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Author : R. W. Connell
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This is an exciting new edition of R. W. Connell s ground-breaking text, which has become a classic work on the nature and construction of masculine identity. Connell argues that there is not one masculinity, but many different masculinities, each associated with different positions of power. In a world gender order that continues to privilege men over women, but also raises difficult issues for men and boys, Connell s account is more pertinent than ever before. In a substantial new introduction and conclusion, Connell discusses the development of masculinity studies in the ten years since the book s initial publication. The book explores global gender relations, new theories, and practical uses of masculinity research. Looking to the future, a new concluding chapter addresses the politics of masculinities, and the implications of masculinity research for understanding current world issues. Against the backdrop of an increasingly divided world, dominated by neo-conservative politics, Connell s account highlights a series of compelling questions about the future of human society. This second edition of Connell s classic book will be essential reading for students taking courses on masculinities and gender studies, and will be of interest to students and scholars across the humanities and social sciences.

Decolonizing Latinx Masculinities

Author : Arturo J. Aldama
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With unity of heart and mind, the creative and the scholarly, Decolonizing Latinx Masculinities opens wide its arms to all non-binary, decolonial masculinities today to grow a stronger, resilient, and more compassionate new generation of Latinxs tomorrow.


Author : Michael S. Kimmel
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Communicating Marginalized Masculinities

Author : Ronald L. Jackson
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For years, research concerning masculinities has explored the way that men have dominated, exploited, and dismantled societies, asking how we might make sense of marginalized masculinities in the context of male privilege. This volume asks not only how terms such as men and masculinity are socially defined and culturally instantiated, but also how the media has constructed notions of masculinity that have kept minority masculinities on the margins. Essays explore marginalized masculinities as communicated through film, television, and new media, visiting representations and marginalized identity politics while also discussing the dangers and pitfalls of a media pedagogy that has taught audiences to ignore, sidestep, and stereotype marginalized group realities. While dominant portrayals of masculine versus feminine characters pervade numerous television and film examples, this collection examines heterosexual and queer, military and civilian, as well as Black, Japanese, Indian, White, and Latino masculinities, offering a variance in masculinities and confronting male privilege as represented on screen, appealing to a range of disciplines and a wide scope of readers.

Reimagining Black Masculinities

Author : Mark C. Hopson
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Reimagining Black Masculinities: Race, Gender, and Public Space addresses how Black masculinities are created, negotiated, and contested in public spaces, focusing on how theory meets praxis when mobilizing for social change. Contributors disentangle complexities of the Black experience and reimagine the radical progressive work required for societal health and wellbeing, forming a mental picture of what the world has the potential to be without excluding current realities for Black boys and men, civic manhood, maleness, and the fluidity of masculinities. These realities are acknowledged and interrogated across private and public contexts, media, education, occupation, and theoretical perspectives. This book encourages readers to reenvision social identity as an ongoing phenomenon, asserting that collective vision informs action and collective action informs possibilities for peace and freedom in the world around us. Scholars of communication, gender studies, and race studies will find this book particularly interesting.

Masculinity Under Construction

Author : LaToya Jefferson-James
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Masculinity Under Construction: Literary Re-Presentations of Black Masculinity in the African Diaspora analyzes Black male identity as constructed by Black male authors. In each chapter, Dr. Jefferson-James discusses a different "construction" or definition of masculine identity produced by men of African descent on the continent of Africa, in the Caribbean, and in North America. Combing through the works of James Baldwin, Chinua Achebe, Ralph Ellison, George Lamming, and other pan-African authors, Masculinity Under Construction argues for the importance of analyzing the historical context that contributed to the formation of Black male identity. Additionally, Dr. Jefferson-James draws a relationship between Black feminists and writers, such as Anna Julia Cooper and her contemporaries, and these works of literature viewed as primarily about Black masculinity.

Men and Masculinities in Selected Ghanaian Video Films

Author : Wisdom Agorde
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This book examines how Ghanaian video films write men and masculinities by addressing how the films portray what it means to be a man in contemporary Ghana. Exploring the cultural ideas and expectations regarding masculinity as constructed by Ghanaian filmmakers, this project identifies the different institutions that encourage particular philosophies of masculinity and the kinds of environments that such institutions create for the performance of gender relations and identities. Drawing upon theories of men and masculinities from both Africa and the West, individual chapters demonstrate that Ghanaian men are not a unified or a homogeneous group. There is no singular concept of masculinity, only different versions of masculinity that continues to shift perspectives. Men and masculinities in the films are constructed, shaped, and maintained from diverse perspectives; these include traditional cultural practices, community standards, and foreign concepts imposed upon the country due to missionary activities and colonialism. The video films thereby mediate life experiences of common people and show how urbanization plays a vital role in post-colonial Ghana.

Masculinities Matter

Author : Frances Cleaver
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This work argues that we need to pay more attention to understanding men and masculinities. It considers arguments based on equality and social justice, the specific gendered vulnerabilities of men, and the emergence of a crisis of masculinity.

Masculinities and Crime

Author : James W. Messerschmidt
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Challenging the common masculinist character of criminological research, James W. Messerschmidt develops an elaborate scrutiny of the gender roles that, along with class and race, influence the occurrence and types of crimes in our society.

Masculinities And Culture

Author : Beynon, John
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This book explores the socio-historical and cultural formation, enactment and representation of masculinities in a range of sites, both in the past and today. In so doing, the author draws on a wide range of resources, including literature, film, historical material, before giving students ideas and guidelines to enable them to carry out their own research.

Handbook of Studies on Men and Masculinities

Author : Professor Department of Sociology Michael S Kimmel
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The Handbook of Studies on Men and Masculinities is an interdisciplinary and international culmination of the growth of men's studies that also offers insight about future directions for the field. The Handbook provides a broad view of masculinities primarily across the social sciences, with the inclusion of important debates in some areas of the humanities and natural sciences. The various approaches presented in this Handbook range across different disciplines, theoretical perspectives, methodologies, and conceptualizations in relation to the topic of men. Editors Michael S. Kimmel, Jeff Hearn, and Robert W. Connell have assembled an esteemed group of contributors who are among the best-known experts in their particular fields.

South Asian Masculinities

Author : Radhika Chopra
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What Does It Mean To Be A Man In The Shifting Context Of South Asia? Masculinity Has In Recent Years Begun To Be Theorised As A Field Of Study; While Its Study In Different Cultural Areas (Islamic, American, Mediterranean) Has Been Undertaken, South Asia Remains Relatively Unexplored. This Volume Seeks To Fill The Gap And Build A Wider Body Of Ethnographic Work, As Well As Contribute To The Theoretical Literature On Gender. The Papers Are Drawn From Anthropology, History, Film Studies And Literature, And Are Aimed At South Asian Scholars As Well As A Wider Audience Of People Interested In Gender Studies.

Exploring Masculinities

Author : Ireland. Department of Education and Science
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Military Masculinities

Author : Nicholas Laham
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In spite of all the attention that has been devoted to men's identity in recent years, the links between men and the military have until now remained unquestioned, and thus unexplored. This groundbreaking volume deconstructs the traditional stereotypes of military identity and makes a strong case for a plurality of identities within a range of theoretical and empirical contexts. The contributors consider the ways in which military masculine identities are created and sustained in the armed forces and the societies in which they operate. Though mainly focused on the British army, this volume explores universal issues such as violence among military communities, the identity of women in the military, and the treatment of conscientious objectors.

Colloquium Masculinities in Southern Africa

Author :
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Men and Masculinities in Europe

Author : Keith Pringle
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This book reviews the state of knowledge on men and masculinities between ten European countries, emphasising both the differences and the similarities between them. The volume draws upon the outcomes of a recently-completed major research exercise undertaken by network funded by the European Commission-funded Research Network on Men in Europe. It contains contributions by some of Europe's leading scholars in the field. Special emphasis is placed on four key themes: home and work, social exclusion, violences, and health. There is also a particular focus on the fundamental changes taking place in Central and Eastern Europe in the post-socialist period; and to the questions of politics and ethnicity in contemporary Europe. Addressing politics, policy and analysis around men and masculinities in relation to these and other matters is an immensely urgent task not only for European and Trans-European political structures but also for European societies themselves. In the past, masculinity and men's powers and practices were taken for granted. Gender was largely seen as a matter of and for women. This is now changing in the face of rapid but contradictory social change. This book will be essential reading for anyone, whether academic, policymaker, or concerned citizen, who wishes to understand these social processes and their implications for the societies of Europe. Contents: Estonia Voldemar Kolga, Professor of Personality and Developmental Psychology, Head of the Women's Studies Centre, University of Tallinn Finland Jeff Hearn, Professor in the Swedish School of Economics, Helsinki; Emmi Lattu, Doctoral Student at the University of Tampere; Teemu Tallberg, Doctoral Student at the Swedish School of Economics, Helsinki; Hertta Niemi, Research Assistant and Doctoral Student at the Swedish School of Economics, Helsinki Germany Ursula Müller, Full Professor of Sociology and Director of the Interdisciplinary Women's Studies Centre, University of Bielefeld Ireland Harry Ferguson, Professor of Social Work, University of the West of England Latvia Irina Novikova, Director of the Centre for Gender Studies, University of Latvia Poland Elzbieta Oleksy, Full Professor of Humanities and Director of the Women's Studies Centre, University of Lodz and Joanna Rydzewska, Doctoral Candidate, Women's Studies Centre, University of Lodz United Kingdom Keith Pringle, Professor of Social Work, Aalborg University Bulgaria Dimitar Kambourov, Associate Professor in Literary Theory, Sofia University Czech Republic Iva Smidova, Doctoral Researcher, Sociology Department, Masaryk University Sweden Marie Nordberg, Doctoral Student in Ethnology, Goteborgs University

Rethinking Masculinities Violence and AIDS

Author : Diana Gibson
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Extrait de la couverture : ""Rethinking Masculinities, Violence and AIDS" presents cutting-edge, peer-reviewed empirical and theoretical studies grounded in current theroretical perspectives on masculinities as the intersect with violence or AIDS. The chapters cover a variety of cultural contexts, ranging from South America to Africa and Eastern Europe, and explore men as gendered beings in interpersonal and sexual relations. The book contributes ethnographic case studies to the discussion of masculinities in relation to power, violence, unsafe sex, exposure to STI's and HIV/AIDS. The collection of essays makes a significant contribution to health, gender and masculinities research and give new insights into current issues and challenges in the fields of AIDS and violence."

Masculinities in Aotearoa New Zealand

Author : Robin Law
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In the last ten years, social scientists have begun to explore how societies have come to define what it means to be a man and how this definition changes over time. This is the first interdisciplinary collection in New Zealand on this emerging topic, bringing together authors from the disciplines of anthropology, geography, women's studies, education, history and media studies.

Men and Masculinities in Modern Africa

Author : Lisa A. Lindsay
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Extrait de la couverture : "Over the last twenty years, gender has become a major research focus in Africa studies, resulting in a surge of rich material. Yet men have rarely been the subject of gender research in Africa, and africanist scholars have yet to fully address how shifting meanings of gender have affected African men or how the understandings and practices of masculinity have been contested and transformed during the colonial and postcolonial eras. This collection is the firt to analyze the concepts and issues involved in exploring African men and the constructions of masculinity in sub-Saharan Africa. An introduction establishes the major themes of the anthology : -men as gendered actors -the social construction of masculinity -masculinity as a relational category hegemonic and subordinate masculinities This book challenges stereotypes of African men as savages, patriarchs, or emasculated colonial victims. Essays establish the centrality of gender to the social and political transformation of the 20th-centrury Africa. Chronologically and regionally diverse, the collection moves from the early colonial period through the era of independence and inclludes local studies throughtout the continent, as well as the work of both junior and senior scholars. Anyone interested in scholarship on gender and Africa will find this collection invaluable and thought provoking."

Masculinities in the Making of Gendered Identities

Author : Anne Kelk Mager
File Size : 55.76 MB
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