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Mathematics in Transport Planning and Control

Author : Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications
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Based on the proceedings of the Second International Conference on Mathematics in Transport Planning and Control this book brings together papers from mathematicians, engineers and town planners on the mathematical modelling of traffic flow, choice of mode of transport, and choice of planningof routes. The case studies presented include, for example, mathematical optimization in design and operation of signal-controlled road junctions; stochastic models for predicting choice of route; the planning of airport transit systems. Topics covered include accident prevention, the planning ofmotorways, considerations for country roads, the problems of inner city traffic. The case studies are not concerned only with cars: there are studies on bus traffic, safety measures for pedestrian traffic, provision for cyclists, and for airport ground handling staff. This interesting and wideranging conference attracted speakers from Singapore, Korea, Eastern Europe as well as Britain.

Mathematics in Transport Planning and Control

Author : J. D. Griffiths
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Mathematics in Transport Planning and Control

Author : J. D. Griffiths
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Contains forty papers presented at the International Conference on 'Mathematics in Transport Planning and Control' held in 1998. They show that mathematical ideas and methodologies continue to play a prominent part in transport research. They include applications on transport planning, congestion, assignment, networks, signalling, and more.

Mathematical and Computational Models for Congestion Charging

Author : Siriphong Lawphongpanich
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Rigorous treatments of issues related to congestion pricing are described in this book. It examines recent advances in areas such as mathematical and computational models for predicting traffic congestion, determining when, where, and how much to levy tolls, and analyzing the impact on transportation systems. The book follows recent schemes judged to be successful in London, Singapore, Norway, as well as a number of projects in the United States.

Operations Research and Decision Aid Methodologies in Traffic and Transportation Management

Author : Martine Labbe
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Every one relies on some kind of transportation system nearly every day. Go ing to work, shopping, dropping children at school and many other cultural or social activities imply leaving home, and using some form of transportation, which we expect tobe eflicient and reliable. Of course, efliciency and reliabil ity do not occur by chance, but require careful and often relatively complex planning by transportation system managers, both in the public and private sectors. It has long been recognized that mathematics, and, more specifically, op erations research is an important tool of this planning process. However, the range of skills required to cover both fields, even partially, is very large, and the opportunities to gather people with this very diverse expertise are too few. The organization of the NATO Advanced Studies Institute on "Opera tions Research and Decision Aid Methodologies in Traflic and Transportation Management" in March 1997 in Balatonfüred, Hungary, was therefore more than welcome and the group of people that gathered for a very studious two weeks on the shores of the beautiful lake Balaton did really enjoy the truly multidisciplinary and high scientific level of the meeting. The purpose of the present volume is to report, in a chronological order, the various questions that were considered by the lecturers and the' students at the institute. After a general introduction to the topic, the first week focused on issues related to traflic modeling, mostly in an urban context.

The Traffic Assignment Problem

Author : Michael Patriksson
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This monograph provides both a unified account of the development of models and methods for the problem of estimating equilibrium traffic flows in urban areas and a survey of the scope and limitations of present traffic models. The development is described and analyzed by the use of the powerful instruments of nonlinear optimization and mathematical programming within the field of operations research. The first part is devoted to mathematical models for the analysis of transportation network equilibria; the second deals with methods for traffic equilibrium problems. This title will interest readers wishing to extend their knowledge of equilibrium modeling and analysis and of the foundations of efficient optimization methods adapted for the solution of large-scale models. In addition to its value to researchers, the treatment is suitable for advanced graduate courses in transportation, operations research, and quantitative economics.

Mathematical Methods on Optimization in Transportation Systems

Author : M. Pursula
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This book contains selected papers from the presentations given at the 7th EURO-Working Group Meeting on 'Iransportation, which took place at the Helsinki University of Technology (HUT), Finland, during August 2-4, 1999. Altogether 31 presentations were given and 14 full papers have been selected in this publication through a peer review process coordinated by the editors. The papers in this book cover a wide range of transportation problems from the simulation of railway traffic to optimum congestion tolling and mode choice modeling with stated preference data. In general, the variety of papers clearly demonstrates the wide areas of interest of people who are involved in the research of transportation systems and their operation. They as well demonstrate the importance and possibilities of modeling and theoretical approaches in the analysis of transportation systems and problem solving. Most of the papers are purely theoretical in nature, that is, they present a theoretical model with only a hypothetical example of applica tion. There are, however, some papers, which are closer to the practice or describe applications of and give interesting results of studies made by known methodologies. It is especially noteworthy, that half of the accepted papers deal with planning and operation of public transport.

Urban Air Quality Measurement Modelling and Management

Author : Ranjeet S. Sokhi
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This is the proceedings of the Second International Conference on Urban Air Quality - Measurement, Modelling and Management, held at the Technical University of Madrid, 3-5 March 1999. This book contains peer-reviewed papers on the latest advances in the urban air quality research field. This book will be suitable for researchers including students, consultants, local authority officers (such as environmental officers), and environmental scientists working in industrial sectors (chemical, environmental, and transport). Very few scientific international conferences specifically address the area of air pollution in cities and towns. This is despite the growing concern about the health and environmental impacts that result from air pollutants in urban areas. The need to have a forum for discussing and exchanging scientific results in this field is hence overwhelming. It is clear from the response of scientists and other experts working in this area that these UAQ conferences are helping to address this need.

International mathematical news

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Mathematics of Heat Transfer

Author : G. E. Tupholme
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During this century, as no other, the two themes of mathematics and heat transfer have become inextricably intertwined, and it was with this underlying sentiment that this volume was conceived. It includes contributions from fifteen countries throughout the world, covering various problems in heat transfer. The contributors work in diverse fields and include mathematicians, theoretical engineers, experimentalists and industrialists.