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Massachusetts and the New Nation

Author : Conrad Edick Wright
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This collection of essays studies aspects of the role of a single state in the transformation of American life following the Revolutionary War. Drawn from a conference on the topic held at the Massachusetts Historical Society in 1990, the contributions address religious, economic, and social as well as governmental facets of the process. At the close of the American Revolution, Massachusetts learned that independence invalidated many customary assumptions and practices. As the citizens of the state worked to establish their new Commonwealth and determine its relationship to a federal government also in its infancy, they were forced to confront challenging problems both within Massachusetts and outside it. Religious differences fractured the Standing Order, separating Unitarians and Congregationalists from each other at the same time that pressures from Episcopalians, Baptists, and others urged an end to the religious establishment. Poverty posed problems for Massachusetts at large, and particularly for Boston, at the same time that public officeholders struggled to create new governmental institutions both for the Commonwealth and for its capital. Massachusetts merchants had to develop new, independent patterns of trade in response to American withdrawal from the British Empire. Diplomats had to find a place for the Commonwealth in the world order. And federal officeholders from Massachusetts needed to address the most divisive of domestic issues, slavery. The essays in this collection reveal how Massachusetts coped with these unexpected problems of independence.

The New Nation

Author : Edward Bellamy
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The New Nation

Author :
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A New World for a New Nation

Author : Francisco J. Borge
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In the 1580s, almost a century after Christopher Columbus first set foot in the New World, England could not make any substantial claim to the rich territories there. Less than a century later, England had not only founded an overseas empire but had also managed to challenge her most powerful rivals in the international arena. But before any material success accompanied English New World enterprises, a major campaign of promotion was launched with the clear objective of persuading Englishmen that intervention in the Americas was not only desirable for the national economy but even paramount for their survival as a new and powerful Protestant nation-state. In this book the author explores the metaphors that dominate England's discourse on the New World in her attempt to conceptualize it and make it ready for immediate consumption. The creators of England's proto-colonial discourse were forced to make use of their rivals' prior experience at the same time they tried to present England as radically different, thus conferring legitimacy to English claims over territories that were already occupied. One of the most outstanding consequences of this ideological contest is the emergence of an English national self not only in opposition to the American natives they try to colonise, but also, and more importantly, in contrast to other nations that had been traditionally considered culturally similar.

Children and Youth in a New Nation

Author : James Marten
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Framed in Article II of the Constitution, presidential powers are dictated today by judicial as well as historical precedent. To understand the ways the president wields power as well as how this power is kept in check by other branches of government, Harold J. Krent presents three overlapping determinants of the president's role under the Constitution-the need for presidential initiative in administering the law and providing foreign policy leadership, the importance of maintaining congressional control over policymaking, and the imperative to ensure that the president be accountable to the public. Krent’s examination is sweeping, ranging from the president's ability to appoint and remove executive branch officials, to the president's role in proposing and implementing treaties and the power to conduct war, to the extent the president can refuse to turn over information in response to congressional and judicial requests. Finally, Krent addresses the history and purposes of presidential pardons. By drawing on historic and contemporary presidential actions to illustrate his points, Krent reminds us that the president is both an exalted leader with the regalia of power and an American who is and should be accountable to fellow citizens-important considerations as we elect and assess our presidents.

The Gardiners of Massachusetts

Author : T. A. Milford
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An engaging biography of three generations of a prominent New England family.

A New Nation of Goods

Author : David Jaffee
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A New Nation of Goods highlights the significant role of provincial artisans in four crafts in the northeastern United States—chairmaking, clockmaking, portrait painting, and book publishing—to explain the shift from preindustrial society to an entirely new configuration of work, commodities, and culture.

The American Revolution

Author : Neil L. York
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In The American Revolution, 1760 to 1790: New Nation as New Empire, Neil York details the important and complex events that transpired during the creation of the enduring American Republic. This text presents a global look at the emerging nation’s quest to balance liberty and authority before, during, and after the conflict with Great Britain, from the fall of Montreal through the Nootka Sound controversy. Through reviewing the causes and consequences of the Revolutionary era, York uncovers the period’s paradoxes in an accessible, introductory text. Taking an international perspective which closely examines the diplomatic and military elements of this period, this volume includes: Detailed maps of the Colonies, with important battle scenes highlighted Suggestions for further reading, allowing for more specialized research Comprehensive international context, providing background to Great Britain’s relations with other European powers Brief in length but broad in scope, York’s text provides the ideal introductory volume to the Revolutionary War as well as the creation of American democracy.

Gale Researcher Guide for Framing a Government in the New Nation

Author : Edward L. Bond
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Gale Researcher Guide for: Framing a Government in the New Nation is selected from Gale's academic platform Gale Researcher. These study guides provide peer-reviewed articles that allow students early success in finding scholarly materials and to gain the confidence and vocabulary needed to pursue deeper research.

Isaac Backus and Religious Liberty in Massachusetts 1755 1780

Author : Sung Bok Kim
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Report of the Joint Special Committee on the Burial of Massachusetts Dead at Gettysburg

Author : Boston (Mass.). City Council. Joint Special Committee on the Burial of Massachusetts Dead at Gettysburg
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The Otis Family in Provincial and Revolutionary Massachusetts

Author : John J. Waters Jr.
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The Otis family was largely responsible for committing Barnstable to the revolutionary cause, a move that irrevocably undermined the placid, homogenous nature of their society. As he discusses the reactions of the Otises and their community to this crisis, Waters illuminates the causes of the Revolution itself. Originally published in 1968. A UNC Press Enduring Edition -- UNC Press Enduring Editions use the latest in digital technology to make available again books from our distinguished backlist that were previously out of print. These editions are published unaltered from the original, and are presented in affordable paperback formats, bringing readers both historical and cultural value.

Prospectus of the History of North Brookfield Massachusetts

Author : North Brookfield (Mass. : Town)
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Birth of the Bill of Rights Major writings

Author : Jon L. Wakelyn
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Presents profiles and writings of prominent Antifederalists, including Samuel Adams, Mercy Otis Warren, and James Monroe.

The History of Democracy

Author : Nahum Capen
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The New Nation

Author : Merrill Jensen
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"Essay on the sources": p. 429-432.

Growing Up in Revolution and the New Nation 1775 to 1800

Author : Brandon Marie Miller
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Presents details of daily life of American children during the period from 1775 to 1800.

Boston Massachusetts New York New York Newark New Jersey Hartford Connecticut Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Author : United States. Congress. Joint Committee on Housing
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Building a New Nation

Author : Allison Lassieur
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"With the signing of the Treaty of Paris and the conclusion of the Revolutionary War, the Founding Fathers of the United States needed to lay the groundwork for the new nation. Early years of government expose weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation, which leads to the Constitutional Convention. The Founders begin drafting the Constitution of the United States. Readers dive into this history and make choices throughout that affect the outcome of the story"--

The Status of the Nation s Local Mass Transportation Performance and Conditions

Author :
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