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Mathematical Statistics for Applied Econometrics

Author : Charles B Moss
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An Introductory Econometrics Text Mathematical Statistics for Applied Econometrics covers the basics of statistical inference in support of a subsequent course on classical econometrics. The book shows students how mathematical statistics concepts form the basis of econometric formulations. It also helps them think about statistics as more than a toolbox of techniques. Uses Computer Systems to Simplify Computation The text explores the unifying themes involved in quantifying sample information to make inferences. After developing the necessary probability theory, it presents the concepts of estimation, such as convergence, point estimators, confidence intervals, and hypothesis tests. The text then shifts from a general development of mathematical statistics to focus on applications particularly popular in economics. It delves into matrix analysis, linear models, and nonlinear econometric techniques. Students Understand the Reasons for the Results Avoiding a cookbook approach to econometrics, this textbook develops students’ theoretical understanding of statistical tools and econometric applications. It provides them with the foundation for further econometric studies.

Mathematical Statistics for Economics and Business

Author : Ron C. Mittelhammer
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A comprehensive introduction to the principles underlying statistical analyses in the fields of economics, business, and econometrics. The selection of topics is specifically designed to provide students with a substantial conceptual foundation, from which to achieve a thorough and mature understanding of statistical applications within the fields. After introducing the concepts of probability, random variables, and probability density functions, the author develops the key concepts of mathematical statistics, notably: expectation, sampling, asymptotics, and the main families of distributions. The latter half of the book is then devoted to the theories of estimation and hypothesis testing with associated examples and problems that indicate their wide applicability in economics and business. Includes hundreds of exercises and problems.

Handbook on Applied Econometrics

Author : Jerzy Greń (doc. dr.)
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Foundations of Econometrics Using SAS R Simulations and Examples

Author : Anton Bekkerman
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Applied Econometric Time Series

Author : Walter Enders
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Amstat News asked three review editors to rate their top five favorite books in the September 2003 issue. The first edition of Applied Econometric Time Series was among those chosen. This new edition reflects recent advances in time-series econometrics, such as out-of-sample forecasting techniques, non-linear time-series models, Monte Carlo analysis, and bootstrapping. Numerous examples from fields ranging from agricultural economics to transnational terrorism illustrate various techniques.

Handbook of Financial Econometrics Mathematics Statistics and Machine Learning in 4 Volumes

Author : Cheng-Few Lee
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This four-volume handbook covers important concepts and tools used in the fields of financial econometrics, mathematics, statistics, and machine learning. Econometric methods have been applied in asset pricing, corporate finance, international finance, options and futures, risk management, and in stress testing for financial institutions. This handbook discusses a variety of econometric methods, including single equation multiple regression, simultaneous equation regression, and panel data analysis, among others. It also covers statistical distributions, such as the binomial and log normal distributions, in light of their applications to portfolio theory and asset management in addition to their use in research regarding options and futures contracts.In recent times, an increased importance has been given to computer technology in financial research. Different computer languages and programming techniques are important tools for empirical research in finance. Hence, simulation, machine learning, big data, and financial payments are explored in this handbook.Led by Distinguished Professor Cheng Few Lee from Rutgers University, this multi-volume work integrates theoretical, methodological, and practical issues based on his years of academic and industry experience.

Introduction to the Mathematical and Statistical Foundations of Econometrics

Author : Herman J. Bierens
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This book is intended for use in a rigorous introductory PhD level course in econometrics.

Mathematical Statistics with Mathematica

Author : Colin Rose
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This book and software package presents a unified approach for doing mathematical statistics with Mathematica. The mathStatica software empowers users to easily solve difficult problems and tackle tricky multivariate distributions, generating functions, inversion theorems, symbolic maximum likelihood estimation, and unbiased estimation. An ideal companion for researchers and students in statistics, econometrics, engineering, physics, psychometrics, economics, finance, biometrics and the social sciences. The package includes 2 cross-platform CDs containing mathStatica: the Application Pack for mathematical statistics, an interactive version of the book, and a trial version of Mathematica 4.1.

Applied Econometric Times Series

Author : Walter Enders
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This advanced text for a course on time series econometrics introduces modern time series analyses through the use of wide-ranging examples and applications. Providing a balance between macro- and microeconomic applications, the book covers recent work that has only been published in journals.

Handbook Of Applied Econometrics And Statistical Inference

Author : Aman Ullah
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Summarizing developments and techniques in the field, this reference covers sample surveys, nonparametric analysis, hypothesis testing, time series analysis, Bayesian inference, and distribution theory for applications in statistics, economics, medicine, biology, engineering, sociology, psychology, and information technology. It supplies a geometri

Stochastic Models Statistics and Their Applications

Author : Ansgar Steland
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This volume presents selected and peer-reviewed contributions from the 14th Workshop on Stochastic Models, Statistics and Their Applications, held in Dresden, Germany, on March 6-8, 2019. Addressing the needs of theoretical and applied researchers alike, the contributions provide an overview of the latest advances and trends in the areas of mathematical statistics and applied probability, and their applications to high-dimensional statistics, econometrics and time series analysis, statistics for stochastic processes, statistical machine learning, big data and data science, random matrix theory, quality control, change-point analysis and detection, finance, copulas, survival analysis and reliability, sequential experiments, empirical processes, and microsimulations. As the book demonstrates, stochastic models and related statistical procedures and algorithms are essential to more comprehensively understanding and solving present-day problems arising in e.g. the natural sciences, machine learning, data science, engineering, image analysis, genetics, econometrics and finance.

Introduction to Applied Econometrics

Author : Kenneth G. Stewart
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You'll find the "econ" back in econometrics with INTRODUCTION TO APPLIED ECONOMETRICS and its accompanying CD.. You'll have the opportunity to replicate classic empirical findings using original data sets and will develop an understanding of the relevance of economic theory to empirical analysis. The author integrates classic empirical examples and applications and builds toward a self-contained four-chapter introduction to time series analysis. The CD includes data sets formatted for STATA, Eviews, Excel, Minitab, SAS and ASCII, as well as an appendix presenting multiple regression in matrix form and another on treating portfolio theory and the capital asset pricing model.

Mathematical Statistics With Applications

Author : Asha Seth Kapadia
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Mathematical statistics typically represents one of the most difficult challenges in statistics, particularly for those with more applied, rather than mathematical, interests and backgrounds. Most textbooks on the subject provide little or no review of the advanced calculus topics upon which much of mathematical statistics relies and furthermore contain material that is wholly theoretical, thus presenting even greater challenges to those interested in applying advanced statistics to a specific area. Mathematical Statistics with Applications presents the background concepts and builds the technical sophistication needed to move on to more advanced studies in multivariate analysis, decision theory, stochastic processes, or computational statistics. Applications embedded within theoretical discussions clearly demonstrate the utility of the theory in a useful and relevant field of application and allow readers to avoid sudden exposure to purely theoretical materials. With its clear explanations and more than usual emphasis on applications and computation, this text reaches out to the many students and professionals more interested in the practical use of statistics to enrich their work in areas such as communications, computer science, economics, astronomy, and public health.

Intermediate Statistics and Econometrics

Author : Dale J. Poirier
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The standard introductory texts to mathematical statistics leave the Bayesian approach to be taught later in advanced topics courses—giving students the impression that Bayesian statistics provide but a few techniques appropriate in only special circumstances. Nothing could be further from the truth, argues Dale Poirier, who has developed a course for teaching comparatively both the classical and the Bayesian approaches to econometrics. Poirier's text provides a thoroughly modern, self-contained, comprehensive, and accessible treatment of the probability and statistical foundations of econometrics with special emphasis on the linear regression model. Written primarily for advanced undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing research careers in economics, Intermediate Statistics and Econometrics offers a broad perspective, bringing together a great deal of diverse material. Its comparative approach, emphasis on regression and prediction, and numerous exercises and references provide a solid foundation for subsequent courses in econometrics and will prove a valuable resource to many nonspecialists who want to update their quantitative skills. The introduction closes with an example of a real-world data set—the Challenger space shuttle disaster—that motivates much of the text's theoretical discussion. The ten chapters that follow cover basic concepts, special distributions, distributions of functions of random variables, sampling theory, estimation, hypothesis testing, prediction, and the linear regression model. Appendixes contain a review of matrix algebra, computation, and statistical tables.

Proceedings of the Third Berkeley Symposium on Mathematical Statistics and Probability

Author : Jerzy Neyman
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Exploring Research Frontiers in Contemporary Statistics and Econometrics

Author : Ingrid Van Keilegom
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This book collects contributions written by well-known statisticians and econometricians to acknowledge Léopold Simar’s far-reaching scientific impact on Statistics and Econometrics throughout his career. The papers contained herein were presented at a conference in Louvain-la-Neuve in May 2009 in honor of his retirement. The contributions cover a broad variety of issues surrounding frontier estimation, which Léopold Simar has contributed much to over the past two decades, as well as related issues such as semiparametric regression and models for censored data. This book collects contributions written by well-known statisticians and econometricians to acknowledge Léopold Simar’s far-reaching scientific impact on Statistics and Econometrics throughout his career. The papers contained herein were presented at a conference in Louvain-la-Neuve in May 2009 in honor of his retirement. The contributions cover a broad variety of issues surrounding frontier estimation, which Léopold Simar has contributed much to over the past two decades, as well as related issues such as semiparametric regression and models for censored data.

Contemporary Bayesian Econometrics and Statistics

Author : John Geweke
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Tools to improve decision making in an imperfect world This publication provides readers with a thorough understanding ofBayesian analysis that is grounded in the theory of inference andoptimal decision making. Contemporary Bayesian Econometrics andStatistics provides readers with state-of-the-art simulationmethods and models that are used to solve complex real-worldproblems. Armed with a strong foundation in both theory andpractical problem-solving tools, readers discover how to optimizedecision making when faced with problems that involve limited orimperfect data. The book begins by examining the theoretical and mathematicalfoundations of Bayesian statistics to help readers understand howand why it is used in problem solving. The author then describeshow modern simulation methods make Bayesian approaches practicalusing widely available mathematical applications software. Inaddition, the author details how models can be applied to specificproblems, including: * Linear models and policy choices * Modeling with latent variables and missing data * Time series models and prediction * Comparison and evaluation of models The publication has been developed and fine- tuned through a decadeof classroom experience, and readers will find the author'sapproach very engaging and accessible. There are nearly 200examples and exercises to help readers see how effective use ofBayesian statistics enables them to make optimal decisions. MATLAB?and R computer programs are integrated throughout the book. Anaccompanying Web site provides readers with computer code for manyexamples and datasets. This publication is tailored for research professionals who useeconometrics and similar statistical methods in their work. Withits emphasis on practical problem solving and extensive use ofexamples and exercises, this is also an excellent textbook forgraduate-level students in a broad range of fields, includingeconomics, statistics, the social sciences, business, and publicpolicy.

The Politics of Large Numbers

Author : Alain Desrosières
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Begins with study of history of statistics, and shows how the evolution of modern statistics has been inextricably bound up with the knowledge and power of governments.

Handbook of Applied Economic Statistics

Author : Aman Ullah
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This work examines theoretical issues, as well as practical developments in statistical inference related to econometric models and analysis. This work offers discussions on such areas as the function of statistics in aggregation, income inequality, poverty, health, spatial econometrics, panel and survey data, bootstrapping and time series.

Econometric Applications of Maximum Likelihood Methods

Author : J. S. Cramer
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The advent of electronic computing permits the empirical analysis of economic models of far greater subtlety and rigour than before, when many interesting ideas were not followed up because the calculations involved made this impracticable. The estimation and testing of these more intricate models is usually based on the method of Maximum Likelihood, which is a well-established branch of mathematical statistics. Its use in econometrics has led to the development of a number of special techniques; the specific conditions of econometric research moreover demand certain changes in the interpretation of the basic argument. This book is a self-contained introduction to this field. It consists of three parts. The first deals with general features of Maximum Likelihood methods; the second with linear and nonlinear regression; and the third with discrete choice and related micro-economic models. Readers should already be familiar with elementary statistical theory, with applied econometric research papers, or with the literature on the mathematical basis of Maximum Likelihood theory. They can also try their hand at some advanced econometric research of their own.