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Matilda of Scotland

Author : Lois L. Huneycutt
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A study of Matilda of Scotland (wife to Henry I) and the political acumen and personal skills she brought to the role of queen.


Author : Catherine Hanley
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A life of Matilda--empress, skilled military leader, and one of the greatest figures of the English Middle Ages Matilda was a daughter, wife, and mother. But she was also empress, heir to the English crown--the first woman ever to hold the position--and an able military general. This new biography explores Matilda's achievements as military and political leader, and sets her life and career in full context. Catherine Hanley provides fresh insight into Matilda's campaign to claim the title of queen, her approach to allied kingdoms and rival rulers, and her role in the succession crisis. Hanley highlights how Matilda fought for the throne, and argues that although she never sat on it herself her reward was to see her son become king. Extraordinarily, her line has continued through every single monarch of England or Britain from that time to the present day.

Modelling the Matilda Infantry Tank

Author : Mark Bannerman
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The Matilda tank saw action in almost all theatres of World War II, from Europe to the Pacific. Born in the interwar years, and developed with numerous modifications following combat testing, the Matilda is perhaps most famous for its role in the desert campaigns of 1940-41, thus acquiring its nickname 'Queen of the Desert'. This book provides a detailed guide to modelling the Matilda tank across a variety of types, colour schemes and scales, and features excellent reference photos. Using clearly explained techniques and methods, and featuring the work of several top modellers, this step-by-step guide to building, finishing and displaying the Matilda in European, Western Desert and Australian service presents a creative and enagaging approach to modelling the 'Tilly'.


Author : Tracy Borman
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Read the thrilling, tempestuous story of the 'first' Queen of England. Matilda, wife of William the Conqueror, was the first woman to be crowned Queen of England and formally recognised as such by her subjects. Beyond this, however, little is known of her. No contemporary images of her remain, and the chroniclers of her age left us only the faintest clues as to her life. Who was this spectral queen? In this first major biography, Tracy Borman sifts through the evidence to uncover an extraordinary story. Matilda was loving and pious, possessed strength, ambition and intelligence, and was fiercely independent. All of these attributes gave her unparalleled influence over William. Although Matilda would provide an inspiring template for future indomitable queens, these qualities also led to treachery, revolt and the fracturing of a dynasty. Matilda: Wife of the Conqueror, First Queen of England takes us from the courts of Flanders to the opulence of royal life in England. Alive with intrigue, rumour and betrayal, it illuminates for the first time the life of an exceptional, brave and complex queen pivotal to the history of England.

Life and Times of Her Majesty Caroline Matilda

Author : C. F. Lascelles Wraxall
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Reprint of the original, first published in 1864. Queen of Denmark and Norway, and sister of H. M. George III. of England.

Lives of the Queens of England from the Norman Conquest

Author : Agnes Strickland
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The American Shorthorn Herd Book

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The Mercantile navy list 1848 4 issues 49 2 issues 50 53 57 61 64 71 80 81 92 1939

Author : Trade Board of
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Matilda s Story

Author : Jacquelyn Hanson
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"Matilda's Story is a biographical novel based on 30 years in the life of Matilda Randolph, a pioneer woman born in Illinois in 1836 who migrated with her family to Kansas in 1854. There she married and bore four children while the conflict raged around her. In 1864, as a young widow with three small children, she traversed the Oregon/California Trail to California. The book has been well-researched. Those who enjoy authentic tales of pioneer days will appreciate Matilda's Story."

Somerset Record Society

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