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Marketing for Special and Academic Libraries

Author : Valerie S. Gordon
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Here’s an easy-to-follow, practical, easily-implementable, 21st-Century marketing book for academic and special libraries. Written by two practicing librarians who are passionate about communicating with users, the book provides both the inspiration and drive to market your library and practical tips and suggestions on how to do that effectively. Topics covered include: The process of planning a marketing campaign and how some time spent on planning at the outset can help keep you focused and help you determine your level of success. The importance of using brands and brand identity to help you establish your library’s brand and market that aggressively to your users and potential users. Brand consistency is stressed here. Marketing tools: Digital publications, Social media, Visual and print marketing materials, Personal interactions Events you can use throughout the year. For each topic, we will talk about best practices, what works, what often doesn’t, and we share best concise case studies from all types of academic and special libraries.

Marketing Today s Academic Library

Author : Brian Scott Mathews
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In this study, Brian Mathews uses his vast experience to speak directly to the academic library practitioner about matching services with user needs. This book proposes new visions and ideas, challenging the traditional way of thinking and providing a framework to target users more precisely.

Strategic Marketing for Libraries

Author : Elizabeth J. Wood
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Discusses how marketing principles fit into library operations and planning. Stresses market segmentation, marketing opportunity analysis and principles of strategic planning.

Outreach Services in Academic and Special Libraries

Author : Paul Kelsey
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Discover innovative outreach services you can implement for your library! Outreach Services in Academic and Special Libraries examines the creation and delivery of outreach programs designed to promote awareness of the library by meeting the information needs of underserved or uninformed patrons. This book contains the experiences of academic and special librarians who describe a wide array of successful outreach programs that are in place throughout the country. This valuable tool introduces professional librarians and library science students and faculty to current and highly innovative models of outreach services implemented in a variety of academic and special library settings. This extensive resource shows how to use outreach programs to market new information resources and services to library constituents. Outreach Services in Academic and Special Libraries contains charts, graphs, and pictorials to help walk you through the process of creating an outreach program at your library. This book also presents bibliographies, suggestions on how to improve on existing designs, and the librarians' “wish lists” of ideas they'd like to try in the future. Outreach Services in Academic and Special Libraries presents case studies covering many topics related to outreach services, including: outreach to special groups of remote users multicultural outreach collaborative outreach partnerships with university and college departments and community organizations outreach Web sites targeting special groups marketing library services and resources information literacy as a form of outreach multi-media kiosks and exhibits book talks outreach to new faculty and transfer students and more! Librarians will benefit from the wide range of creative ideas and successful case studies implemented by library colleagues representing institutions from around the country. Outreach Services in Academic and Special Libraries serves as a catalyst for librarians to implement similar outreach programs at their own academic or special library.

Marketing Library and Information Services International Perspectives

Author : IFLA
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The marketing of library services is an essential agenda item for almost all kinds of libraries all over the world. In this volume 47 experts from 20 countries address the issue through 40 articles. The bundling of dozens of contributions from a truly international group of librarians, presented in this book, provides a broad spectrum on the topic. This book will thus prove immensely useful, helping both working librarians and future librarians to understand vital issues relating to the marketing of library and information services at the local, national and international level. The book is divided into the following six sections: Marketing concept: a changing perspective; Marketing in libraries around the world; Role of library associations; Education, training and research; Excellence in marketing; Databases and other marketing literature.

Social Media for Communication and Instruction in Academic Libraries

Author : Joe, Jennifer
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The subject of the use of social media has renewed interest because of the impact that it had on the last U.S. presidential election and the impact that social media networks will have on subsequent elections. As guides in the information world, it is thus important that librarians be well versed in social media. This has called attention to the relevance and urgency of incorporating social media use into the academic library, both as a marketing tool and as an instruction tool. Social Media for Communication and Instruction in Academic Libraries is an essential reference source that offers guidance in using social media in academic libraries and in instruction with a special emphasis on assessment and evidence-based practice. Featuring research on topics such as digital libraries, marketing, and web analytics, this book is ideally designed for librarians, administrators, educators, managers, information technology specialists, professionals, researchers, and students.

Gaming in Academic Libraries

Author : Amy Harris
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This book aims to show how librarians in colleges and universities of varying sizes, populations, and locations have successfully incorporated gaming into their libraries.-Introduction. In an attempt to encompass the variety of ways games are being incorporated into libraries, this book has been divided into three sections: game collections and curricular support, gaming as marketing and gaming as an information literacy tool.

Marketing and Public Relations Activities in ARL Libraries

Author :
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Marketing the Library

Author : Benedict A. Leerburger
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Marketing: a response to a need; Basic publicity techniques; Special programs and events; Developing and maintaining community relations; Fund raising; Marketing academic and special libraries.

Marketing Your Library

Author : Carol Smallwood,
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Concise, how-to case studies from practicing public, school, academic, and special librarians provide proven strategies to improve brand management, campaign organization, community outreach, media interaction, social media, and event planning and implementation. Intended for the novice and the old hand, individuals and large staffs, this valuable guide provides librarians with the effective marketing tools necessary to help their libraries thrive in these challenging times.

Survey of Academic Library Practices in Staging Special Events

Author : Primary Research Group
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This report looks closely at how college libraries stage special events such as fundraisers, readings, performances, lectures and other special events. The study gives detailed data on the number and kind of special events, the departments involved in their staging, their cost and, when applicable, revenues, as well as attendance level and overall effectiveness in advancing the interests of the library in both the academic and broader communities. The study includes highly specific information on the staffing of special events, food service, parking, marketing, security and other aspects of library special events development. In addition, survey participants discuss their very best special events and their plans for the future. Data in the report is broken out for public and private colleges, by college enrollment, by type of college, and by college tuition level, to allow for easier benchmarking.

Student Engagement and the Academic Library

Author : Loanne Snavely
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"This unique book explores exciting programs and initiatives that can both engage undergraduate students with academic libraries and assist academic librarians in creating a vibrant library atmosphere"--

Beyond Survival

Author : Elizabeth J. Wood
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An inspirational yet practical look at how assessment-based planning can keep your library on the leading edge of change.

Information Marketing of Free based Services in Academic Libraries Sri Lanka

Author : Jayatissa Block
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Creative Library Marketing and Publicity

Author : Robert J. Lackie
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Creative Library Marketing and Publicity: Best Practices shares the success of libraries of various sizes and types—small to large public, academic, and school libraries, systems, and organizations. Each best-practice scenario describes a library’s successful experience with marketing, branding, and promoting a library service or program, providing information about planning, actual promotion techniques, and evaluating the success of the plan or promotion methods. Most importantly, each include tips and best practices for readers. Many of these ideas and techniques are applicable across the board, so they will help you implement similar methods to promote your library services and programs and spark different and unique uses for these techniques. Strategies covered include: Using constituents’ voices in outreach efforts Building a social media presence Crafting step-by-step marketing plans Planning and implementing branding campaigns Creating buzz with promotional videos Using e-mail marketing in outreach Marketing a new library space Marketing on a shoestring budget Drawing on the best practices, experience, and expertise of library personnel from public, academic, and school libraries, this volume brings together a variety of marketing plans and creative methods for promoting libraries and their programs and services to a twenty-first-century audience. All library employees should be able to take away something from these creative, successful efforts and apply tips, techniques, and best practice suggestions to their own library marketing efforts.

Social Media

Author : Nina Verishagen
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Social Media: The Academic Library Perspective provides a step-by-step guide on social media as written by somebody who has already done the work. Made up of case studies written by authors at various institutions who provide different perspectives on their institution’s use of social media, the book highlights successes and failures, while also focusing on tips for social media management in the academic library that anybody in the community can interpret and adapt. Social media platforms are dealt with systematically, making this an essential guide for librarians who want to use social media to the benefit of their library. Includes a step-by-step guide on the use of social media for academic libraries Presents practical experience leveraged in the form of case studies Provides quick, concise, and systematic recommendations for the use of social media Written by academic librarians for academic librarians

Creating the Customer driven Academic Library

Author : Jeannette A. Woodward
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Librarians are now faced with marketing to a generation of students who log on rather than walk in and this cutting edge book supplies the tools needed to keep customers coming through the door. In this book Jeannette Woodward attacks these and other pressing issues facing todays academic librarians.

Marketing the 21st Century Library

Author : Debra Lucas-Alfieri
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Although the 21st century library is competing with numerous web-based resources, its clients can benefit from using its research assistance, physical and online holdings, and physical space, so they need to understand what the library offers. Marketing the 21st Century Library systematically and concisely teaches students and practitioners how to and why they should market and promote academic libraries. Librarians need to use marketing not only to advertise and promote resources, but also to boost the profession and the role we play. The book introduces key marketing concepts, followed by the history of library marketing. Subsequent chapters guide readers through a series of tools and resources so they can create their own marketing plans, concluding with an exploration of resources, services and further readings. Includes web extras, tables, problem and solution exercises Contains extensive references to real-world examples of good practice Details practical examples and case summaries from leading libraries Explores the importance of marketing and promoting academic libraries Provides resources for readers to help create marketing plans

Marketing Your Library s Electronic Resources

Author : Marie R. Kennedy
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It’s often hard to juggle promoting a library’s e-resources effectively at the same time as building basic visibility within the community it serves. Useful for librarians at any type of institution, this How-To-Do-It Manual guides readers through every step of developing, implementing, and evaluating plans to market e-resources in an approachable and user-friendly way. Kennedy and LaGuardia show how front line librarians can improve awareness of under-utilized resources and increase demand for more of the same, thereby encouraging increased funding. Their book includes Four complete programs from both public and academic libraries A step-by-step organization guide, with a variety of feedback and assessment forms which can be used as models Numerous examples of well-executed plans and outcomes

A Short Cut to Marketing the Library

Author : Zuzana Helinsky
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Technological changes mean that the role of libraries is now not as obvious or assured as in the past. This means that to survive, libraries must actively market their products and services to their users and to their funding sources. A concise handbook which spells out the critical need for marketing for libraries, A Short-cut to Marketing The Library provides a series of practical and accessible tools to achieve success and includes publishers marketing suggestions. Brief description of classical planning and marketing techniques Easy to follow marketing tips geared to libraries and their offerings and working practices Encouragement for librarians to believe in their overall ability, and that they can make time for marketing, and that they will succeed