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Mass Information Utilities and Social Excellence

Author : Harold Sackman
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Mass Information Utilities and Social Excellence

Author : Harold Sackman
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Planning Community Information Utilities

Author : Harold Sackman
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Author :
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Computer Science in Social and Behavioral Science Education

Author : Daniel Edgar Bailey
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Policy Analysis by Computer Simulation

Author : Garry D. Brewer
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Future Survey Annual 1985

Author : Michael Marien
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Computers In The Information Society

Author : Nathan Weinberg
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This book examines the unfolding cultural and organizational impact of computers on human society. Through this analysis, it discusses the role of information technology in people's lives, interdependence between the society and its computer creations, and expectations in the information society.

Congress and Mass Communications

Author : United States. Congress. Joint Committee on Congressional Operations
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Determinants of Public Interest Cable Communications Policies

Author : Stephen C. Godek
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In this book the author asks how new technologies can be organized to operate in the public's interest, and addresses the problem this question poses when applied to cable technology. Contents: List of Tables and Figures; Acknowledgements; Problems in Cable Communication Policy; Public Interests and Cable Communications; Explanations for Cable Community Interest Policies: Three Pure Types; An Empirical Examination of Explanations for Cable Community Interest Policies; An Organizational Explanation; Examining the Organizational Model; Regulating Cable Communications; Conclusions and Recommendations; Appendix: Variable Names, Definitions, and Sources; Bibliography; Index.

Historical Studies in Information Science

Author : Trudi Bellardo Hahn
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The field of information science has a broad history spanning nearly a century. "Historical Studies in Information Science focuses on the progression of this dynamic and evolving industry by looking at some of its pioneers. This informative volume concentrates on the following areas: Historiography of Information Science; Paul Otlet and His Successors; Techniques, Tools, and Systems; People and Organizations; Theoretical Topics; and Literature.

The Integrity of Intelligence

Author : Bryan Glastonbury
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This book examines the effect of Information Technology on our lives, illustrating how a lack of proper social control over IT has led to a scene of technological wizardry and real everyday gains, contaminated by discrimination, deprivation and unacceptable ethical standards. The book states the case, analyses the mistakes, hits hard at those responsible for these, offers ways of ensuring that we all get the benefits of IT, and argues the need to put some integrity into technology.

Strategy Execution

Author : Andrew MacLennan
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Strategy execution is one of the most important and exciting topics in management. Implementing strategy in today's complex organizations is an enormous challenge but one that all leaders must tackle. This lively book is an essential guide to strategy execution for practicing managers and those in advanced management education. It combines the rigour of advanced research with the accessibility of practical experience and application to lead readers through the subject. Drawing together existing knowledge and reporting findings from his own research, Andrew MacLennan brings this often neglected topic sharply into focus. After introducing and defining strategy execution, the book presents a series of systematic frameworks to help managers and leaders: identify common strategy execution barriers and diagnose performance problems in particular situations translate conceptual strategies into concrete activities align emergent activities and projects with strategic objectives support critical activities by aligning organizational designs and systems Strategy Execution is an insightful, engaging and practical book. The models are supplemented throughout with real world examples, summaries of key issues and signposts to further readings. It is a comprehensive, easy to use book offering students and practitioners a systematic approach to strategy implementation.

The Social Context of the New Information and Communication Technologies

Author : Elia Zureik
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This bibliography, which contains 6000 references on the social impact of information and communication technology, is an invaluable tool for the researcher seeking recent reference material on the proliferating subject of computerization and society. Eighty separate codes, covering such areas as medicine, education, global business, crime, the military, the workplace, privacy, the home and others, are included throughout to facilitate quick access to the bibliography.

Computerization and Controversy

Author : Rob Kling
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The Second Edition of Computerization and Controversy: Value Conflicts and Social Choices is a collection of 78 articles that examine the social aspects of computerization from a variety of perspectives, many presenting important viewpoints not often discussed in the conventional literature. A number of paired articles comprise thought-provoking head-on debate. Fields represented include computer science, information systems, management, journalism, psychology, law, library science, and sociology. This volume introduces some of the major controversies surrounding the computerization of society and helps readers recognize the social processes that drive and shape computerization. Division into eight provocatively titled sections facilitates course planning for classroom or seminar use. A lead article for each section frames the major controversies, locates the selections within the debates, and points to other relevant literature. Key Features * A fully revised and updated version of the first anthological treatment of the subject * Organized to facilitate course planning for classroom or seminar use * Provides coverage of the influence of computers on a wide variety of fields including computer science, information systems, management, journalism, psychology, law, library science, and sociology * Includes discussion of the following issues related to computerization: * Does computerization demonstrably improve the productivity of organizations? * Should computer systems be designed to empower workers? * Does electronic mail facilitate the formation of new communities, or does it undermine intimate interaction? * Is computerization likely to reduce privacy and personal freedom?

Social Issues in Computing

Author : C. C. Gotlieb
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Social Issues in Computing provides information pertinent to the social implications of technology. This book presents the highly dynamic interaction between computers and society. Organized into 13 chapters, this book begins with an overview of the problems associated with computers and attempts to indicate some of the viewpoints, assumptions, and biases from which the discussion is undertaken. This text then examines in detail the effects of computers on society ad describes the extent of computer use. Other chapters consider the disparities in computer use between various countries, as well as the degree to which various countries are able to share in the market for computer products and services. This book discusses as well the factors that led to the rapid and widespread adoption of computers. The final chapter deals with the effects of automation, computers, and technology. This book is a valuable resource for computer science students and research workers.

Catalog of Copyright Entries Third Series

Author : Library of Congress. Copyright Office
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Jim Dator A Noticer in Time

Author : Jim Dator
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This book features a selection of the published writings and public presentations of Jim Dator. Most of the chapters are directly concerned with futures studies and ideas about the futures. The topic covers many disciplines and subjects. It is also concerned with many different parts of the world, even Mars. In addition, a few of the earlier papers contained here are about more conventional topics in politics and religion. The collection spans a more than 50 year period of thought, reflection, and instruction. In particular, the papers examine six main topics. These include meditations on the very nature of future studies, visions of preferred futures, ideas about alternative futures, and details on future theories and methods. Coverage also considers such specific topics as AI and robots, the environment, food, culture, energy, families, future generations, and more. Overall, these papers help readers gain insight into what it takes to weave together alternative images of the future in useful ways. They also reveal cross-disciplinary patterns in key fields of human endeavor that will help readers better understand trends and emerging issues.

Media Use in the Information Age

Author : Jerry Lee Salvaggio
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GI BIFOA Internationale Fachtagung Informationszentren in Wirtschaft und Verwaltung

Author : P. Schmitz
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