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The Concept of Meaninglessness

Author : Edward Erwin
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He then tries to show how the concept of meaninglessness, when interpreted in the manner he suggests, can be profitably used by philosophers, despite the many persuasive objections to its use that philosophers have raised in their disputes over it.

Philosophy in a Meaningless Life

Author : James Tartaglia
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This book is open access and available on It is funded by Knowledge Unlatched. Philosophy in a Meaningless Life provides an account of the nature of philosophy which is rooted in the question of the meaning of life. It makes a powerful and vivid case for believing that this question is neither obscure nor obsolete, but reflects a quintessentially human concern to which other traditional philosophical problems can be readily related; allowing them to be reconnected with natural interest, and providing a diagnosis of the typical lines of opposition across philosophy's debates. James Tartaglia looks at the various ways philosophers have tried to avoid the conclusion that life is meaningless, and in the process have distanced philosophy from the concept of transcendence. Rejecting all of this, Tartaglia embraces nihilism ('we are here with nothing to do'), and uses transcendence both to provide a new solution to the problem of consciousness, and to explain away perplexities about time and universals. He concludes that with more self-awareness, philosophy can attain higher status within a culture increasingly in need of it.

The Meaning of Meaninglessness

Author : G. Blocker
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What does "meaningless" mean? On the one hand, it signifies simply the absence or lack of meaning. "Zabool" is meaningless just because it doesn't happen to mean anything. "Green flees time lessly" is meaningless, despite a certain semblance of sense, because it runs afoul of certain fundamental rules of linguistic construction. On the other hand, "meaningless" characterizes that peculiar psycho logical state of dread and anxiety much discussed, if not discovered, by the French shortly after the Second World War. The first is primarily linguistic, focusing attention on emotionally neutral questions of linguistic meaning. The second is nonlinguistic, indicating a painful probing of the social psychology of an era, a clinical and literary analysis of 20th century Romanticism. On the one hand, a job for the professional philosopher; on the other hand, a task for the literary critic and the social historian. Is any useful purpose served in trying to combine these two, very different concerns? As the title of this book suggests, I think there is.


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Meaningless Sense

Author : Gary Gazlay
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Meaningless Sense is a humorous book comprised of 1,001 meaningless statements that are not intended to make any sense at all but will make you laugh.


Author : Alexander Campbell Fraser
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Meaningless Sense Too

Author : Gary Gazlay
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Does your brain need to exercise? Meaningless Sense Too! contains 501 meaningless answers to 501 meaningless questions about meaningless things that don't make any sense at all and who in the world cares? Only a select few individuals will accept the challenge of uncovering the unexpected hidden messages that are contained in the treasured contemplations of a mind that is unable to express the consolidation of humorous words that cannot be justified.

Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association

Author : American Philosophical Association
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List of members in v. 1- .

Revenue Act of 1963

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Finance
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The Philosophy of Parochialism

Author : Radomir Konstantinovic
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Available for the first time in English--an essay with important insights on the sources of totalitarianism, intolerance, and racism