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Teach Me Russian

Author : Judy Mahoney
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Teaches Russian language basics with songs and games.

Sinclair Ross s As for Me and My House

Author : David Stouck
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In the past twenty years, as the structures of Canadian culture have begun to change, so has the fate of As For Me and My House.

Generation Me

Author : Jean M. Twenge
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Draws on more than a decade of research to identify the challenges being faced by today's young adults, offering insight into how unprecedented levels of competitiveness, economic imbalances, and changes in sexual dynamics are resulting in higher incidences of life dissatisfaction and psychological turmoil. Reprint. 35,000 first printing.

Hold Me

Author : Jules Feiffer
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THE STORY: Blending together a series of sketches, skits and vignettes, this delightful revue peoples the stage with the engaging and all-too-human characters made famous through the author's renowned cartoons. The theme is the plight of today's ci

Create in Me

Author : David M. Edwards
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One book in a series of three, each one featuring devotional writings based on the Psalms with an accompanying CD of worship music.

Audio Level Meter ME 71A FCC

Author :
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Tell Me a Story

Author : Roger C. Schank
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How are our memories, our narratives, and our intelligence interrelated? What can artificial intelligence and narratology say to each other? In this pathbreaking study by an expert on learning and computers, Roger C. Schank argues that artificial intelligence must be based on real human intelligence, which consists largely of applying old situations - and our narratives of them - to new situations in less than obvious ways. To design smart machines, Schank therefore investigated how people use narratives and stories, the nature and function of those narratives, and the connection of intelligence to both telling and listening. As Schank explains, "We need to tell someone else a story that describes our experiences because the process of creating the story also creates the memory structure that will contain the gist of the story for the rest of our lives. Talking is remembering." This first paperback edition includes an illuminating foreword by Gary Saul Morson.

Thug In Me

Author : Karen Williams
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Chance may have a good job, a nice home and a beautiful girlfriend, but he still has ties to his past, like his homeboy, Calhoun, a drug-selling deadbeat. Then Chance's upright life flips upside down when he's framed for murder and loses everything—his job, his home, his girlfriend and almost his mind. Behind bars, Chance's only ray of hope in his life is his pen pal, Deyja. . .. When he's released after seven years, he finds her, but he doesn't reveal his true identity to her. Deyja doesn't realize she's falling for her former pen pal. All she knows is she's finally found a man who satisfies her every desire. But when Chance's old friends creep back into his life, will his past destroy his future with the woman he loves?

I Hate You Don t Leave Me

Author : Jerold J. Kreisman
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A revised and updated edition of the bestselling guide to understanding borderline personality disorder. After more than two decades as the essential guide to Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), this new edition now reflects the most up- to-date research that has opened doors to the neurobiological, genetic, and developmental roots of the disorder as well as connections between BPD and substance abuse, sexual abuse, Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, ADHD, and eating disorders. Both pharmacological and psychotherapeutic advancements point to real hope for success in the treatment and understanding of BPD. This expanded and revised edition remains as accessible and useful as its predecessor and will reestablish this book as the go-to source for those diagnosed with BPD, their family, friends, and colleagues, as well as professionals and students in the field.