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Me Myself and Prague

Author : Rachael Weiss
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Funny, flippant and fabulous travel writing, this is the story of Rachael's year in Prague. Armed only with a romantic soul, a need to get away from her overbearing family and a 1973 guide to communist Czechoslovakia, Rachael heads off in search of adventure, love and her Bohemian roots. This hilarious and surprising memoir of hope, courage and friendship is a delightful unreliable guide to Bohemia.

The Thing About Prague

Author : Rachael Weiss
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When Rachael Weiss left a good job, Thelma the cat and a normal life in Sydney for the romantic dream of being a writer in Prague she intended to stay forever. She lasted just three years, exasperated by the eccentricities of her ancestral city and its mind-boggling bureaucracy and customs. In this surprising and generous memoir full of warmth and unstoppable sociability, Rachael attempts to write her great novel, buy an apartment (any apartment!), dodge unscrupulous employers, and perhaps find love. She gets lost in the woods with a Kyrgyzstani software engineer who wants to eat humans, finds herself leading services at the Spanish synagogue with no real idea of what she is doing and spends long nights drinking beer with a colourful cast of crazy, warm and slightly mad locals and expats. Rich in absurdities and gentle humour, The Thing About Prague... is rife with insight, culture clashes, friendships and above all charm.

Moon Prague Vienna Budapest

Author : Jennifer D. Walker
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Whether you're sipping Czech beer with locals or exploring hilltop castles, get to know these fairytale cities with Moon Prague, Vienna & Budapest. Inside you'll find: Flexible itineraries for 1 to 5 days in Prague, Vienna, and Budapest that can be combined into a longer trip Strategic advice for foodies, art lovers, history buffs, and more Must-see highlights and unique experiences: Enjoy classical music in Vienna, wander through labyrinthine Habsburg palaces, or soak in Budapest's thermal Széchenyi baths. Hike through the Vienna Woods or bike through the Wachau Valley, where ruined castles, vineyards, and rolling hills line the banks of the Danube. Admire the works of Klimt and Schiele in Vienna's glamorous galleries, take in the festive atmosphere at Prague's Christmas markets, and walk across the romantic Charles Bridge as the sun sets over the Vltava The best local flavors: Sip a Melange in a cozy booth of a classic Viennese coffeehouse, sample local wine at a Hungarian vineyard, and kick back with a pint of pilsner at one of Prague's beer gardens Ideas for side trips from each city, including Liberec, Danube Bend, Lake Balaton, and the Kutná Hore Bone Church Honest insight from Budapest local Jennifer Walker and Prague local Auburn Scallon Full-color photos and detailed maps throughout Background information on the landscape, history, and cultural customs of each city Handy tools such as visa information, Hungarian, German, and Czech phrasebooks, and tips for traveling with children or as a senior Experience the best of these three cities at your own pace with Moon Prague, Vienna & Budapest. Exploring more of Europe's top spots? Check out Moon Rome, Florence & Venice or Moon Barcelona & Madrid.

The Prague Sonata

Author : Bradford Morrow
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Pages of a weathered original sonata manuscript - the gift of a Czech immigrant living in Queens - come into the hands of Meta Taverner, a young musicologist whose concert piano career was cut short by an injury. The gift comes with the request that Meta find the manuscript's true owner - a Prague friend the old woman has not heard from since the Second World War forced them apart - and to make the three-part sonata whole again. Leaving New York behind for the land of Dvorák and Kafka, Meta sets out on an unforgettable search to locate the remaining movements of the sonata and uncover a story that has influenced the course of many lives, even as it becomes clear that she isn't the only one seeking the music's secrets.

Prague Summer

Author : Jeffrey Condran
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Stefanie and Henry are Americans living in Prague; she works for the State Department, he is a rare books dealer. They live the life of a comfortably married couple—morning coffee at the same cafe every day, social events with the same small group of friends, a little too much to drink in the evenings and a single episode of Poirot every night before bed. Until one day their world is turned upside down by the arrival from the States of Stefanies old friend, Selma Al-Khateeb whose husband has been mysteriously arrested and indefinitely imprisoned. At first it appears that Selma has come to escape her problems, but soon her reasons for coming to Prague grow sinister and murky. Stefanie and Henrys placid existence is turned upside down in ways they couldnt have imagined.

Letters from Prague

Author : Raya C. Schapiro
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Raya Schapiro and Helga Weinberg found a box of letters among their mother’s effects after her death in 1990. They were written by their grandmother and uncle, trapped in Prague after the Nazi occupation, to the girls’ parents who had escaped to the United States in May, 1939, leaving the two girls, who were five and seven years old at the time, behind. The 77 letters reprinted here span a period of two years, during which the Nazis drew an ever-tightening noose of destruction around the Jews of Prague: each letter is followed by notes of explanation and amplification, as well as notes on Nazi laws and official restrictions and the progress of war. Each letter has a censor’s stamp on it; each envelope bears the still frightening emblem of the Third Reich. The letters dramatically convey the tension, growing daily, of existence under the Nazis, and their tone becomes increasingly desperate as every avenue of escape reaches a dead end.

Prague My Long Journey Home

Author : Charles Ota Heller
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Author Charles Ota Heller’s early childhood in Czechoslovakia was idyllic, but his safe and happy world didn’t last long, Three years after his birth, Germany forced an occupation of his country; afterward, most of his young life consisted of running and hiding. His life, just like those of the other youths who lived in Europe during the late 1930s and early 1940s, was shaped forever by the dangers, horrors, and unsettling events he experienced. In this memoir, Heller, born Ota Karel Heller, narrates his family’s story—a family nearly destroyed by the Nazis. Son of a mixed marriage, he was raised a Catholic and was unaware of his Jewish roots, even after his father escaped to join the British army and fifteen members of his family disappeared. Prague: My Long Journey Home tells of his Christian mother being sent to a slave labor camp and of his hiding on a farm to avoid deportation to a death camp. With the war coming to a close, Heller tells of how he picked up a revolver and shot a Nazi when he was just nine years old. Heller, now an assimilated American, left the horrors of the past—along with his birth name—behind to live the proverbial American Dream. In his memoir, he recalls how two cataclysmic events following Czechoslovakia’s Velvet Revolution brought him face-to-face with demons of his former life. On his personal journey Heller discovered and embraced his heritage—one which he had abandoned decades earlier.

The Prague Cemetery

Author : Umberto Eco
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Nineteenth-century Europe abounds with conspiracy both ghastly and mysterious. Jesuits plot against Freemasons. Italian priests are strangled with their own intestines. French criminals plan bombings by day and celebrate black masses by night. Every nation has its own secret service, perpetrating forgeries, plots, and massacres. But what if, behind all of these conspiracies, lies just one man?

Prague in Danger

Author : Peter Demetz
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A dramatic account of life in Czechoslovakia's great capital during the Nazi Protectorate With this successor book to Prague in Black and Gold, his account of more than a thousand years of Central European history, the great scholar Peter Demetz focuses on just six short years—a tormented, tragic, and unforgettable time. He was living in Prague then—a "first-degree half-Jew," according to the Nazis' terrible categories—and here he joins his objective chronicle of the city under German occupation with his personal memories of that period: from the bitter morning of March 15, 1939, when Hitler arrived from Berlin to set his seal on the Nazi takeover of the Czechoslovak government, until the liberation of Bohemia in April 1945, after long seasons of unimaginable suffering and pain. Demetz expertly interweaves a superb account of the German authorities' diplomatic, financial, and military machinations with a brilliant description of Prague's evolving resistance and underground opposition. Along with his private experiences, he offers the heretofore untold history of an effervescent, unstoppable Prague whose urbane heart went on beating despite the deportations, murders, cruelties, and violence: a Prague that kept its German- and Czech-language theaters open, its fabled film studios functioning, its young people in school and at work, and its newspapers on press. This complex, continually surprising book is filled with rare human detail and warmth, the gripping story of a great city meeting the dual challenge of occupation and of war.

The Prague Spring 1968

Author : Jarom¡r Navr til
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"In addition to revealing the events surrounding the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968, this is the first book to document a Cold War crisis from both sides of the Iron Curtain. It is based on unprecedented access to the previously closed archives of each member of the Warsaw Pact, as well as once highly classified American documents from the National Security Council, CIA, and other intelligence agencies." "Presented in a highly readable volume, the book offers top-level documents from Kremlin Politburo meetings, multilateral sessions of the Warsaw Pact leading up to the decision to invade, transcripts of KGB-recorded telephone conversations between Leonid Brezhnev and Alexander Dubcek." "To provide a historical and political context, the editors have prepared essays to introduce each section of the volume. A chronology, glossary and bibliography offer further background information for the reader." "The editors have a unique perspective to offer to foreign audiences since they are members of the commission appointed by Vaclav Havel to investigate the events of 1967-1970."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

A Death in Prague

Author : Victor Lana
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The Witch of Prague

Author : Francis Marion Crawford
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Marion Crawford's take on a witch in?The Witch of Prague?adds a new dimension to this magical creature. This book deals with the love life of the witch?Unorna.

Women of Prague

Author : Wilma Iggers
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For many centuries Prague has exerted a particular fascination because of its beauty and therichness of its culture and history. Its famous group of German and Czech writers of mostly Jewish extraction in the earlier part of this century has deeply influenced Western culture.However, little attention has so far been paid to the roles of women in the history of thisethnically diverse area in around Prague. Based on largely autobiographical writings and letters by women and enhanced by extensive historical introduction, this book redresses a serious imbalance. The vivid and often moving portraits, which emerge from the varied material used bythe author, offer fascinating and new insights into the social and cultural history of this region.

Onward and Upward

Author : Jim Neglia
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For years, I have wanted to write a book about the relentless determination it takes to succeed in the arts. Whether as a young artist in New York City, as a music coordinator of a Broadway musical, or as a musician traveling through Europe, I will share with you excitement, acclaim, and culture. Onward and Upward is the true account of my pursuit of a dream; a career in music. In this around-the-world journey, I share my stories of culture, family, laughter, friendship, wisdom, and heartache, with a generous splash of the likes of Strauss, motorcycle chases, and Hollywood. Any aspiring artist, would-be world traveler, or entrepreneur, will benefit from reading this book. Learn from another's experience about dedication, passion, and culture. Partly by means of behind-the-scene memoirs, partly by means of journal entries, we will walk hand in hand on this most extraordinary journey through a life in the arts.

The Novels of F Marion Crawford The witch of Prague

Author : Francis Marion Crawford
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Jewish Stories of Prague

Author : V. V. Tomek
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For more than eight centuries, the Jews of Prague lived in the Prague ghetto. During that time, Jewish Prague had always been a place of much mystery to outsiders, even to the closest Christian neighbors. Uncover the secrets of this long forgotten world. Learn about how the famous Old-New Synagogue received its name; about the four words that saved the Prague Jews in the Middle Ages; about Rabbi Loew and his Golem who could be brought to life by inserting a magic card into his mouth; about the Candelabra of Jerusalem finding its way to Prague; about hard-working Maisel and his inheritance; about how the faith of Pinkas was tried; about learned Rabbi Rashi's grave; and about much more.

The Prague Orgy

Author : Philip Roth
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In search of the unpublished manuscript of a martyred Yiddish writer, American novelist Nathan Zuckerman travels to Soviet-occupied Prague in the mid-1970s. There, in a nation straightjacketed by totalitarian Communism, he discovers a literary predicament marked by an institutionalised oppression that is rather different from his own. He also discovers, among the subjugated writers with whom he quickly becomes embroiled in a series of bizarre and poignant adventures, an appealingly perverse kind of heroism. The Prague Orgy, consisting of entries from Zuckerman's notebooks recording his sojourn among these outcast artists, completes the trilogy and epilogue Zuckerman Bound. It provides a startling ending to Roth's intricately designed magnum opus on the unforeseen consequences of art.


Author : Matthew Lane
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One Interrail Pass. A strong sense of adventure. A will to travel wherever. A plan to have no plan. The story of my 37 day trip around Europe, taking in sixteen countries, from the wilds of Finnish Lapland to beautiful Budapest and romantic, sophisticated Paris via the small town charm of Zakopane, problems only arising when my plan to have no plan philosophy hit some serious snags. Highlights included watching football in Tallinn with a Tony Soprano lookalike, being saved from homelessness by Finland's third best wrestler, the wonder of Norway's stunning landscape, the surprises offered by Krakow and Bratislava, and a perfect last night in Paris. Lowlights included an ill-advised night hike through the Norwegian mountains, stalker issues in Geneva, budget shattering prices in Scandinavia, a tourist crisis in Prague, police drama in Western Austria, and plenty of last minute dashes for trains and buses. All in all, one mighty rollercoaster ride of fun, loneliness, wonder, anxiety, adrenaline, panic and every other emotion under the sun.

Czechoslovakia between Stalin and Hitler

Author : Igor Lukes
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The Munich crisis of 1938, in which Great Britain and France decided to appease Hitler's demands to annex the Sudentenland, has provoked a vast amount of historical writing. The era has been thoroughly examined from the perspectives of Germans, French, and British political establishments. But historians have had, until now, only a vague understanding of the roles played by the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia, the country whose very existence was at the very center of the crisis. In Czechoslovakia Between Stalin and Hitler, Igor Lukes explores this turbulent and tragic era from the new perspective of the Prague government itself. At the center of this study is Edvard Benes, a Czechoslovak foreign policy strategist and a major player in the political machinations of the era. The work looks at the first two decades of Benes's diplomacy and analyzes the Prague Government's attempts to secure the existence of the Republic of Czechoslovakia in the treacherous space between the millstones of the East and West. It studies Benes's relationship with Joseph Stalin, outlines the role assigned to Czechoslovak communists by the VIIth Congress of the Communist International in 1935, and dissects Prague's secret negotiations with Berlin and Benes's role in the famous Tukhachevsky affair. The work also brings evidence regarding the so-called partial mobilization of the Czechoslovak army in May 1938, and focuses on Stalin's strategic thinking on the eve of the World War II. Until the fall of the Berlin Wall, it was difficult for Western researchers to gain access to the rich archival collections of the East. Czechoslovakia Between Stalin and Hitler makes ample use of these secret archives, both in Prague and in Russia. As a result, it is an accurate and original rendition of the events which eventually sparked the Second World War.

A Boy of Old Prague

Author : Sulamith Ish-Kishor
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When a young peasant in sixteenth-century Prague is caught stealing, the lord of the manor sentences him to service in the Jewish ghetto, where he discovers unexpected kindness.