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Material Acts in Everyday Hindu Worlds

Author : Joyce Burkhalter Flueckiger
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Broadens the parameters of religious studies by accounting for material acts that help shape religious worlds. In Material Acts in Everyday Hindu Worlds, Joyce Burkhalter Flueckiger analyzes the agency of materiality—the ability of materials to have an effect on both humans and deities—beyond human intentions. Using materials from three regions where Flueckiger conducted extensive fieldwork, she begins with Indian understandings of the agency of ornaments that have the desired effects of protecting women and making them more auspicious. Subsequent chapters bring in examples of materiality that are agentive beyond human intentions, from a south Indian goddess tradition where female guising transforms the aggressive masculinity of men who wear saris, braids, and breasts to the presence of cement images of Ravana in Chhattisgarh, which perform alternative theologies and ideologies to those of dominant textual traditions of the Ramayana epic. Deeply ethnographic and accessibly written, Material Acts in Everyday Hindu Worlds expands our understanding of material agency as well as the parameters of religion more broadly. Joyce Burkhalter Flueckiger is Professor of Religion at Emory University. She is the author of several books, including Everyday Hinduism; When the World Becomes Female: Guises of a South Indian Goddess; and In Amma’s Healing Room: Gender and Vernacular Islam in South India.

The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Religion and Materiality

Author : Vasudha Narayanan
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The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Religion and Materiality provides a thoughtfully organized, inclusive, and vibrant project of the multiple ways in which religion and materiality intersect. The contributions explore the way that religion is shaped by, and has shaped, the material world, embedding beliefs, doctrines, and texts into social and cultural contexts of production, circulation, and consumption. The Companion not only contains scholarly essays but has an accompanying website to demonstrate the work of performers, architects, and expressive artists, ranging from musicians and dancers to religious practitioners. These examples offer specific illustrations of the interplay of religion and materiality in everyday life. The project is organized from a comparative perspective, highlighting examples and case studies from traditions originating in both East and West. To summarize, the volume: Brings together the leading figures, theories and ideas in the field in a systematic and comprehensive way Offers an interdisciplinary approach drawing together religious studies, anthropology, archaeology, history, sociology, geography, the cognitive sciences, ecology, and media studies Takes a comparative perspective, covering all the major faith traditions

Balinese Worlds

Author : Fredrik Barth
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In Balinese Worlds, Fredrik Barth proposes a new model for anthropological analysis of complex civilizations that is based on a fresh, synthetic account of culture and society in North Bali and one that takes full notice of individual creativity in shaping the contours of this dynamic culture. In this detailed ethnography of the Northern district of Buleleng, Barth rejects mainstream anthropological generalizations of Bali as a cultural system of carefully articulated parts. Instead—drawing on many sources, including the sociology of knowledge, interactional analysis, postmodern thought, and his own exceptionally varied field experience—Barth presents a new model that actually generates variation. Barth's innovative analysis of Balinese life highlights both the constructive and the disorganizing effects of individual action, the constant flux of interpretation, and the powerful interaction of memory and social relationships, and knowledge as a cultural resource. Balinese Worlds is a unique contribution not only to Balinese studies but also to the theory and methods of the anthropology of complex societies.

Where Four Worlds Meet

Author : Fosco Maraini
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The World s Religions

Author : William A. Young
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This text enables introductory-level readers to gain an understanding of the world's religions by discussing their history, stances on contemporary issues, and how they compare and contrast to each other.

World s Press News and Advertisers Review

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People of India

Author : Wendy Scarfe
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Living With Angels

Author : Theolyn Cortens
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Living With Angels offers a practical introduction to angels and how to experience and communicate with them, as well as easy-to-follow exercises on how to contact your guardian angel. You will learn: how to call and work with your guardian angel and the archangel of your zodiac sign; how to call on angels and archangels for specific purposes, including protecting your family, travelling in safety, or nurturing close relationships; how you can work with angels to create a better life for yourself and others

Atlas of the World s Religions

Author : Ninian Smart
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Maps and text present a guide to the historical development and current state of the world's religions.

Different Worlds

Author : J. M. Roberts
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Hindu Vishva

Author :
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Domestic Mandala

Author : John N. Gray
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A rich and fascinating ethnography of domestic architecture and activities among the high caste Chhetris of Kholagaun in Nepal, this book focuses on the spatial organization, everyday activities and ritual performances that generate and display Chhetri ho

Hindu Civilisation and the Twenty first Century

Author : V. Ramanathan
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This Is A Complete Guide To Hinduism, Not Only For The Novices But Also For The Religious Minded Who Still Have A Lot To Learn. Every Topic Relating To Hinduism Has Been Discussed In The Book, Including Comments By Various Well Known Foreigners On The Topic.

The Japan Daily Mail

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What is Hinduism

Author : Himalayan Academy Publications
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Tourism Recreation Research

Author :
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Religion as a Social Determinant of Public Health

Author : Ellen L. Idler
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Frequently in partnership, but sometimes at odds, religious institutions and public health institutions work to improve the well-being of their communities. There is increasing awareness among public health professionals and the general public that the social conditions of poverty, lack of education, income inequality, poor working conditions, and experiences of discrimination play a dominant role in determining health status. But this broad view of the social determinants of health has largely ignored the role of religious practices and institutions in shaping the life conditions of billions around the globe. In Religion as a Social Determinant of Public Health, leading scholars in the social sciences, public health, and religion address this omission by examining the embodied sacred practices of the world's religions, the history of alignment and tension between religious and public health institutions, the research on the health impact of religious practice throughout the life course, and the role of religious institutions in health and development efforts around the globe. In addition, the volume explores religion's role in the ongoing epidemics of HIV/AIDS and Alzheimer's disease, as well as preparations for an influenza pandemic. Together, these groundbreaking essays help complete the picture of the social determinants of health by including religion, which has until now been an invisible determinant.

Read Daily Live Fully

Author : Swami Chinmayananda
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Whatever our lifespan may be but we can live only one day at a time. How we live our each day ultimately determines the quality of our total life. Therefore, it is necessary that we begin our day with a noble, elevating and inspiring thought which can set the tone for the day. We all know that as we think and act, so we become. Our thinking is influenced by our vision and values of life we respect. Keeping this in mind, we have compiled such noble thoughts on various topics given by Param Pūjya Gurudev, Swami Chinmayanandajī.

The Literary Digest

Author : Edward Jewitt Wheeler
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The Muslim World

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