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Applied Marketing

Author : Uwe Kamenz
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Anwendungsorientiertes Marketing bezeichnet die wissenschaftliche Auseinandersetzung mit der Umsetzung der Marketingtheorie für die Praxis. Dieses Applied Marketing ist die einzigartige Domäne der Marketingprofessoren an den Fachhochschulen. Zum 30jährigen Bestehen der Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Marketing (AfM), der Vereinigung der Marketingprofessoren an den deutschen Fachhochschulen, stellen 73 Marketingprofessorinnen und -professoren für alle entscheidenden Bereiche des Marketing wie Strategisches Marketing, Innovationsmarketing, E-Business, Marktforschung, Kundenbeziehungsmanagement, Markenmanagement, Marketinginstrumentalpolitik, Vertriebsmanagement, Hochschulmarketing, Internationales Marketing, Internes Marketing und B-to-B-Marketing, den Stand der anwendungsorientierten Marketingwissenschaft dar.

Social Media Marketing und Recht

Author : Thomas Schwenke
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Kaum ein Unternehmen, Freiberufler oder Künstler verzichtet heute noch auf eine Facebook-Präsenz, einen Twitter-Kanal oder die Vorteile des Fotoportals Flickr, um die eigenen Produkte, Dienstleistungen und Werke bekannter zu machen. Doch so wichtig das Social Media Marketing für die Selbstpräsentation im Web ist, so vielfältig sind die rechtlichen Fallen, in die man als juristischer Laie tappen kann. Ob es um das Impressum, die Einbindung fremden Contents oder den Umgang mit Wettbewerbern geht – das Buch erklärt klar und verständlich, was zu beachten ist. Der Autor, Rechtsanwalt Thomas Schwenke ist Mitinhaber der Berliner Kanzlei Schwenke & Dramberg und hat sich auf den Bereich Social Media Marketing spezialisiert. Er berät regelmäßig Marketingkunden zu Webthemen, bloggt und ist auch bei den Medien als Experte sehr begehrt (Heute Journal, Stern u.v.m.). Thomas Schwenkes große Stärke: juristische Inhalte so zu erklären, dass wirklich jeder sie versteht. Für wen ist dieses Buch? Wenn Sie als Praktiker mit Social Media Marketing zu tun haben, ist dieses Buch genau richtig für Sie. Es richtet sich u.a. an Marketing- und PR-Profis, Social Media-Manager und Freiberufler. Sehr hilfreich ist es auch für Personen mit juristischer Vorbildung, die wissen möchten, wie sich rechtliche Regeln in den sozialen Medien auswirken.

Total Marketing

Author : Don Debelak
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Marketing Management

Author : Marvin A. Jolson
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Handbook of Marketing Scales

Author : William O. Bearden
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The Handbook of Marketing Scales, Third Edition represents a clear, concise, and easy-to-use compilation of multi-item, self-report measures developed and/or frequently used in consumer behavior and marketing research. - Over 150 scales are included in the handbook. Many of these scales were originally published in marketing- and consumer-related journals or conference proceedings. Including them in one volume helps reduce the time it takes to locate instruments for survey research. - Scales included have a reasonable theoretical base, are developed within the marketing or consumer behavior literature, are composed of several items or questions, use some scaling procedures, and include estimates of reliability and/or validity, making these scales especially relevant and “proven” for marketing scholars and professionals. - Each scale includes the following information so that users can quickly and easily learn about the scale: construct, description, development, samples, validity, scores, sources, other evidence, other sources, references, and scale items.

Agribusiness Marketing

Author : James G. Beierlein
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A functional systems approach to agribusiness marketing, which stresses the co-ordination of nine interrelated marketing functions to maximize profits. The book provides a broad overview of marketing knowledge and skills, emphasizing a microeconomic perspective. It examines the impact of technology-induced changes on production practices and provides extensive coverage of food/fibre system operation, marketing performance and marketing management in an agribusiness firm.

Olympic Marketing

Author : Alain Ferrand
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The Olympic Games have become the definitive sports event, with an unparalleled global reach and a remarkably diverse constituency of stakeholders, from the IOC and International Federations to athletes, sponsors and fans. It has been estimated, for example, that 3.6 billion people (about half of the world population) watched at least one minute of the Beijing Games in 2008 on television. The driving force behind the rise of the modern Olympics has been the Olympic marketing programme, which has acted as a catalyst for cooperation between stakeholders and driven the promotion, financial security and stability of the Olympic movement. This book is the first to explain the principles of Olympic marketing and to demonstrate how they can be applied successfully in all other areas of sports marketing and management. The book outlines a strategic and operational framework based on three types of co-productive relationships (market, network and informal) and explains how this framework can guide professional marketing practice. Containing case studies, summaries, insight boxes and examples of best practice in every chapter, this book is important reading for all students and practitioners working in sports marketing, sports management or Olympic studies.

Marketing 1991 92

Author :
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Marketing Essentials

Author : Jim Blythe
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'Butterworth-Heinemann's CIM Coursebooks have been designed to match the syllabus and learning outcomes of our new qualifications and should be useful aids in helping students understand the complexities of marketing. The discussion and practical application of theories and concepts, with relevant examples and case studies, should help readers make immediate use of their knowledge and skills gained from the qualifications.' Professor Keith Fletcher, Director of Education, The Chartered Institute of Marketing 'Here in Dubai, we have used the Butterworth-Heinemann Coursebooks in their various forms since the very beginning and have found them most useful as a source of recommended reading material as well as examination preparation.' Alun Epps, CIM Centre Co-ordinator, Dubai University College, United Arab Emirates Butterworth-Heinemann's official CIM Coursebooks are the definitive companions to the CIM professional marketing qualifications. The only study materials to be endorsed by The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), all content is carefully structured to match the syllabus and is written in collaboration with the CIM faculty. Now in full colour and a new student friendly format, key information is easy to locate on each page. Each chapter is packed full of case studies, study tips and activities to test your learning and understanding as you go along. •The coursebooks are the only study guide reviewed and approved by CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing). •Each book is crammed with a range of learning objectives, cases, questions, activities, definitions, study tips and summaries to support and test your understanding of the theory. •Past examination papers and examiners' reports are available online to enable you to practise what has been learned and help prepare for the exam and pass first time. •Extensive online materials support students and tutors at every stage. Based on an understanding of student and tutor needs gained in extensive research, brand new online materials have been designed specifically for CIM students and created exclusively for Butterworth-Heinemann. Check out exam dates on the Online Calendar, see syllabus links for each course, and access extra mini case studies to cement your understanding. Explore and access online versions of the coursebooks and further reading from Elsevier and Butterworth-Heinemann. INTERACTIVE, FLEXIBLE, ACCESSIBLE ANY TIME, ANY PLACE * Written specially for the Marketing Fundamentals module by the Senior Examiners * The only coursebook fully endorsed by CIM * Contains past examination papers and examiners' reports to enable you to practise what has been learned and help prepare for the exam

Marketing Strategy A Decision Focused Approach

Author : Orville Walker
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Marketing Strategy 5/e is a flexible, short, paper-back text which can be used on its own or packaged with a case book. It covers the concepts and theories of creating and implementing a marketing strategy and offers a focus on the strategic planning process and marketing’s cross/inter-functional relationships. This book helps the student integrate what they have learned about analytical tools and the 4Ps of marketing within a broader framework of competitive strategy.

Marketing Research

Author : David Johnston Luck
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Integrated Marketing Communications

Author : Lawrence Ang
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Explains the principles and practice of implementing an effective marketing strategy using a variety of channels and techniques.

International Marketing

Author : Philip R. Cateora
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The undisputed leader in international marketing, this book pioneered the environmental/cultural approach to the field. It concentrates on explaining how a nation's culture and environment should be central to any marketing strategy. Hot topics are also emphasized, including Strategic International Alliances, Green Marketing, TQM, the Japanese distribution system, NAFTA, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and much more.

Marketing Strategy and Plans

Author : David Johnston Luck
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Airline Marketing and Management

Author : Stephen Shaw
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Experiential Marketing

Author : Bernd H. Schmitt
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Engaging, enlightening, provocative, and sensational are the words people use to describe compelling experiences and these words also describe this extraordinary book by Bernd Schmitt. Moving beyond traditional "features-and-benefits" marketing, Schmitt presents a revolutionary approach to marketing for the branding and information age. Schmitt shows how managers can create holistic experiences for their customers through brands that provide sensory, affective, and creative associations as well as lifestyle marketing and social identity campaigns. In this masterful handbook of tools and techniques, Schmitt presents a battery of business cases to show how cutting-edge companies use "experience providers" such as visual identity, communication, product presence, Web sites, and service to create different types of customer experiences. To illustrate the essential concepts and frameworks of experiential marketing, Schmitt provides: SENSE cases on Nokia mobile phones, Hennessy cognac, and Procter & Gamble's Tide Mountain Fresh detergent; FEEL cases on Hallmark, Campbell's Soup, and Häagen Dazs Cafés in Asia, Europe, and the United States; THINK cases on Apple Computer's revival, Genesis ElderCare, and Siemens; ACT cases on Gillette's Mach3, the Milk Mustache campaign, and Martha Stewart Living; RELATE cases on Harley-Davidson, Tommy Hilfiger, and Wonderbra. Using the New Beetle and Sony as examples, Schmitt discusses the strategic and implementation intricacies of creating holistic experiences for customers. In an intriguing final chapter, he presents turn-around techniques such as "Objective: To Dream," "Send in the Iconoclasts," and "Quit the Bull," to show how traditional marketing firms can transform themselves into experience-oriented organizations. This book will forever change your perception of customers, marketing, and brands -- from Amtrak and Singapore Airlines to Herbal Essences products and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Marketing Management

Author : J. Paul Peter
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Retention Marketing

Author : Jean Ann Shulse
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Influencer Marketing For Dummies

Author : Kristy Sammis
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The easy way to get 'in' with influencer marketing Are you a marketing guru looking to stay at the top of your game? Then you need to be in the know on influencer marketing. A hybrid of content marketing and native advertising, influencer marketing is an established trend in marketing that identifies and targets individuals with influence over potential buyers. Although this has usually meant focusing on popular celebrities and Internet personalities, there is a new wave of 'everyday consumers' that can have a large impact. In Influencer Marketing For Dummies, you'll find out how to market to those who rock social media—and, subsequently, grow your brand. Influencer marketing relies on building strong relationships with customers. With the help of this hands-on, friendly guide, you'll discover how to build superior customer service and experience, make strong interactions with customers, and encourage organic and authentic sharing about your brand. Measure the most impact that content has on your overall marketing strategy Find influencers: it's not just a numbers game or a 'who's who' of social media Engage with influencers once you've found them Recognize the best practices of influencer marketing and outreach If you're a marketer, media agency professional, business owner, or anyone else who works hard to bring brands, products, and services to the largest audience possible, Influencer Marketing For Dummies is the go-to guide you don't want to be without.

ABU Journal of Marketing Management

Author :
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