Monitoring Rocky Shores


Author: Steven N. Murray,Richard Ambrose,Megan N. Dethier

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520932715

Category: Nature

Page: 240

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Monitoring changes in the intertidal zone of rocky shores has never been more critical. This sensitive habitat at the interface of land and ocean may well be the marine equivalent of the canary in a coal mine as we advance into an era of global climate change. This handbook describes effective methods and procedures for monitoring the ecological and environmental status of these areas. Written by three collaborating authors with extensive field experience, it provides critical discussions and evaluation of the various sampling techniques and field procedures for studies of intertidal macroinvertebrates, seaweeds, and seagrasses. Rather than prescribing standard protocols or procedures, the authors break down the decision-making process into various elements so investigators can become aware of the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a particular method or approach. Chapters discuss topics such as site selection, field sampling layouts and designs, selection of sampling units, nondestructive and destructive methods of quantifying abundance, and methods for measuring age, growth rates, size, structure, and reproductive condition.

Elements of Marine Ecology



Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

ISBN: 9780750620888

Category: Nature

Page: 462

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INCLUDE: Preface; Foreword; The oceans; Marine plankton; Measuring and sampling; The seawater habitat -- physical and chemical conditions; Organic production in the sea; The sea bottom; Energetics of a marine ecosystem; The seashore; Sea fisheries; Human impact on the marine environment; Appendix 1: Topics for further study and class discussion; Appendix 2: Some laboratory exercises; Appendix 3: Some field course exercises, abundance scales, and a field course book list; Appendix 4: Marine stations and other organisations; IndexThe oceans -- Marine plankton -- Measuring and sampling -- The seawater habitat -- physical and chemical conditions -- Organic production in the sea -- The sea bottom -- Energetics of a marine ecosystem -- The seashore -- Sea fisheries -- Human impact on the marine environment.

Marine Biodiversity

Patterns and Processes, Assessment, Threats, Management and Conservation


Author: H. Queiroga,M.R. Cunha,A. Cunha,M.H. Moreira,V. Quintino,A.M. Rodrigues,J. Serôdio,R.M. Warwick

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1402046979

Category: Nature

Page: 353

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This volume presents the four sub-themes of the 38th European Marine Biology Symposium. These are patterns and processes, assessment, threats and management and conservation. Understanding the functioning of marine ecosystems is the first step towards measuring and predicting the influence of Man, and to finding solutions for the enormous array of problems we face today. The papers in this book represent current research and concerns about Marine Biodiversity in Europe.

Bivalve Molluscs

Biology, Ecology and Culture


Author: Elizabeth Gosling

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1405147571

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 456

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Bivalve Molluscs is an extremely comprehensive book coveringall major aspects of this important class of invertebrates. As wellas being an important class biologically and ecologically, many ofthe bivalves are fished and cultured commercially (e.g. mussels,oysters, scallops and clams) in a multi-billion dollar worldwideindustry. Elizabeth Gosling who has a huge wealth of research, teachingand hands on experience working with bivalves, has written alandmark book that will stand for many years as the standard workon the subject. Chapters in Bivalve Molluscs covermorphology, ecology, feeding, reproduction, settlement andrecruitment, growth, physiology, fisheries, aquaculture, genetics,diseases and parasites, and public health issues. A fullunderstanding of many of these aspects is vital for all thoseworking in bivalve fisheries and culture. An essential purchase for anyone concerned with this importantclass of animals, copies of Bivalve Molluscs should be onthe shelves of biologists, ecologists, environmental scientists,fisheries scientists and personnel within the aquaculture industry.Copies of the book should be available in all libraries andresearch establishments where these subjects are studied ortaught. Elizabeth Gosling is based at the Galway-Mayo Instituteof Technology, Galway, Ireland.

Great British Marine Animals


Author: Paul Naylor

Publisher: N.A


Category: Marine animals

Page: 272

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A celebration of Britain's sea creatures, from the magnificent basking shark to the tiny but colourful jewel anemone. Both an identification guide and an introduction to the animals' fabulous forms and intriguing habits, this edition has details of 30 extra species, 90 new photographs and a foreword by WWF and the Marine Conservation Society.

Farming in Ireland

history, heritage and environment


Author: John Feehan,University College, Dublin. Faculty of General Agriculture

Publisher: University College Dublin Faculty of Agriculture


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 606

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Author: South African Association for Marine Biological Research

Publisher: N.A


Category: Marine biology

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