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Medicinal Plants Coloring Book

Author : Ilil Arbel
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Forty-four accurate and ready-to-color drawings of foxglove, belladonna, mayapple, valerian, dandelion, chamomile, many other plants with curative properties. Captions give description, distribution, medicinal uses, more. Illustrations royalty-free.

Elegant Herbs and Medicinal Plants Coloring Book

Author : Pomegranate
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Soft cover book with staple binding.48 pages with 22 images to color.Size: 81⁄2 x 11 in.Coloring pages are blank on the back so they can be cut out and displayed.Long before modern medicine and the corner drugstore, herbalists dispensed celery to treat lunacy and considered aloe a veritable wonder drug able to purify phlegm, prevent hair loss, remedy moral decay and corruption, and even rid one of stomach worms or tiny pests that crawl into the ears. Since antiquity, herbs and medicinal plants (known as simples) have been studied, documented, and used to treat a host of human complaints physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Medieval medical tomes such as the twelfth-century Book of Simple Medicines, by Italian physician Matthaeus Platearius (? 1161) are appreciated today as snapshots of history.A richly decorated French version of Platearius s book, with annotations reflecting more up-to-date medical knowledge, was created for a French royal couple in the late fifteenth century. Le Livre des simples médecines (The Book of Simple Medicines) also boasts illustrations helpful not only for species identification but also for spiritual contemplation, as alluded to in our cover image of a gallica rose and Solomon s seal: the Virgin Mary is often called the rose without thorns, and the Latin name for Solomon s seal, inscribed on this image, is Sigillum Sanctæ Mariæ (seal of the Blessed Virgin).

Vintage Herb Coloring Book Coloring Books for Adults Flowers Medicinal Plants Coloring Books

Author : Living Art Vintage
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Vintage Herb coloring book, Coloring books for adults flowers, Medicinal plants coloring books This grayscale vintage coloring book for adults was inspired by authentic images from the past long gone. Big size of 8.5x11" and printed one side only to prevent bleed-trough. vintage coloring books for adultsgreyscale coloring booksgrayscale coloring books for adultsgrayscale coloring books for beginners

Vintage Plants Medicinal Herbs Plant Coloring Book Grayscale Coloring Books for Adults

Author : Living Art Vintage
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Vintage plants & medicinal herbs plant coloring book. Grayscale coloring books for adults This grayscale vintage coloring book for adults was inspired by authentic images from the past long gone. Big size of 8.5x11" and printed one side only to prevent bleed-trough. vintage coloring books for adultsgreyscale coloring booksgrayscale coloring books for adultsgrayscale coloring books for beginners

Water Your Plants Medicinal Herbs Coloring Book

Author : Water Plants
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Water Your Plants: Medicinal Herbs Coloring Book Over 30 Medicinal Herb Illustrations For Coloring. Daily prompt with relaxation techniques. GREAT GIFT FOR GARDEN LOVERS: Get one for yourself and for everyone on your list Large Format: 8.5" x 11" UNIQUE: Adult coloring book featuring a selection of medicinal herbs Durable Glossy Cover / Made in the USA Professional grade binding (retail standard)

Herbs Coloring Book

Author : Kevin Books Publishing
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A fun fun coloring book herbs Enjoy with many herbal and medicinal herbs colors of your creativity. Features High quality paper One-sided drawing (This prevents paper distortion) Clear drawing great gift Enjoy

Big Book of Plant and Flower Illustrations

Author : Maggie Kate
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Over 600 royalty-free illustrations for artists, desktop publishers, and craftworkers accurately depict wildflowers, trees, herbs, cacti, tropical blooms, garden flowers, medicinal plants, and much more. Identifying captions.

Herbs Coloring Book

Author : Stefen Bernath
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Format : PDF
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Easiest way to recognize 30 most important culinary herbs: basil, dill, sage, thyme, marjoram, spearmint, oregano, chives, summer savory, others. All plates shown in full color on covers. Identifications. "...the book will aid in identifying herbs in gardens." ? Charleston Evening Post.

Herbs for Use and for Delight

Author : Daniel J. Foley
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A selection of 61 of the finest articles from The Herbalist: Tastes in Tea; Spice Caravans; The Significance of Botanical Pesticides; and many more. Personal accounts describe every aspect of history, cultivation and enjoyment of herbs.

United States Coloring Book

Author : Winky Adam
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Entertaining book brims with information about each of the 50 states. Captions beneath each illustration identify state's nickname, motto, flower, bird, tree, capital, main rivers, mountains, and other facts. An excellent educational resource for use at home or in school.

Gardening for Flower Arrangement

Author : Arno Nehrling
File Size : 20.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Thorough cultivation instructions for over 500 shrubs, trees, annuals, perennials, herbs, and vegetables, plus instructions for arranging, cutting, forcing, and more. Will help you design a garden that provides a variety of colors, blooms, and forms in a harmonious scheme. Specific instructions for drying 371 different plants. 33 photographs, 142 drawings.

Natural Hair Coloring

Author : Christine Shahin
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Commercial hair dyes contain thousands of different chemicals, some of which are reported to be carcinogenic — but you don’t have to choose between gorgeous color and good health. Natural hair care expert Christine Shahin shows you how to use nontoxic plant pigments — henna, indigo, amla, and cassia — to color your hair naturally, whatever your hair type or ethnicity, with beautiful results! These pigments are readily available at natural food stores and online, and they’re simple, safe, easy to use, and cost-effective. With clearly written instructions and step-by-step photography, Shahin shows you exactly how to apply these pigments, alone or in combinations, to achieve a full range of shades of brown, black, and red. She also includes instructions for transitioning from chemical dyes to natural ones and for using chemical and natural dyes together.

Glossary of Medicinal Plants Used in Ayurveda

Author : A.S. Saroya
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Medicinal plants are integral part of Ayurvedic system of medicine. Drugs are obtained from roots, stem, flower, bark or fruit of the medicinal plants.The work titled Glossary of Medicinal Plants used in Ayurveda is aimed at providing the reader with brief but relavent account of medicinal plants used in Indian System of Medicine. The plants have been discussed as per syllabus of Dravyaguna (Ayurvedic Pharmacology). The book will serve as useful guide for students and practitioners of Ayurveda.

A Field Guide to Western Medicinal Plants and Herbs

Author : Steven Foster
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Features more than five hundred plants and herbs of North America providing information on their location and medicinal uses.

The Herb Book

Author : John Lust
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Also known as "The Natural Remedy Bible," The Herb Book provides a comprehensive resource for building a livelier, healthier, happier life. More than 2,000 listings offer remedies for ragged nerves, nightmares, and coughing fits as well as suggestions for adding spice to recipes, coloring fabrics, freshening breath, and a host of other benefits. Complete and concise descriptions of herbs, illustrated by more than 275 line drawings, offer the most comprehensive catalog of "miracle plants" ever published. Written by an expert and pioneer in the field, this easy-to-use reference features three parts. The first presents introductory historical information and background for using the rest of the book. The second part features individual numbered listings of medicinal plants with their botanical descriptions and uses. The third part emphasizes the variety of uses for the plants listed in Part 2, including mixtures for medicinal treatments, nutritious and culinary plants, cosmetic and aromatic purposes, plant dyes, and other applications. The book concludes with a captivating look at plant-related astrology, lore, and legends. Dover (2014) republication of the edition originally published by Benedict Lust Publications, New York, 1974. See every Dover book in print at

Edible Medicinal Useful and Poisonous Wild Plants of the Northern Great Plains South Dakota Region

Author : Dilwyn J. Rogers
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Complete Catalog of Books in All Fields

Author : Dover Publications, Inc
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas

Author :
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Aloe Vera Heals

Author : Karen Gottlieb
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Format : PDF
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Plant derived Bioactives

Author : Mallappa Kumara Swamy
File Size : 44.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Plants produce a vast number of bioactive compounds with different chemical scaffolds, which modulate a diverse range of molecular targets and are used as drugs for treating numerous diseases. Most present-day medicines are derived either from plant compounds or their derivatives, and plant compounds continue to offer limitless reserves for the discovery of new medicines. While different classes of plant compounds, like phenolics, flavonoids, saponins and alkaloids, and their potential pharmacological applications are currently being explored, their curative mechanisms are yet to be understood in detail. This book is divided into 2 volumes and offers detailed information on plant-derived bioactive compounds, including recent research findings. Volume 1, Plant-derived Bioactives: Chemistry and Mode of Action, discusses the chemistry of highly valued plant bioactive compounds and their mode of actions at the molecular level. Volume 2, Plant-derived Bioactives: Production, Properties and Therapeutic Applications, explores the sources, biosynthesis, production, biological properties and therapeutic applications of plant bioactives. Given their scope, these books are valuable resources for members of the scientific community wishing to further explore various medicinal plants and the therapeutic applications of their bioactive compounds. They appeal to scholars, teachers and scientists involved in plant product research, and facilitate the development of innovative new drugs.