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Marketing in Travel and Tourism

Author : Mike Morgan
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Marketing in Travel and Tourism aims to guide and support readers through the complexities of tourism marketing in the 21st Century. It sets out clear explanations of marketing principles and concepts adapted from mainstream services marketing, and goes on to illustrate the range of applications currently practised in the modern visitor economy. Now in its fourth edition, and reprinted almost every year since 1988, each chapter of the book has been updated to include current evaluations of all the key developments in marketing, especially consumer centric marketing and the now focal role of the Internet in the marketing mix. The chapters on communicating with cutomers have been extensively rewritten to take account of e-marketing and related marketing developments in tourism that are pulled together in a forward looking Epilogue. This fully revised edition includes: full colour interior with pedagogic features such as discussion questions and exercises to encourage further exploration of key areas new material on the role of e-marketing, motivations and consumer behaviour five in-depth international case studies, including Tourism New Zealand and Agra Indian World Heritage Site, along with 17 mini cases to contextualise learning a companion website:, packed with extra resources such as Power Point slides and interactive multiple choice questions to aid teaching and learningMarketing in Travel and Tourism provides a truly international and comprehensive guide to marketing in the global travel industry, an indispensible text for all students and lecturers.

Marketing in Travel and Tourism

Author : Victor T.C. Middleton
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Now in its third edition, the best-selling text, Marketing in Travel and Tourism, explains the principles and practice of marketing as they are increasingly being applied in the global travel and tourism industry. Building on the success of previous editions, the authors have completely revised the text to reflect the changes in the travel and tourism industry in the 21st century. International examples and case studies drawn from recent practice in several countries are used throughout the text. Case studies emphasising the role of ICT include: Microburners, Travel Inn (budget hotels), RCI Europe, the Balearic Islands, and ICT and the role of the Internet in international NTO strategies. With its comprehensive content and user friendly style, Marketing in Travel and Tourism third edition takes the reader from an initial definition of the subject matter through to the application of marketing in the travel and tourism industry, discussing crucial components such as planning strategy and the marketing mix, making it an indispensable text for both students and practitioners alike.

Introduction to Travel and Tourism Marketing

Author : J. Alf Bennett
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South Africa is well positioned to capture an increasingly large share of the international travel and tourism market. This book provides an introduction to the marketing of travel strategy market segmentation, marketing research and marketing planning.

Marketing in Travel and Tourism

Author : Victor T. C. Middleton
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The International Marketing of Travel and Tourism

Author : François Vellas
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Tourism marketing has long been considered as a branch of traditional marketing. This book examines the changes shaping the international marketing of tourism and travel.

Travel and Tourism Marketing Techniques

Author : Robert T. Reilly
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This book should be of interest to degree and diploma students on courses in tourism management.

Sales and Marketing for Travel and Tourism

Author : Philip G. Davidoff
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Text for undergraduates courses in travel/tourism sales and marketing. Based on the anuthors' years of expertise in the travel field and owning and operating a travel agency, this book is a definitive guide to sales and marketing practices for travel and tourism professionals. The book is complete with real-world examples and case studies. The book discusses demographic and pyschographic information, sales interviews, telemarketing, advertising, external and internal market segmentation and the product service marketing mix.

Successful Tourism Marketing

Author : Susan Briggs
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Travel and tourism is one of the world's largest industry, and by improving their marketing, many tourism businesses would be able to claim a much bigger share of this lucrative but fragmented industry. Successful Tourism Marketing is designed for anyone seeking to promote a tourism product or service, whether it is a destination, visitor attraction, hotel or tour operation. Rather than concentrating solely on marketing principles, the book considers the many markets for tourism products, how to target the markets you wish to reach, and illustrates the theory behind it through a range of exciting case studies. Now in its second edition, Successful Tourism Marketing, also offers practical advice and information on promotional activities including print material, direct mail, public relations, advertising, selling and exhibitions. It considers domestic and overseas markets for tourism products and covers both the travel trade and independent travelers. This book will equip any marketer with a thorough and practical grounding in tourism and the essentials and peculiarities of marketing in this field.

Sales and Marketing for Travel and Tourism Industry

Author : Aurora Moretti
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Marketing plays a crucial role in tourism. It is one of the factors which add to the progress of tourism of any destination. This book aims to bring to the readers diverse aspects of sales and marketing which eventually affect the tourism industry like promotion, infrastructure, quality of tourism services, security and convenience, urban tourism, etc. The researches presented in this book will keep students and professionals updated with the latest developments and concepts in this field.

Marketing Australian Travel and Tourism

Author : John Richardson
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This work describes marketing principles and techniques in the context of Australian travel and tourism. It provides a broad picture of how Australian organizations, large or small, plan and carry out their marketing operations. Designed for the 1990s, a time of rapid change brought about by technology, globalization, concerns about the sustainability of travel and tourism, and the profitablility of the businesses which service it, the book aims to recognize the breadth of the Australian travel and tourism industry and the problems and opportunities that marketers in the industry face.

Progress in Tourism Marketing

Author : Metin Kozak
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Also, he is a visiting fellow in the Department of Marketing, University of Namur, Belgium. Following a successful career within the last five years (since the approval of PhD degree in 2000), Metin has received two awards to mark his achievements. In 2001, his PhD dissertation on benchmarking was nominated, by the EFQM- EU, among the best three PhD studies on TQM. In 2004, by a committee of the Turkish Tourism Investors' Association, he was awarded the grand prize of the tourism researcher of the year 2003 in Turkey. He has published mainly in tourism journals and authored a book on Destination Benchmarking. His main research interests focus on consumer behavior, benchmarking, competitiveness, cross-cultural research, destination management and marketing, and European tourist markets. Luisa Andreu is Assistant Professor of Marketing in the Department of Marketing, University of Valencia, Spain.-

Digital Marketing Strategies for Tourism Hospitality and Airline Industries

Author : Santos, José Duarte
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The growth of internet access and the entry of smartphones into everyday life has provided a revolutionary way for consumers to interact with businesses throughout the tourist industry. As a result, numerous companies are utilizing techniques and concepts designed to communicate directly with potential clientele all over the world. Digital Marketing Strategies for Tourism, Hospitality, and Airline Industries provides innovative insights into how digital marketing can influence the consumer relationship at every stage of the tourism process and features emerging tools and techniques to establish better connections with consumers. The content within this publication examines topics such as branding strategies, social media, and influencer marketing for maximum content exposure. This information is designed for marketing managers, executives, event planners, tour developers, hotel managers, airline managers, program directors, advertisers, restaurateurs, students, business professionals, and researchers.

Strategic Marketing in Tourism Services

Author : Rodoula H. Tsiotsou
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Focuses on marketing strategies implemented in tourism services firms and includes a collection of papers related to specific marketing strategies. This title presents the application of specific marketing strategies such as experiential marketing, branding, target marketing, relationship marketing and e-marketing in tourism.

Travel and Tourism Marketing

Author : Dotty Oelkers
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Tourism marketing is more than just beautiful brochures. TRAVEL AND TOURISM MARKETING draws from the National Marketing Education Standards to deliver you the most up-to-date and industry-specific information available. No matter which branch of the tourism industry you're preparing for, get the best marketing textbook available with TRAVEL AND TOURISM MARKETING. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Domestic Marketing for Travel and Tourism

Author :
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Hospitality and Travel Marketing

Author : Alastair M. Morrison
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For those who are seeking a career in hospitality, hotel, and restaurant management, this edition of Hospitality and Travel Marketing expresses the relationship between marketing and the tourism industry, and emphasizes a broader marketing perspective through collaborative efforts between hotels, airlines, restaurants, and travel agencies. Written to engage readers in understanding all aspects of marketing, some of the topics covered include: research and analysis; plans and strategies; marketing segmentation and trends; product development; partnership; people and service; packaging; the distribution mix and the travel trade; communications; advertising; sales promotion and merchandising; sales management; personal selling; public relations; and pricing and evaluation. The book is organized around the Hospitality and Travel Marketing System model which serves as a guide to understanding marketing functions and related techniques. Complete with references, web links, and four-color insert, this book presents a common sense approach to the principles of Hospitality and Travel Marketing.

Tourism Marketing

Author : Dasgupta Devashish
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Marketing for Tourism

Author : J. Christopher Holloway
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This book is designed to be read by students and other starting out their careers in the travel and tourism business. It is ideally suited to those studying for General National Vocational Qualifications in Leisure and Tourism at levels 3 and 4, as well as those on Higher National Diploma (HND) courses.

Travel Marketing Tourism Economics and the Airline Product

Author : Mark Anthony Camilleri
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This book provides a comprehensive introduction to travel marketing, tourism economics and the airline product. At the same time, it provides an overview on the political, socio-economic, environmental and technological impacts of tourism and its related sectors.This publication covers both theory and practice in an engaging style, that will spark the readers’ curiosity. Yet, it presents tourism and airline issues in a concise, yet accessible manner. This will allow prospective tourism practitioners to critically analyze future situations, and to make appropriate decisions in their workplace environments. Moreover, the book prepares undergraduate students and aspiring managers alike with a thorough exposure to the latest industry developments. “Dr. Camilleri provides tourism students and practitioners with a clear and comprehensive picture of the main institutions, operations and activities of the travel industry.” Philip Kotler, S.C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, Evanston/Chicago, IL, USA “This book is the first of its kind to provide an insightful and well-structured application of travel and tourism marketing and economics to the airline industry. Student readers will find this systematic approach invaluable when placing aviation within the wider tourism context, drawing upon the disciplines of economics and marketing.” Brian King, Professor of Tourism and Associate Dean, School of Hotel and Tourism Management, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong “The remarkable growth in international tourism over the last century has been directly influenced by technological, and operational innovations in the airline sector which continue to define the nature, scale and direction of tourist flows and consequential tourism development. Key factors in this relationship between tourism and the airline sector are marketing and economics, both of which are fundamental to the success of tourism in general and airlines in particular, not least given the increasing significance of low-cost airline operations. Hence, uniquely drawing together these three themes, this book provides a valuable introduction to the marketing and economics of tourism with a specific focus on airline operations, and should be considered essential reading for future managers in the tourism sector.” Richard Sharpley, Professor of Tourism, School of Management, University of Central Lancashire, UK “The book's unique positioning in terms of the importance of and the relationships between tourism marketing, tourism economics and airline product will create a distinct niche for the book in the travel literature.” C. Michael Hall, Professor of Tourism, Department of Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand “A very unique textbook that offers integrated lessons on marketing, economics, and airline services. College students of travel and tourism in many parts of the world will benefit from the author's thoughtful writing style of simplicity and clarity.” Liping A. Cai, Professor and Director, Purdue Tourism & Hospitality Research Center, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA “An interesting volume that provides a good coverage of airline transportation matters not always well considered in tourism books. Traditional strategic and operational issues, as well as the most recent developments and emerging trends are dealt with in a concise yet clear and rational way. Summaries, questions and topics for discussion in each chapter make it a useful basis for both taught courses or self-education.” Rodolfo Baggio, Professor of Tourism and Social Dynamics, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy “This is a very useful introductory book that summarises a wealth of knowledge in an accessible format. It explains the relation between marketing and economics, and applies it to the business of airline management as well as the tourism industry overall.” Xavier Font, Professor of Sustainability Marketing, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, University of Surrey, UK and Visiting Professor, Hospitality Academy, NHTV Breda, Netherlands “This book addresses the key principles of tourism marketing, economics and the airline industry. It covers a wide range of theory at the same time as offering real-life case studies, and offers readers a comprehensive understanding of how these important industries work, and the underpinning challenges that will shape their future. It is suitable for undergraduate students as well as travel professionals, and I would highly recommend it.” Clare Weeden, Principal Lecturer in Tourism and Marketing at the School of Sport and Service Management, University of Brighton, UK “In the current environment a grasp of the basics of marketing to diverse consumers is very important. Customers are possessed of sophisticated knowledge driven by innovations in business as well from highly developed technological advances. This text will inform and update students and those planning a career in travel and tourism. Mark Camilleri has produced an accessible book, which identifies ways to accumulate and use new knowledge to be at the vanguard of marketing, which is both essential and timely.” Peter Wiltshier, Senior Lecturer & Programme Leader for Travel & Tourism, College of Business, Law and Social Sciences, University of Derby, UK “This contemporary text provides an authoritative read on the dynamics, interactions and complexities of the modern travel and tourism industries with a necessary, and much welcomed, mixture of theory and practice suitable for undergraduate, graduate and professional markets.” Alan Fyall, Orange County Endowed Professor of Tourism Marketing, University of Central Florida, FL, USA

Safety and Security in Tourism

Author : Noel Scott
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Natural disasters, wars and conflicts, epidemics, and other major crises can devastate a tourism service or destination. Though there is extensive literature and research on preparation and coping with tourism crises, there is a gap in information on how to best market and recover from the destruction of caused to tourism businesses and destinations. This book fills the gap by comprehensively examining how to rebuild the market for a tourism service or destination after a catastrophe. This important book presents leading experts from around the world providing useful instruction on effective ways to plan for future crisis response and strategies for recovering business. A crisis may arise from several types of destructive occurrences, from natural physical destruction of important infrastructure to acts of terrorism. Because of the broad range of potential problems, there is no single strategy for which to deal with crises. The book explores a wide range of catastrophes, from Hurricane Katrina to tsunamis to war, taking a detailed look at management and administrative strategies which can help stimulate tourism recovery. This book explores stealth and catastrophic risks, risk perceptions, mediating the effects of natural disasters on travel intention, and various marketing strategies designed to bring customers back. This volume may become one of the most crucial resources in a tourism professional’s library. The book is extensively referenced and includes several tables and figures to clearly explain data. This book is essential reading for tourism researchers, tourism educators, tourism industry managers, and tourism industry administrators. This book was published as a special issue of the Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing.