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Master Your Core

Author : Bohdanna Zazulak
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You are about to learn how Dr. Zazulak's Core BASE program employs a tailored, comprehensive action plan to establish a solid mind-core connection, transform your body, fortify your relationship to self-care and exercise, and nurture, nourish and empower your core for a healthful, happy life.The Core BASE will teach you toempower your core through a guided progression of ...Breathing: Breathing for core balance with empowering mantras & dynamic stretches. Awareness: Awareness through evidence-based core activating exercises Stability: Stability through the dynamic core arsenal challenge Empowerment: Empower your core with alternative philosophies and activities In the Core BASE, you'll find all the tools, strategies and techniques you need to establish your mind-core oneness by tuning in to your core to improve your body image for a leaner, trimmer, stronger, more powerful healthier, and happier you.

Master Your Emotions 2 Books in 1

Author : Charles P. Carlton
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Do you want proven and tested strategies to overcome your negative feelings? Do you feel overwhelmed by depression? Dreadful from anxiety? Crippled by negative thinking? Frequent and explosive anger that makes you lash out over everything and at everyone? Or do you simply feel a strong wave of panic attacks that strikes at the most inopportune times? If so, then read on… If you have ever been so consumed by negative emotions that you thought they would never go away, then you are not alone. The fact is, we have all had our fair share of being overcome by negative emotions at some point in our life. However, it is our primary responsibility to ensure that we do not get emotionally thrown off balance by taking guided steps to find relief as soon as possible and reclaim control over our mental health and overall wellbeing. The solution to dealing with negative emotions is first to understand the inner workings of your emotions and your mind, and then applying the carefully detailed techniques and strategies laid out in this book to ensure you manage them as effectively as possible. In the Master Your Emotions book, you will discover the step-by-step process to deal with your negative emotions to enable you take control of your emotional wellbeing and live a more fulfilling life. With the case studies and practical exercises in this book to guide you along the process, you are on your way to breaking the hold of negative spirals holding you back from living the life you truly desire. This book is made up of two parts: 1. How to Stop Overthinking: 8 Proven, Practical Techniques to End Anxiety, Stop Negative Thinking, Overcome Worrying, and Live a Healthier, Happier Life. 2. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple: Effective Strategies to Rewire Your Brain and Instantly Overcome Depression, End Anxiety, Manage Anger, and Stop Panic Attacks in its Tracks. In Part I of this book, How to Stop Overthinking, you will; 1. Discover the various factors in your life that cause you to overthink 2. Gain a deeper understanding of your thoughts and behaviors 3. Know how to get unstuck from your past, live in the present, and be unafraid of your future 4. Know how to apply mindfulness and meditation to gain more peace of mind 5. Be able to keep yourself from falling back into the habit of overthinking In Part II of this book, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple, you will; 1. Understand how your thoughts determine your feelings and behaviors. 2. Discover science-backed research why CBT is a very effective therapeutic option for depression, anxiety, anger, and panic attacks. 3. Be enlightened on how the negative thoughts that fuel your negative emotions develop, and how you can identify them when they come to mind. 4. Uncover life hacks that you can apply right away to challenge and replace your negative thoughts with more rational thoughts. 5. Discover tailored and proven techniques you can start right now and how you can apply them to overcome depression, end anxiety, manage anger, and stop panic attacks. …and much more! Will you choose to allow your negative emotions to continue making your life a living hell? Or would you rather pick yourself back up to retrain your brain and declutter your mind once and for all? I hope you choose the latter. To get instant access to this powerful life-saving hack, get a copy of this book RIGHT NOW.

Master Your Mind

Author : Roger Seip
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You’ll get there faster if you just slow down Master Your Mind offers a bit of perspective and a lot of insight for anyone seeking long-term success. Success in business is spelled M-O-R-E: better results, faster growth, more revenue, greater efficiency. Do more. Make more. Achieve more. And do it now. Eventually, ambition turns to stress, then to frenzy, then to emptiness as once-ambitious workers endlessly trudge the hamster wheel chasing the next promotion. While top-level performance is the holy grail of business at all levels, there is another, much better way to achieve it: slow down. Yes, you read that right—S-L-O-W. This is your permission to jump off of the hamster wheel. Slowing down is not a luxury, it is a necessity. A frenetic brain simply doesn’t perform at optimal levels. By maintaining a snail’s pace, you actually achieve better results—at rocket speed—because you’re firing on all cylinders. You’ll think of new things, approach old problems from new perspectives, and breathe a breath of fresh air into everything you do. This book shows you how to achieve this state of steady, sustainable fire, and how to get further by crawling than you ever did while attempting to fly. Learn how slowing down can lead to better, faster results Achieve optimal performance thought patterns Enhance your creativity and effectiveness Build energy, revenue, and good health in a self-sustaining way You know you’re capable of more, but the stress is eating away at your body, your brain, and your soul. Relax, take a deep breath, and buckle down. Clear your mind, and then put it to work. Stop juggling and start doing. Master Your Mind shows you how to supercharge your trajectory by taking it S-L-O-W.

How to Master Your Medical School Finals

Author : Robert Tan
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For students of all years who want to make the most of their time in medical school and successfully pass OSCE and written exams, How to Master Your Medical School Finals is the ultimate study aid, providing the insider knowledge needed to gain extra marks and improve performance. Combining practical and academic advice to help you cope with the demands of study, hospital rounds and exam revision it will help you turn a fail into a pass, and a pass into a distinction. Along with an online tool specifically designed to help you memorize facts, it will teach you how to deliver a distinction level answer during OSCEs, short answer papers and vivas, identify trends in past papers and organize your revision to mirror the distribution of key topics, analyse your own learning style and adopt new learning techniques, revise faster and more effectively using ethics and law essay plans and optimise your time on the wards and on specialty attachments Including a sample curriculum - a unique tool that shows you which subjects require in depth, moderate or superficial knowledge - How to Master Your Medical School Finals is the definitive resource for students who want to effectively navigate their way through medical school and increase their chances of finals success. Online supporting resources for this book include a memory audit template.

Master Your Emotions Transform Your Life A Practical Guide to Conscious Transformation Emotional Well Being and Spiritual Growth

Author : David Lee Sheng Tin, HHC, PhD
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Emotional well-being affects every aspect of our lives, including relationships, careers, finances, health, spirituality, and overall happiness. It is not just the absence of depression and anxiety, but also the ability to control emotions and behaviors, cope with life's challenges, handle stress, build strong positive relationships, and bounce back from disappointments and setbacks. This theoretical, practical guide teaches others how to identify self-limiting emotions and tap into the power within to consciously transform thinking and make positive changes in life. "Master Your Emotions - Transform Your Life is simple, easy to understand and profound." -Carl Camelia, Founder and Academic Director Inter-Continental University of the Caribbean "Easy to read and understand, yet profound and transformative. This gem of a book is a must read for anyone interested in spiritual growth and emotional well being." -Dr. Lana Boodhoo M.D., electrophysiologist

Master Your Time Master Your Life

Author : Brian Tracy
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Discover 10 Essential Ways to Make the Most of Your Time “Time is money,” as the saying goes, but most of us never feel we have enough of either. In Master Your Time, Master Your Life, internationally acclaimed productivity expert and bestselling author Brian Tracy presents a brilliant new approach to time management that will help you gain control of your time and accomplish far more, faster and more easily than you ever thought possible. Drawing on the latest research in productivity science and Tracy’s decades of expertise, this breakthrough program allocates time into ten categories of priority—including strategic planning/goal setting, people and family, income improvement, rest/relaxation, and even creative time—and reveals the best techniques for focusing on each effectively. By thoughtfully applying the principles in Master Your Time, Master Your Life, you’ll not only achieve greater results and reach your goals more quickly and successfully, you’ll also have more time to devote to what you truly love.

Mind Your Brain Master Your Life

Author : Tejgyan Global Foundation
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New discoveries in brain research have shown that our brain can be re-wired through Neuroplasticity. This book will be helpful for those who want to Mould their brain to unleash their infinite possibilities. It systematically throws light on brain research, practical applications of brain re-wiring and spiritual insights in various areas. The simple techniques given in this book, if applied correctly, can bring about a radical transformation in your life. Your life can be filled with love, bliss, peace, health, prosperity and contentment.

Master Your Motivation

Author : Susan Fowler
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If you want to accomplish what's important to you, discipline and willpower won't get you where you need to go. In this iconoclastic new book, Susan Fowler reveals compelling insights and actions to help you master and maintain your motivation. Motivation is at the heart of everything you do and everything you want to do but don't. Unfortunately, the ways we typically motivate ourselves don't work. Relying on sheer determination eventually becomes exhausting—it's not sustainable. And even setting goals can backfire—if you're not setting them for the right reasons. Susan Fowler says motivation is energy, and what matters is the quality, not the quantity. Traditional “motivators” such as fear, guilt, or the promise of a reward provide low-quality, short-term energy. Drawing on the latest empirical research, she proves that high-quality, optimal motivation is a skill that you can learn and apply. Science tells us that satisfying three basic needs—for choice, connection, and competence—is essential to optimal motivation. You need to feel like you've picked your path, not that you're being driven down it. Your goal should be linked to people or a purpose meaningful to you. And you want to continually learn and grow. Through practical exercises and eye-opening stories, Fowler shows you how to identify and shift the quality of your motivation. The skill to master your motivation is important—it may be your greatest opportunity to evolve, grow in wisdom, and be the light the world so desperately needs.

Master Your Money Type

Author : Jordan E. Goodman
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This groundbreaking book by a renowned finance expert shows readers how to use their personal investing type to attain the wealth they desire.


Author : David Xavier Sanchez
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Personal Guide for the Next Generation Business Owner or Director. Set Goals Achieve Them in a timeframe. By David Xavier Sanchez