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Me Just Like You Only Better

Author : Jim Benton
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Jamie Kelly writes in her diary about her "flawless" friend, Angeline, her favorite band, and all the trials and tribulations of middle school.

Dear Dumb Diary 12 Me Just Like You Only Better

Author : Jim Benton
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There are more than 5 million Dear Dumb Diary books in print! Bestselling author Jamie Kelly is back with an all-new, all-funny diary! But she has no idea that anybody is reading it. So please, please, please don't tell her. Dear Dumb Diary, I went five whole days without seeing or hearing from Angeline. I was beginning to get used to it. It's true that I have learned to overlook many of Angeline's flaws, like her flawlessness, but she can still be difficult to be around. Like when she's lit perfectly, for example. To my extreme credit, I have learned to pretend to ignore Angeline's failure to not be perfect.

Just Like Me Only Better

Author : Carol Snow
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From the author of Here Today, Gone to Maui, the story of a woman who finally got a life...some else's. Ever since Veronica's husband found the love of his life-not her-she's been a walking zombie with runny mascara. It doesn't help that she keeps getting mistaken for Haley Rush-the Hollywood starlet whose dazzling life is plastered on every magazine. When Haley's manager offers Veronica a job as a celebrity double, it only takes a moment before she says yes. Veronica gets to drive Haley's car, wear her phenomenal clothes-and have fun with her hot celebrity boyfriend, Brady Ellis. Too bad the job's only part-time, and at the end of the day she has to return to her life as a cash-strapped substitute teacher and cub scout mom. But when real sparks fly with Brady, is it a fantasy come true or a disaster in disguise?

Me Again Only Better

Author : Francesca Sammarco
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I was experiencing another panic attack, so I did what I usually do when I develop one of my episodes, which is to sit down and write. So I wrote down Me Again, Only Better. It did not start to have it become a story of any kind, that is, until it was. The more I invested into what I was saying, the more clarity I was able to obtain. It became my point of reference. I had questions; I answered them. I had fears; I conquered them. I had extreme financial dilemmas; I am not doing badly in that department these days, thank heavens. I got knocked down a lot; I got back up a lot. I used all the tools and blessings that I had at my disposal to finally bring myself to a place of peace and understanding. And by understanding that through all life’s uncertainties, if you keep your head above water and keep on trying, nothing is impossible or out of your reach. Trust me on this.

You Only Better

Author : Bonni Hamilton
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Dear Reader, We all want to be better—better in our relationships, better at balancing our crazy busy lives, better at giving the environment a helping hand, better about the foods we eat, or better at cutting ourselves some slack—we can all stand a bit of improvement in one area of life or another. We have what it takes within us to become better. Sometimes we just need a little nudge. Enter: You Only Better. Because better manifests differently for each of us, we’re offering a wide array of content, covering areas that will inspire superior health, incite greater perspective, and nurture more peaceful living. We’re positive you’ll find something in these pages that speaks to you, provokes you, or informs you. In this inaugural issue, you’ll find an interview with our Pioneers of Possibility R.U. Sirius and Jay Cornell, authors of Transcendence, “a refreshingly pro-human report on transhumanism and the ‘Rapture of the Nerds’” as Douglas Rushkoff put it. Knocking On Heaven’s Door includes a piece from Robert Kopecky’s How to Survive Life (and Death)—he’s someone who died three times and came back to share some pretty wild stories. Life coach M.J. Ryan offers five instant happiness boosters and Mark Nepo provides a meditative exercise—both of these New York Times bestselling authors appear in our Five-Part Harmony column. Laura Bond helps us clean up our act in Holy Holistics, Mandy Mitchell whips up a tasty recipe in A Seat at the Table, and At the Home of Poe might be best enjoyed After Midnight. We have two Heads-Up columns this month: one provides an overview of lucid dreaming—what it is and how to identify your own—courtesy of lucid dream specialists Robert Waggoner and Caroline McCready, and the second from an agoraphobe who kicked anxiety to the curb and now helps others do the same. In Embrace Your Inner Monster, Sarah Christiansen Fu alerts us to the bad, the worse, and the downright nasty characteristics of those under the Aquarius and Pisces zodiac signs (all in good fun). We want to hear from you! Give us feedback on articles we’ve published or ideas about ones you think we should. Let us know any random acts of kindness you’ve witnessed or about folks that are giving back in unique ways; we’ll be selecting reader contributions for future issues. Reach us at [email protected] Better is… better. We’re in this together. Bonni Hamilton, Editor

Dear Dumb Diary 5 Can Adults Become Human

Author : Jim Benton
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Read the hilarious, candid (and sometimes not-so-nice), diaries of Jamie Kelly, who promises that everything in her diary is true...or at least as true as it needs to be. Dear Dumb Diary, My social studies teacher, Mr. VanDoy, never smiles. I know that's hard to believe, because everybody smiles about something, right? Isabella smiles when her brothers get in trouble. Angeline smiles when she thinks about how much prettier she is than, like, a waterfall or a unicorn. I smile when I think about a unicorn kicking Angeline over a waterfall. But Mr. VanDoy doesn't smile at all. I wonder if when you become an adult, you can lose your sense of humor the way you lose your teeth or hair or fashion sense.

Dear Dumb Diary 9 That s What Friends Aren t For

Author : Jim Benton
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Bestselling author Jamie Kelly is back with an all-new, all-funny diary! But she has no idea that anybody is reading it. So please, please, please don't tell her. Dear Dumb Diary, So now I'm friends with Angeline. This is automatic friendship, and I have to just accept it and make the best of things. See, if I objected, then Aunt Carol might divorce Angeline's uncle, sending both of them tumbling into a deep pit of depression for the rest of their lives, and Angeline could wind up feeling so guilty that she would have to go be locked up in an old dirty insane asylum for years and years, and Stinker's puppies could grow up not knowing both their parents --- and I couldn't live with myself for doing something like that to a puppy.

The Year s Best Science Fiction Thirtieth Annual Collection

Author : Gardner Dozois
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In the new millennium, what secrets lay beyond the far reaches of the universe? What mysteries belie the truths we once held to be self evident? The world of science fiction has long been a porthole into the realities of tomorrow, blurring the line between life and art. Now, in The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirtieth Annual Collection the very best SF authors explore ideas of a new world through their short stories. This venerable collection brings together award winning authors and masters of the field such as Robert Reed, Alastair Reynolds, Damien Broderick, Elizabeth Bear, Paul McAuley and John Barnes. And with an extensive recommended reading guide and a summation of the year in science fiction, this annual compilation has become the definitive must-read anthology for all science fiction fans and readers interested in breaking into the genre. The multiple Locus Award-winning annual compilation of the year's best science fiction stories


Author : Steven Brust
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In which Vlad Taltos confronts the Left Hand of the Jhereg...and discovers the game has more players than he thought Vlad Taltos, short-statured, short-lived human in an Empire of tall, long-lived Dragaerans, has always had to keep his wits about him. Long ago, he made a place for himself as a captain of the Jhereg, the noble house that runs the rackets in the great imperial city of Adrilankha. But love, revolution, betrayal, and revenge ensued, and for years now Vlad has been a man on the run, struggling to stay a step ahead of the Jhereg who would kill him without hesitation. Now Vlad's back in Adrilankha. The rackets he used to run are now under the control of the mysterious "Left Hand of the Jhereg"—a secretive cabal of women who report to no man. His ex-wife needs his help. His old enemies aren't sure whether they want to kill him, or talk to him and then kill him. A goddess may be playing tricks with his memory. And the Great Weapon he's carrying seems to have plans of its own... Picking up directly where Issola left off, Dzur gives us Vlad Taltos at his best—swashbuckling storytelling with a wry and gritty edge. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

No Greater Love Box Set

Author : Amanda Prowse
File Size : 38.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Please be aware the following product is a collection of three novels already published by Amanda Prowse. It is not a new novel. Amanda Prowse's NO GREATER LOVE collection features three interlinked novels about love, loss, courage and the search for happiness. They feature characters whose histories interweave through the generations: ordinary men and women who do extraordinary things for love. They are stories to keep you from switching off the bedside lamp at night, stories to remember long after the final page is turned... This collection brings together POPPY DAY, WHAT HAVE I DONE? and CLOVER'S CHILD, and features an exclusive preview of the next novel in the series, A LITTLE LOVE.

Demon Moon

Author : Meljean Brook
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Deadly creatures from the realm of Chaos herald the return of an imprisoned nosferatu horde, and the bond between a vampire and his lover is their only protection-and their only passion.

Love Letters

Author : Sandra Leigh Savage
File Size : 49.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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When author Sandra Leigh Savages husband committed suicide in 1997, she went into isolation for a year. In this memoir, she shares her journey from the grief she experienced to her vision of a great new life. Love Letters, a collection of letters begun in September 2010, provides a snapshot of Savages sorrows, joys, and reflections. Through these vignettes, she says her good-byes, notes her thanks, and provides advice for those who may have experienced the death of a spouse. This collection provides insight into how she survived the death of her husband, came to know and believe in the saving grace of God, and made the decision to stay on this earth to fulfill Gods wishes. Emotional and self-disclosing, Love Letters shares Savages personal message of living each day with no regrets. Through her life events, she expresses how placing your trust in the Lord can guide you through lifes bad moments and help you to full appreciate lifes good moments.

The Future We Wish We Had

Author : Martin H. Greenberg
File Size : 45.32 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The future holds endless possibilities... This volume inclues 16 intriguing visions of tomorrow. Features stories by: Esther M. Friesner Brenda Cooper Kevin J. Anderson P. R. Frost Mike Resnick James Patrick Kelly Lisanne Norman Dean Wesley Smith Irene Radford Kristine Kathryn Rusch And more... For all of those who thought that by now that they'd be driving along the skyways in their own personal jet car, who assumed that humans would have established bases on the Moon and Mars, or that diseases would have been conqured, the aging process slowed to a crawl, and war eliminated along with social injustice -- here are sixteen stories of futures that might someday be reality.

Fields Of Gold

Author : Marie Bostwick
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This would be easier if I were writing about someone else. Then I could change it, fatten up the thin parts and leave out the dull ones, turning them twice like frayed collars and cuffs, making them over into something more romantic than they really were, but then the remembering would be neither so painful, nor so sweet. I suppose you can't have one without the other. . . Evangeline Glennon knows plenty about life's highs and lows. Still, she feels lucky, surrounded as she is by people who care deeply: Papa, who's never lost his Irish brogue or the twinkle in his eye; endlessly practical, generous Mama; and steadfast best friend Ruby. Romance would be too much for a girl like Eva to expect. Then again, love has a tendency to find those who aren't looking for it. . . Out of a clear blue sky, a dashing young aviator makes an impossibly gentle landing in Papa's Oklahoma wheat field. After taking her up in his plane, "Slim" leaves Eva with an exhilarating new perspective--and an even more precious gift that changes her forever. But that's only the beginning. The world is changing, too--and only the strongest in body and spirit will weather what is to come. Now, while tracing from afar the progress of the brave young barnstormer she knew so briefly, Eva stitches her heart and soul into intricate quilts whose images take extraordinary form from the heartbreak and joy of parallel lives. . . "A lyrical, lush, and lovely novel from a clever and talented new writer." --Jane Green "A gripping, heartwarming story. . .complete with fascinating characters and a page-turning plot." --Dorothy Garlock Marie Bostwick Skinner was born and raised in the Northwest. Since marrying the love of her life twenty-three years ago, she has never known a moment's boredom. Marie and her family have moved a score of times, living in eight U.S. states and two Mexican cities, and collecting a vast and cherished array of friends and experiences. Marie now lives with her husband and three handsome sons in Connecticut where she writes, reads, quilts, and is privileged to serve the women of her local church.

Blue Skies

Author : Catherine Anderson
File Size : 39.89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Two people discover the healing power of love in this Coulter Family romance from New York Times bestselling author Catherine Anderson. Carly Adams feels as if she’s been given a new lease on life. Born with a rare eye disease, she was blind until a recent operation restored her sight. Now, she’s eager to experience everything the world has to offer—including the sweet talk of a handsome cowboy who rouses her desire… Hank Coulter has no plans to settle down, until he discovers that Carly Adams is carrying his child—a pregnancy that threatens her eyesight. Obsessed with making things right, he bullies the blue-eyed beauty into marrying him. With her radiant smile and remarkable goodness, Carly is exactly the kind of wife he’d always imagined by his side. But if Hank wants their practical arrangement to become permanent, he’s going to have to convince Carly that one moment of risk can bring about a lifetime of joy… From the Paperback edition.

Jesus I Don t Understand

Author : Joyce Williams Graves
File Size : 77.68 MB
Format : PDF
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Facing tragedy in her life, seventeen-year-old Rachel McDonald goes on a spiritual journey as Christ Jesus answers her questions. Rachel knows that God loves her, but she still is unclear about why bad things have happened to her, her sister, and her best friend. This narrative study explains God’s love and compassion for Rachel and for everyone through the inspired Word of His Son, Christ Jesus. Jesus, I Don’t Understand describes God’s endless love, mercy, and grace as Christ Jesus speaks to Rachel’s heart as only a Father could. Rachel, a young Christian girl, attends a Bible study class every Wednesday with her best friend, Matthew Lacy. When a terrible accident occurs, however, it changes her faith in the goodness of God and His promises. All the things she learned in her Bible study classes begin to unravel for her. She feels alone and confused, and she has three important questions for Christ Jesus: Why do children die so young? Why do young people get sick? Are we really going to heaven when we die?


Author : Kalisha Buckhanon
File Size : 81.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"Baby, the first thing I need to know from you is do you believe I killed my father?" So begins Upstate, a powerful story told through letters between seventeen-year-old Antonio and his sixteen-year-old girlfriend, Natasha, set in the 1990's in New York. Antonio and Natasha's world is turned upside down, and their young love is put to the test, when Antonio finds himself in jail, accused of a shocking crime. Antonio fights to stay alive on the inside, while on the outside, Natasha faces choices that will change her life. Over the course of a decade, they share a desperate correspondence. Often, they have only each other to turn to as life takes them down separate paths and leaves them wondering if they will ever find their way back together. Startling, real, and filled with raw emotion, Upstate is an unforgettable coming-of-age story with a message of undeniable hope. Brilliant and profoundly felt, it is destined to speak to a new generation of readers.

Moving Is Murder

Author : Sara Rosett
File Size : 60.32 MB
Format : PDF
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"A fun debut for an appealing young heroine." --Carolyn Hart Meet military spouse, soccer mom, professional organizer, and savvy sleuth, Ellie Avery! Moving four times in five years has honed Air Force wife Ellie Avery's packing and unpacking skills. But moving with a newborn daughter and husband Mitch in tow, during a heat wave, is enough to make her turn to chocolate for comfort. And when Ellie finds a local environmentalist dead on the side of the road, her instincts tell her this was no accident ... Ellie snoops into the activist's suspicious demise, only to realize she's getting closer to the killer . . . maybe too close! This first Ellie Avery mystery launched a series that continues to win readers' hearts. Includes great tips for an organized move! "A fresh new voice...a terrific read." --Denise Swanson "Rosett's cute cozy debut introduces perky Ellie appealing heroine." –Publishers Weekly "Armed with her baby and her wits, Ellie Avery battles to unmask a wily killer in this exciting debut mystery." –Nancy J. Cohen

Johnny Got His Gun

Author : Dalton Trumbo
File Size : 55.78 MB
Format : PDF
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The Searing Portrayal Of War That Has Stunned And Galvanized Generations Of Readers An immediate bestseller upon its original publication in 1939, Dalton Trumbo’s stark, profoundly troubling masterpiece about the horrors of World War I brilliantly crystallized the uncompromising brutality of war and became the most influential protest novel of the Vietnam era. Johnny Got His Gun is an undisputed classic of antiwar literature that’s as timely as ever. “A terrifying book, of an extraordinary emotional intensity.”--The Washington Post "Powerful. . . an eye-opener." --Michael Moore "Mr. Trumbo sets this story down almost without pause or punctuation and with a fury amounting to eloquence."--The New York Times "A book that can never be forgotten by anyone who reads it."--Saturday Review

How to Write About Music

Author :
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If writing about music is like dancing about architecture, you'd do best to hone your chops and avoid clichés (like the one that begins this sentence) by learning from the prime movers. How to Write About Music offers a selection of the best writers on what is perhaps our most universally beloved art form. Selections from the critically-acclaimed 33 1/3 series appear alongside new interviews and insights from authors like Lester Bangs, Chuck Klosterman, Owen Pallet, Ann Powers and Alex Ross. How to Write About Music includes primary sources of inspiration from a variety of go-to genres such as the album review, the personal essay, the blog post and the interview along with tips, writing prompts and advice from the writers themselves. Music critics of the past and the present offer inspiration through their work on artists like Black Sabbath, Daft Punk, J Dilla, Joy Division, Kanye West, Neutral Milk Hotel, Radiohead, Pussy Riot and countless others. How to Write About Music is an invaluable text for all those who have ever dreamed of getting their music writing published and a pleasure for everyone who loves to read about music.