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Max and Moritz and Other Bad Boy Stories and Tricks

Author : Wilhelm Busch
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Busch's work is considered by many to be the first with the look and feel of a true comic strip, and it served as a model for the first modern strip, Randolph Dirk's "Katzenjammer Kids."

Max and Moritz

Author : Wilhelm Busch
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Theoretical Inquiries in Law

Author :
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Immortal Comedy

Author : Agnes Heller
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This book is the first attempt to think philosophically about the comic phenomenon in literature, art, and life. Working across a substantial collection of comic works author Agnes Heller makes seminal observations on the comic in the work of both classical and contemporary figures. Whether she's discussing Shakespeare, Kafka, Rabelais, or the paintings of Brueghel and Daumier Heller'sImmortal Comedy makes a characteristic contribution to modern thought across the humanities.

Ferns of the Vicinity of New York

Author : John Kunkel Small
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90 species of true fern allies covered in detail. 85 full-page drawings, 13 keys, etc.

The Boleti of North Carolina

Author : William Chambers Coker
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Comprehensive, definitive study of various Boletus, Boletinus, Strobilomyces mushrooms found in North Carolina, neighboring states. Most useful in other parts of country too. 66 plates, 6 in color.

Mushrooms of the Great Lake Region The Fleshy Leathery and Woody Fungi of Illinois Indiana Ohio and the Southern Half of Wisconsin and of Michigan

Author : Verne Ovid Graham
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Mushrooms of the Great Lakes region : the fleshy, leathery, and woody fungi of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and the southern half of Wisconsin and of Michigan by Verne Ovid Graham. The author with help of many others, has examined hundreds of specimens over a period of years. The softer forms, not easily compared with dried specimens, were repeatedly identified and their characteristics checked against the best available descriptions. In many cases additional, field notes, helpful for identification, have been included with the descriptions. This early work by Verne Ovid Graham was first published in 1944 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introduction.

The Romance of the Fungus World

Author : R. T. and F. W. Rolfe
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Mankind has always had a love-hate relationship with fungi. On the positive side, edible mushrooms and truffles are gastronomic delights, and certain fungi possess medicinal properties. On the other hand, many mushrooms are poisonous, and fungi can inflict costly damage on crops and other property. This captivating book explores both sides of the story, examining aspects usually overlooked in texts and field guides. The survey begins with fungi lore from mythology and legends, focusing particularly on the plants' association with devils, witches, and fairies. A balanced portrait of fungi in the real world considers not only the ruin caused by the plants but also their uses in medicine and industry and as foods. Ranging far and wide in its topics, the narrative offers a light touch and plenty of enthusiasm, making this book fun for everyone with even a casual interest in mushrooms. In addition, serious mushroom hunters will find this volume a practical reference and a fascinating resource for leisurely browsing.

The Gentleman Mr Shattuck

Author : John T. Galvin
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The Upani ads Ch ndogya Upani ad Talavak ra Kena Upani ad Aitareya Upani ad Kau tak Upani ad V jasaneyi Upani ad

Author : Friedrich Max Müller
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Author : Max von Boehn
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Chronicles the design, construction details, and other features of idols and dolls from prehistoric to modern times

Antique Pewter of the British Isles

Author : Ronald F. Michaelis
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Introduction to Photographic Principles

Author : Lewis Larmore
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Anson s Voyage Round the World in the Years 1740 44

Author : George Anson Baron Anson
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Growing Berries and Grapes at Home

Author : Joy Harold Clarke
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A nursery owner and horticultural consultant discusses suitable climates and soil conditions for growing small fruits, gives advice on cultivation and pest-control methods, and points out the special requirements of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, currants, blueberries, grapes, and other varieties

Insects Food and Ecology

Author : Charles Thomas Brues
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Passionate Journey

Author : Frans Masereel
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Mammals of the Southwestern United States with Special Reference to New Mexico

Author : Vernon Bailey
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Campers Guide to Woodcraft and Outdoor Life

Author : Luis M. Henderson
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Herbs and Savory Seeds

Author : Rosetta E. Clarkson
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