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Mechanical Properties of Metallic Composites

Author : Shojiro Ochiai
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Provides coverage of dispersion-hardened and fibre-reinforced alloys, addressing principal mechanisms, processing and applications. Mechanical behaviour based on dislocation theory and elastic-plastic mechanics is dealt with and data on advanced composites are provided.

Research on Mechanical Properties of Metal Matrix Composites

Author : Gang Li
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Metal and Ceramic Matrix Composites

Author : Brian Cantor
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With contributions from leading experts in their respective fields, Metal and Ceramic Matrix Composites provides a comprehensive overview of topics on specific materials and trends. It is a subject regularly included as a final year option in materials science courses and is also of much industrial and academic interest. The book begins with a selection of chapters describing the most common commercial applications of composite materials, including those in the aerospace, automotive, and power generation industries. Section 2 outlines manufacturing and processing methods used in the production of composite materials ranging from basic aluminium matrix composites, through particle reinforced composites, to composites using novel matrix fibres such as titanium-silicon carbide and ceramics. Section 3 is devoted to the mechanical behaviour of different matrix materials and structure-property relations, with particular attention paid to failure and fracture mechanisms. The final section considers those new fibres and composite materials currently in development, including high strength copper composites, porous particle composites, active composites, and ceramic nanocomposites.

Metal Matrix Composites

Author : R. K. Everett
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Metal Matrix Composites: Mechanisms and Properties includes sections on strengthening mechanisms, mechanical properties, fracture and fatigue, physical properties, and environmental effects.**Its companion volume, Metal Matrix Composites: Processing and Interfaces contains an introductory chapter that places the current state of the composites field in historical perspective. An extensive section on synthesis and processing describes in detail both standard and novel fabrication techniques. Composite interfaces are discussed in this volume's final chapter.**These two volumes combine to provide a comprehensive, state-of-the-art overview of metal matrix composites (MMCs). Represents the first attempt to gather, distill, and summarize available information on metal matrix composites**Comprises, in two volumes, state-of-the-art information on MMC processing, properties, and mechanisms**Discusses current issues and trends and provides a historical background to the field of composites**Includes detailed bibliographic data on selected topics**Presents information in a format that will be useful to the student and the researcher

Mechanical Properties of Metallic Composites with Amorphous Matrix Structure

Author : P Zielinski
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Metallic Matrix Composites

Author : Kenneth G. Kreider
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Composite Materials, Volume 4: Metallic Matrix Components provides an in-depth report and a reference on the technology of metal-matrix composites. The book starts by giving an introduction to metal-matrix composites, and by discussing the principal metal-laminate fabrication methods, the properties of metal laminates, and materials engineering of laminated-metal composites for specific applications. The text also describes the technology in eutectic superalloys of nickel and cobalt; nickel alloys reinforced with alpha-Al2O3 filaments; and the problems and progress encountered in developing wire-reinforced superalloys. The fiber-reinforced titanium alloys; the development of metal-matrix composites reinforced with high-modulus graphite fibers; as well as the development, the physical and mechanical properties, and the engineering considerations for the use of boron-aluminum are also encompassed. Materials scientists and engineers will find the book invaluable.

Metal Matrix Composites

Author : Suneev Anil Bansal
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This book gives in-depth coverage of Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) focusing on micro and nano-reinforcements including hybrid structures, and applications like tribological and corrosion behavior, heat exchanger and so forth. Each chapter covers different perspectives of micro/nano reinforcement and related applications. Major topics covers include new-age reinforcement, fracture, and corrosion behavior, tribological, elastic, elastoplastic, and thermal behavior of MMCs. Features: Presents detailed analysis on new age reinforcements in Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs). Discusses application-based analysis of MMCs. Covers details about convergence of hybrid composite from conventional alloys. Includes mechanisms and effects of various reinforcement on pertinent properties. Reviews properties and applications of various MMCs. This book aims at graduate students, researchers and professionals in micro/nano science & technology, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, metallurgy, and composites.

Thermal and Mechanical Behavior of Metal Matrix and Ceramic Matrix Composites

Author : John M. Kennedy
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Of interest to researchers and practitioners in materials science, especially in the aerospace industry, 16 papers from a symposium in Atlanta, Georgia, November 1988 discuss the analysis, modeling, and behavior of both continuous and discontinuous ceramic and metal matrix composites, and methods of

Metal Matrix Composites

Author : J. Fridlyander
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The problem of developing metal matrix (MCM) and metal-polymer (MPCM) composite materials is one of the most important in present day materials technology, for its solution is pivotal to the development of a number of leading technologies. The development of new fibrous and lamellar composite materials with improved physico-chemical, electrical, thermal and other properties is a springboard for qualitative scientific and technological advances not only in aerospace and shipbuilding technologies, but also in mechanical, power, electronic, electrical, radio engineering, transport, construction and other industries. The volume reviews the results of research programmes ac complished in recent years by Soviet scientists in the development of composite materials based on aluminium and magnesium matrices, polymatrix composites (composite materials) with metal and polymeric matrices reinforced with boron and carbon fibres, steel wire, fibre glass and other fillers. The volume also reviews present-day physico-chemical fundamen tals and basic principles for developing and optimizing metal matrix composites, and describes the most expedient and efficient methods of MCM and MPCM manufacturing. Special attention is devoted to the issue of manufacturing MCM structural members, and their machin ing and plastic working, as well as to coupling techniques.

Residual Stresses and Mechanical Properties of Metal Matrix Composites

Author :
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