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Meaning and Reading

Author : Michel Meyer
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According to the traditional view, meaning presents itself under the form of some kind of identity. To give the meaning of a sentence amounts to being capable of producing some substitute based on the identity of the terms of the sentence. Is then the meaning of a book, or of any text, the capacity of rewriting it? Instead of retaining a double-standard theory of meaning, one for sentences and another for texts, that would allow for an ad hoc gap, the author provides a unified conception, called the question view of language he has developed, known as problematology. He pursues a systematic analysis of questioning in literature and shows how questioning makes the understanding process possible.

Reading with Meaning

Author : Debbie Miller
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In the second edition of Reading with Meaning, Debbie Miller shares her new thinking about comprehension strategy instruction, the gradual release of responsibility instructional model, and planning for student engagement and independence. It has been ten years since the first edition, in which Debbie chronicled a year in her own classroom. Reading with Meaning, Second Edition supports that work and expands her vision of strategy instruction and intentional teaching and learning. Debbie believes that every child deserves at least a full year of growth during each classroom year and offers planning documents with matching assessments to ensure that no child falls through the cracks. The second edition also provides new book recommendations that will engage and delight students, and current picture books for reading aloud and strategy instruction. This new edition reflects Debbie's professional experiences and judgment, her work in classrooms and collaboration with colleagues, and the current research in the field, showcasing her newest, best thinking.

Reading for Meaning in the Elementary School

Author : Richard L. Henderson
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Reading for Meaning

Author : Harvey F. Silver
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When you and your colleagues want to explore more ways to help students understand what they read, make inferences, and support their thinking with evidence, this book is your ideal tool.

Reading for Meaning

Author : Barbara M. Taylor
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Reading comprehension is of great concern to many Americans, as evidenced by the mandate in most states today for graduation standards in reading and for assessments aligned to those standards. This book focuses on what has been learned from research about fostering reading comprehension in the middle grades, providing a broad overview of current educational and psychological research about effective strategies for teaching reading to middle grade students. Following an introduction by the editors, essays in the book are as follows: (1) "The Mind in Action: What It Means to Comprehend during Reading" (Paul van den Broeck and Kathleen E. Kremer); (2) "Comprehension Instruction in Elementary School: A Quarter-Century of Research Progress" (Michael Pressley); (3) "Explicit and Implicit Instruction in Comprehension" (Janice A. Dole); (4) "Balancing Literature and Instruction: Lessons from the Book Club Project" (Taffy E. Raphael); (5) "Building Student Capacity to Work Productively during Peer-Assisted Reading Activities" (Lynn S. Fuchs and Douglas Fuchs); (6) "A Vocabulary Program to Complement and Bolster a Middle-Grade Comprehension Program" (Michael F. Graves); (7) "Classroom Talk about Texts: Is It Dear, Cheap, or a Bargain at Any Price?" (Donna E. Alvermann); (8) "Literacy Lessons Derived from the Instruction of Six Latina/Latino Teachers" (Robert T. Jimenez); and (9) "Beyond Balance: Goal Awareness, Developmental Progressions, Tailoring to the Context, and Supports for Teachers in Ideal Reading and Literacy Programs" (Jere Brophy). (NKA)

The Thoughtful Education Guide to Reading for Meaning

Author : Harvey F. Silver
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Presenting a proven, step-by-step approach to improving reading comprehension, this powerful book provides classroom-ready tools and applications for a wide variety of ages and subjects.

Drama and Reading for Meaning Ages 4 11

Author : Larraine S. Harrison
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Drama and Reading for Meaning Ages 4-11 contains over 40 creative drama ideas to help develop reading for meaning in the primary school. The wide range of clearly explained, structured and engaging drama activities will appeal to all primary practitioners who wish to develop more creative approaches to the teaching of reading. The activities show how drama can develop some of the skills associated with reading for meaning such as empathising with characters’ feelings, exploring settings and themes and making inferences based on evidence. The step-by-step activities range from familiar classroom drama strategies such as freeze-frames and hot-seating to less well-known approaches involving whole class drama experiences. The book also serves as an introduction to using drama as a learning medium, with advice on how to set the ground rules and clear explanations of the drama strategies. Each chapter has a detailed explanation of what to do, followed by a number of examples linked to quality texts, including poetry and non-fiction. From bringing books to life in reception and Years 1 and 2, to peeling back the layers of meanings in Years 3 to 6, all the drama activities in this book are designed to improve reading for meaning and help motivate children to read for pleasure, making this an essential resource for all primary settings.

How to Dazzle at Reading for Meaning

Author :
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Guided by Meaning in Primary Literacy Libraries Reading Writing and Learning

Author : Joyce Armstrong Carroll Ed.D, H.L.D.
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Using a research-based approach, this book examines the critical connections between writing and reading, and it explains how to encourage early literacy in the classroom and library. • Provides critical information that helps educators improve early literacy programs—a current need in libraries of all types • Combines research findings about early literacy that document the connection between writing and reading with meaningful theory to offer a strong rationale for library programming • Reminds readers of the inherent joy and value of working with young children by telling them stories and engaging them in magical early literacy activities in the classroom and library

Children s Reading Comprehension and Assessment

Author : Scott G. Paris
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Originating in a recent CIERA conference held at the University of Michigan, this book brings together the nation's most distinguished researchers to examine how readers understand text and how comprehension is assessed. The first part provides both national and historical contexts for the study of reading comprehension. The second part examines how vocabulary, motivation, and expertise influence comprehension, and it includes analyses of the developmental course and correlates of comprehension. Chapters in the third part consider how schools focus on comprehension for instruction and assessment. The fourth part includes chapters on large-scale assessment that analyze how test formats and psychometric characteristics influence measures of reading comprehension. At the end of each part is a commentary--written by an expert--that reviews the chapters, critiques the main points, and synthesizes critical issues. Key features of this outstanding new book include: *Integration of Research and Practice--provides a bridge between conceptual issues studied by researchers concerned with reading comprehension theories and practical issues addressed by educators concerned with classroom instruction and assessment. *Comprehension Focus--provides a thorough history and rigorous research-based analyses of reading comprehension. *Assessment Focus--provides innovative approaches to comprehension assessment that include the influences of vocabulary, decoding, and motivation. *Synthetic Commentaries--provides periodic summaries that analyze and synthesize research, practices, and issues discussed in each part. *Expertise--contributing authors and commentators are highly respected authorities on reading comprehension (see table of contents). This text is appropriate for educational and psychological researchers, reading educators, and graduate students in education and psychology. It is part of the CIERA series, which includes the following volumes: Taylor and Pearson: Teaching Reading: Effective Schools, Accomplished Teachers (2002) Van Kleeck, Stahl, and Bauer: On Reading Books to Children: Parents and Teachers (2003) Hoffman and Schallert: The Texts in Elementary Classrooms (2005)