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Math terpieces

Author : Greg Tang
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In his most ground-breaking book since THE BEST OF TIMES (Fall 2002), Greg Tang underscores the importance of four basic rules in problem-solving. Keeping an open mind, looking for unusual number combinations, using multiple skills (like subtracting to add) and looking for patterns, will guarantee any child success in math. In MATH-TERPIECES, Tang continues to challenge kids with his innovative approach to math, and uses art history to expand his vision for creative problem-solving.

Math Memories You Can Count on

Author : Jo-Anne Lake
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Rooted in real-life math experiences, this highly readable book explores innovative ways you can teach math principles using the best children's books. This simple book shows teachers how to select, organize, and use children's literature to connect children with real-world math. Committed to creating long-lasting positive math memories, it goes beyond reading about math and encourages linking text with relevant manipulatives in a hands-on, minds-on, problem-solving environment.

Second Grade Math With Confidence Instructor Guide Math with Confidence

Author : Kate Snow
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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A scripted, open-and-go program that will have you teaching math confidently--even if you’ve never taught math before. From popular math educator Kate Snow, this easy-to-use program will give parents the tools they need to teach Math with Confidence—even if they’ve never taught math before. Short, engaging, and hands-on lessons will help children develop a strong understanding of Second Grade math, step by step. reading, writing, and comparing numbers to 1000 adding and subtracting 2- and 3-digit numbers solving addition and subtraction word problems telling time, counting money, and measuring length reading graphs, identifying 2-D and 3-D shapes, and understanding simple fractions Children will develop both strong number sense and a positive attitude toward math with fun activities like Pretend Restaurant, Measurement Tag, and Fraction Bump. All you’ll need are this Instructor Guide, the Student Workbook, and simple household items (like play money, base-ten blocks, a clock, and a ruler) to make math come alive for children. Short, hands-on, and developmentally-appropriate lessons Games and pretend activities make math fun Easy to use, with clear directions and explanatory notes Delightful (and optional) weekly enrichment lessons, with picture book recommendations and real-life math extension activities Memory work and daily review to ensure children retain what they’ve learned and master essential skills

Using Children s Literature to Teach Problem Solving in Math

Author : Jeanne White
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Learn how children’s literature can help K–5 students see the real-life applications of mathematical concepts. This user-friendly book shows how to use stories to engage students in building critical reasoning, abstract thinking, and communication skills, all while helping students understand the relevance of math in their everyday lives. Each chapter is dedicated to one of the eight Standards for Mathematical Practice, and offers examples of children’s literature that can be used to help students develop that practice. You’ll find out how to: Encourage students to persevere in solving mathematical problems and use multiple approaches to find the answer; Help students reason abstractly with the aid of concrete objects and visuals; Guide students in constructing arguments to explain their reasoning and engage in critical discussion with their peers; Teach students to recognize mathematical patterns and use them to solve problems efficiently; And more! The book offers activities for beginners as well as for more advanced problem solvers. Each chapter also provides guidance for ELLs and students with special needs, so no matter your classroom environment, you’ll be able to use these strategies to make math class more dynamic, engaging, and fun.

Common Core Standards for Elementary Grades K 2 Math English Language Arts

Author : Amber Evenson
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Smart implementation of the Common Core State Standards requires both an overall understanding of the standards and a grasp of their implications for planning, teaching, and learning. This Quick-Start Guide provides a succinct, all-in-one look at * The content, structure, terminology, and emphases of the Common Core standards for mathematics and English language arts and literacy in the lower elementary grades. * The meaning of the individual standards within each of the four ELA/literacy strands and five math domains, with an emphasis on areas that represent the most significant changes to business as usual. * How the standards connect across and within strands, domains, and grade levels to develop the foundational language arts, literacy, and mathematics understanding that will support a lifetime of successful learning. Here, teachers of grades K-2 and elementary school leaders will find information they need to begin adapting their practices to help all students master the new and challenging material contained in the standards. A practical lesson planning process to use with the Common Core, based on Classroom Instruction That Works, 2nd Ed., is included, along with six sample lessons. LEARN THE ESSENTIALS OF THE COMMON CORE The grade-level and subject-specific Quick-Start Guides in the Understanding the Common Core Standards series, edited by John Kendall, are designed to help school leaders and school staffs turn Common Core standards into coherent, content-rich curriculum and effective, classroom-level lessons.

Math Potatoes

Author : Greg Tang
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Greg Tang is back with his bestselling approach to addition and subtraction: problem solving. By solving challenges that encourage kids to "group" numbers rather than memorize formulas, even the most reluctant math learners are inspired to see math in a whole new way! Math Potatoes is full of Tang and Briggs' trademark humor, wit, and extraordinary creativity. Tang has proven over and over that math can be fun, and this new addition to his acclaimed series of mind-stretching math riddles is sure to be another hit.

Math Fables

Author : Greg Tang
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From 1 to 10, these "lessons that count" are math magic for learning addition and subtraction. Greg Tang has built his career as an author and math missionary on the power of creative problem solving. Now, through winsome "fables" about concepts that are relevant to the very youngest math learners -- sharing, teamwork, etc. -- Greg encourages kids to see the basics of addition and subtraction in entirely new ways. Fresh, fun, and most of all, inspiring, MATH FABLES is perfect for launching young readers on the road to math success!

Math Poetry

Author : Betsy Franco
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Examines math in a fun way including poetry.

Strategies for Implementing Guided Math

Author : Laney Sammons
File Size : 20.35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This resource provides specific strategies for implementing the seven elements of the Guided Math Framework. In addition, this professional resource includes digital resources, sample lessons, activities, and classroom snapshots of strategy implementation at three grade level spans: K-2, 3-5, and 6-8.

Math Running Records in Action

Author : Nicki Newton
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In this new book from popular consultant and bestselling author Dr. Nicki Newton, you’ll discover how to use Math Running Records to assess students’ basic fact fluency and increase student achievement. Like a GPS, Math Running Records pinpoint exactly where students are in their understanding of basic math facts and then outline the next steps toward comprehensive fluency. This practical book introduces a research-based framework to assess students’ thinking and move them toward becoming confident, proficient, flexible mathematicians with a robust sense of numbers. Topics include: Learning how often to administer Math Running Records and how to strategically introduce them into your existing curriculum; Analyzing, and interpreting Math Running Records for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; Using the data gathered from Math Running Records to implement evidence-based, research-driven instruction. Evaluating students’ speed, accuracy, flexibility, and efficiency to help them attain computational fluency; Each chapter offers a variety of charts and tools that you can use in the classroom immediately, and the strategies can easily be adapted for students at all levels of math fluency across grades K-8. Videos of sample running records are also available for download at Blackline masters are available on the Running Records Dropbox at