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The Mediaweek Directory

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Talking Trash

Author : Julie Manga
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Absorbing, entertaining and keenly perceptive, Talking Trash illuminates the complex viewer response to daytime television talk shows and examines the cultural politics surrounding this wildly controversial popular phenomenon.

Audience Economics

Author : Philip M. Napoli
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How are audiences manufactured, valued and sold? With a focus on the electronic media (television, radio and the Internet), this text explores the unique characteristics of the audience as an economic product.

Life s Work

Author : Lisa Belkin
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Expanding on the themes and subjects that have made "Life's Work" one of the best-read items in "The New York Times, " Belkin considers that the modern "supermom" is just a myth, and her eye for the resulting domestic comedy will strike a chord, and a nerve, with readers.

Brand Media Strategy

Author : Antony Young
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From YouTube to Facebook to the iPhone, today’s media landscape offers more tools and platforms for the savvy marketer than ever before. And with this rapidly evolving technology come powerful ways to track what’s working, what’s not, and how to get the maximum impact for your brand in a shrinking economy. Media and brand expert Antony Young explores how today’s most innovative marketers are integrating the latest media tools into a comprehensive strategy to grow their brands and are getting unprecedented results. He explores: • the future of advertising in traditional media and how to judge the investment’s value in today’s results-driven marketing world • how to get the maximum impact out of digital media, including online searches, social media, and mobile phones • the importance of employing non-traditional media vehicles, such as marketing, PR, branded entertainment, and product placement.

ON The Future of Now

Author : Crowdcentric Media
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We're living in an age of unprecedented human connectivity. Technology unites and interrupts us; it relays news, depicts worldwide photos, and shrinks the distances between our relationships. We tune into events elsewhere, witnessing the experiences of others unfolding in real time. Our communications paradigm has shifted and, with it, the interactions of our immediate environments have evolved. Published in partnership with Social Media Week and Nokia, curated by Toby Daniels and Craig Hepburn and edited by Caroline McCarthy, On! The Future of Now is a collection of essays and personal stories from leading thinkers in tech, media, and entrepreneurship that provides insight into how social media and technology have impacted their lives and their work. Proceeds from the sale of On! The Future of Now will go to support charity: water's clean water projects in the developing world.

Medical news and library

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Journal of the American Medical Association

Author : American Medical Association
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Includes proceedings of the Association, papers read at the annual sessions, and list of current medical literature.

Social TV

Author : Mike Proulx
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The Internet didn’t kill TV! It has become its best friend.Americans are watching more television than ever before, andwe’re engaging online at the same time we’re tuning in.Social media has created a new and powerful“backchannel”, fueling the renaissance of livebroadcasts. Mobile and tablet devices allow us to watch andexperience television whenever and wherever we want. And“connected TVs” blend web and television content into aunified big screen experience bringing us back into our livingrooms. Social TV examines the changing (and complex) televisionlandscape and helps brands navigate its many emerging and excitingmarketing and advertising opportunities. Social TV topics include: Leveraging the “second screen” to drive synched anddeeper brand engagement Using social ratings analytics tools to find and targetlean-forward audiences Aligning brand messaging to content as it travels time-shiftedacross devices Determining the best strategy to approach marketing viaconnected TVs Employing addressable TV advertising to maximize contentrelevancy Testing and learning from the most cutting-edge emerging TVinnovations The rise of one technology doesn’t always mean the end ofanother. Discover how this convergence has created new marketingopportunities for your brand.

99 Businesses to Start at Home

Author : Kim Benjamin
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If you've ever dreamed of not having to make the daily commute into work, or of starting a business yourself, this book is for you. 99 Business To Start At Home lists great business ideas that can easily and successfully be set up from home. As well as covering the practicalities of starting up, this book provides the inspiration and the know-how needed to get the business off the ground; from creative ideas to legal advice for the venture. It is the only UK book to offer dedicated advice to starting a home business, at a time when the amount of home-based businesses is increasing dramatically. Kim Benjamin is a journalist and editor and has contributed to a variety of online and print publications, including the Financial Times, The Telegraph, Marketing Direct, Media Week, Revolution and Business XL, a magazine aimed at entrepreneurs which she helped launch.

Pop Life

Author : Marc Andrews
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For Australian teenagers of the 1980s and 90s, Smash Hits magazine provided a fortnightly fix of fun, glamour and pop. It had more fizz than a sherbet bomb, and hundreds of thousands of Australian teenagers were hooked. Pop Life is an insiders' view of the Australian pop lovers' bible, from its bubbly beginnings to digital demise. Three former Smash Hits writers and editors take an affectionate and irreverent jaunt down memory lane. And reveal how they, Australia and readers have changed along the way.

The Tinkerers

Author : Alec Foege
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Having completed her transition from a manufacturing economy, America – it is said – has stopped making things. When there are breakthroughs in engineering and design, it’s usually thanks to a team of corporate researchers trying to squeeze out more profit. But once upon a time, the United States was a nation of tinkerers. Amateurs and professionals alike applied their ingenuity and talent to the problems of their day, coming up with innovative solutions that at once channeled the optimistic spirit of America and kept that spirit alive. Guided by the curiosity of an inquiring mind, a desire to know how things work, and a belief that anything can be improved, they laid the foundations for the American century. When Alexander Graham Bell beat Thomas Edison to the invention of the telephone, Edison fiddled around with the transmitter and receiver until he produced an equally revolutionary machine – the phonograph. When Thomas MacDonald observed the hardship that a lack of good roads imposed on his fellow Iowans, he began a road-building project that eventually morphed into the interstate highway system. Some of the people profiled in this book attended the finest engineering schools in the world; some, like Microsoft’s former chief technology officer Nathan Myhrvold, had no formal training in their chosen fields. Some see themselves as solo visionaries; others emphasize the importance of working in teams. What binds them together is an ability to imagine new systems and subvert old ones, to see fresh potential in existing technologies, and to apply technical know-how to the problems of their day. In The Tinkerers, Alec Foege presents a version of American history told through feats of engineering, large and small. He argues that reports of tinkering’s death have been greatly exaggerated; since World War II, it has been the guiding force behind projects from corporate-sponsored innovations (the personal computer, Ethernet) to smaller scale inventions with great potential (a machine that can make low-cost eyeglass lenses for people in impoverished countries, a device that uses lasers to shoot malarial mosquitoes out of the sky). Think tanks and companies have recognized the benefits of tinkering and have done their best to harness and institutionalize it. But as systems become more complex, budding inventors may become intimidated. Foege argues that this would be an enormous loss to a nation that achieved its strength largely thanks to the accomplishments of its innovators. He shows us how tinkering remains, in new and unexpected forms, at the heart of American society and culture.

Paid Attention

Author : Faris Yakob
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Navigate the cluttered advertising attention marketplace with this bestselling guide that provides contemporary advertising ideas and models for marketing innovation.

Creativity and Data Marketing

Author : Becky Wang
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The world is moving towards universal connectivity at a dizzying rate; underpinning this complex system of incessant transaction, connection and digital experience is an infrastructure that generates a trail of data. This trail not only tells us about human behaviour, but provides vital insights into market dynamics, consumer behaviour, as well as the relationships we value and the culture we live in. Creativity and Data Marketing helps marketers access this data, find meaning in it and leverage it creatively to gain a competitive advantage. Creativity and Data Marketing addresses the need to analyse data creatively, and in particular how balancing tangible insights with creative market influence can maximise business innovation and results. The book clarifies where businesses can improve existing infrastructure, processes and activities, as well as finding new addressable markets ready to validate or rethink market demand. By identifying how and why a consumer interacts with touch points beyond paid media, for example forums, blog content, native advertising and word-of-mouth, Becky Wang presents a creativity and data blueprint on how businesses can make lucrative steps forward to innovate their products, services and communication strategies, laying the groundwork for long-term results. Online resources include bonus content covering analytics methods, evolving research, data platforms and more, and a creative brief template.


Author : Keith Dunnavant
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A profile of charismatic college football coach Paul Bryant discusses his roles as father, drill sergeant, and preacher to the young athletes he coached and explores his notable influence on American sports. Reprint.

Cultural Studies

Author : Lawrence Grossberg
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First published in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Benn s Media Directory

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Dispensing with the Truth

Author : Alicia Mundy
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Semi-finalist for the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Book Award In 1996, a terrible epidemic began killing young American women. Some died quickly, literally dropping in their steps. Others took more time, from a few months to a few years. Those who weren't killed suffered damage to their lungs and hearts, much of it permanent and reparable only with major surgery. Doctors suspected what the killer was. So did the Food and Drug Administration. The culprits were the two most popular diet drugs in the United States, Pondimin, one-half of the popular drug combination Fen-Phen, and Redux, a stronger version of Pondimin. They were also two of the most profitable drugs on the market, and both were produced and sold by a powerful pharmaceutical company, Wyeth-Ayerst, a division of American Home Products. Dispensing the Truth is the gripping storry of what the drug really knew about its drugs, the ways it kept this information from the public, doctors, and FDA, and the massive legal battles that ensued as victims and their attorneys searched for the truth behind the debacle. It tells the story of a healthy young woman, Mary Linnen, who took the drugs for only twenty-three days to lose weight before her wedding, and then died in the arms of her fiance a few months later. Hers was the first wrongful-death suit filed amd would become the most important single suit the company would ever face. Alicia Mundy provides a shocking and thoroughly riveting narrative. It is a stark look at the consequences of greed and a cautionary tale for the future.

The Earth and Its Inhabitants

Author : Elisée Reclus
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