Las Mocedades de Rodrigo (The Youthful Deeds of Rodrigo), is a fictional account of the young Rodrigo's passage from impetuous initiate to menacing force of nature, and, finally, to ally and servitor of his king. Written around 1300, the poem garnered a significant reputation in its native Spain and is still widely read today. Despite its popularity, an English translation has never been published. This bilingual edition offers both the Old Spanish version of Las Mocedades as well as the first English translation of the epic poem. In his introduction, Matthew Bailey examines the text as a compilation of oral narratives passed down from speakers to scribes. Situating it fully within the tradition of Spanish epic poetry, Bailey goes on to review the poem's critical reception, explains the hybrid nature of the narrative, and looks at the origins of the hero himself. The translation includes explanatory notes to help the contemporary English-language reader understand the social and political circumstances surrounding the poem. For those interested in the poetry of medieval Spain, the epic tradition, or for anyone looking for a good adventure story, Las Mocedades de Rodrigo will be essential reading.

Old Norse Icelandic Literature

Author : Medieval Academy of America
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"In the past few decades, interest in the rich and varied literature of early Scandinavia has prompted a corresponding interest in its background: its origins, social and historical context, and relationship to other medieval literatures. Until the 1980s, however, there was a distinct lack of scholarship in English that synthesized the critical trends and thinking in the field, so in 1985 Carol J. Clover and John Lindow brought together several of the most distinguished Old Norse scholars to contribute essays for a collection that would finally provide a comprehensive guide to the major genres of Old Norse-Icelandic literature." "The contributors summarize and comment on scholarly work in the major branches of the field: eddic and skaldic poetry, family and kings' sagas, courtly writing, and mythology. Their essays, each with a full bibliography, make up this vital survey of Old Norse literature in English - a basic reference work that has stimulated much research and helped to open up the field to a wider academic readership." "This volume has become an essential text for instructors, and now, twenty years after its first appearance, it is being republished as part of the Medieval Academy Reprints for Teaching (MART) series with a new preface that discusses more recent contributions to the field."

Medieval Academy books

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The Life of Christina of Markyate

Author : Medieval Academy of America
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"The Life of Christina of Markyate", a twelfth-century English recluse and later abbess of Markyate near St Albans, is a remarkable example of late medieval hagiography. Originally written at the time of or soon after Christina's death in the twelfth century, the Life is unusual both in its relative lack of miracles, and in the unknown author's decision to write Christina's life factually rather than gathering together stock elements from previously written saint's lives, as was the custom. First published in 1959, this edition contains the original Latin text with a facing-page English translation. It is accompanied by a comprehensive Introduction that discusses the codicological problems of the text, and provides other contextual and background material. 'One of the great virtues of this Life is its vivid revelations of Christina's personal circumstances, which must have been based on her own reminiscences. Although doubts have been cast on her veracity ... they do not affect the main lines of the extraordinary story she told the author.' From the General Editors' Note