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Addicted To Noise

Author : Michael Goldberg
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Addicted to Noise collects the best interviews, profiles, and essays Michael Goldberg has written during his forty-plus years as a journalist. From combative interviews with Frank Zappa and Tom Waits to essays on how Jack Kerouac influenced Bob Dylan and the lasting importance of San Francisco’s first punk rock club, Goldberg, as novelist Dana Spiotta wrote, “shows us how consequential music can be.” Contained within these pages: interviews with Sleater-Kinney, Sonic Youth, Patti Smith, Lou Reed, Flipper, John Fogerty, Neil Young, and Rick James, along with profiles of Robbie Robertson, John Lee Hooker, James Brown, the Clash, Prince, Michael Jackson, the Flamin’ Groovies, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, X, Laurie Anderson, Stevie Wonder, George Clinton, Devo, San Francisco punks Crime, and more. Plus short takes on Muddy Waters, Townes Van Zandt, Captain Beefheart, Professor Longhair, and others. As Greil Marcus writes in the Foreword, “You can feel the atmosphere: someone has walked into a room with a pencil in his hand—as the words go in perhaps the first song about a music critic, not counting Chuck Berry’s aside about the writers at the rhythm reviews—and suddenly people are relaxed . . . He isn’t after your secrets. He doesn’t want to ruin your career to make his. He doesn’t care what you think you need to hide. He actually is interested in why and how you make your music and what you think of it. So people open up, very quickly, and, very quickly, as a reader, you’re not reading something you’ve read before.”

The Italian Lover

Author : Robert Hellenga
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An exhilarating novel of romance, art, and food in Florence, featuring the beloved Margot Harrington, who graced Robert Hellenga's The Sixteen Pleasures. Margot Harrington's memoir about her discovery in Florence of a priceless masterwork of Renaissance erotica -- and the misguided love affair it inspired - is now, 25 years later, being made into a movie. Margot, with the help of her lover, Woody, writes a script that she thinks will validate her life. Of course their script is not used, but never mind -- happy endings are the best endings for movies, as Margot eventually comes to see. At the former convent in Florence where The Sixteen Pleasures -- now called The Italian Lover - - is being filmed, Margot enters into a drama she never imagined, where her ideas of home, love, art, and aging collide with the imperatives of commerce and the unknowability of other cultures and other people.

Timoth e Chalamet

Author : Damien Carlisle
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Actor Timothée Chalamet has seemingly come out of nowhere, yet the young and talented New York-born actor—nominated already for his first Oscar award (Call Me by Your Name) by the age of twenty-one—is actually LaGuardia trained with a long pedigree of talent and tenacity. Greta Gerwig, the writer-director of the film Lady Bird, asserts that Timothée is “Christian Bale, Daniel Day-Lewis, Leonardo DiCaprio…a heartthrob but with thoroughbred acting chops.” In this (unofficial) biography, you’ll read interviews and accounts of and about Timothée’s background, personality, acting philosophy, friendships, influences, and, of course, his dramatic rise to fame. Who is this young celebrity? Why is he being hailed “the next Leonardo DiCaprio?” What are the current stand-out performances of his career? And most importantly, what’s next for this up-and-comer? See why GQ magazine calls Timothée Chalamet a “once-in-a-generation talent” and how this fascinating, multi-lingual rising star is “in possession of such preternatural talent that audiences start thinking about the actor’s future not in years but in decades.” These questions and more will be explored in Timothée Chalamet: An Unauthorized Biography.

Angel Flight

Author : R. D. Kardon
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Two determined women. The men they love. One desperate plan. Pilot Tris Miles is finally getting the recognition she deserves. She is a trusted captain and confidante to her boss at Westin Charter Company, and mentor to her young, ambitious co-pilot Bruce. Tris is offered a coveted promotion and the opportunity of a lifetime—to fly a prestigious “angel flight,” transporting a critically ill woman from a remote town in northern Canada to the US for medical treatment. But Tris needs more than professional success. Still alone almost three years after her lover Bron’s death, Tris meets Mike, a local pilot with a secret past he refuses to discuss. Their budding relationship stumbles when Mike gets hired by Westin Charter to compete for the promotion Tris was promised. As Tris & Mike’s professional battle intensifies, their personal relationship deepens. Life is getting a whole lot more complicated for Tris, and it’s about to get worse as the angel flight embarks. No one could imagine what awaits them in Canada, and how each will have to fight for their very lives on this mission of mercy.

Willow Man

Author : John Inman
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As a kid, Woody couldn't stop the killer Willow Man. Does he stand a chance as an adult?

Speaking Out

Author : Tanya Serisier
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This is the first critical study of feminist practices of ‘speaking out’ in response to rape. This book argues that feminist anti-rape politics are characterised by a belief in the transformative potential of women’s personal narratives of sexual violence. The political mobilisation of these narratives has been an incredibly successful strategy, but one with unresolved ethical questions and political limitations. The book explores both the successes and the unresolved questions through feminist archival materials, published narratives of sexual violence, and mass media and internet sources. It argues that that a rethinking of the role and place of women’s stories and the politics of speaking out is vital for a rethinking of feminist politics around sexual violence and key to fresh approaches to combating this violence.

Zen and the Art of Faking It

Author : Jordan Sonnenblick
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From masterfully funny and poignant Jordan Sonnenblick, a story that will have everyone searching for their inner Zen. Meet San Lee, a (sort of) innocent teenager, who moves against his will to a new town. Things get interesting when he (sort of) invents a new past for himself, which makes him incredibly popular. In fact, his whole school starts to (sort of) worship him, just because he (sort of) accidentally gave the impression that he’s a reincarnated mystic. When things start to unravel, San needs to find some real wisdom in a hurry. Can he patch things up with his family, save himself from bodily harm, stop being an outcast, and maybe even get the girl?

William s War

Author : Beverley J. Tucker
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William's War details a young boys wish to follow in his father's footsteps and become a soldier. When the world is gripped by yet another world war, he is tested to the limit of his endurance, and doesn't know if he can survive the terrors of incarceration at the hands of the enemy. Cherishing his faded photographs, one of the only possessions he has managed to hang on to, gives him the strength to survive, but will it be enough? Back home, personal tragedy strikes, his family’s world is turned upside down, as the dreaded telegram reads, "Missing presumed killed." William’s beloved Annie can only wonder, will she ever see him again?

Sudden Death Overtime

Author : David Crump
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The football game is tied. It’s in sudden death overtime. And that's when three Islamic extremists trigger an explosion that kills over 100 innocent spectators. The men who did it are promptly caught and charged with capital murder, but everyone knows that there are more guilty people behind the act. There are banks, or foundations, or governments who fronted this terrorism. Terrorists need money. Families of the victims ask attorney Robert Herrick—the “Lawyer for the Little Guy”—to bring the financiers to justice. It’s a tough claim, and he declines . . . but eventually he's persuaded to take the case. Nothing about this lawsuit is easy, from preparing the court papers, to discovering who did it and how, to presenting enough proof at trial. Herrick will have to use all of his skills to have a fighting chance at making his claim, and—once the terrorists target him too—he’ll have to scramble to save his own life. “. . . A fascinating international legal thriller . . . penetrating the world of a foreign legal system and fashioning a tale that only a legal expert could tell.” — Gary Taylor, Pulitzer Prize Nominee Journalist; Author of true-crime bestseller Luggage by Kroger “Sudden Death Overtime . . . demonstrates that a great lawyer is a skilled storyteller. David Crump makes it real, through lessons learned in the school of hard knocks—which may be the best law school in the country.” — Lynne Liberato, Past President, State Bar of Texas “David Crump . . . knows his courtroom procedure and trial tactics. I like reading his legal fiction, which has the authentic ring of truth, but [in his job as a law professor] he would scare the hell out of me in class.” — Michael A. Olivas, Professor of Law and Former President, American Association of Law Schools

The Luck of the Devil

Author : Barbara Metzger
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When Rowanne Wimberley meets Carey Delverson, one of the Delverson Devils, at Almack’s, he is about to join his regiment in the Peninsula. Carey’s service is grueling, and his new sense of responsibility makes him offer (unsuccessfully) for a young relative. Rowanne isn’t waiting for this devil to capture her, but she’s in no hurry to settle for a man she doesn’t love. Regency Romance by Barbara Metzger; originally published by Fawcett