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Politics And Markets

Author : Charles Edward Lindblom
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Scrutinizes the world's major political-economic systems to reveal the role of free markets in fostering liberty and democracy and to warn of the debilitating impact of big business on democratic institutions

Making Markets in the Welfare State

Author : Jane R. Gingrich
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Over the past three decades, market reforms have transformed public services such as education, health, and care of the elderly. Whereas previous studies present markets as having similar and largely non-political effects, this book shows that political parties structure markets in diverse ways to achieve distinct political aims. Left-wing attempts to sustain the legitimacy of the welfare state are compared with right-wing wishes to limit the state and empower the private sector. Examining a broad range of countries, time periods, and policy areas, Jane R. Gingrich helps readers make sense of the complexity of market reforms in the industrialized world. The use of innovative multi-case studies and in-depth interviews with senior European policymakers enriches the debate and brings clarity to this multifaceted topic. Scholars and students working on the policymaking process in this central area will be interested in this new conceptualization of market reform.

Markets and Politics in Central Asia

Author : Gregory Gleason
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Over a decade after national independence, it is apparent that the contrasting development strategies adopted by the five new governments of Central Asia have led to significantly different outcomes. This well-written and timely book analyses how the development strategies of these countries have affected their transition from communist governance.

Democracy and Markets

Author : John R. Freeman
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Events of the 1970s and 1980s have provoked intense controversy about the desirability of existing political and economic institutions. On the basis of an analysis of social welfare in varying types of market systems and in certain democratic political systems, Democracy and Markets illuminates alternative directions for institutional reform. Examining in detail the experiences of several democratic European countries, John R. Freeman considers whether a mixed ownership structure is preferable to a private ownership structure; and whether a pluralist type of democratic politics is preferable to a corporatist type. Freeman compares the benefits of the two economic and two political systems separately, and then analyzes the workings of four basic political economies. This analysis yields a welfare taxonomy for alternative forms of democratic capitalism and more specifically a characterization of the blends of collective gain and distributional equity that can be achieved in the four systems. Freeman demonstrates the validity of this taxonomy through an empirical investigation of the political economies of Britain, Austria, Sweden, and Italy. Under current conditions, he concludes, the corporatist-mixed system produces the most desirable blend of welfare outcomes.

Markets and Majorities

Author : Steven M. Sheffrin
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America's government intervenes in almost every aspect of its citizens' daily lives. From the air we breathe, to our health, wealth, and security, Americans wade through a vast political ocean. Unfortunately, we do so blindly; few Americans understand how or why our government regulates the market mechanisms that surround us. In Markets and Majorities, Steven Sheffrin addresses essential yet overlooked questions about political intervention in economic spheres. Why should we trust the government to clean our air? How do we know what to define as clean? What kind of health insurance business will the government run? What are the dangers of publicly financed doctors? Sheffrin first explains traditional theories of market failure, used to justify intervention. He then combines the crucial question of political viability with the fascinating particulars of policy histories. Sheffrin applies such analysis to the areas of health care, social security, environmental policy, product liability, trade policy, and fiscal and budgetary policy. He argues that beneath each area lies a unique calculus of market failure and political pressures, and convincingly demonstrates that no single policy can be understood out of economic and political context. In short, the fact that markets may fail does not guarantee that politics will succeed. By examining both sides of each policy area, Sheffrin's careful review of our national policy-making reveals a minefield where, in many cases, politics cannot help but fail as badly as markets. However, he shows that all is not lost, citing, among other examples, political intervention in the medical industry as the only hope of stopping hospitals from competitive purchases of useless technology. Markets and Majorities is must reading for anyone who has ever wondered why government just can't seem to get things done, as well as anyone who has asked why it should try in the first place.

Markets and States in Tropical Africa

Author : Robert H. Bates
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Following independence, most countries in Africa sought to develop, but their governments pursued policies that actually undermined their rural economies. Examining the origins of Africa’s “growth tragedy,” Markets and States in Tropical Africa has for decades shaped the thinking of practitioners and scholars alike. Robert H. Bates’s analysis now faces a challenge, however: the revival of economic growth on the continent. In this edition, Bates provides a new preface and chapter that address the seeds of Africa’s recovery and discuss the significance of the continent’s success for the arguments of this classic work.

Markets Morals Politics

Author : BŽla Kapossy
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When Istv‡n Hont died in 2013, the world lost a giant of intellectual history. A leader of the Cambridge School of Political Thought, Hont argued passionately for a global-historical approach to political ideas. To better understand the development of liberalism, he looked not only to the works of great thinkers but also to their reception and use amid revolution and interstate competition. His innovative program of study culminated in the landmark 2005 book Jealousy of Trade, which explores the birth of economic nationalism and other social effects of expanding eighteenth-century markets. Markets, Morals, Politics brings together a celebrated cast of HontÕs contemporaries to assess his influence, ideas, and methods. Richard Tuck, John Pocock, John Dunn, Raymond Geuss, Gareth Stedman Jones, Michael Sonenscher, John Robertson, Keith Tribe, Pasquale Pasquino, and Peter N. Miller contribute original essays on themes Hont treated with penetrating insight: the politics of commerce, debt, and luxury; the morality of markets; and economic limits on state power. The authors delve into questions about the relationship between states and markets, politics and economics, through examinations of key Enlightenment and pre-Enlightenment figures in contextÑHobbes, Rousseau, Spinoza, and many others. The contributors also add depth to HontÕs lifelong, if sometimes veiled, engagement with Marx. The result is a work of interpretation that does justice to HontÕs influence while developing its own provocative and illuminating arguments. Markets, Morals, Politics will be a valuable companion to readers of Hont and anyone concerned with political economy and the history of ideas.

The Coming Russian Boom

Author : Richard Layard
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Since the fall of the Soviet empire in 1991, Westerners have been speculating about the future of its vast and long-oppressive economy. Politicians, economists, and businesspeople alike have watched with great interest as the new Russia has scrambled to get on its feet. As support for the communists has waned and waxed, Westerners have worried: Are Russia's troubles merely the growth pains of a rich new market waiting to take off? Or should businessmen and tourists stay away? The bottom line, argue Richard Layard and John Parker, is a healthy and strong one. Democracy and free markets have taken root in Russia for good. The authors offer a soup-to-nuts analysis of the Russian economy, along with its political and social underpinnings, to demonstrate just how successful the reforms have been and what they mean for Western businessmen. Layard and Parker argue that Russia has passed the crucial point of dependency on Boris Yeltsin; it has built a successful multiparty democracy; and it has passed through the worst of the economic aftershocks of communism. Inflation is finally under control, and with the growing success of privatization, many opportunities have emerged for both Russians and foreigners. Political shifts notwithstanding, Layard and Parker foresee a bright future for Russia, graced by strong economic growth, based on private enterprise. They argue that Russia's economy will grow faster over the next twenty years than most emerging markets, and that foreigners will reap good returns from investing in its markets and its amazing natural resources. The Coming Russian Boom introduces Westerners to a Russia that is far healthier and more promising than the one they have read about in the papers, and shows how the greatest political-economic challenge of the post-Cold War world has become a resounding and exemplary triumph. It offers specific suggestions and guidelines for entrepreneurs, investors, and analysts. And it uses underlying economic structure to illuminate the surface confusion that will always be Russia.

The Politics of Order in Informal Markets

Author : Shelby Grossman
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This book introduces a theory for how the state shapes private governance, leveraging data from informal markets in Lagos, Nigeria.

Regimes Politics and Markets

Author : José María Maravall
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This ambitious study, by a leading Spanish social scientist, analyses the mutual relationships between politics and the economy. Focusing on the experiences of Southern and Eastern Europe, it examines the complex interdependence between democracies, economic growth, social redistribution, and political culture. Are democratization processes the product of previous experiences of development, or of economic crisis? Can political regimes influence economic development and the distribution of material resources? In a context of economic constraints, to what extent are social democratic governments able to present a distinct identity in their policies? And can democratic governments, once established, increase support for democratic principles? Professor Maravall explores these and other crucial questions utilizing a wealth of evidence from official statistics to public opinion polls. His appendices also provide chronologies of the most influential studies on these topics, offering valuable background information and ideas for further reading.