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Media Power and Global Television News

Author : Saba Bebawi
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The Middle East has been a particular focus of global crisis reporting. Yet, international coverage of these conflicts has historically been presented through a 'Western' perspective. The absence of Arab voices in the global public sphere has created a discursive gap between the Middle East and the rest of the world. The arrival of Al Jazeera English might, therefore, be regarded as an attempt to bridge this gap by broadcasting discourses from and about the Arab world. Using a framing analysis of selected news reports by Al Jazeera English before and after the so-called 'Arab Spring' protests, this book considers Al Jazeera English's position in the global news environment and identifies the extent to which it addresses this gap between the Arab and global spheres.

Media Power Professionals and Policies

Author : Howard Tumber
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The work of Jeremy Tunstall, one of the founding fathers of British media studies, is the inspiration behind Media Power, Professionals and Policies. In this collection of new work, leading international contributors address the central themes of Tunstall's work; the history, structures and practices of the international media industry, the relationship between media and government, and the sociology of labour in the media industry.

The Routledge Handbook of Soft Power

Author : Naren Chitty
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The Routledge Handbook of Soft Power is the first volume to offer a comprehensive and detailed picture of soft power and associated forms of public diplomacy. The terms soft power and public diplomacy have enormous currency in media and policy discourse, yet despite all the attention the terms remain conceptually ambiguous for analysts of international influence. The consequence is that the terms have survived as powerful, yet criticized, frames for influence. Divided into two main parts, Part I outlines theoretical problems, methodological questions, the cultural imperative and the technological turn within the study of soft power and Part II focuses on bringing the theory into practice through detailed discussion of key case studies from across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. This innovative handbook provides a definitive resource for students and scholars seeking to familiarize themselves with cutting-edge debates and future research on soft power and will be of interest to those studying and researching in areas such as international relations, public diplomacy and international communication.

Data Journalism in the Global South

Author : Bruce Mutsvairo
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This volume seeks to analyse the emerging wave of data journalism in the Global South. It does so by examining trends, developments and opportunities for data journalism in the aforementioned contexts. Whilst studies in this specific form of journalism are increasing in numbers and significance, there remains a dearth of literature on data journalism in less developed regions of the world. By demonstrating an interest in data journalism across countries including Chile, Argentina, the Philippines, South Africa and Iran, among others, this volume contributes to multifaceted transnational debates on journalism, and is a crucial reference text for anyone interested in data journalism in the ‘developing’ world. Drawing on a range of voices from different fields and nations, sharing empirical and theoretical experiences, the volume aims to initiate a global dialogue among journalism practitioners, researchers and students.

Media Power and Politics in the Digital Age

Author : Yahya R. Kamalipour
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Focusing on the Iranian presidential elections of 2009 and ensuing demonstrations in major cities across Iran and world, Media, Power, and Politics in the Digital Age provides a balanced discussion of the role and impact of modern communication technologies, particularly the novel utilization of 'small digital media' vis-^-vis the elections and global media coverage. Written in a non-technical, easy to read, and accessible manner, the volume will appeal to scholars, students, policy makers, and print professionals alike.

Mediated Cosmopolitanism

Author : Alexa Robertson
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Media power in the global era has to do with how people understand the world, their place in it, and their relation to the others who populate it. Making connections with distant places and people is the work of cosmopolitan imagination, which involves seeing the world through the eyes of others. In this book, Robertson engages with the growing literature on cosmopolitanism to address these issues, combining theoretical debates with an innovative empirical portal. Based on the analysis of over 2000 news reports broadcast on national and global channels and interviews with journalists and audience members, Mediated Cosmopolitanism illustrates that the same everyday stories about the world can take on different meanings in different cultures. It argues that if we are to understand how media actors may help people to make the connections that underpin a cosmopolitan outlook, attention must be paid to evidence that some actors may not, and that national broadcasters could be more active agents of cosmopolitanism than global channels. Accessibly written, the book will be essential reading for advanced undergraduate and masters students, particularly of media studies, but also of sociology, politics and international relations.

International Communication

Author : Daya Kishan Thussu
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The third edition of International Communication examines the profound changes that have taken place, and are continuing to take place at an astonishing speed, in international media and communication. Building on the success of previous editions, this book maps out the expansion of media and telecommunications corporations within the macro-economic context of liberalisation, deregulation and privitisation. It then goes on to explore the impact of such growth on audiences in different cultural contexts and from regional, national and international perspectives. Each chapter contains engaging case studies which exemplify the main concepts and arguments.

The Routledge Companion to Global Television

Author : Shawn Shimpach
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Featuring scholarly perspectives from around the globe and drawing on a legacy of television studies, but with an eye toward the future, this authoritative collection examines both the thoroughly global nature of television and the multiple and varied experiences that constitute television in the twenty-first century. Companion chapters include original essays by some of the leading scholars of television studies as well as emerging voices engaging television on six continents, offering readers a truly global range of perspectives. The volume features multidisciplinary analyses that offer models and guides for the study of global television, with approaches focused on the theories, audiences, content, culture, and institutions of television. A wide array of examples and case studies engage the transforming practices, technologies, systems, and texts constituing television around the world today, providing readers with a contemporary and multi-faceted perspective. In this volume, editor Shawn Shimpach has brought together an essential guide to understanding television in the world today, how it works and what it means – perfect for students, scholars, and anyone else interested in television, global media studies, and beyond.

An Unlikely Audience

Author : William Youmans
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In 2006, the Al Jazeera Media Network sought to penetrate the United States media sphere, the world's most influential national market for English language news. These unyielding ambitions surprised those who knew the network as the Arab media service President Bush lambasted as "hateful propaganda" in his 2004 State of the Union address. The world watched skeptically yet curiously as Al Jazeera labored to establish a presence in the famously insular American market. The network's decade-long struggle included both fleeting successes, like the sudden surge of popular interest during the Arab spring, as well as momentous failures. The April 2016 closure of its $2 billion Al Jazeera America channel was just one of a series of setbacks. An Unlikely Audience investigates the inner workings of a complex news organization fighting to overcome deep obstacles, foster strategic alliances and build its identity in a country notoriously disinterested in international news. William Youmans argues counter-intuitively that making sense of Al Jazeera's tortured push into the United States as a national news market, actually requires a local lens. He reveals the network's appeal to American audiences by presenting its three independent US-facing subsidiaries in their primary locales of production: Al Jazeera English (AJE) in Washington, DC, Al Jazeera America (AJAM) in New York, and AJ+ in San Francisco. These cities are centers of vital industries-media-politics, commercial TV news and technology, respectively. As Youmans shows, the success of the outlets hinged on the locations in which they operated because Al Jazeera assimilated aspects of their core industries. An Unlikely Audience proves that place is critical to the formation and evolution of multi-national media organizations, despite the rise of communication technologies that many believe make location less relevant. Mining data from over 50 interviews since 2010, internal documents, and original surveys, the book offers a brisk and authoritative account of the world's most recognizable media-brand and its decade-long ingress into the US - crucial background for Al Jazeera's continued expansion in the United States.

Al Jazeera and the Global Media Landscape

Author : Tine Ustad Figenschou
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This book analyzes how and why Al Jazeera English (AJE) became the channel of choice to understand the massive protests across the Arab world 2011. Aiming to explain the ‘Al Jazeera moment,’ it tracks the channel’s bumpy road towards international recognition in a longitudinal, in-depth analysis of the channel’s editorial profile and strategies. Studying AJE from its launch in mid-November 2006 to the ‘Arab Spring’, it explains and problematizes the channel’s ambitious editorial agenda and strategies, examines the internal conflicts, practical challenges and minor breakthroughs in its formative years. The Al Jazeera-phenomenon has received massive attention, but it remains under-researched. The growth of transnational satellite television has transformed the global media landscape into a complex web of multi-vocal, multimedia and multi-directional flows. Based on a combination of policy-, production- and content analysis of comprehensive empirical data the book offers an innovative perspective on the theorization of global news contra-flows. By problematizing the distinctive characteristics of AJE, it examines the strategic motivation behind the channel and the ways in which its production processes and news profile are meant to be different from its Anglo-American competitors. These questions underscore a central nexus of the book: the changing relationship between transnational satellite news and power.

Transnational Media

Author : Suman Mishra
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A broad and accessible introduction to national and transnational media Transnational Media: Concepts and Cases provides a clear and engaging overview of media communication from a global and a region-based perspective. Rather than focusing on just complex theories and industry-specific analyses, this unique book offers an inclusive, comparative approach to both journalism and entertainment media—introducing readers to the essential concepts, systems, transnational influences, and power dynamics that shape global media flow. Broad coverage of different media forms from Asia, Africa, the Americas, Europe, and Oceania offers country-based and transnational perspectives while highlighting examples of media trends in television, radio, film, journalism, social media, music, and others. Promoting a balanced, multipolar exploration of transnational media, this innovative book discusses topics such as media concentration, the cultural, political, and economic impact of media, and the primary centers of new and traditional media activities. Chapters organized by geographic region offer instructive pedagogical features—including case studies and essays, and illustrations, maps and charts—that strengthen understanding of distinctive and emerging practices in the production, distribution, and consumption of media products. Explores a wide range of global media topics, infrastructures, cultures, and political-economic climates Written in an engaging, relatable, and easy to understand style Covers major aspects of journalism and various forms of entertainment media Organized by regions of the world to reflect a global perspective Includes newly-written case studies by international scholars from each region Designed for undergraduate and graduate courses in comparative media analysis, international media and communication, and related areas of study, Transnational Media: Concepts and Cases is an indispensable resource for colleges and universities that are internationalizing their curriculum to meet the needs of an increasing globalized world.

Global Communication

Author : Thomas L. McPhail
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Discusses the players, theories, and trends that affect how the world communicates and gets their information This book is the most definitive text on multinational communication and media conglomerates, exploring how global media influences both audiences and policy makers around the world. Comprehensively updated to reflect the many fast moving developments associated with this dynamic field, this new edition investigates who and where certain cultural products are coming from and why, and addresses issues and concerns about their impact all over the world. Global Communication: Theories, Stakeholders and Trends, 5th Edition is framed by two theories. One is World System Theory (WST), which views nations through an economic lens. The other, Electronic Colonialism Theory (ECT), views nations through a cultural lens. Through these theories, the book examines broadcasting, mass media, and news services ranging from MSNBC, MTV, and CNN to television sitcoms and Hollywood export markets. It investigates the roles of the major players, such as News Corp, Sony, the BBC, Disney, Bertelsmann, Viacom, or Time Warner, and probes the role of advertising and the Internet and their ability to transcend national boundaries and beliefs. New chapters look at the growing importance and significance of other major regions such as the media in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Outlines the major institutions, individuals, corporations, technologies, and issues that are altering the international information, telecommunication, and broadcasting order Focuses on a broad range of issues, ranging from social media and new services like Netflix, as well as Arab and Asian media Explains and interprets three major movements or theories: NWICO, Electronic Colonialism, and World System Theory Includes major updates to the chapter on the Internet to incorporate global events over the last 5+ years (such as Russian use thereof, Facebook, Google) Looks at how streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, and more have emerged as dominant players in world entertainment Offers an updated instructor’s website with instructor's manual, test banks, and student activities Global Communication: Theories, Stakeholders and Trends, 5th Edition is intended as an upper-level, undergraduate text for students in courses on International/Global Communication, Global Media/Journalism, and Media Systems in Journalism, Communications, or Media Studies Departments.

Social Power in International Politics

Author : Peter van Ham
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This text introduces and defines the concept of social power and examines how it works in international politics. Including perspectives from the EU, the US, Middle East and China, it features a range of case studies on culture and pop culture, media, public diplomacy and branding.

News Media Yellow Book

Author :
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Analyzing the Cultural Diversity of Consumers in the Global Marketplace

Author : Alcántara-Pilar, Juan Miguel
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The key to any marketing strategy is finding a way to reach and appeal to the consumer. In the case of a diverse consumer pool, marketers must strive to direct their promotional efforts to appeal to a global customer base. Analyzing the Cultural Diversity of Consumers in the Global Marketplace explores the strategies associated with promoting products and services to a culturally-diverse target market. Providing innovative solutions for global brands, this publication is ideally designed for use by marketing professionals, executives, students, as well as researchers.

Encyclopedia of journalism 6 Appendices

Author : Christopher H. Sterling
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"Written in a clear and accessible style that would suit the needs of journalists and scholars alike, this encyclopedia is highly recommended for large news organizations and all schools of journalism."--Starred Review, Library Journal Journalism permeates our lives and shapes our thoughts in ways we've long taken for granted. Whether we listen to National Public Radio in the morning, view the lead story on the Today show, read the morning newspaper headlines, stay up-to-the-minute with Internet news, browse grocery store tabloids, receive Time magazine in our mailbox, or watch the nightly.

Media Power Media Politics

Author : Mark J. Rozell
File Size : 66.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Media Power, Media Politics, Second Edition, examines the role and influence of the media in every sphere of American politics. Organized thematically, the book analyzes the relationship between the media and key institutions, political actors, and nongovernmental entities, as well as the role of the new media, media ethics, and foreign policy coverage. Written clearly and concisely by leading scholars in the field, the chapters serve as broad overviews to the issues, while discussion questions and suggestions for further reading encourage deeper inquiry. Updated throughout, the second edition includes expanded coverage of the evolving role of new media, a new chapter on terrorism and the media, and new pedagogical exercises and featured interviews with journalists, bloggers, and media advisers.

Envisioning Media Power

Author : Brett Christophers
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Envisioning Media Power develops an original geographical perspective on the nature and exercise of power in the international television economy, focusing on the UK and New Zealand markets, and on their respective relationships with the U.S. market and its globally-influential media corporations. In illuminating the fabric of television's international space economy, the book argues that power, knowledge and geography are inseparable not only from one another, but from the process of accumulation of media capital.

The Global President

Author : Stephen J. Farnsworth
File Size : 66.28 MB
Format : PDF
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When the US government speaks, the world listens, regardless of whether people like what they hear. News reporters and citizens around the world pay considerable attention to the statements of US presidents and the actions of the US government. In The Global President: International Communication and the US Government, scholars Stephen J. Farnsworth, S. Robert Lichter and Roland Schatz provide an expansive international examination of news coverage of US political communication, and the roles the US government and the Presidency play in an increasingly communicative and interconnected political world.

International Media Studies

Author : Divya McMillin
File Size : 87.44 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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International Media Studies is a bold introduction to thefield that focuses on a de-centering of media epistemology torepresent a more thorough world-view. A comprehensive textbook exploring the current state of mediastudies as it is being practised across the world Takes discussions about media studies beyond other textbooks,by situating the subject firmly in an international contextappropriate to the globalized, 21st century Surveys our reception of a wide variety of media content andformats including television, magazines, fiction, newspapers, andpopular music Considers both theoretical and much-needed ethnographicperspectives on media studies Showcases global and local media patterns in a variety ofcountries around the world, including examples from Asia, Africa,and Latin America