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Masterful Care of the Aging Athlete

Author : Vonda J. Wright
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This unique text focuses exclusively on the ever-growing population of aging and masters athletes, both professional and amateur, presenting both operative and nonoperative management strategies for the range of sports-related injuries. The book is thematically divided into three sections. Part I describes the science of musculoskeletal aging and the benefits of remaining active as we age, including proper nutrition, supplements and medical therapies and adjuvants. Injuries common to the masters athlete are presented in part II, from the upper and lower extremities to the hips and spine, with special considerations for these injuries and treatments noted. Recommendations for how to thrive as a masters athlete comprise the final section, including return to sport, injury prevention and exercise as medicine. An ideal resource for clinicians who treat active adults who won't slow down, Masterful Care of the Aging Athlete is a compilation of clinical, technical and research approaches aimed at keeping active people moving, returning them to sport rapidly and durably and protecting them from a sedentary lifestyle.

Positive Evolutionary Psychology

Author : Glenn Geher
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Positive psychologists focus on ways that we can advance the lives of individuals and communities by studying the factors that increase positive outcomes such as life satisfaction and happiness. Evolutionary psychologists use the principles of evolution, based on Darwin's understanding of life, to help shed light on any and all kinds of psychological phenomena. This book brings together both fields to explore positive evolutionary psychology: the use of evolutionary psychology principles to help people and communities experience more positive and fulfilling lives. Across eleven chapters, this book describes the basic ideas of both evolutionary and positive psychology, elaborates on the integration of these two fields as a way to help advance the human condition, discusses several domains of human functioning from the perspective of positive evolutionary psychology, and finally, looks with an eye toward the future of work in this emerging and dynamic field. Over the past few decades, evolutionary psychologists have begun to crack the code on such phenomena as happiness, gratitude, resilience, community, and love. This book describes these facets of the human experience in terms of their evolutionary origins and proposes how we might guide people to optimally experience such positive phenomena in their everyday lives.

Conservative Management of Sports Injuries

Author : Marianne S. Gengenbach
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As sports injury management has become an increasingly important subspecialty, many practitioners are embracing the philosophy of "active" conservative care. Conservative Management of Sports Injuries encourages a multidisciplinary team approach to the treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. You'll find complete coverage, with specific recommendations made for women, young athletes, and seniors.


Author : American Physiological Society (1887- )
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The aims of this new section of the Handbook of Physiology are two. One is to present a source of basic knowledge about aging including research approaches for use by physiologists as well as other biologists not directly involved in aging research. The other is to provide comprehensive information for gerontologists on the physiological characteristics of aging in mammals, particularly humans. The principles of biological gerontology are presented in Part I, which includes discussions of approaches to the measurement of the rate of aging of populations, the difficulty of assessing aging of the individual, theoretical concepts regarding the nature of aging, and conceptual issues concerning the relationship between aging and disease. Methodological issues unique to aging research are presented in Part II. The focus is on study design and analysis and on cell culture models, animal models and human subject use. Part III provides a detailed description of the cellular and noncellular aspects of aging. This part also discusses the metabolic characteristics of aging. In Part IV, twelve chapters provide comprehensive coverage of the influence of age on the physiology of the nervous systems and the organism. Interventions of aging processes, proposed and established, are the subject of Part V.


Author : David R. Lamb
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Women s Health in Primary Care

Author : Jo Ann Rosenfeld
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Adolescent sexuality contraception pregnancy eating disorders partner violence vaginitis osteoarthritis etc.

The Care and Feeding of an Athlete

Author : Toni Tickel Branner
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An introductory guide to sports training includes tips on stretching, mental preparation, nutrition, injury prevention, and time management.

Geriatric Physical Therapy

Author : Carole Bernstein Lewis
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This compilation of up-to-date information provides physical therapists with clinical information for the care of geriatric patients in one comprehensive source. Physical therapy practitioners and students wishing to specialize in geriatrics will be provided with the advanced applied science of normal and pathological aging, clinical problems, implications for therapeutic interventions, and considerations specific to the elderly.

Physical Rehabilitation s Role in Disability Management

Author : David W. Clifton
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Bridging the gap between clinical practice and other sectors, this new resource challenges rehabilitation providers to think beyond treatment to disability management. It provides the theories and knowledge needed to effectively manage patients' disabilities within a managed care framework, with the goal of better collaboration with claims adjusters, case managers, risk managers, human resource personnel, safety and health officers, attorneys, peer reviewers, and others in the health care system. Highly visual and packed with useful information, it provides an excellent introduction to the wide variety of interested parties with whom a therapist will interact in the course of managing a client's health. The author has more than 23 years of experience consulting with insurance companies, employers, and the legal sector, and offers proven strategies for collaboration between providers and others involved with the health care system. Filled with numerous illustrations, graphics, and tables, many of which are useful for training and education of staff or clients. The appendix contains a large and diverse collection of helpful information that is not readily available from other sources. It also provides an essential list of resources for further reading about this constantly changing field. Chapters cover theoretical issues (management models, definitions of disability) as well as disability management in long-term care, worker's compensation, outcomes management, legal implications, and more. Case studies throughout the book present realistic examples of situations to improve the reader's technical and critical thinking skills. Focused on managing disabilities (i.e., functional problems) rather than on treating impairments (i.e., diseases), encouraging rehabilitation providers to think "out of the box" and to position themselves better within and beyond managed care.

Health Care for Older Women

Author : Julie George
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This book covers current controversies in women's health care in a broad, interdisciplinary way. Topics range from the controversies in breast and cervical cancer screening, through osteoporosis and menopause, to the relationships of older women with their doctors. This guide provides a well-rounded overview of health care for older women, each chapter including issues of current debate. This book is suitable both for students new to the area, and for specialists wishing to learn more about the work of other experts. It is also a useful source of intelligent and detailed information for family practitioners on the provision of women's health care from a primary care perspective.

Handbook of physiology a critical comprehensive presentation of physiological knowledge and concepts Section 11 Aging

Author : Edward J. Masoro
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Discusses organ system & organismic aging/metabolic & molecular aspects of aging/putative interventions/exercise.

Master s Theses in Education

Author : T. A. Lamke
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Social Gerontology

Author : Nancy R. Hooyman
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Aging is a fact of life. We see our parents and grandparents go through it. We even see ourselves go through it. As we get older, we enter a distinct stage of life, complete with its own biological issues and psychological and social ones too. Yet most books on social aging ignore the psychological and biological aspects of aging that make the social issues so important. This book provides a complete look at aging so that we can better understand the older stage of life for both ourselves and those around us. This book presents a multidisciplinary perspective on social aging. It takes the approach of the older person in context, and how age-related changes in the biological, functional, and psychological domains can influence the older person's interactions with his/her social and physical environment. Unique features include an original approach, a multidisciplinary perspective, a framework based on research findings, and attention to differences by age, gender, ethnic minority status, sexual orientation, and socio-economic class. Social workers, psychologists, gerontology professionals, and professors.

International journal of sport psychology

Author :
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Master s Theses Directories

Author :
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"Education, arts and social sciences, natural and technical sciences in the United States and Canada".

Sports Coach

Author :
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Marketing Tactics Master Guide for Small Business

Author : Gerald B. McCready
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Handbook of Physiology Aging

Author :
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The Lower Extremity Spine in Sports Medicine

Author : James A. Nicholas
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A Brandon Hill Title

Becoming a Master Student

Author : David B. Ellis
File Size : 27.9 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Becoming A Master Student is the best-selling college textbook in the United States. The College Survival programme consists not only of text, but numerous other services and materials for instructors and students. For over a decade, College Survival has provided consultation and training for instructors and administrators who wish to teach effective student success courses.